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Ezel Episode 5 Part 1

Ezel: (to himself while getting ready) everyone wonders who you are. (meaning himself). What do you think they see when they look at you? ... everyone, but everyone sees what they are looking in front of them. Cengiz still wants a friend to play with. A partner that he can blame. Eysan is waiting for someone to make her feel free. Ali is looking for someone to destroy. Bahar? Bahar is looking for love. Don't worry they will look at you, but they wont see you. (he means Omer in him). (then he goes front of the mirror) what about you?

Sebnam: good morning boss. When I knew your inside I didn't want to distract you, well Kamil brother said so.
Ezel: Sebnam
Sebnam: you want coffee?
Kamil: his jacket
Sebnam: ahh
Ezel: something more sporty and younger look.
Sebnam: this is what I was saying, such things looks better on you. where are we going?
Ezel: fishing...

Ali and the Man

Ali: what did you find?
Man: there isn’t a lot Mr. Ali.
Ali: there isn’t much? Or there is NOTHING? Don't back off son, just say it your fear wont do anything.
Man: there is NOTHING. I didn't find anything other than what we know. The men is who he looks like.
Ali: No, there is! under him there is something dirty! It cant be seen but I know it is here! Ok fine you didn't find anything about him but what about those two? (meaning Sebnam and Kamil)
Man: I didn't look for them, ok I will go check on them.
Ali: don't do it like this, wait for the turn. (takes Kamil’s photo) what did they say? If you want to get the work done right you have to do it yourself! (meaning him look for his background himself) (then he leaves) close the door behind when you leave!


Bahar and Ezel

Bahar: ok, I am asking
Ezel: aren’t asking done?
Bahar: but if questioning are done your done already.
Ezel: why?
Bahat: that is because then I will know who you are.
Ezel: you wont like someone once you know them after?
Bahar: no, what like dear?
Ezel: turn, let me see you. are you blushing?
Bahar: please lets not change the subject! Yes I am asking, if you be one of the two, which one would you pick? Fish? Or a fisher man? (meaning him which one he wants to be)
Ezel: I don't want either one
Bahar: you don't have other options, you have to pick one.
Ezel: this is what they always say
Bahar: I think you have a fish man type. And of course I am the fish! (she looks in the cup with fish) ohh no they are poor
Ezel: (with his feet hits the thing so the fishes are in water) sorry sir, I didn't mean it.
Man: you should watch it!
Ezel: I know, sorry.
Bahar: look they are front of me there is a real hero!
Ezel: maybe I am faking (joking) it
Bahar: sure, don't think I am a kid, I know people very well.
Ezel: ohh you
Bahar: you know how you think your cold, and hide everything? Actually your a very good human.
Ezel: what if I am not? What if your wrong?
Bahar: what if your wrong?
Ezel: (goes closer) then we have work to do.
Bahar: yes, I think we do have work. Again?
Ezel: what?
Bahar: my face
Ezel: I cant tell with this distance. (his phone rings) sorry. (answers it) ok? Where are you?
Kamil: she just came, she is looking at the stores. Are you coming?
Ezel: I am coming, I will be there in 15 minutes don't go anywhere.
Bahar: work again?
Ezel: kind of, but I have to hit that person...i am protecting..
Bahar; look how serious you are. Now you can be someone very different.
Ezel: you cant even guess....will you eat dinner with me?


Ali knocking on someone’s door while looking at Kamil’s photo.

Ali: hello I am Kamil’s friend in the station (meaning police station)
Woman: he is not here, we got divorce.
Ali: I know sister, we haven’t hear from him so my friends send me here to see how he is doing.
Woman: now you think of that? You all kicked him out like...(she doesn't say it)
Ali: what can we do sister
Woman: kamil is very good, he hasn’t touched any alcohol for three years and he has quitted gambolling, tell your friends he is very good!
Ali: thats good, how did this happen?
Woman: there is a man, he did it
Ali: oh ezel
Woman: yes, you know him? When you do see this man tell him may God bless him. This man did many good things like no one would do.
Ali: what did he do?
Woman: my husband died, no one would have touched him but he did.
Little boy: uncle are you my dad’s friend?
Ali: yes
Boy: can you tell him to come home
Woman: mehmet come on go inside. He misses his father
Ali: he doesn't see him?
Woman: he doesn't come, that Ezel man changed him. He is alive now. for such man someone can give their soul to him.
Ali: ya sure


Ezel Episode 5 Part 2

Kamil and Ezel
Kamil: she is in the second floor....

He goes up


Eysan in the store

Eysan: (to the woman) excuse me?
Woman: one minute
Eysan: excuse me! (then she sees Ezel) Ezel?
Ezel: what a nice surprise

Eysan: (talking on the phone) ok, we will win (hangs up)
Ezel: (gives her the ice cream)
Eysan: thank you but I don't think I should eat this now
Ezel: at least taste it, I bought it.
Eysan: ok, one spoon
Ezel: what are you winning? I hear it while you were on the phone.
Eysan: (she told him its about the hotel something she wants to get it)
Ezel: eh so maybe in the evening you will celebrate it with cengiz?
Eysan: I am not sure, I should go
Ezel: um well I am taking bahar out this evening I was looking for a gift for her. I don't know what she would like. Shall I buy book or?
Eysan: I don't know..anyways
Ezel: what about something like this? (he looks at the other side, doesn't show what it is)
Eysan: I don't know, maybe it should be something more elegance
Ezel; ok I should not hold you any longer
Eysna: see you in the evening...thank you
Ezel: ok

As she walks away she looks at him while he is looking at the cloth

Eysan: I think you need help. If you want we will look for it together?
Ezel: really? Ok then I will help you
Eysan: I said one spoon but I am eating more
Ezel: yes


Mart and his mother

Mother: what is up Mart?
Mart: I am coming back from the police station mother. Nothing happened, they closed it I just went to sing it. thanks to cengiz brother, he took care of it. you know how he came the other day?
Mother: yes with the man
Mart: yes, with the man. The man was a little weird. You know how I had pictures in my room, it was placed in different position
Mother: did he go to the room?
Mart: I don't know, I don't think he has, maybe I have done it but I forgot. I didn't like that man much that is why maybe
Mother: Mart, what kind of man is this Ezel?
Mart: tall, cold looking
Mother: Mart which picture your talking about?
Mart: you know when I was young me and my brother took it in the backyard


Eysan and Ezel

Ezel: what is going to happen with your work then?
Eysan: ignore it we haven’t won it yet
Ezel: you will
Eysan: I shall go now, see you later
Ezel: ok..hey Eysan! What do you think of this? (shows the pink dress)
Eysan: very pretty
Ezel: can I ask for something? You and Bahar’s size is close can you try this on for me?

While she is trying it on...the phone rings

Ezel: your phone is ringing

Eysan; its ok, not a problem

Ezel: isn’t hard? To work, and family and child?

Eysan: its better for me, time goes by faster

Ezel: not everyone is like you

Eysan: a lot of women plans other dreams. Such as having a house, a child, my husband come home from work, in his hand flowers....are you there?

Eysan: yes, my life wasn’t a plan actually.

Ezel: (gets up and goes closer to the curtain) does it happen without planning?

Eysan: it happened. Life shows you two roads front of you. then you pick one.

Ezel: I understand. did you ever think? If you had picked the other road what could have happened?

Eysan: YES, everyday.

Ezel: sometimes people wants to take back everything right?

Eysan: yes sure but its impossible.

Ezel: what if it was possible? If you had started everything from the beginning?

Eysan: (shes doesn't answer him and comes out of the room) how does it look?

Ezel: beautiful

Eysan: does it suit?

Ezel: very much, its very nice, do you think Bahar will like this?

Eysan: she will, she will like it very much


Ali and Cengiz

Cengiz: pick one card. Come on brother, pick one. Look if you don't pick I wont answer.
Ali: don't bring this Ezel in between us this much. I don't like him!
Cengiz: ok, I am listening what did you find?
Ali; we haven’t found anything yet
Cengiz: cut it then! Pick a card
Ali: (picks one) can such many coincidence happen? What ever we do he is front of us! Is he a superman? Plus what is his work with Bahar? We don't even know him.
Cengiz: hhh now its understandable
Ali; what understandable? What?
Cengiz: nothing
Ali: I will find something in this man you will see
Cengiz; ok brother. You do your thing and I will do mine (his phone rings) hello pistachio nut?
Eysan: what’s up dear?
Cengiz: your voice is good
Eysan: I spend a good day that is why.
Cengiz: what did you do?
Eysan: nothing I bought things for myself. I was thinking if we win this thing shall we go for dinner together in the evening?
Cengiz: where did this come from now?
Eysan: no where, I just wanted it.


Sebnam and ezel with Kamil

Sebnam: look at you, you bought things. Did you buy anything for us?
Ezel: all of it are yours. Except this one
Sebnam: really? Your in the mood boss.
Ezel: the plan is working that is why
Sebnam: is it because of that or?
Kamil: shush
Ezel: or else what?
Sebnam: nothing, meaning
Kamil: Sebnam!
Ezel: say it
Sebnam: what is the plan? I don't understand it? is it stealing Eysan? Or getting her back in your life?
Ezel: sebnam
Sebnam: yes boss
Ezel: let Kamil brother drop you off at home. I don't need your help today.


Ezel Episode 5 Part 3

man with ali....

man: they are here...sir Mr. Cengiz said...
Ali: don't start saying take care of my work first or else even Mr. Cengiz wont save you. do you understand?
Man: I understand.


Ezel goes home and hears Ramiz reading a book

Ramiz: ...the plans we make may not work tomorrow. What we make may end up fall apart...what can we do? The promise we give it to ourselves is the most quickest thing we forget. Since the world will end why not human be with their lover? (ezel says it with him) Will love make fate go away or fate make love go away? No one has solved this yet.

Ezel: yes

Ramiz: you have alcohol.

Ezel: before you come you should let me know uncle, for your own goodness, so that no one will see you with me.
Ramiz: are you talking about the one who is downstairs?
Ezel: ali?
Ramiz: yes, there is fine. He will NOT see me. nephew I couldn’t sleep last night. I kept turning right and left side.
Ezel: because the bed was comfortable your not used to it uncle.

Ramiz: this is what I thought at first but after I remembered dream. In the dream there was you nephew

Ezel: I don't even leave you alone in you dream too huh?

Ramiz: you were on top of a bridge. Down there was devil, evil and fire. Behind you angel. Both were calling for you.

Ezel: eh I am the man who can be called

Ramiz: they will, they will ask you nephew.

Ezel: what will they ask uncle?

Ramiz: what would they ask? One side angle and one side devil. What do you think they will ask you? huh?

Ezel: I ask that question to myself every day uncle. Do you know what its like to go to bed as OMER and wake up as Ezel every day? Every day uncle!

Ramiz: now this work is not a joke nephew. Can you get into this game again?

Ezel: I wont

Ramiz: ya they will ask you nephew, no more thinking either you go all the way or you will give up.

Ezel: uncle

Ramiz: yes?

Ezel: in your dream to who did I go?

Ramiz: the real reason is there nephew, you didn't go to either one

Ezel: wasn’t there any other way?

Ramiz: there is, throwing yourself in the fire!


Bahar, Can and eysan

Bahar: guess who?

Eysan: who? The two people that I love the most in the world!
Bahar: how was your day?
Eysan: good, yours?
Bahar: he will pick me up in the evening and were going out
Eysna: so now your going out with this man huh?
Bahar: I don't know, I shouldn’t?
Eysan: I didn't say that, lets know it so that we will act on its way.


Evening comes..ali still waiting

Ali: go there and get me a newspaper (he gets out of the car and see Ezel) I saw him

Ezel: is the reservation done? You will pick me up there (to kamil)
Man: mr. Ezel come with me, please (they look at ali)

In the car

Ali: I see you a little not in the mood today huh? Don't you wonder where we will go?
Ezel: let it be a surprise.

They get to the place which is gambling place

Cengiz: welcome partner
Ezel: thank you
Cenigz: I gave your number to Ali, I said to tell you Cengiz wont start the game without you. (meaning Ezel) did he say it?
Ezel: he picked me up himself
Cengiz: from now on no just going around the world. Form now on the game will come to your feet.
Ezel: great, is it yours?
Cengiz: no dear, its forbidden to play it here. Its a friend’s.
Ezel; to have such friend its a Great thing
Cengiz: that friend of mine has another 6 places like this in Istanbul. (that place is illegal gambolling)

Ali: (to Kamil) wait teacher, let him be without you for two minutes. He is a big man. Wait a little. drink
Kamil: I don't drink while doing my work
Ali: oh you don't drink while working? But I knew you as you drinking while you were a police. (he gets mad) oh also I forgot mehmet said Hi. He was wondering when his father would return, but the woman wasn’t like that. She seemed more calm why? (kamil looks at Ezel and with face he sais no) don't misunderstand it friend. Here take this and go get coke for yourself.

Kamil goes outside and then he remembers the Past Istanbul 2006 (three years before)

He is gambolling, he gives the money
Man; this is not enough
Kamil: (gives his walter) don't come closer man! Don't! (he takes everything out including the key)
Man: your playing?
Ezel; (shows his face) don't do it!
Man: what is going on to you man!? Sit where your sitting. (to kamil) are you for it?
Ezel: don't do it!
Man: what is this friend? Are you for it or not?
Kamil: I am for it man! I am for it!

They are playing

Ezel: pass
Man: (shows his card) (kamil laughs) what? What do you have in your hand?
Then he takes his walter
Kamil: let it go! Let it go! (takes the picture out of the wallet) now! have it all! Have it! take it all!

He ends up going home

Kamil: (knocking on the door) Mehmet!....

Man: enough ya! Stop screaming. We are trying to sleep

Kamil: don't talk! I am a cop! All of you go inside. GO!

His wife opens the door


Ezel Episode 5 Part 4

Kamil: Alie (her name) can I come in?
Woman: Kamil, go away from here.
Kamil: can I come in?
Woman: no! Its over kamil over! Don't come again!

Then he tries to kill himself

Ezel: (behind) don't do it!

Back to PRESENT TIME 2009

Ezel: Kamil
Kamil: he got on my nerves, he has went to my home.
Ezel: its turn will come too

They go back inside

Ezel: (watches the man lose) eh you don't win every day (meaning Cengiz)
Cengiz: who said it? if your the owner of the casino then you will win everyday. (looks at ali)
Ali: nothing is showing in the camera
Cengiz: did you see any sings
Ali: no hand sings but there is something, always small loses and big wins.
Cengiz: I see that part too. You take care of that man (turns to talk to ezel) what do you think partner?

Ezel watches the man play....

Ezel: congratulation. An I sit? (he sits) I said let me sit beside you so maybe your luck will get better. (the man keeps watching him) actually I don't understand anything about these cards, you keep looking at you but there is nothing that you (himself) knows. (he is done) how can someone wins money like this huh? (to the other guy) a new game please
Man: im done....
Ezel: can I guess? (he looks at him) there is something in this pocket of yours. (he touches it) you touch the cards with this, we don't see it but you know it....(so he goes on how the man is cheating) how am i?
Man: your, but if you don't tell the man you will win money.
Ezel: do you see the man behind you the leather jacket? They call him I will go and tell him (he says how he hurts man)
Man: no, half of the money is yours...ok more than half...
Ezel: I am going
Man: (then he leaves)

Cengiz; how did you do? What did he say?
Ezel: he has to go somewhere
Ali: then why did he leave the money?
Ezel: he wasn’t playing for the money it was for pleasure
Cengiz; seriously you wont tell?
Ezel: there is nothing cengiz. If there was then you have a very tough manager here (meaning Ali) right?
Ali: yes true
Cengiz: you, you! come lets stay inside a little
Ezel: (gives him the money)
Cengiz: what is this?
Ezel: have it maybe your luck will open. I am joking you don't have that in you.


Eysan and Bahar

Eysan: what kind of person is this Ezel?
Bahar: interesting. Do you know what I like the most about him?
Eysan: what?
Bahar: he looks upset, like injured. Like if he knocks on your door you can take him inside.
Eysan; what is his injure?
Bahar: see this is what I am curious of too. Beside if you look at him from outside, he looks like a rich, gambler and play boy man. Like he is not the type of man I would fall in love but I am exploding from wonder!
Eysan: I think wonder is stronger than love
Bahar: why?
Eysan: once when you fall in love, you may know what its like, but curiosity is not the same. If you wonder, that curious will take you away and go.
Bahar: did you ever got anxious (curious)of someone? For example cengiz brother?
Eysan: no, but once there were one’s who interested of me.
Bahar: so? Where did you take that person who was interested of you?
Eysan: (gets the phone call) ohh we won? Ok ok (she calls cengiz)

Cengiz: hello
Eysan: cengiz we won
Cengiz: what?
Eysan: we won the blue diamond (for her hotel I guess)
Cengiz: dear its very loud here, I cant hear. What?
Eysan: the blue diamond. You know for the hotel? Its been like months?
Cengiz: oh yes, congratulations! If you don't win who would?
Eysan: are we going somewhere to celebrate it?
Cengiz: dear I even did the registration for the place but there is work to do. Ok, ok I know yoru mad if you say go I will come right now
Eysan: no, we will go tomorrow then
Cengiz: ok, look I will give you a very nice surprise. (ezel is behind him listening) I love you. (hangs up) where you going? The night is just starting
Ezel: I know, that is why I am leaving.

With Kamil

Ezel: change the place for the evening
Kamil: is there a problem?
Ezel: he still doesn't know, but tonight Eysan will join us too.


Can and Eysan

Can: dad is here
Eysan: no dear, dad will come home late
Can: mom when dad comes can you wake me up? The plan is almost done. Dad will finish it
Eysan; ok, now go to bed


Bahar, Ezel and eysan

Bahar; I cannot believe it, I love this colour
Ezel: so you like it?
Bahar: yes
Eysan: hello
Ezel: hello, (to bahar) shall we go?
Bahar: did it hit 12?
Ezel: huh?
Bahar: your work
Ezel; ya that one, I did it soon but later I had to leave I had more important work to do.
Bahar: sister, good night. I may be late
Eysan: ok

As they walk

Ezel: ohh what happen with your work?
Eysan; we won
Ezel: I said so
Bahar: what? How come I am not aware of it?
Eysan: long story I will tell you when you come back
Ezel: I was going to tell you to come with us, but I think now Cengiz has prepared someone personal to celebrate
Eysan: yes, I think so, well I haven’t spoke to him yet. I called his phone is off. (Looks at bahar) but I think he has done something you know Cengiz. Go you two

She goes inside

Ezel: Bahar, I was with cengiz this evening
Bahar: and you were telling me in the meeting
Ezel: eysan called at that moment, they spoke. Meaning his phone was not off.
Bahar: you A*** Cengiz. Ohh my dear sister
Ezel: do you want her to come with us?
Bahar: are you sure?
Ezel: now your mind will be left here, so I am sure if you want her to come.
Bahar; I told you, you don't stop without saving someone.
Ezel: I am trying to get yours.

Continues in part 5


Ezel Episode 5 Part 5

Eysan: did you eat dinner front of the door?
Bahar: come on, your coming with us too
Eysan: no, you can go Cengiz
Bahar: we will call him so he can come too. Come on we will celebrate it together. Come on
Eysan: no Bahar, I cant
Bahar: yes come on
Ezel: we wont go from here without you.
Bahar: yes
Eysan: ok, then I will tell elif and change then come.
Bahar: don't be prettier than me. (so ezel) so where are we going?
Ezel: there is a fish place I go to
Bahar: like bread and fish?
Ezel: not really


They get to the place then Eysan remembers the day when she and Omer went there behind the door

Bahar: sister
Ezel: have you came here before?
Eysan: once

They go inside

Man: Mr. Ezel is everything how you wanted?
Ezel: yes thank you
Man: enjoy it
Ezel: thank you
Bahar: look at the weather. Who did you bring here before?
Ezel: no one
Bahar: do you see how males are sister?
Eysan: (she is looking at the balcony)
Bahar: hello sister? Your not listening to me but the view is this way your looking at the opposite direction.
Eysan: sorry I wasn’t paying attention
Ezel: she thinks I am hiding
Bahar: its true though. Male doesn't tell where and what they did before. As with us female we say everything
Ezel: as far as I understand I don't have anything hiding
Bahar: what now? you haven’t fall in love before?
Ezel: I did, once I did
Eysan: what happen?
Ezel: I was in love with her, but she wasn’t. You? did you fall in love with someone before Cengiz?
Eysan: no, I never fall in love. But I loved! I loved him very much
Bahar: what kind of person was he? What did you love about him?
Eysan: the way he looked at me I loved, the way he holds my hand I loved. Not big he has small dreams. I loved his dreams.
Ezel: what happened after? Did he do something wrong to you? did he upset you?
Eysan: no, he didn't do anything bad
Bahar: then why did you two separate?
Eysan: it was long time ago. Fate (destiny)
Ezel: I think fate (destiny) doesn't separate two loved ones. I think people separates people.
Eysan: it wasn’t easy for me too.
Ezel: I wonder what happened to him. After leaving
Bahar: come on you two it isn’t like killing a man. Did you two meet later?
Eysan: yes, years after I went to him.
Bahar: why?
Eysan: to forgive me
Ezel: did he forgive?
Eysan; he didn't forgive.
Ezel: he was a bad guy then, wouldn’t people forgive his loved ones?
Eysan: he wasn’t a bad man. He was the best person I have ever met in my life. Even that day he loved me as well. (she looks at her phone) its cengiz he has left me a text message. He is surprising me. I should go.
Ezel: I should take you out
Eysan: no need
Ezel: then lets finish the cheers. To real love
Bahar; nice
Ezel; not for the fate that changes our love, but love changes our fate.


Eysan and Ezel waiting outside

Ezel: we didn't celebrate it right at least don't get sick
Eysan: no dear, it was good
Ezel: is it the past? Well if you want to take everything out to a stranger (meaning him)
Eysan: your not a stranger anymore. But I should stay alone a little
Ezel: your not alone anyways, you will be with someone you love (meaning cengiz). Say hi to Cengiz

Then she leaves


Bahar and Ezel

Bahar: I will ask you a question, but answer me right
Ezel: ask
Bahar: you still haven’t forgotten that woman huh? Look you promised you will answer the truth
Ezel: she never gets away front of my face (meaning she is always in his head)
Bahar: maybe a magnificent woman will come cross of you and will make you forget her
Ezel: that magnificent already is around
Bahar: seriously? (she coughs)
Ezel: are you ok?
Bahar: do you want me to be ok?
Ezel: I do
Bahar: then lets stay like this for a little


Eysan cries...then shows his mom crying...cengiz gambolling and Ali still trying to figure out who Ezel is.


Ezel Episode 5 Part 6

Eysan wakes up and sees Cengiz

Cengiz: congratulations pistachio nut
Eysan: where is it? here was a plan where is it?
Cengiz: you don't like it? I did all myself. That is why I got late
Eysan: where is the plan?!
Cengiz: why are you angry yeah? Its there somewhere I placed it
Eysan: (finds it broken)
Cengiz: while I was doing the balloons I stepped on it by accident
Eysan: do you know for how long he was doing this?
Cengiz: we will do a new one. Get him a new one
Eysan: he wants to do it with his father! Don't you understand!
Cengiz: I will get it Eysan!
Eysan: what kind of father are you huh? Its is not buying it or doing it. what is missing is you! you!
Cengiz: you come here! For the last 12 years I am here! You think I am missing? I am here! Your the one who is missing! I am in love with you! how I was in love with you that day and I am still in love like this today too. I didn't go anywhere! I am here! You? where are you Eysan? What are you still waiting for? Huh? (he goes back sitting on the couch)
Eysan: I don't know Cengiz. I still don't know what I am waiting for.


Omer’s parents...she goes to her husband and tells him that he needs to stop working then he says no, I have to work do that we make money..etc. mother says I will tell you about omer then he says again this? she sais listen to me, they didn't show us his face..etc I didn't believe he killed...just because I didn't see. But I don't have to see for me to know. She said I know my own son. I know his smell...etc
Mother: my son...
Father: died! He died! Our son died! If you love your god that is enough. Its sinful, leave the son alone. Let him so that he rests in peace in his grave.
Mother; I wont leave it
Father: you don't have right to be like this...


Ezel, sebnam and kamil

Ezel: didn't I excuse Sebnam for today? What is she doing here?
Kamil: we wondered for you. come lets take you home
Ezel: you go home kamil. What are you doing here? Go stay with your wife and son
Kamil: not now
Ezel: not now then when?
Kamil: once this job is done, I will go back with head raised up. I will open the door and go inside. No one will take me out from there later on.
Ezel: good for you
Kamil: you, what are you going to do after this?
Ezel; after what?
Kamil: after cleaning your calculations (revenge)?
Ezel: what after kamil? There is no after for me don't you still understand? Me is not Me. I died years ago. That grave is not there for no reason. I am still in that grave. Go there once and La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 244732 for me.


Kamil and sebnam

Sebnam: didn't he say anything about me?
Kamil: no, next time talk more carefully
Sebnam; am I never going to say anything? I don't understand when you go to him you two whisper and talk but when I do, all he says is sebnam Coffee.
Kamil: I am going
Sebnam: (as she walks and talk) ya when it comes to me Sebnam this and be quiet and this...

Then Ali approaches to her

Sebnam: Mr. Ali what are you doing?
Ali: don't be scared. We will just talk. Now your working for him, come for me
Sebnam: let me go (she leaves)
Ali; you will miss the best thing if you leave
Sebnam: say it
Ali: I will give you double for what he gives you, money, car, house, etc come to the park tomorrow and bring everything you know about him. Don't say anything right now.

Then he leaves.,....sebnam remembers the past...ISTANBUL 2006

Sebnam: Ismail (after seen the ring)
Ismail: I have spend all my money in my pocket to get you this. now (takes it from her and gives her drug) you take this, the men will come in a little. do what ever your going to be but try to put this in the men’s drink.
Sebnam: but Ismail
Ismail: but nothing will happen to the men, he will fall asleep only for about 30 minutes

Continues in part 7


Ezel Episode 5 Part 7

Ismail: after you will get this. (shows her the ring)

So now the men are all there

Ismail: Sebnam renew the drinks. Go head Mr. Ezel you were talking
Ezel: another 10 thousand

As they play he switched the drinks...

Ismail: (gets dizzy) how did you know this?
Ezel: this is my job
Sebnam: are you ok ismail? (to ezel) what will happen to me?
Ezel: you will stay here, or you will open your eyes and come with me.


Morning...present time 2009-10-27

Can: aunt what are you doing?
Bahar: good morning, did you sleep well?
Can: yes
Cengiz: I wished I could sleep well too
Can: dad where is my plain?
Cengiz: I have it
Can: where? Inside?
Cengiz: here
Can: best dad (he goes inside)
Cengiz: my head is bad. Where is Eysan?
Bahar: she left early morning and will come back soon
Cengiz: what is all this?
Bahar: because I may have a guest over that is why

Ezel and kamil

Ezel: there is no Sebnam?
Kamil: she is not around yet
Ezel: let me know I have to make-up with her

Ezel: (to himself) one side is devil and one is angle. Both can influence but sometimes and some days both can be behind a person. (shows ali waiting at the park, and his mom at his grave) in such days always bad people wins. And the good ones always are left with no remedy. They just wait for something.

Mother: (praying) My God, please help my God. There is something inside of me, either take this thing out of me or bring Omer back to me.

Then it shows the Eysan is there as well at the cemetery


Ali sitting then instead of Sebnam Ezel ends up sitting beside him

Ezel: you thought I wouldn’t hear?
Ali: you thought that you wouldn’t get a chance to hear it either?
Ezel: if you want to ask something, ask me.
Ali: I would have asked you if you answer me truthfully. It doesn't happen, but I know such person like you. you hide yourself.
Ezel: your right, you don't know me at all Ali.
Ali: my son, actually you DO NOT know me
Ezel: (takes his glass off/out) don't be too sure, maybe I know you better than you think.
Ali: then you know, I wont leave you alone. I will be after you like a dog. The money, car, house you have I don't buy it. I can smell, I know the shoes you wear. I know everything do you know why? Because friend/brother we know each other. (like he has seen people like that who are fake)
Ezel: then friend says it pain Ali. Your not enough for me, this side is the 1st level and the other is the shoe place. This was like this when you were a mechanic and now as a manager is the same. (meaning he is nothing!) (so ali gets surprised that he knows something about his past)
Ali: I understand, we will find this talking some other time. that day I will invite you and give you drinks. Then you remind me to continue today’s conversation where we are ending right now.
Ezel: (stands up)lets agree on it from now on. One day we will open one door and get in there together. What ever you want we will talk
Ali: promise?
Ezel: (his phone rings) Good morning Bahar, sure, sure I will come with pleasure. Ok dear see you later. (to ali) lets continue later. Bahar has invited me for breakfast, I would have said come but no.


Shows the cemetery...

Ezel: (continuing the talking as before)....but sometimes fate will pick your way without asking. Small coincidence will meet and talk, and they come cross of us

Mother: who is there?
Eysan: aunt
Mart: Eysan! Cengiz’s eysand. She is 10 meter away from us. She hasn’t changed, just like before.
Mother: what is she doing?
Mart: she is turning back mom! She is returning as how ever she came!
Eysan: Mart
Mart: she wont come here again mother, she wont do that to my brother. She wont send my brother to death and now come to his grave.

As Eysan goes back

Mother: stop, come on say my son is a theft, say my son is a murder. Would someone do this to someone they love? Would they do it?! would someone call on the person they love? And put them in jail? Would someone send the loves ones to murder?

Eysan: what shall I say now? what ever I say is empty. What every I said is lie. But aunt that day I died with Omer as well. I did what I thought was right but that day I killed myself as well. Don't forgive me, but I loved Omer.

Continues in part 8


Ezel episode 5 Part 8

Eysan: I loved Omer more than anything.
Mother: daughter,

Then they hug


Ezel talking while going to Bahar’s house

Ezel: some days everything is on its place, guilt and faults will be forgiven. You will tell yourself you did. At the end you went in front.


Eysan with Mart and his mother

Mother: do you know, the last time I holded my son’s hand when before he went to jail. If I has two of my eyes I would have given to hold for the last time his hands.

Eysan: aunt, I have a son, named Can. I really want you to see him.
Aunt: one day you will bring him
Eysan: how about you come now? for the breakfast its just us home. I really want you to touch my son, he is considered as your grandchild as well. (she still doesn't know he is Omer’s son)
Mart: no, my mom doesn't want that
Eysan: it will be just us, there is no one else. We have a guest but he is not a stranger. His name is Ezel.

Ezel: (talking in between) some days the stones we have places starts to fall apart one by one.


Ali with the man looking at the pictures

Ali; don't you see it?! there is something here! There is something in here!
Man: we have looked in this for a few times maybe...
Ali: don't finish that talk! I know such men very well! There is something in here! I will find it!
Man: (while he is looking at the paper) Mr. Ali can I look at something?

So he looks and they find out that for the last 4 years they have been buying things in one he goes to get info about it


At Eysan’s house

Can: look how nice it is now
Ezel: nice you painted?
Can: I putted it together but my dad finished it this morning
Ezel: good for you
Cengiz: can go play at the backyard me and Ezel brother will come in a little
Can: ok (he leaves)
Ezel; you made it? (meaning the plain)
Cengiz: I did or bought it, its the same thing

Eysan: good morning
Cengiz: good morning
Eysan: we have a guest
Cengiz: Mart? Aunt?

Ezel: (talking) some days you open your eyes as seen a nightmare. You on the bridge
Cengiz: how good it is you came.
Eysan: where is Can?
Cengiz: backyard playing. Sit here. Bahar go get some water
Mother: leave it.
Cengiz: ezel, this aunty is Mart’s mother
Ezel: hhh its nice to meet you.

As she hugs him

Mother: omer
Ezel: sit here dear aunty
Ezel: (to himself talking) they will ask you ezel, they will know you)
Mother: its you Omer? Right sn?
Ezel: (to himself) they will ask who you are, tell. Who are you Ezel?
Ezel: I am not your son aunt, you are confusing. I am Ezel.
Mother: son
Ezel: I hear, I am sorry for your lost. But I am not him

Cengiz: aunt
Mother: leave me! leave me! take me away from here!


Ali talking with the man

Ali: did you go?
Man: here doesn't seem like a store, its just a street with a small place
Ali: where?
Man: one second I am here


RAMIZ: (shows the man who works for Ali now is actually working for Ezel) I am sending a gift from inside to you. that man almost killed his soul for me. (GO BACK TO TIME 2006) meaning his soul is mine. meaning his soul is yours from now on. (shows how he gets out of jail) but take care of this child very well. Years what I saw in you has in this child as well. Sometimes you get people right away, sometimes you end up with someone who was into pieces and you gather them up and make them who ever they are. (meaning they suffered and they can work for them) now this child is this, from now on he is yours..

Back to present time 2009

Ali: talk!
Man: there is nothing Mr. Ali, here is only windows and walls. My mistake.

He goes inside

Man: hello uncle M. (Ezel’s father)
M: welcome son. I finished your work just now. sit here
Man: uncle my boss send you this, thank you very much.
M: thank you, I hope one day he will come and drink our tea as well
Man: inshalla (I hope) so he will come on day

PS: SO now it shows that this man is also working for Ezel and his father is actually getting money from him!


Ezel talking: today I found myself right on a bridge. Downstairs fires, front of my devil and behind me angles



Ezel Episode 5 Part 9 Last One

Ezel:...front of my devil. Both asked me the same question. Who are you? who’s side are you on? Love or revenge? In everything they one you to pick only one.


At Ezel’s house

Mart: mom open the door
Father; she is still not opening the door Mart? Tell her to open the door
Mart: mommy, mommy open the door let me just see you and I will get out. Please open it.

Then the mother finds the ring in her pocket

Ezel: but the third option is throwing in the fire...


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Denisa, iti multumesc fffff. mult.
La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 Ihlamurlar_altinda_1255249663_3_2005La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 Ihlamurlar_altinda_1255249662_0_2005
Noapte buna si La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 517793. :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Pentru ca sunteti pasionate de serialele din Turcia si nu gasiti intotdeauna traducerea filmelor care va plac, poate ca unele dintre voi veti dori sa invatati limba turca. nu spun ca ar fi usor!!!! se poate invata cu ajutorul unui curs bun si cu multa rabdare. cursul il gasiti aici:
succes sunny

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buna dimineata!
La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 CoffeeTime
Astazi nu avem nici un rezumat?Eu nu l-am vazut de la inceput.Am apucat sa ma uit decand a adus-o Cem acasa pe Filiz si i-a spus ca maine sa se prezinte la cununie daca nu o sa-l omoare pe Yilmaz.

Ultima editare efectuata de catre tubafan in Joi 12 Noi 2009, 8:49 am, editata de 1 ori

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Buna dimineata !! sunny sunny O zi frumoasa tuturor si...o cana de cafea fierbinte....La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 Coffeepouring
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Buna dimineata!
La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 Morningcat

Fetelor ne rasfatati! :lol:

Tubafan cand ai putin timp povesteste-ne ceea ce ai vazut tu.

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Buna dimi!La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 0043

La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 Altnda1-1-1La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 Altnda1-2-1La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 Altnda1-3-1La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 Altnda1-4-1La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 Altnda1-5-1La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 Altnda1-6-1La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 Altnda1-7-1

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DEA, PISSY, TUBAFAN ...La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 124j
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Buna vazut curioasa fiid acum ma uit si la cel de maine ,chiar daca nu inteleg nimic..Filiz s a bagat intr un mare necaz..o v a salva Ylmaz insa ma inerveaza aceasta mandrie excesiva...parca ar fi maica Tereza sa i salveze ea pe toti..
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nety a scris:Buna vazut curioasa fiid acum ma uit si la cel de maine ,chiar daca nu inteleg nimic..Filiz s a bagat intr un mare necaz..o v a salva Ylmaz insa ma inerveaza aceasta mandrie excesiva...parca ar fi maica Tereza sa i salveze ea pe toti..
buna! nu ai putea sa faci un mic rezumat?
eu am vazut secventa cand Filiz a primit rochia de mireasa(ce naspa arata era plina de volane arata ca o varza mare slap ...filiz s-a enervat si a inceput sa o rupa.
mie in filmul asta nu-mi place ca prea se plange ...... filiz a plans tot timpul in acest serial.

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dea05 a scris:
nety a scris:Buna vazut curioasa fiid acum ma uit si la cel de maine ,chiar daca nu inteleg nimic..Filiz s a bagat intr un mare necaz..o v a salva Ylmaz insa ma inerveaza aceasta mandrie excesiva...parca ar fi maica Tereza sa i salveze ea pe toti..
buna! nu ai putea sa faci un mic rezumat?
eu am vazut secventa cand Filiz a primit rochia de mireasa(ce naspa arata era plina de volane arata ca o varza mare slap ...filiz s-a enervat si a inceput sa o rupa.
mie in filmul asta nu-mi place ca prea se plange ...... filiz a plans tot timpul in acest serial.

nu am avut timp ..ina iti spun citeva secvente...Cem ii pune mana pe umar si ii spune "Hai sa mergem" el parca sint doua persoane..e foarte suparat ca la masina o intreaba daca vor lua masa impreuna..Filiz vrea sa refuze dar el insista spunand ca vrea sa i gateasca el si ea accepta,insa se vede ca ii este frica ,o salveaza telefonul care suna si era Ceida,filiz ii spune ca se vor intalni la locul stabilit insa fata nu prea intelege ce se intampla...Cem conduce cu viteza fiind foarte La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 2743637754 iar lui Filiz ii este teama..stabilesc ca ea sa se intalneasca cu Ceida si pe urma sa mearga acasa la el la intalneste cu Ceida si ii povesteste tot ce a trait alaturi de Cem chiar ii spune ca ii este frica...Cem ajunge acasa si rupe poza de pe perete ,si stabileste cu cineva la telefon sa se pregateasca ca sa omoare pe cineva.
Filiz merge la Cem acasa si vede poza rupta intreaba el se inerveaza si ii spune ca stie ca la mintit ca a vazut o cu Y. si mama sa si etc....atunci Filiz vrea sa plece spunandui ca nu l iubeste si ca il va iubi toata viata pe Y. chiar daca nu vor fi impreuna,Cem nu mai poate de La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 2743637754 si o forteaza sa mearga cu el pe acoperisul unei cladiri care era vis a vis de hotelul lui de camera unde statea mama lui,aco;o era un om cu o pusca pregatit sa traga in Y. la semnul luiCem(culmea cum stea si Y.tocmai atunci de vorba in acea camera si langa geam)...o forteaza pe Filiz sa i promita ca a doua zi se va casatori pt. ca altfel il impusca pe Y. ea promite si o duce acasa in poarta o prinde brutal de mana si vede Omer care intervine..Cem pleaca iar a doua zi trimite prin curier cutia cu rochia ,Filiz deschide cutia si cind vede rochia se inerveaza si se apuca de plans rupand din ea...
daca mai pot reveni va voi spune si alte detali despre ceilalti...
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La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 Empty Re: La umbra teilor

Mesaj Scris de DENISA la data de Joi 12 Noi 2009, 11:18 am

Rezumatul ep 83 , joi 12 . 11. 2009

Cem şi Filiz sunt pe stâncă, Cem îi pune mâna pe umăr lui Filiz şi îi spune să mergă că altfel va răci .

Feride merge prin parc cu Nevzat , iar acesta îi spune că în lipsa ei el nu a trăit ci doar a îmbătrânit, o întreabă dacă răsplata o să îi fie răbdarea , dacă vor putea continua de unde au rămas, Feride îi spune să nu îi mai pună astfel de întrebări . Nevzat îi spune că ea şi-a amintit căt de mult se iubeau , cât erau legaţi unul de altul, Feride îi spune că acele sentimente au rămas în urmă, Nevzat o întreabă dacă îl va face să sufere , Feride îi spune că parcă ar fi în faţa unei oglinzi care s-a întunecat acum mult timp, că nu îi poate oferi ceea ce aşteaptă el de la ea. Nevzat îi spune că într-o zi acea oglindă va fi clară.

Omer o sună pe Feride şi o roagă să treacă pe la magazin ptr a îi vedea chipul, Feride îi spune că se va duce acasă, Omer îi spune că va ieşi de la serviciu şi vine la ea.

Cem în maşină cu Filiz, o întreabă dacă este bine , ea spune că este doar obosită, el îi spune că e tăcută şi o întreabă dacă îşi bate capul cu nunta lor , el îi spune că vor face nunta doar cu doi martori, o întreabă dacă merge le el că îi va pregăti ceva gustos . Filiz este sunată de Ceyda, Filiz îi spune lui Ceyda că ar fi trebuit să se întâlnească şi îşi cere scuze că a uitat, Ceyda nu ştie despre ce întâlnire este vorba şi o întreabă ce s-a întâmplat .Filiz îi spune lui Cem că a stabilit să se întâlnească cu Ceyda şi el să nu se supere.

In gând Cem îşi spune “ m-ai minţit , te-ai jucat cu mine… “ Cem începe să conducă cu viteză iar Filiz îl întreabă ce se întâmplă, acesta îşi cere scuze şi îi spune că s-a gândit că ea va întârzia .

Ekram îl întreabă peYilmaz dacă Filiz a scăpat de psihopatul de Cem , acum poate a înţeles că maniacul de Cem nu poate fi tatăl copilului ei. Yilmaz spune că deja e târziu , e păcat de copil. El nu vrea decât ca ea să nu se necăjească mai mult şi să nu fie afectată , dacă Filiz nu ar fi fost mândră i-ar fi acceptat ajutorul lui . Asli intră în birou şi îi întreabă ce au mai făcut cu Cem.

Filiz coboară din maşină şi merge să se întâlnească cu Ceyda , Cem aleargă după ea şi îi spune să nu creadă că a scăpat aşa uşor de el . Filiz îi spune că nu are o astfel de intenţie , Cem îi cere să îi demonstreze , să rezolve întâlnirea şi să se întoarcă la el, Filiz îi spune că ar fi vrut să stea de vorbă cu Ceyda ca între fete , Cem îi spune că este sigur că nu o să-l neglijeze şi să îi spună ceva sigur, Filiz îi spune că va veni la el acasă.

Ceyda o întreabă pe Filiz cum poate suporta îmbrăţişarea lui Cem.
Filiz îi spune lui Ceyda că e terminată, că a intrat într-un mare necaz, trebuie să scape imediat de Cem , îi spune că Cem şi-a omorât tatăl, Cem dă ordin ca Yilmaz să fie omorât deoarece e în plus şi lumea e aglomerată.

Asli întreabă dacă Filiz a înţeles căt de periculos este Cem, Yilmaz spune că Cem trebuie băgat în închisoare , că Sayfie ar trebui să declare la poliţie tot ce ştie .

Cem vine la el acasă spumegând .
( orice om are lipsă 1 -2 ţigle după acoperiş dar asta are lipsă tot acoperişul, e dus rău cu capul )

El priveşte fotografia lui Filiz după care o face bucăţi spunând că i-a distrus speranţele , că a crezut atât de mult în ea , că acum e ca toată lumea.

Filiz îi spune Ceydei că , ptr o clipă a crezut că Cem va mărturisi că şi-a ucis tatăl . Cem o sună pe Filiz şi o întreabă când va veni , el fiind nerăbdător. Ceyda o întreabă pe Filiz dacă se va duce la el acasă, Filiz spune că da , că el nu trebuie să se îndoiască de ea că altfel se va răzbuna pe familia ei .

Omer vine acasă la Feride, îi spune că i-a fost dor de ea şi că s-a gândit la ea toată ziua.
Feride îi spune că îi revine memoria şi poate lui nu o să îi placă , îi spune că şi-a mintit că l-a iubit mult pe Nevzat, că i-a promis că o să îl iubească până moare . Omer îi spune că iubirea lui nu se va schimba şi că el va aştepta decizia ei şi pleacă.

Cem căsăpeşte nişte morcovi, Filiz vine la el, Cem deschide uşa cu cuţitul în mână, îşi cere scuze că a speriat-o , Filiz îl întreabă de ce să se sperie, el spune că arată ca şi când ar folosi cuţitul pe post de armă.
Filiz găseşte sub canapea poza ei lipită, îl întreabă pe Cem dacă el a rupt poza ei , îl întreabă de ce a făcut-o, el îi spune că nu a fost frumos ce a făcut , că a iubit-o cu ardoare , că a adorat-o , îi spune lui Filiz să termine jocul, că a văzut-o la hotel cu Yilmaz , a văzut cum mama lui l-a trădat , ştie că Safiye i-a spus totul, că femeia care îi poartă inelul trebuie să îi fie loială. Filiz se ridică să plece dar Cem nu o lasă.

Yilmaz şi Ekram vin în camera lui Safiye şi înceracă să o convină să declare la poliţie tot ce ştie de Cem. Ekram îi spune lui Yilmaz că se zbate prea mult ptr Filiz. Yilmaz spune :

“ Sunt un om care îşi poartă toate greşelile în suflet, încă mă întreb dacă am supărat-o foarte mult odată. Dacă am vreun păcat trebuie să plătesc ptr el . dar ea nu trebuie să afle . “

Cem îi spune lui Filiz că s-a apropiat de el doar ptr a îl scoate pe Omer din închisoare , că şi-a recuperate casă, că trebuie să o felicite că l-a orbit , că e foarte isteaţă. Cem îi cere lui Filiz să îi spună că îl iubeşte foarte mult, Filiz îi spune că nu îl iubeşte , îl întreabă că Omer nu a fost în arest datorită lui , că nu au pierdut totul datorită lui , îl întreabă ce a vrut de la ei, el îi spune că a vrut-o doar pe ea , Filiz îi spune că a luat înapoi doar ce le aparţinea . Filiz vrea să plece , îi spune că va uita totul , inclusiv pe el .

Cem îi cere să recunoască că îl iubeşte pe Yilmaz . Filiz spune că nu îl poate ierta pe Yilmaz dar o să îl iubească pe tatăl fiului ei până când o să moară. Cem o duce forţat pe acoperişul unei clădiri ptr a îi arăta cum îl împuşcă pe Yilmaz, Filiz când vede îi trage o palmă lui Cem , Cem o întreabă dacă asta e decizia ei , să moară Yilmaz . Lunetistul e pregătit să tragă , atunci Filiz îi cere lui Cem să nu se atingă de Yilmaz , Cem o întreabă dacă e deacord să se căsătorească cu el, Filiz acceptă, Cem îi spune că ptr moment i-a salvat viaţa lui YIlmaz , dar arma va fi oriunde va fi şi Yilmaz , va fi mereu pregătită.
Filiz îi cere să nu o atingă, că ea n-o să îl iubească niciodată.

Feride acasă la ea începe să îşi amintească secvenţe din trecutul ei . Nevzat vine la ea şi îi spune că deodată s-a trezit la uşa ei, că de când a aflat că ea şi- a amintit de el inima îi bate mai tare , o întreabă de ce toate lucrurile sunt întoarse pe dos , ea spune că încearcă să îşi amintească. Feride îl întreabă dacă ce simţea ptr el era iubire , poate că ea era doar impresionată de cadourile lui, Nevzat îi spune că ptr Ozlem nu ar fi contat dacă el nu ar fi avut bani , l-ar fi iubit oricum. O întreabă dacă vrea să se întoarcă la vechiul ei serviciu, ea acceptă.

Omer stă supărat în verandă , apare Handan , îl întreabă cum a fost prima zi de lucru, el spune că nu a fost rea , îl întreabă de ce este supărat , el îi spune că Feride a început să îşi amintească de trecut , ptr ea e bine dar ptr el e un coşmar , îi spune că Feride înainte avea un logodnic, că nu ştie ce o să facă acum , cum o să iasă din treaba asta . Handan îi spune că dacă Feride îl preferă pe logodnic înseamnă că nu a fost a lui niciodată , dragoste ptr Omer i se citeşte în ochi lui Feride , ptr ea ( Handan) e deajuns să îl iubească pe el ( Omer) , Omer se miră de vorbele lui Handan .

Cem o aduce pe Filiz acasă, după ce coboară din maşină o întreabă de ce nu l-a întrebat de ce se căsătoreşte cu cineva care nu îl iubeşte, răspunde tot el “ obţin tot ce îmi doresc , îngeraşule , oricare ar fi preţul . Am spus că Filiz va fi a mea şi o să fii a mea. Ai înţeles ? Chiar dacă eşti o jucărie cam scumpă o să fii a mea . eşti prea tristă ptr o persoană care se va căsători mâine “ . O întreabă dacă îşi va invita familia , ea spune că nu poate să îi invite la o cununie pe care o face sub ameninţare .Cem o ameninţă că dacă nu va veni la cununie tatăl micuţului se va face una cu pământul. Omer vede şi vine să se răţoie la Cem. Filiz începe să plângă pe umărul lui Omer .

Mualla îi spune lui Yilmaz că a forţat-o pe Asli să probeze rochia de mireasă.

Filiz îl linişteşte pe Omer că nu s-a întâmplat nimic grav , între timp vine şi Ceyda la ei .

Cemal bea acasă şi priveşte poza lui Ahmet.

Fahriye îi spune lui Yilmaz că procesul de tutelă s-a încheiat, că le-a acordat lor tutele , iar Cemal are dreptul la o vizită pe lună, Yilmaz îl întreabă pe Salih dacă i se pare corect totuşi ca Cemal să îl poată vedea pe Ahmet doar o singură dată pe lună.
Yilmaz iese afară să ia aer .

Ceyda îi spune lui Filiz că mai degrabă se aruncă după pod decât să se căsătorească cu Cem, Filiz spune că altă soluţie nu are , dacă nu se căsătoreşte cu el îl va omorâ pe Yilmaz , Ceyda o sfătuieşte să îi spună totul lui Yilmaz , Filiz spune că nu se poate juca cu viaţa lui Yilmaz , Ceyda îi spune că nu se poate sacrifica. Filiz îi spune că ea a crezut că el îi va ataca familia dar el vrea să îl omoare pe Yilmaz . Filiz îi cere Ceydei să rămână totul între ele . Filiz iese să o conducă pe Ceyda şi îl văd pe Yilmaz . Ceyda îl salută pe Yilmaz .Yilmaz o întreabă pe Ceyda ce face , aceasta îi spune că nu prea bine , dar îi va povesti Filiz şi pleacă.

Yilmaz o întreabă pe Filiz dacă şi-a revenit , ea spune că este bine, o întreabă ce a vrut să insinueze Ceyda , ea spune că s-a referit la fapta lui Cem ( şi-a omorât tatăl)

Yilmaz o întreabă dacă s-a despărţit de Cem, Filiz spună că încă nu a vorbit cu el , Yilmaz îi spune că e mai bine să nu se apropie de el , şi să îl lase pe el să rezolve problema , Filiz îi spune că are ea grijă. Filiz pleacă , Yilmaz o priveşte şi în gând rosteşte :

“ Tu plângi… tu eşti blestemul iubirilor false .
Nu pot să rămân cu tine , să fii fericită. Dacă ce aştept e o veste proastă, nu mai sta în faţa mea . lasă-mă să fiu străpuns de gloanţe .”

Asli îl întreabă pe Yilmaz ce îl frământă, dacă se gândeşte la Filiz, Asli îi spune că “ se spune că dragostea poate transforma 2 persoane într-una.” Dar uneori el este atât de departe faţă de ea, că uneori se îndoieşte de dragostea lui .

Fiiz plânge noaptea, Handan o întreabă ce s-a întâmplat, aea îi spune că s-a trezit necăjită. Cemal beat vine acasă la Salih , îi vede pe aceştia când veneau acasă de la mama lui Yilmaz, încearcă să meargă spre uşa lor dar cade şi îl găeşte Ahmet dimineaţă, Salih îl duce la spital .

Feride vine la sala de dans , primeşte o ofertă de a dansa la o petrecere ptr nişte oficiali din Georgia . Feride preferă înainte de a da răspunsul să îl întrebe şi pe Omer .

Omer îi propune bătânelului la care lucrează să extindă afacerea , deoarece el se gândeşte la familia lui . Feride îl sună pe Omer şi îi spune că vrea să îl vadă , acesta o întreabă dacă e sigură vrea să îl vadă, ea spune că da şi Omer merge la ea la şcoală.

Filiz primeşte un pachet din parte lui Cem , în pachet era rochia de mireasă. Sună Cem şi o întreabă dacă a primit cadoul şi dacă îi place , el fiind nerăbdător să o vadă îmbrăcată în rochie, o avertizează să vină la cununie ca dacă se răzgândeşte ştie spre cine e aţintită arma., Filiz îi spune că va veni . Ea începe să smulgă rochia şi plânge .


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La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 Empty Re: La umbra teilor

Mesaj Scris de IRIS la data de Joi 12 Noi 2009, 1:03 pm

DENISA, NETY ... :flower: :flower: multumiri pentru rezumat.. ❤ ❤
membru senior
membru senior

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Mesaj Scris de vali1cluj la data de Joi 12 Noi 2009, 3:25 pm

multumesc pentru rezumat. :flower:
o dupaamiaza placuta ! sunny

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La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 I240676_4

La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 Bukalpseniunuturmu

La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 Bksu4bl1

La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 Bksu4bl2

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Uğur Hepdarcan

La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 10335_132637238978_647178978_2387009_2537499_n
La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 10335_132637208978_647178978_2387003_7599068_n
La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 10335_132725268978_647178978_2387924_138343_n
La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 8819_154169043978_647178978_2572658_7191628_n
La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 9916_159391678978_647178978_2613264_7326539_n
La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 9916_159391708978_647178978_2613269_5011984_n

La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 11044_164666978978_647178978_2653613_3539999_n

La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 16355_174651473978_647178978_2743914_3493588_n
La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 16355_174651523978_647178978_2743922_433136_n
La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 16355_174651493978_647178978_2743917_645635_n
La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 SinanTuzcu3
La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 Fmer4
La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 Sinant45ch0
La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 Image2b
La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 Hjbkgo1
La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 29
La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 4085931271f2ff2f610jm9
La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 23611060186d73c818d8yo1
La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 0ozelcopytf8pi0
La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 Sdfwi3
La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 0128011113dvbsatvqy8
La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 0128011156dvbsatvmz0
La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 09-02-05_-_NTV_Spor_-_Current02
La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 Vlcsnap20106oe1

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La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 Bksu4bl5
La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 Sinanesat1
La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 Sinanmaviyazma1

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Mesaj Scris de valita la data de Joi 12 Noi 2009, 11:59 pm

Dea, multumesc.Noapte buna, fetelor. Pupici. :flower: :flower: :flower: La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 09" alt="" />

membru incepator
membru incepator

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La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 Empty Re: La umbra teilor

Mesaj Scris de Luana la data de Vin 13 Noi 2009, 8:31 am

Buna dimineata fetelor!
Bine v-am regasit!
Episodul 84, vineri 13 noiembrie
La atelier fetele canta si lucreaza..Handan calca confectiile...
Ali este suparat pe Sema pt. ca nu a fost de acord sa ia baiatul.
Yilmaz si Asli vin sa vada materialul rochiei de mireasa. Fatele il admira, Asli se declara incantata, iar Handfan sufera. Iese din incapere si e f. trista.Mujgan o consoleaza, spunand ca Filiz se casatoreste cu tatal copilui ei, dar Handan ii raspunde ca lucrurile sunt altfel decat par.
Fatih vorbeste cu Cem, care il anunta ca in aceasta seara este cununia si il roaga sa-i fie martor. Fatih accepta, dar cum iese Cem se duce il anunta la telefon pe Yilmaz.
Feride vorbeste cu Coc si apare Omer cu o mutra sumbra. Au o discutie, in care Omer ii spune sa stea mai la distanta o vreme, pana Feride se va hotara pe cine alege dintre cei doi barbati care o iubesc.
Feride il roaga pe Omer s-o insoteasca in acea seara la o petrecere, unde va dansa si Omer accepta.
Filiz tot jumuleste la rochia de lebada trimisa de Cem si-si aminteste de rochia de mireasa pe care o pregatise pt. nunta cu Yilmaz.
Yilmaz merge la ea si o roaga sa nu se marite, asigurand-o de sprijinul lui pt. copil si pt ea, dar Filiz refuza sa anuleze casatoria.
Salih si Fahryie se intereseaza in spital de Cemil; il incurajeaza pt. ca e disperat ca nu-si poate vedea fiul si-i spun sa nu mai bea, pt. ca ei ii vor da voie sa-l vada pe Ahmed de cate ori va voi.
Ceyda o cearta pe Filiz ca nu a spus lui Yilmaz adevarul, dar Filiz o tine mortis ca nu are de ales (dati-mi voie sa spun ca partea aceasta din scenariu este de-a dreptul absurda si ma enerveaza ingrozitor)...
Ceyda il anunta pe Yilmaz si-i spune cum Filiz se marita ca sa-l salveze pe el. Se vor duce la Safyie si ea e de acord sa mearga la Politie sa spuna tot.
Kerem primeste propunerea sa mearga la pariuri la cursele de cai; initial refuza, dar apoi se duce, castiga si o va duce pe Nalan la un restaurant elegant si-i ofera si un cadou din aur. Nalan insista sa afle provenienta banilor. Cand ii spune, il someaza sa nu mai faca asta si Kerem promite.
Filiz o anunta si pe Handan ca se va casatori si-i spune ca trebuie sa faca si ea ceva pt. familie.
Handan este ingrozita si o roaga sa se razgandeasca, dar Filiz nu si nu....
Politia este pe urmele lui Cem, care se refugiaza la o adresa noua , intr-o casa pe care o cumparase de curand.
Intre timp se prinde ca Fatih il tradeaza, cand il prinde la telefon cu Yilmaz si-l impusca.
Yilmaz si Ekrem merg la Fatih, il trimit la spital si de la el afla Yilmaz despre noua adresa a lui Cem si Yilmaz si porneste intr-acolo..
Feride danseaza si Omer este incantat; la fel si Coc, care ii spune lui Omer ca nu o da pe Ozlem nimanui....
La cununie Filiz trebuie sa spuna DA. Ezita si Cem ii aminteste ce va pati Yilmaz daca nu spune da..(ofiterul starii civile era surd pesemne, altfel ar fi auzit si nu ar fi insistat...Era clar ca nu de bunavoie ar fi spus ea da).
Apare Yilmaz cu un pistol. Gorilele si Cem scot si ei pistoalele. Cem ii cere Filizei sa spuna ca va fi a lui...Filiz ii spune, privindu-l in ochi, ca va fi a lui doar moarta. Atunci ticalosul ii pune teava pistolului pe abdomen. Ea il va urma pe Cem de nevoie ...
Yilmaz este lovit din spate. Cem o ia pe Filiz si pleaca, dar Cem ii face semn unuia sa-l omoare pe Yilmaz, in ciuda promisiunii facute Filizei. Insa gorila (pacat ca se spune asa, gorilele sunt niste animale minunate, le jignim spunandu-le ticalosilor insotitori si ajutoare ale lui Cem, asa) nu mai apuca, pt. ca apare Politia. Yilmaz pleaca dupa Filiz si Cem, dar la o intersectie este derutat si il anunta [pe Omer. Vor merge la Politie si il vor reclama pe Cem pt. rapire.
Feride pleaca cu Coc de la petrecere, dar il lasa si merge la Omer . Acesta ii spune sa se hotarasca ce va face si apoi , daca l-a ales pe el si a renuntat la Coc, sa-l caute (aici are dreptate Omer).
Yilmaz il cearta pe Omer ca nu l-au ascultat el si Filiz, dar Omer spune ca a fost pacalit de Filiz, desi stia ca il iubeste pe Yilmaz, ea a ales sa se razbune pe Cem fara sa-i spuna lui...
Filiz si Cem pe un vas, in largul marii. Cem ii tot spune ce fericiti vor fi ei si cum isi doreste el un camin linistit cum nu a avut niciodata si ce fericita va fi ea, bla, bla...Ea ii spune sa n-o implice in planurile lui de viitor, pt. ca ea nu va face parte niciodata din viitorul lui. El ii promite ca va fi cum spune el. Ii aduce mancarea (halal nevasta –prizoniera isi dorea Cem, ca la haremurile de pe vremuri trecute...). Cand el a plecat ea merge la statia radio a vaporului si ia microfonul...

Gata pe azi! Au mai furat un minut. S-a terminat la si 19 minute...Mizerabili sunt, nu-i pot suferi pe cei de la Kd ro.
Va urez sa aveti o zi frumoasa!

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La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 Empty Re: La umbra teilor

Mesaj Scris de IRIS la data de Vin 13 Noi 2009, 8:32 am

Buna dimineata, tuturor !!! O zi frumoasa sunny sunny si....o cescuta de cafea .La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 Cesti
membru senior
membru senior

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La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 Empty Re: La umbra teilor

Mesaj Scris de pissycutz la data de Vin 13 Noi 2009, 8:38 am

Buna dimineata .... vine week-endul La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 Yupiii

Multumim Luana :flower: bine ai revenit printre noi cheers

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La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 Empty Re: La umbra teilor

Mesaj Scris de lucyana la data de Vin 13 Noi 2009, 8:40 am

buna dimineata
Luana mersi de rezumat am apucat sa vad si eu ultimele minute cred ca apare cem dupa ce a luat ea statia asa mi sa parut mie uf abia atept sa vad ep de luni
membru senior
membru senior

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La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 Empty Re: La umbra teilor

Mesaj Scris de IRIS la data de Vin 13 Noi 2009, 8:41 am

LUANA , bine ai revenit !!! cheers cheers ❤ ❤ Multumiri pentru rezumat .
DEA ,DENISA...frumoase poze... :flower: :flower: multumiri pentru link-uri , poze si videouri cheers cheers ❤ ❤
La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 00070j

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membru senior

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La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 Empty la umbra teilor

Mesaj Scris de vali1cluj la data de Vin 13 Noi 2009, 9:31 am

Draga Luana, multumesc pentru rezumat. Ai dreptate in legatura cu gorilele. Tare-s urati!!!! Hai sa le spunem altfel...

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La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 Empty Re: La umbra teilor

Mesaj Scris de pissycutz la data de Vin 13 Noi 2009, 5:47 pm

Dea multumim pentru linkuri La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 THNAKS

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La umbra teilor - Pagina 2 Empty Re: La umbra teilor

Mesaj Scris de Continut sponsorizat

Continut sponsorizat

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