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Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe ATV TR

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Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR Empty Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe ATV TR

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Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR 59149349510708195871289492944kUHbFhQsH8a9Y0f8BXXE

Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR Ezel

Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR Ezelafis1
Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR Ezel


Kenan İmirzalıoğlu ~ Ezel Bayraktar

Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR 5458_2
Data nasterii: 18/06/1974
Locul nasterii: Ankara
Studii: Yildiz Technical University, Matematica

Cansu Dere ~Eyşan Tezcan Atay
Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR 1801585614_small_1

Data nasterii: 26/12/1980
Locul nasterii: Ankara
Studii: Universitatea din Istanbul Departamentul de Arheologie

Yiğit Özşener ~ Cengiz Atay
Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR 4961

Data nasterii: 06.04.1972
Locul nasterii: Ontario
Studii: Universitatea Tehnica Yildiz Electronics Engineering / Koc Universitatea de Master of Business Administration / Şahika Playere Studio Tekand

Sedef Avcı ~ Bahar
Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR 14637_1
Data naşterii: 1978
Locul naşterii: Malatya
Studii: Universitatea Kocaeli Muncii Economie

İsmail Filiz ~ Ömer
Doğum tarihi: 1974
Doğum yeri: Diyarbakır

Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR 7916_152389348269_152314003269_2609360_823023_n

Tuncel Kurtiz ~ Ramiz Karaeski

Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR Fft5_mf210453

Data nasterii: 01.02.1936
Locul naşterii: Bilecik
Studii: Universitatea din Istanbul

Yiðit Özþener
Beyazýt Gülercan
Ýpek Bilgin
Salih Kalyon
Sarp Akkaya
Sedef Avcý
Bade Ýþçil
Begüm Benian
Kemal Uçar
Barýþ Uçar

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Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR I957136_show

Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR 0902222904dvbsstartv014

Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR 0902222904dvbsstartv014

Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR 0902222904dvbsstartv020

Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR 0902222904dvbsstartv020

Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR 0902222904dvbsstartv020

Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR 0902222904dvbsstartv023

Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR 0902222904dvbsstartv023

Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR 0902222904dvbsstartv023

Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR 0902222904dvbsstartv023

Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR 0902222904dvbsstartv014

Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR 0918182115dvbsshowtv018
Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR 0918182115dvbsshowtv042
Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR 0918182115dvbsshowtv072
Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR 0918182115dvbsshowtv158
Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR 0918182115dvbsshowtv160
Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR 0918182115dvbsshowtv168

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Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR Empty Re: Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe ATV TR

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Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR EZEL-3-BLM-(170)

Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR EZEL-3-BLM-(98)

Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR EZEL-2-BLM-(86)

Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR Ezel_7_4

Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR Ezel_7_2

Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR 1396_b
Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR Ezelek1
Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR Ezelek2
Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR EZEL-7.-BLM-(19)

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Episode 1

Everyone loves someone, but every betrayal starts with love.

First there was Omer. He had a simple, small life with his family. He was happy. Then he loved a girl. After he came back from military service, he would marry her. Everything was just right in the place. But all of a sudden Omer found himself in prison. The life he knew, the people he trusted were gone. There was just one question in his mind for 10 years: WHY? He was pulled into a terrible game. The girl he loves, Eysan, his best friend, Cengiz, and the man he considers brother, Ali were all part of this game. Omer couldn't find the answer, until he met a man, who would change his whole life, in prison.

Episode 2

The moment Ezel has waited for years has come. On the one hand, the missing pieces of the puzzel are being solved; the secrets of Eysan are being revealed; on the other, eveyone's fate is changing. Ezel and Cengiz start a new game. Cengiz who is losing constantly does listen to the warnings of Eysan and Ali. Right at that time, Can is gone missing with the wild horse. When the first lights of the morning start to shine, the fate of the millions on the game table and Can is in the hands of Ezel.

Episode 3

It's time!
The change of Omer into Ezel is complete. Ezel's plan is working by getting even bigger. Bahar comes back from abroad, and without knowing she becomes the part of Ezel's game. The party Bahar organzes brings everyone together. With small arrangements, Ezel finds a way to stay alone with Eysan, Cengiz and Ali, one by one. These meetings, carrying the small traces from the past, leads to moments of tension and danger, while uncovering some remorses.

Episode 4

Bahar's sickness carries Ezel's plan to a new city. Coming to Istanbul with the family, Ezel finds a way to be in their lives. But this way will take him to face with a painful truth, will take him to people whom he never expects at a very unexpected time. Sticking to his revenge has never been this hard for Ezel.

Episode 5

Ezel takes Bahar and Eysan to a surprise place. That night affects Eysan tremendously. In appearance, Ezel hit the target on the spot. But things will not go as he planned all the time. Ali starts to search for Ezel's secret. Right at that time, a coincidence brings Ezel face to face in front of everyone. Ezel has to find a way out.

Episode 6

The mother and the father are becoming parts of the game. Meliha is now sure that Ezel is her son. While she counting the hours to meet with her son, Ezel tries to stay away from her so as not to danger her life. Because Cengiz is suspicious of the moment lived between Ezel and Meliha, and he goes after Meliha. In order to get Cengiz away from his mom, Ezel outs forward his new card. But acting early will put him into a hard situation. As to Eysan, she is devastated by the return of her father. Now there is just one way to straighten up the things that went wrong.

Episode 7

While geting ready for his next move in his revenge plan, Ezel learns that Cengiz has a new plan, too and goes mad. He decides to do something big that he has never dome before. Both get into action. Meanwhile Ali learns something about Ezel that could change everything. WHen things get really complicated, both Ali and Cengiz want to leave this ugly game, but they both have reasons not to go. Will those reasons keep them together when they learn the big secrets or painful truths?

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Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR Empty Ezel - Episode Translations

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Ezel EP 1 Part 1


So the Episode starts with 4 people in the car!

Its 2009 in the city (I think) of Kibris....

OMER: I came here from far! There is still far road ahead. (takes the picture out of his pocket..(its a girl and three other men)

Girl: how long is left to get to the hotel?

Man: (with big moustache) there is still left...

Omer: I don't know how this story will end, but I know how it started. This story started with Omer! Omer had a friend who was treating him as his brother. When ever he needed, he would run for his help. His name was Ali, the street knew him well......


Then it shows the men...holding another man on the chair...and the gray jacket one starts to speak....

Man1 (takes his jacket off): are you stupid son? One moment you laugh at my face, and the next you don't know what to do. Come on! Haven’t you ever heard about me?

Man 2 (the one who is sitting) Mr. Ali. (There you go this is Ali) I know you very well. Your manager at the place. (he names some place)

Ali: I didn't ask about my job dear brother. What is my rivalry?

Man2: Mr. Ali I have my....i have blood pressure!! I swear I don't know...(the other man shows something I think they will hurt him)

Ali: tell me my rivalry man!

Man2: kerpatan ali. ( I think thats another person! Sorry guys I maybe writing down the wrong spell)

Ali: (takes the thing out of the box and cuts his finger!!!!)

Man2: no! No don't do it! let me go!!!! (then he cuts it!)


Back to the Car.....

Omer: Omer had a friend who would not separate from each other during childhood. His best friend! His headache Cengiz ! (his other friend name)


Then as soon as it says his name...shows a man drinking and playing cards....

Woman: (comes) Eysan is upstairs, she is asking for you.

Cengiz: tell I will come....(he looks at the cards then wins) today is my lucky day.

He takes the money


Back to the car...OMER (who is kenan)

Omer: also there was a girl who Omer loved like crazy, who was in love and would have given his soul for her. (shows the girl’s picture) Eysan !


Then it shows Eysan! The girl going down from the elevator

Woman: good morning Mrs. Eysan

Eysan: good morning.

Woman: I gave the news to your husband. (so now we know Cengiz’s wife is Eysan! )

Eysan: is he playing his last name and coming?

Woman: yes

Eysan: today is his lucky day I guess.

Woman: how do you do this huh? I still don't understand. you read everyone like reading a book.

Eysan: not everyone Aylin (that’s her name) only the ones who loves me.

Man: good morning Mrs. Eysan

Eysan: good morning. the man who will work with us in the company (I think) Mr. Ezel. Is he here?
Man: no maim. He will come in a little

Eysan: he will be coming to our hotel for the first time. I want you guys to serve him well! Form the hotel and the casino area

Man: I understand Mrs. Eysan.

Eysan: anything private he wanted?

Man: there is. he doesn't want anyone go to his room without his awareness. He asked this mostly.

Eysan: ok

Then she walks away


Back to Omer

omer: who is EZEL!!!!!, ( omer was his past life now his name is EZEL!)

Omer (Ezel): Omer was a good kid. But he had something missing bad. He would trust people too much. Just because he was loving them. He thought he knows them well. If I could return to the past I would have said so. I would have said “ Omer every thing starts with love” ...

Then he gets to the HOTEL!!

Man: (opens the door) welcome sir

He comes down in the car

Omer: (to himself) my name is EZEL! I came here for revenge!

Then they go inside the hotel.....

After its shows the actors/actresses names...


In omer (Ezel’s room)

Girl: Ezel, look there is message therapy here too. Lets get it done, beside we will get comfort from it.

Then he doesn't say anything

The girl and the man leaves

He ends up alone in the room..looks at himself in the mirror....

Ali changes his clothes...

Ali: tell man!

Man: I am telling brother. (opens the file) his name is Ezel. He is 32 years old. Single. As far as we know he does not have any relatives. His birth place is Istanbul. (shows Omer, while the man speaks) ezel comes out of no where starting 4 years ago. Before that no one has ever heard of his name.....he has his names in many big places...he wins a lot and loses a lot! (meaning the money card playing)....

Ali: is he dirty? (like in jail and stuff)

Man: very clean, he has no records of anything...the man is very clean

Ali: umm too much clean. Friend (shows ezel again) he shows up all sudden and all sudden he disappears. He plays a big game and after disappears again. It is not knowing where he is from. Even if he has a job, no one knows it.


Back to Ezel (Omer)

Looking at the picture of Cengiz and Eysan!


Back to ali and the man

Ali: call this number, he is a brother in the police station. You will request information from him. And if he has anything he would give us the info about this Ezel guy.

Man: ok, ok for sure what do we want to learn?

Ali: everything! These mens are big players man! They can make a hotel down or up! In their stories millions dollars are flying away. I want them to fly to our way. (meaning he wants him in his own hotel to make money!)

Continues in part 2


Ezel Part 2

Ali: ...i want them to fly to our way!....


Back to Ezel

He keeps looking at the pictures with the three people who were his friends WHEN HE WAS OMER! (now apparently he is known as Ezel!)


Ali and the man

Ali: look, you will tell me this man’s every moment ok? You understand?

Man: Is there something your suspicious of sir?

Ali: how long is it been you started working here Tefo? (his name I guess)

Tefo: (I am not sure if its the right spell) its been one week.

Ali: one week? (he nodes) ahhh I understand. we have work to do with you. you will get suspicious! Our work is to suspect. I know such man’s. They think of themselves like this, but they cannot be worth of anything. They are all scared. You understand?

Man: your right sir.

Ali: (as they walk) every movement, every moments of his! What he eats? What he drinks? What types of women he is attracted? What kind of sweets he likes? Which hand he uses? What is his side of football? Who is he? Who is this man? Where was her before? To make the long talk short...WHO IS EZEL B.?


Then it shows the washroom by the window

Then he remembers the PAST!

Its 1997 ISTANBUL he is in the train

Father, mother and brother waiting for him

Father: stop son, stop..
Mother: where is he going?
Father: he is going to find his brother.

Ezel (omer, telling the story): 12 years before Omer returned from his army duty. He was going to start a new life.

He goes stands front of his mom (she is blind)

Mother: my son!!

Younger brother: ya mom you see, see you can see him!

Father: what do you think son, she sees better than you!

Mother: I don't need my eyes to see my sons. If you want you can go to the other world but I can still know my son with their smells.

Younger brother: mother!

Omer: how are you daddy?

Father: good (thank god) my son has returned from is duty, I am happy. (his younger brother pulls his arms to look)

Omer: what is it man? I am talking to father

Younger brother: they are here too

Omer: who?

Then he points to the three friends (Eysan, Cengiz, and Ali)

He goes and hugs them

While she is hugging him...she sees a man

Omer: what happen? (she doesn't say anything, then he kisses her)

Eysan: stop yea, everyone will say something!

Omer: I have missed you a lot Eysan! I was going insane!

Ali: yaa stop this, we have left work and came!

Omer: ali brother!

Ali: lets have a little talking! No more brother now. you are a man now man!

Omer: wait Ali brother, let me wait up myself and still call you Ali brother.

Then he looks at Cengiz

Omer: what is wrong with you? did you drink?

Cengiz: I celebrated your back man!

Omer: you drink again?

Cengiz: while you were not here I did it...

Omer: good for you

Cengiz: because you were not here that is why!

Then his younger brother takes their picture together!


Then its Eysan and Omer alone by the river side

Omer: I have missed you very much Eysan.

Eysan: I am here though...

Omer: while I was doing my solider duty, they put us in work again...

Eysan: omer...

Omer: I am fighting, squishing my hand but I cannot open it. because in my head I was holding your hand! It was like if I had opened my hand, you would have run and went away. Then it became funny a little. they were trying to open my hand, but I was holding it more tight.

Eysan: did you open it later then?

Omer: I did of course, there was fight going on, what would I have done?

Eysan: (holds his hand) I am here look? I didn't go anywhere. (then he tries to kiss her) come on we will be late. Or later your mother will say this girl is not good enough for my son and is always late.

Omer: my mother doesn't care about such things. She sees human inside

Eysan: no way...i wonder what she sees in me.

Omer: the girl who her son is in love with.


Dinner time in the evening....

Father: what is it my son? Are you returning form a wedding? (to Cengiz)

Brother: Cengiz has placed restaurants in his head...

Cengiz: no uncle, I am working at this place...

Omer: you know dad how there is a new hotel opened by the beach? They have a casino there. he is working there.

Mother: do you sing there?

Brother: its gambling mother, right? Casino is in English word

Cengiz: good job

Father: sure you know, all of you have grown up. But in God’s way gambling is haram (forbidden)

Cengiz: I just work there uncle. I don't play such things.

Father: in such ways money cannot happen. In this way you will screw your life son.

Cengiz: your saying this uncle, but in there men comes being so rich.

Father: richness is in here (touches his heart)

Brother: (to his mom) he is showing his heart

Father: your heart (feelings) will show you richness. In this world there is no richness. Right Omer?

Omer; yes

Cengiz: brother did Eysan tell you?

Omer: what?

Cengiz: well Eysan started working there too with me....(he gets surprised by that) she didn't tell you? oh no I should have not said that...

Mother: where (what is her job) did you start working there daughter?

Cengiz: (doesn't let her answer the questions) the area where they gamble.

Eysan: it is not gambling area. its the hotel’s receptionist.

Mother; oh really?

Cengiz: Eysan, requested it from me. she asked if there is work or something. So I set it up. My relationship is very good with the ones there.

Omer: what about your school?

Eysan: the work is in the evening, and the money is good too. Also it would be good experience for me since I am studying in receptionist. I have nothing to do in the gambling area.

Father: sure there should not be daughter. you work is not in such areas...

Eysan: I should check on the tea

Father: check and see if its done...

She leaves..omer goes after her....

In the kitchen

Eysan: I am sorry, I was going to tell you but I couldn’t find the right time...

Continues in part 3


Ezel Part 3

Eysan:...i couldn’t find the time..

Omer: yaa

Eysan: your right. You should not have heard it from someone else.

Omer: why didn't you tell me before?

Eysan: I am telling now. I also got scared if you would get mad...

Omer: you got scared? You even started it already

Eysan: or you wouldn’t let me work in the future

Omer: what is this has to do with it?

Eysan: would I stay home and watch children?

Omer: it can be wallahi ( I swear)

Eysan: ok...what ever my man wants will happen

Then Cengiz comes in between them!

Then she leaves....

Cengiz: (to omer) what a girl ya..son you should have see it in the hotel. The France people are all after the girl....

Omer: what are you saying Cengiz?!

Cengiz: nothing, I am just telling you this. Eysan is a pretty girl you will get used to such things. Son, I wouldn’t let anything happen to my sister-in-law (since he considers omer as her brother and she will be his wife one day). Don't worry I am watching her.

Omer: you watch your work. Eysan knows her work anyways.

Cengiz: don't get mad man! I am protecting you son! You listen to me, look you have put this in your brain too much!

Omer: what is the subject?

Cengiz: its this, you will watch a girl very much brother! Ok you two love each other, we understand. but with love its not ending brother. Look now the girl is going out to the world, her mind will change.

Omer: ya stop Cengiz lets go inside

Cengiz: ok stop man! There is two things brother don't forget! Money and surprise. Girls are pleasant with such things! (B*** S*** GO TO HELL MAN!) (DO NOT SPEAK FRO ALL GIRLS!!!! )

Omer: ya son, Eysan is not looking after money!

Cengiz: no one is dear brother. Everyone’s eyes are looking at things that you can get only with MONEY. You will make money and do surprises. You will make money and do surprises....etc...

Omer: your very weirdo cengiz! Really!

Cengiz: did we make up?

Omer: were we upset? I am used to your stupid things.

Then he goes back inside....after Cengiz watches them while they are sitting....



Back to PRESENT TIMES....its 2009

Ezel sitting

Girl: Ezel! Ezel? What happen?

Ezel: my only happiest day was today which is 12 years ago. 12 years before now I was in my happiest day.

Girl: what is going on Ezel?

Ezel: Sebnam (her name) and Kamil brother, I shared that secret with you two only. That secret may stay with you two only!

Sebnam: how though?

Ezel: from now on nothing will be the same.

Kamil: Ezel? What are you saying?

Ezel: I am saying if there was an owing this owing is closed!

Sebnam: what is that mean now?

Ezel: after today, there is another road for me! I have been waiting for this for years! But I am not telling anyone to go with me to this road. If you two come you will be putting your life in danger. If you come you will be stupid!

Then he walks away....

Sebman: (with the guy goes after him) ezel! We are very hungry! Should we go and eat?

So now they are with him!!!


Eysan and Cengiz

Cengiz: (puts on the necklace) not this one too! Its not working! What ever I put on for you, it is not enough for you.

Eysan: (kisses his cheek) thank you

Cengiz: do you like it?

Eysan: its very beautiful. We have to be in dinner in the evening. Lets not get late

Cengiz: what is wrong with you?

Eysan: nothing, come on Cengiz

Cengiz: what is wrong with you? what is it AGAIN?

Eysan: can you let go off my arm?

Cengiz: what else do you want Eysan? What? You owe everything. You got everything you needed.

Eysan: I don't need anything. Leave me alone. Let me breath a little.

Cengiz: do you know what do you want? You want EVERYTHING. But you never give anything to the one cross of you.

Eysan: don't talk like a child. What do you want me to give for God’s sake!?

Cengiz: love. That is it.

Eysan: (she goes closer to him) you don't remember right? What happen today? What happen? 12 years before now what happen today?! I am going to get some air, see you at dinner.


Ezel with the girl and the man

Ezel: talk about the night game a little.

Sebnam: at the back of the hotel they have private rooms. We will be playing there. there is this Rahmy man in the game too, but there is no problem for him, but there is B. (another person’s name) here as well. I know him from before, he is fine. I will tell you about is playing.

They sit

Ezel: and there is Cengiz too

Sebnam: the best player is him!

Ezel: meaning he is better than me?

Sebnam: no dear, no one is better than you Ezel.

Ezel: (sees her playing with her ring) when you lie, you play with your ring.

Sebnam: no, seriously?

Ezel: is Esyan in the game too?

Sebnam: sometimes. If there is a big one, like if she gets into it. then she does.

Ezel: how do I look?

Sebnam: handsome, rich, and smart

Then he goes back in time...1997 when he was OMER

Omer: Ali brother, may I leave today a little early?

Ali: reason?

Omer: I promised Eysan. I am taking her somewhere.

Ali: Cengiz was saying something the other day. I heard it from him. Seems like your serious about her.

Omer: it is serious.

Ali: leave it son. Why at this age? Ok our Eysan is a good girl and pleasant one, but at this age having children and stuff...are you stupid son?

Omer: Ali brother, brother I am in love with that girl.

Ali: you started to be emotional, just don't kiss me!

He washes his hand

Ali: hold It (the water he means). One day I will go from the street and sale here!

A man comes in

Man: may it go easy

Ali: ohh you

Man: what is up teacher?

Man: brother (to omer) you go and change my car’s tires

Ali: man if your hand stops your feet doesn't.

Then omer laughs

Man: what are you laughing at? Is there something funny?

Omer: no, its not that brother

Man: seems like your new, who are you laughing at my face? Huh?

Omer: no, you misunderstood brother

Man: don't talk! Go fix my car! (he leaves, to Ali) teacher, seems like the boy is new...who does he thinks he is coming to Istanbul like this!

Ali: yaa, seems like your car is knew

Man: yaa, yo teacher all the girls are coming after me with this car!

Ali: yaa I see (gets the thing to scratch the car) look here looks very bad

Man: no way, where?

Ali: here (then he starts to scratch it)

Man: what are you doing?! What are you doing?

Ali: (holds him by the car) if you do this again I will show you this,......etc (he threats him) do you understand? if you do shake your head!!

Man: yes (as he leaves) your dad man! Your dad!

Ali: yaa whatever! They know you here and they know me too. I am Ali! You get it?

As he leaves

Omer: sorry brother, I did this to you...

Ali: your still here? Go now take her to a nice place


Evening....Eysan and Omer

Eysan: omer!

Omer: come

Eysan: ya here is very expensive

Continues in part 4


Ezel Part 4

Omer: come!

Then the man calls them inside....
they go inside

Eysan: what are we doing here? (then she sees the view and the place)

Omer: surprise

Then they look down

Omer: look one day we will sit there too

Eysan: really?

Omer: why shouldn’t we? What is missing from us? Beside in a few years I will be a boss like Ali. With such worker do you think you can have dinner here you nonsense? Having one dinner here means our 1 month of working. Do you know this?........(then they end up under the blanket0

Omer: Eysan, why are you with me girl?

Eysan: what kind of talking is this?

Omer: who ever you want to be with, you can. Look at the ones downstairs. Your more pretty than all of them. What are you doing here with me?

Eysan: what are you saying omer?

Omer: Eysan, tell me the truth. Do you really love me?

Eysan:, what is love? Everyone loves something....i don't want to love you, you don't know Omer. You saved me, your the only thing good happened in this life for me. your my soul. If there was no you, there would be no Eysan too.

Omer: so you don't love me?

Eysan: not at all

Omer: me too


Back in Present.....Kibris 2009

Eysan standing...then Cengiz comes

Ceyngiz: sorry, did you forgive me?

Eysan: sure I forgive you. you cengiz, is it possible not to forgive?

Cengiz: like this, right? I have evil in me right?

Eysan: right

Cengiz: actually your very in love with me right? would come to hell with me right?

Eysan: I did that already. It was even more...

Cengiz: are you going to come tonight?

Eysan: I have to sleep early

Cengiz: please come. I will play for you tonight....i love you

Eysan: I love you too


Ezel and Sebnam

Sebanm: (tastes the food) ohh, that’s very good. What is this?

Ezel: (says the name)

Sebnam: nice, what does it mean?

Ezel: they have purred alcohol..but there is also bad part to it..when they kill the animal

Sebnam: oh you, come on you had to say this. I get dressed this nice and you do this....

Then he laughs...then he sees Eysan and Cengiz come inside the restaurant together...

Sebnam: what happen? Ezel? Ezel are you ok?

Then he takes a ring out from his neck...Remembers the past 1997

It shows the his mother gave the ring to him so that he would propose to Eysan...

Omer: my beautiful mother

Mother: come on go, you cant even hold it

As he goes out

Brother: brother? Where are you going?

Omer: I will come in the evening, what happen?

Brother: ya brother what if you don't go? Plus I saw a bad dream

Omer: I am not going anywhere, I will come back by the evening...

Brother: brother!

Then he leaves

Younger brother; (to his mom) brother turned and looked at us, now he is leaving



He goes to ali’s store...Cengiz, ali and another man sitting talking....he hears their conversation

Cengiz: there is no going back now!

Man: Cengiz is telling the truth Ali. Are you in?

Ali: oh cengiz, what kind of man you are?

Cengiz: brother, I don't want to get in this work alone...(he desnt finish his talking, Omer goes inside) you came brother, save me please!

Omer: what happen?

Man: come on, may it go easy on you all

Ali and Cengiz: thnx

Cengiz: those man still bothering

Ali: there is no brain in me, we helped that is it

Cengiz: meaning there is nothing new (he sees Omer laugh) why are you laughing?

Ali: what is it?

Omer: I spoke to my parents. I am going to Eysan. I will ask for marriage!

Ali: ohh you good my brother! I congratulate you

Omer: thank you

Ali: (to Cengiz) our boy has gone crazy...hey you!! hug omer!

Cengiz: my dear brother!!



Ezel Part 5

Omer walking on the street....

Omer: (to himself) I will show you something...(while holding the ring) Eysan, I want to spend my entire life with you...will you marry me? (he is practicing poor man)

Ezel sitting at the place..

Omer: (to himself) god please help me

The ring accidently falls from his pocket then she picks it up

She holds the ring

Eysan: YES!

Meaning she will marry him...


Back to Present time.....2009

The door opens for the room...everyone goes in..Eysan stays cuz the girl calls him

Sebnam: are you ready?

As he gets up...she sees him...(ohh this is SOO SAD)

She goes inside...but he cant


Back in his room...he is drinking

Sebnam: are you ok Ezel? Ezel?

Ezel: sebnam can you ask for the pain killer from the reception?

Sebnam: sure I will, they will bring it now

Ezel: Sebnam can you go get it yourself please?

Sebnam: ok, I will go and get it

She leaves

Ezel: they took everything from me. my family, my friends (looks at the ring) they took all my life. But I still think of her. what is this my God. My God what a big punishment this is! but no more faults, no more faults.....but I cannot forget it brother. I cannot forget.

AGAIN He goes back to past


Eysan and Omer and ali and Cengiz

Omer: brother, do I know this jacket from somewhere?

Cengiz: you left it in the store man, beside its small for you how did you even buy it

Eysan: oh small? I bought it for him as a present

Cengiz: while you were buying it you had me in your head Eysan. Look! How its on in me...

Ali: look this man is left for me now (meaning he is drunk and he has to take care of him)

Omer: we will find one girl for him too

Eysan: ohh maybe in 10 years he will grow up....its not enough for him

Ali: in 10 years who knows who will live or die

Cengiz: what will we be doing in 10 years today? Eysan?

Eysan: I will be home. Our home, I will be waiting for my husband, after the balcony’s door ends up opening the person who is coming toward me is not Omer. My son, our son. He would be asking father hasn’t came still yet

Ali: I am going to tell mine...i am in an open know the boat I was telling you? 22 mm long...very am riding it..

Cengiz: wait man, I am coming too
Ali: no

Cengiz: ya omer tell him!

EZEL (OMER): (to himself) omer never forgot that day. Together becoming rich, having children, together they dreamed of getting older. The things Omer dreamed of that day non came true! But that day was the last day of Omer’s happy life.

Cengiz: ok man, ok. We understand. no one wants me. then I will become something else

Ali: after two days you will come back to me

Cengiz: no way, you think I cannot take care of myself?

Eysan: cengiz!

Ali: he started again

Omer: don't do this son. Why are you doing so

Cengiz: watch your hand. I am a father man! I am a young start. Be respectful man! (he takes the gun out!)

Ali: what the F**

Omer: where did this come from?

Cengiz: there are more from me, if I could just tell

Ali: give me that

Cengiz: stand away! What happen?! Where is that strong and tough ali now huh? I am getting on that boat!

Omer: give me that gun brother, give me

Cengiz: what will I give huh? What? Your going now too, what am I going to do alone? Should I shoot my head now?

Eysan: Cengiz!

Cengiz: or should I shoot her (meaning Eysan) its always her fault you know it. she came between us, you were my brother.

Omer: I am still your brother

Cengiz: no ya, you will give your soul for her.

Omer: son I will give it for you too

Cengiz: you would right? Why brother? Leave me see what I can do...

Omer: cuz I love Cengiz

Cengiz: I don't know brother. Do you love me? or do you love me getting me out from this?

Omer: brother, don't be nonsense, let this go

Cengiz: you don't love me brother! Your using it to show good. Right Ali? Who can be better than this man? Huh?

CONTINUES in part 6

Ezel Part 6

Omer: look now I will take the gun from you Cengiz.

Cengiz: you know this Omer. Its your own bullet.

Cengiz as joke presses it but its fake!


Eysan and Omer

Omer: there is no light, you aunt has went to sleep?

Eysan: no, she is not home. She was going to stay at her friends tonight.

Omer: maybe tomorrow we can come to your house (meaning to go and ask for her hand) . you know for that thing...

Eysan: until tomorrow I will die with inpatient.

Omer: ya think about it, when we get married. We will stay at the same house every day.

Eysan: (hugs him) I love you

Omer: I thought you will not love girl?

Eysan; today I love you. your my hero

Omer: I love you too very much Eysan. My inside is in pain, I love you a lot.

Eysan: Omer, don't go.....

They go inside the house

Omer: Eysan? Eysan look are you sure? Tomorrow....

Eysan: I don't care about tomorrow Omer. Even if we don't see each other another time. I want to be with you tonight........

Omer: I love you eysan

Eysan: I love you too very much omer....(to herself) I will never forget you Omer.


Omer wakes up cant see Eysan in the room

Omer: (as he wears his clothes, he sees the ring he gave it to Eysan)

As he is holding the ring...Police comes in!!!

Police: police! Get down!!

Omer: eysan!!!

The police hits him by the stick

Back to PRESENT TIME!!!! 2009

EZEL (OMER): how long is it been that I went to sleep?

Sebnam: about 30 minutes ago the most.

Ezel: did the game start?

Sebnam: they called a moment ago, they will wait a little more. What are we going to do?


Back to the game room

Cengiz: seems like it our guest will be a little late. On behave of him I am sorry. Lets wait 5 more minutes.

Man and the police man

Police: good morning sir.

Man: good morning, is he inside?

Police: yes...

He goes Omer’s cage

Omer: brother, what is going on? Eysan! Is Eysan ok? Please tell for the love of God. I will explode ya!

Man: she is good. Sit. Get comfort. ....(gets one orange) do you want to eat?

Omer: what happen? Why am I here? There was my friend there, did something wrong happen? What happen?!

Man: its true, but you don't worry about them! Look read the newspaper. Look!

Omer: what newspaper? I got hit by my head a lot! I have been here for houses, no one is coming to tell me anything here! And now I will read newspaper?

Man: (punches him!) READ MAN! READ you F**! Read it out loud!

Omer: (looks at the newspaper and starts to read) last night in the early, in the casino hotel. They have done thefts like in movies, security man...

Man: continue!

Omer: during that theft one security was killed. After two hours, they called and said that the person who did this was cough at home....

(meaning they took money in the casino and now he is in blame plus one man is killed!)

Man: did you feel sorry for this man? You F**** didn't you feel sorry?!

Omer: what? What is going on yeah?

Man: shush! Stand up! Stand! Don't make your voice go out! Now there is two questions for you. answer those two questions. Or else don't even, even open your mouth. Now. question number 1 who did you do this work with? And question number 2, where are the money?

Omer: ya I didn't do anything! (then he punches him with the orange juice bag)

Man; ya sorry, here we don't do normal punching, after while they check you in. We will get in trouble. But look this way there wont be anything showing. Meaning its this way!!! (he beats him up more! ) now say it...WHO DID YOU DO THIS WITH? Stand up! Stand up! I told you to stand up!


Ezel Part 7

Ezel in jail..his mom is and brother as well..

Ali leaves the store...

Man: get up

Omer: why?

Man: its your court time

They take him inside

Younger borther: (to his mom) they are bring him inside
Mother: how is he? Is he ok? What is he doing?

He sits

Man: the two sides are here....

Judge: Omer stand up...

The judge asks hi his name and if it is him..then he says its me...he goes on about the morning how he went to the casino and stole money and killed one guy.......etc you have been guilty for shooting a security guy who was doing his job. Do you accept you doing all of this?

Omer: I didn't do such thing. I am innocent.

Judge: show him this gun....the man was killed with this hug....isn’t this gun yours?

Omer: I don't have gun... I carried gun only once during my soldier time. after that I have never hold a gun

Judge: then why is your finger print on the gun?

Omer: no, I did not do it!

Judge: look you have left a woman with no husband and a girl with no father... do you see them? You have shoot the man’s head during his security hour working.

Omer: no, I didn't do it

Judge: show him the second prove...(then shows his jacket) isn’t that your jacket?

Omer: I...I where did you find this?

Mother: is it the right one?

Father: it is

Judge: you have throwing the gun and the jacket near the casino garbage place. They have found it there

Omer: I did NOT do it!

Judge: look kid, there are proves, and your looking inside of our eyes laying?

Younger brother: my brother doesn't lie! Mom my brother...

Man2: sir there is someone who will tell that he was in another place at the moment this happened

Judge: call

Man: the person is Eysan T.

She comes inside....goes stands up

Judge: Eysan T. Will you swear the you will tell the truth and no lies?

Eysan: I will

Judge: how do you know this man daughter?

Eysan: omer is my boyfriend

Judge: ok, did you see him at the day this happened?

Eysan: yes, I saw him late

Judge: where was he? What was he doing?

Eysan: he proposed to me

Judge: what did you say?

Eysan: I REJECTED! (meaning said NO!)

Omer stands up

Judge: sit down! Continue

Eysan: omer, came to me that night. He gave me a ring, took it from his mother....

Judge: why did you rejected then?

Eysan: lately Omer, after returning home from his duty he became a different man. Like he was different, he was fighting a lot. I was scared of him...

Omer: Eysan!

Judge; sit down!

Eysan: I woke at the hotel, he would as me questions about the casino place. What time they open? Who is by the door...things like that

Omer:Eysan! Eysan don't do this! what are you doing?!

Judge: sit down! Or I will kick you out of the room. Don't be scared daughter. he wont do anything to you. You continue

Eysan: (looks at the man behind) that night he came to me....when I rejected, he got crazy and mad. He said you will see I will be very rick. You will regret it, I would have done it after but now I will do it he said.

Omer: Eysan! Esyan!

Eysan: I am sorry, I am sorry Omer.

Judge: ok daughter, you can go out now

As she walks out...he remembers the night before...about the jacket and the gun....

Then he runs to her

Omer: Eysan! Eysan!

Judge: sit! Take the man!

Omer: who are you? I didn't know you! who are you!?


Ezel Part 8 Last One

she walks out...crying

judge: the decision has been the judge says that he will be in prison for at least 30 years...etc

as they take him away

younger brother: brother stop! Please don't go brother! Don't go!

So they take him to jail

Ezel: (OMER) (to himself) that day Omer end up in jail. He never got out of there again. The murders who blamed Omer planned a great life for themselves. But they have not calculated one thing. (THEN PRESENT TIME 2009, shows EZEL) Revenge is stronger than death. My name is Ezel. Where Omer’s story ended, mine will start.


Down in the casino room

Cengiz: he is not here. Ok then. We will start without him. There is no other chance. What I will win from him, I will win it from you all...give me a good luck kiss dear....(as he sits Ezel comes)

Ezel: I hope you were not going to start without me

Cengiz: Welcome. I am Cengiz. A. I am the owner of the hotel and this man is Ali. K. He is the manger of the hotel for the gambling area.

Ali: how are you sir?

Ezek: once I get out of this room, as again

Cengiz: you are in a safe hands with Mr. Ali. And the wife. Eysan and I am safe in her hands...

Ezel: Ezel. B nice to meet you....this is my helper Sebnam...

Cengiz: welcome

Ezel: good evening gentlemen

Then he touches his hair....Eysan realizes something about him

Eysan: Excuse me, do I know you from somewhere?


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Ezel Episode 2 Part 1

Ezel: I don't think so, if I had known you before I would not have should we start the game?

Some guy comes and tells her something...then she leaves

Eysan: (to herself) have you ever done anything that is scared and unforgiving? I did, I did a worse, I know it. one day this bad one will return to me.

Man: (to the little boy) are you ok

Eysan: my son! Can (John, but in Turkish it means soul)! Son!

Can : mom I am fine

Man: (tells Eysan how the accident happened with the horse)

Eysan: son are you crazy?

Can: mom look, how pretty it is..

Eysan: Can what are you thinking huh?!..come here we will talk about these at home ok? (then to herself) I know, at the end the most person who will get the punishments from what we have done are the ones we love....


Back to the gambolling....

He gives more money then the man passes...

Cengiz goes to Ali

Ali: he has made you tired
Cengiz: the night hasn’t over yet..

Man: (looses the game) come on this much is too have won...where did you find this man Cengiz?

Cengiz: well we did not find him, he found us.

Man: good evening to all of you

Ezel: is this the only one you have left? (to cengiz)

Cengiz: I don't play with this, this is luck for me. (then the man brings him more money)

Ezel: this is a lot of money.

Cengiz: eh, you must always put something in for this so that when you win you will enjoy the winning part. (then he puts in more money) eh this is what I am talking about, I have found the friend of mine who plays with me. where were you all this time?

Ezel: I was waiting for the right time....

Then it shows the actors and actresses names...etc

Back to the show

Cengiz; its only us who is left

Ezel: then its make the money a little more higher....(then they put in more money)


Can and Eysan

Eysan: Can! Your still playing games?
Can: no mom, what game?
Eysan: come on, sleep now..(she sees his injury) Can look next time I wont let you get on the horse!
Can: mom, I like one thing and you don't allow me...
Eysan: look at you! tell me which kid in this world has as much as toes as you? huh?
Can; I don't want toys, it is not toys anyways, it is something else..
Eysan: get on, on yours. What are you doing to this one?
Can: mine is like a girl, doesn't do anything
Eysan: Can! is not, if you get on this one it can thru you here to the ocean.
Can: I know so, mom may I get on it last time tomorrow?
Eysan: sometimes you scare me
Can: why is that?
Eysan: cuz your like me that is why
Can: is that bad?
Eysan: good night
Can: good night

THEN SHE REMEMBERED THE PAST its the Year of 1987 city if DENIZLI

Mother: Eysan! Eysan did you make Bahar fall asleep?
Eysan: I did mother..(to her younger sister) you sleep ok?

Eysan: (to her mother while she hears her sister cough) she is still coughing
Mother: your father will return home soon

Eysan: (TO HERSELF) my dad didn't come home that night..even the night after...after two weeks later my dad returned like he would every time to home.

Shows two weeks later.....the father calling her outside...

Man: Eysan! Eysan!
Eysan: dad is home! (runs out) dad your home!
Man; come here girl, you have turned to be very beautiful, come get in the car I will show you around..(her other sister comes out who is BAHAR) look at her, as she grows she looks more like her mother. Come here girl come. Come don't run girl you don't recognize your father?...she didn't

Woman: Sardar! (the mother)

Sardar: Rayma (her name) how are you?

Rayma: good

Sardar: if you could prepare something for me to eat..sorry I came home in sudden, I forgot to get you something...

Rayma; its ok, your home....


Ezel Episode 2 Part 2 p

the father gives Eysan the the mother

father: me and Eysan will drive around for a little and come back ok? (turns to his wife) don't forget the food ok dear?

Then he leaves with Eysan

Eysan: (to herself, while driving away with her father and watching her mother) I saw my mother after, but the last thing this is how I remember her. while we are driving away, her and Bahar are watching us, because this is how my father murdered my mother. My father killed my mother with giving her hopes, over and over betraying, things he never made it happen, with sweet unfairness stuff, from poor meaing simply my dad killed my mother without even touching her. he killed her just like that....(shows at her mom’s funeral)

Woman: (talks to Eysan) dear, what a pretty necklace you have, this year your first grade school will end right? Your mother used to say always how good girl you are, she used to say “maybe if her (Eysan’s) names ends up in Istanbul, we would have came there” . do you want something like this? you and Bahar come there and be my friend there huh? Just girls huh? What do you think?

Then the father goes toward them

Father: what is going on here Eysan?

Woman: I was telling Eysan, maybe the want to stay with me for a little.

Father: what do you mean?

Woman: you know how you work always? So that they wont get bored at home always, like how their MOTHER end up.

Father: Eysan and her sister will stay here, cuz no where is like their home..right?

Eysan: (to herself while shes her driving with the father) you know, once fathers’ gives their hands to their daughters, their daughters will follow them until HELL!

Father: look, don't cry. From now on everything will be beautiful! It will be just me and you! from now on what our soul wants we will do it look! We will get in the car and we are there! from now on we wont look after anyone! Look those eyes you have! look I am writing it on here, while you have those eyes you can convince (cheat) on everyone!....(then he continues singing)


Eysan at a store with the woman

Eysan: hello, I am Eyse, can you help me? me and my father are going to Izmer, my sister is sick. We are taking to the hospital there. on the way there the car’s tire exploded, my father is old and now its raining. I brought the tire

Woman: oh dear, you carried this big thing alone?

Man: (her father, he is pretending to be someone else) doesn't your father have a brain daughter? who would get out of the house in such rain? How much the mechanic asked for?

Eysan: 50...

Father: uhhhhhhh (NO WAY!) here I will give you 20...(which means he will get the rest from the woman and this is how he teaches her to get money)


Eysan: (talking to herself while convincing people they are poor and gets their money) my father had one thing in life that he knew very well! My father knew how to convince people and use their trust! He knew how to use human’s trust! My father knew very well how to burn one’s feelings! My father knew how to make human quite like animals! (shows her older) and I went down with him this way!

Shows Eysan..Crying...a boy goes to her

Boy: hello, are you ok?...i am Ahmed
Eysan: hello, and I am Pinar (another name)

Eysan: (to herself again while they are eating) I was a present like a small, innocent, and someone who would trust me. human would have trusted me and attached me, and my father was just waiting...when the time would come we would take jewelleries, money...etc from people. Then start a new one...

Shows her with an older man...

Eysan: stop!! (she slaps him)

Man: yo you B***! I will show you! I will show you, you none honoured woman!

Then she hits him with the thing....


She goes to a hotel.....

Father: who is it?

Eysan: dad!

Father: dear, are you ok? Come here! What did you do? Did you take stuff at home? Tell me girl!

Eysan: yes daddy

Father: you, you are the daughter of me! my only one! Its just me and you! tell me what the is the biggest lie in this life?

Eysan: family!

Father: yes, sure family. Tell me what is family? Family is the biggest face to face. Yes......(drinks the alcohol) never show your real face to anyone in life! If they learn who you really are, they will not love you! they will see you as Whore. Love is lie a lie! Tell me what would you do to love? Huh? To love...?

Eysan: I will lie!

The father falls asleep then she takes the money...

Sister: (Bahar) sister!
Eysan: shush
Bahar: will you return then?
Eysan: I don't know where I will go, once I gather up myself I will come and get you.
Bahar: sister take care of yourself...i am fine...

Eysan; (to herself) love is a weakness, my dad would say always. Maybe he was right, if you want to start from the beginning you have to be strong! You have to forget the ones you love.

Then she leaves


Woman (she is her aunt I think, hears the door ring): who is it? (opens the door) Eysan!

Eysan: (at the shopping, talking to herself) have you ever taken the gut to start all over again? Did you ever want to change and be someone else? Believe me, I wanted it....(her stuff falls)

OMER: do you want help?
Eysan: thank you
Omer: hello, I am Omer
Eysan: and I....I am Eysan....


Back to Present time....its 2009!


Ezel Episode 2 Part 3

Back to the gambolling.....Ezel wins

Ezel: unfortunately everything that is good has an end.

Cengiz: bring another box..(meaning money)

Eysan: (to ali) who is he? Did you learn?

Ali: an affected person (fob). I don't love him

Eysan: why?

Ali: he has studies his studies much more. He is reading it like a book to Cengiz.

Eysan: meaning?

Ali: look, there are millions on the table, he is not taking it and going away. He doesn't even look at it. such gamblers are not like that! If he doesn't take my money and yours tomorrow I will make him disappear myself.

Eysan; you just want something to come out right?

Ali: I don't love the man! I want him to drink one of my tea in the garage, for god.

Cengiz: (gets the money) now the changes are done, now we will do real right?
Ezel: I took what I wanted, why should I continue?
Cengiz: why should you? so that you can take it all!
Ezel: let’s give a 10 minutes break. I will do some things and you get some air!
Cengiz: ok

Elze leaves with sebman...

Ali: (t Cengiz)you may end up playing on the hotel’s keys too, so that we will take our jackets and leave.
Cengiz: little left, I know how to get him
Eysan: don't even try it Cengiz
Cengiz: I have 2 million dollars on the table
Eysan: you think this is nothing...look at you!
Cengiz: what is wrong with me?
Eysan: look at your eyes, don't try something that you cant have
Ali; she is righty Cengiz.
Cengiz: so you think I may not win? There is something inside of my kids, I will win tonight!


Sebnam and Ezel

Sebnam: should we go down?
Ezel: wait, let him wait a little more.
Sebnam: uf yea, it was pleasure to watch it. your going to get 2 million more right?
Ezel: do you think his punishment is enough with only 2 million? What do you think human’s weakness point is?
Sebnam: what is it?
Ezel: the most thing they love.
Sebnam: then what is Cengiz’s love?
Ezel: winning. Cengiz loves winning the most in life.
Sebnam: what about Eysan?



Cengiz: partner, please save me! (to Eysan) hello
Omer: Eysan, this is...
Cengiz: the men in the city are after me, if they get me they will hurt me
Omer: son, what did you do again?
Cengiz: it is not what I did, it is to who!
Ali: ( hits him at the back of his head)what is it again?
Cengiz: you scared the hell out of me Ali!
Ali: then why do you watch other people...(to Eysan) hello
Eysan: hello
Omer: Eysan, this is Ali and this is Cengiz. We are friends (brothers) since we were very small
Eysan: omer always talks about you two.
Cengiz: you know this man always talks behind my back...
Ali: cuz he should
Cengiz: you know everyone in the street (like his street where he lives) thinks that I am younger than Omer, but I am 2 years older than him
Ali: that is because Omer doesn't do his own work because of gathering up what you leave behind.
Cengiz: and this is the madness man in the street...
Ali: don't start man, or I will show you...(they all laugh) what? Why are you laughing?


Eveing...Eysan and Omer with his family at dinner

Omer; look, you like this sweet. Do you want more?
Eysan: no, or else I will get big. Thank you its very good
Mother: I hope you enjoyed it
Father: once omer goes to his duty in the Army you still come, his mom will still make you good food.
Eysan: thank you, I don't know how those times will go by
Omer: I will return soon, you don't worry
Father: it will be over, don't worry
Brother: Eysan sister, you have turned your coffee cup upside down, do you want my mother to read it for you?

Eysan laughs

Omer: when she looks it will turn out true

Eysan: ok then...(she goes it to her)

Mother: (takes it)
Omer: (to his brother) you wait, let mom do it
Brother: (describes it to his mother what it looks like)
Mother: what is beside the darkness? Like a tall man?
Brother: something like this
Mother: are you expecting any visitors child? (to Eysan)
Omer: she means in a while
Eysan: no I don't know
Mother: for example do you have any relatives who you haven’t seen for a while?
Eysan: no
Mother: meaning someone who is in your head?
Eysan: (gets mad) NO!....meaning I have an aunt I don't have anyone other than her.
Omer: look you have it from now right mom?


Omer leaving for the Army

Father: go safe and come back safe!
Omer: thank you dad
Father: do your duty
Omer: don't worry dady
Mother: (touches his face) this is enough for me until you return
Omer: (to his brother) watch dad and mom well huh
Brother: let them watch me yea, I am still a child
Omer: (to ali) Ali brother
Ali: what?
Omer: watch this man! While I am not around he will get worse
Cengiz: don't do anything there showing off your a hero huh. Don't do anything wrong
Ali: look in 40 years he spoke once the right way....
Cengiz: your train is leaving

Omer: (to Eysan) omg....what did you do to me...write me girl!

Eysan; I will write you, I will write you like crazy!

Omer; or else I will go nuts during the time there thinking if I was dreaming if there was a real Eysan in my life or it was just a dream?..what happen?

Eysan: I am scared

Omer: why are you scared? Look if you say don't go I wont go. I don't care I swear, if you say don't go I wont.

Eysan: come on go! Go your missing your train!

Omer: ok dear....
As soon as he leaves

Eysan: (to herself) don't go!


Eysan and her aunt

Eysan: what happen? What happen aunt? Say it aunt what happen?


Ezel episode 2 Part 4 (Embedding disabled, limit reached)

her aunt shows her the envelope

Eysan: a letter from omer?
Aunt: (tells her with moving her head yes)

Eysan: (writing a letter for Omer) only Omer, everyone is good, I talk to your parents/brother as well. Thanks to them, they always call me. actually they even called me for dinner. Mart (his brother) even showed me the pictures he took...everything is very nice. Your friends are good. Cengiz is a weird kid, I don't know if he is funny or not. I am good too, I go to school and return. Here is just like how you left. There is no only you.


Then Eysan gets a letter from omer

Omer: (in the letter) here is very cold. Its like time has stopped, once I come back I wonder how I will find you. are you also someone else from yesterday? I am scared to return and not find the same Eysan I left.

Then her aunt comes in

Aunt: Eysan your friend is here

Cengiz: where are you yaa for a few days?

Eysan: ok aunt, we will come down in a little

Aunt: I will be downstairs... (she eaves)

Cengiz: what’s up? Ur not around

Eysan: I am fine, I go to school and come home.

Cengiz: again letter

Eysan: let it go

Cengiz: thats enough ya, do you also cut piece of your hair and send it to him?

Eysan : ufff

Cengiz: give me a piece to keep

Eysan: Cengiz!!

Cengiz: see this way, laugh...see what this kid has done to you. your not doing anything and always upset. Get up we are leaving

Eysan: what leaving? I am not going anywhere

Cengiz: enough yaa your like old people now...aren’t you bored staying at home always,....home...home?

Eysan: no

Cengiz: come on lets go, we are going to go somewhere. We will have good times...


At the casino....he takes her there...


Eysan and Cengiz walking night

Cengiz: (tells her about the money on he table and how everyone is very rich)

Eysan: your weird Cengiz, anyways I am going inside

Cengiz: no way ya...what would omer tell me later if we don't tale care of you....he will eat me ya!

Eysan: so he made you watch me?

Cengiz: he did, he said that you should never go against what I say

Eysan: what did you tell him?

Cengiz: I said no partner, this girl will take me and bring me back! (meaning she wont listen to him)

Eysan: Me? your worse than me I will be just an innocent girl beside you

Cengiz: others believe you about this, but I don't. Beside I learned who you are.

Eysan: who am i?

Cengiz: (laughs then looks at the two streets separating) look, here those two roads (street) are getting separated. One side is light and the other is darkness. (he points at the dark side) now if me and you pick that road, me and you always will choose the darkness road.

Eysan: why? Why are we not picking the other road? There is more light

Cengiz: I don't know, this is our way...

Eysan: cant we change it?

Cengiz: no, we cant change it

Eysan: you do your think Mr. Cengiz, you pick the dark one and I will choose my bed road.

Cengiz: you will get bored, wait and see. You will get tired of the right one who does right things. You will look for the ones who does wrong things always.

Eysan: look then I will come to you for sure, Cengiz your being really nonsense come on good night! By the way here this is yours

Cengiz: let it stay with you

Eysan: no its yours...

She gives it back to him then he takes the dark side of the road


Inside Eysan sees someone’s shoes..

Eysan: aunt! Aunt! Who is here?

Then she sees her sister

Eysan: bahar! Bahar!
Bahar: sister, I miss you a lot....

Then her father comes out

Father: eysan! You wont kiss your father?


Back to PRESENT TIME 2009

Eysan cant find her son in his room

Eysan; (calls ali) ali is Cengiz there?
Ali: they took break he is not here yet what happen?
Eysan: there is no Can (john)
Ali : how he is not there?
Eysan: he is not, I came to his room and he is not here. The window is open I don't know if he left or where he went. I don't know!
Ali: ok I am coming
Eysan: ali, did someone do something to my son?
Ali: nothing will happen, you wait I am coming...


Ezel and Cengiz

Cengiz: don't ever say that you gave up! We just started.

Ezel : (looks at the hotel) you have picked a nice place

Cengiz: right?

Ezel: you have spend a lot of money on it. is the hotel from family?

Cengiz: it is not. My wife wanted it, because Eysan wanted it I got it for her.

Ezel: before?

Cengiz: before? Before some there and there...i am weird, where the sun is I go there, like you sometimes. (meaning where the money is in another word)

Ezel: I see

Cengiz: before Eysan was in my life, I was different. You know how they say in every man’s life when they do good things there is..

Ezel: (he finishes his sentence) a woman! yes

Cengiz: she is my angle luck! Can you believe if before her I didn't had any lucks.

Ezel; after?

Cengiz: what happen after?.....i made a wish! It happened. That is why I have this fall here. One for wishing, (gives him money) you make wish too. Maybe yours will come true too.

Then he walks away

Ezel: (to himself) I wished for it (did it)


Eysan and Ali

Eysan: ali did you tell Cengiz?

Ali: wait are you sure? Where did this crazy kid go? To the barn or?

Eysan: I don't know, maybe...


Can (John) with his horse..

Ezel Episode 2 Part 5

the kid goes to the horse then the man is watching him

man: (called Ezel) Mr. Ezel, there is something
Ezel: tell
Man: you know how you said “watch the kid”? the kid has run from home, he is here with the crazy horse. He wants to get on it. what do you want me to do? Do you want me to give up?
Ezel: no follow him
Man: are you sure? What if something happens to the kid?
Ezel: you do what I said......(hands the phone to sebnam)
Cengiz; is there a problem?
Ezel: there isn’t for me...are we going to play?


Can with the horse

Can: ok, don't be scared. I will come inside now I wont do anything.

So he gets inside


Eysan looking for him with ali

Eysan: Can! Son! ...he has taken the horse
Man; he is out
Eysan: the horse is very crazy Ali....
Ali: did you let the others know?
Eysan: (walks away) if something happens to him too I cannot live!
Ali: we will find him, what is that mean?


Back TO THE PAST!! 1997 Eysan with her sister and father

Eysan: dad!
Father; I have missed you daughter, is that a fault? Bahar missed you a lot too. She cried a lot too right Bahar?
Aunt: Sardar (father’s name) what do you want?
Sardar: here is very nice, you live somewhere nice
Aunt: Sardar!
Sardar: what is this huh!? What kind of place your living?!i have came to see my daughter...ok ok I will go tomorrow
Eysan: your leaving?
Sardar: I had some works here, so I said I should say hi to my sister-in-law. I knew you live here...
Aunt: so your leaving tomorrow?
Sardar: early morning

Eysan: (to herself) that night I didn't dream. Actually for years (always) I never dreamed!


Bahar; sister
Eysan: sleep dear, its early still
Bahar: sister!
Eysna: dear!
Bahar: did dad talked to you?
Eysan: no, what was he going to talk about with me?
Bahar: I don't know what you two will talk about but please don't do what he tells you to do. Please don't do what he tells you to do...

Eysan goes out of the room

Sardar: (her father) Dear! Good morning! I made breakfast do you want it?.....(while eating) when you left, you left your father behind too. Well first I would be laying if I said I didn't get surprised when you left. After I told myself why I even should? She needs to go away and stand for herself

Eysan: father!

Sardar: well I wanted her to do everything herself

Eysan: dad!

Sardar: I came, first I was watching you far! I watched what you were doing...

Eysan: dad can you listen to me?

Sardar: I watched you Eysan! I know your with your man. This Omer he is not around for about 6 months, but when he returns he will not know what he has putted himself into!

Eysan: dad! I love Omer

Sardar: alright girl I know your fine, leave this love things game aside.

Eysan: it is not a game! There is no the Eysna you used to know!

Sardar: what are you saying huh?! I raise you and grew you up! And some guy comes takes you away from my hand?!do I have the eyes to give you up Eysan?!

Eysna: father! Its enough now GO!

Sardar: I will go sure, sure I will go after I put many money in my pocket then I will go! Your going to live here huh? Live like this? like the woman who is inside this room? Your going to live like the Omer guy who lives on the street?

Eysan: I...

Sardar: Eysan dear my pretty daughter me and you want a different road! Our train doesn't stop here!

Eysan: dad please let me go!

Sardar: for the last time Eysan! Look, look at those white hairs, you don't notice but this man has gone OLD! This one is the last one, I tough you everything! I promise I will make you do this for the last time and get away from your life! You wont see my face anymore!

Eysan: I cannot do it! I cannot do it father! I cant do this to those people.

Sardar: really? What are you doing huh? Right now if they learn the truth about you would they take you in their family? Huh? Would they accept you in their family?

Eysan: you wont say it

Sardar: I will say it sure! For your own goodness, since you will start from zero be honest! Let them know everything about you. this stupid man, Omer, let him know the truth about you then decide weather he will love you or not.

Eysan: father if you tell I cannot live, you can be that bad!?

Sardar: but this is for your own goodness, but your saying thank god to the prayer that wont happen! There is no one who understands you Eysan! It is only me who knows you this man who is a mechanic does not know you at all! Only your father! Look if you don't do this, you wont have Omer, me or Bahar! But if you do it then everything will be yours. Money! The decision is yours. As a father I am showing you your road (way). Also I am leaving Bahar for now, you two enjoy together because you may end up never seen her!

Then he leaves

Eysan: (to herself while walking) I could not see my father, but I could feel he was watching me some where. I wasn’t his daughter anymore, I was someone who had to do things for him!...

Then she is writing a letter for Omer

Eysan: my love Omer, my love, I did something bad to you. I lied to you, I, I am not the person you know Omer. Eysan is not the Eysan you know. My family did NOT die in a car accident. My father is living, and I also have a younger sister. Before I came here I used to live with them, actually the Eysan you love a lot is this! I don't know if your family will accept me this way, if you will accept me? I don't know, the only thing I know is who ever was in your position would have done run away from me. the only thing I know is that I wanna have a life with you, the Eysan that you love. The only thing I know is that I will love you no matter what until the end of my life. A word that you would name it “LOVE”....

Then she is about to give the letter...her father comes..

Sardar: Eysan! You have made a decision.
Eysan: I did father, I don't want you in my life anymore.



Ezel Episode 2 Part 6

sardar: really? So you prefer this family over me?
Eysan: I will take Bahar too
Sardar: ok what will happen to me then? What will happen to your daddy?
Eysan: dad! (he gives her a envelope) what is this?
Sardar: read!
Eysan: dad (while reading it)
Sardar: read!
Eysan: Bahar? (its test results for Bahar’s sickness)
Sardar: if this continues like this she will die in 1 or 2 years. I brought this for you because you know I am a liar father! I didn't want to bring it but I wanted to show you
Eysan: did you take her to hospital? Doesn't she need to be hospitalized?
Sardar: of course I did, but they said her recovery cannot happen here, she needs to go to Europe. They need a lot of money!
Eysan; what are we going to do dad?
Sardar: you know better than me
Eysan: we will find money somewhere. I will work, we will get loans.
Sardar: what are you saying Eysan? Where will we find it? are we doctors? Agriculture people? Where will we find all those money? Don't you know what kind of work we do?
Eysan: dad omer?!
Sardar: leave omer for now! your sister is dying daughter I am telling you she is dying! While your sister dying your going to in the arm of a man? While she is dying will you have a family? Huh? Did I raise you like this?
Eysan: dad
Sardar; Eysan you tell me what should I do? Huh what should I do? Look I will leave your sister for tonight until tomorrow you pick. You make the decision......

Shows Omer’s mother then she goes out....

PS: I think she heard some of the talking maybe!


Eysan: (to herself while holding her sister at night time) Have you ever woken up in a morning and given up on all of your dreams? Believe me I gave up....(MORNING!! she is standing by the water) that morning we met with my father. He didn't even asked me what my decision was. He already knew what my decision would have been before he even asked me.

Sardar: here have this...girl you have set everything up. I am just making your eyes open. After you will thank me. the first man you will get in this is Cengiz! He works at the casino, he knows everyone there, he has dreams and sees money! You will get into his blood! Just like before, beside he likes you (he has his eyes on you). we will start walking here. The second man is Ali! Ali will do your hard works! This work is very big for you Eysan! This will hold you all up! Ali is the man who knows what he will do. (while he is telling all of this it shows Ali and Cengiz and they also want money). Now coming to the work, the important is not getting the money it is you not getting caught! Now as coming to this...

Eysan: dad

Sardar: we talked about this Eysan! You have to get this way, the fault someone has to take it. there is no other way for this! you need to use him!

Eysan: I don't want that he is the only one who trust me and doesn't want anything in return! And who just loves me!

Sardar: that is it! he needs to be used for this!

Eysan: please dad I beg you I will speak to him and convince him he can be the fourth person!

Sardar; you cannot convince him. Even if he agrees for now later on he will tell the cops and make us pay for it! such thing cannot happen!

Eysan: he does not deserve this! he only loves me that is it!

Sardar: daughter who cares, you get your punishment by doing this! since your thinking this much why didn't you stay away from him at the beginning?

Eysan: dad!

Sardar: stop telling me dad! You know this is our work! The ones who loves you ends up to be your user! Either this work will happen this way or it wont. Either OMER OR BAHAR. There is no return from this Eysan. He will get in jail and stay there only for 4 or 5 years and after he will come out.

Eysan: dad!

Sardar: we can send him money too! We will be very rich and we will have a lot of money! We will save Bahar too!

Then he leaves

Eysan: (to herself) what ever he said I did! Every day I got more closer to Cengiz! Cengiz was the same one, he wanted to win everything a lot! Most of all he wanted to win me!

Cengiz: (gets her in the bathroom) I cannot stand without you even for five minutes Eysan!

Eysan: Cengiz what are you doing?
Cengiz: what do you think I am doing? I am going nuts!
Eysan: Cengiz stop!
Cengiz: ok I stopped? What are we going to do in the bathroom? Will we stop?
Eysan: what are you saying?
Cengiz: to what, what am I saying?...(gives her a look) no way!
Eysan: guess
Cengiz: are you crazy? They will think we are terrorists.
Eysan: only if they get us. It was always you who wanted it! I thought we were different, I thought we were going to pick the other road. Where you serious of just showing off?
Cengiz: what will happen to Omer?
Eysan: nothing, we will do the work and go away from here. Everyone to their own road (way)
Cengiz: everyone to their road? Or yours will be with mine?
Eysan: so what do you say?
Cengiz: I will do anything for you Eysan!
Eysan: (someone calls Cengiz) go now cengiz
Cengiz; you will be my END!

Then he leaves

Eysan: (to herself while they go to Ali’s house) the last day Cengiz came to out way! Eysan’s omer after that day died! The woman who came to her place I don't know. You always say such thing wont happen. Many years of friendships you will say wont do such things to one another! BUT believe it they do it! the time is the time to make money! Time is to make it fast! And the most people you love you think you know them, but you DO NOT know them....

Sardar with Cengiz

Sardar: can I tell you something young man? Your like my young years!

Continues in part 7


Ezel Episode 2 Part 7

Sardar: your like me. I am old now, someone like you needs to look after Eysan. Someone who has open eyes.

Cengiz; last night you didn't tell me everything

Sardar: why?

Cengiz: the security man will open the door because he knows me?

Sardar: yes just like that.

Cengiz: after? Wouldn’t the man tell that it was me?

Sardar: your right, we will figure out a solution for that one too

Cengiz: there is only one thing for that one. (goes closer to him) I DO NOT KILL MAN!

Sardar: but Ali kills! He has it in his eyes, if you make him to do so he will do it! that is why we let him in between all of this
Cengiz: we are putting all of these on Omer!

Sardar: is that bad?

Cengiz: what are you saying man? I know you for only 2 days! I know omer for years we are best friends like this (shows his hand) your going to put the blame on omer and make me do it?

Sardar: son, your eyes are how much open? Think that he gets in jail for 4 years and gets out later. He will come to your door, and after Eysan opens the door. Do you think she will stay with you? or go with him?

Cengiz: she will stay with me

Sardar: are you sure?


THEN IT SHOWS THE time when Omer returns from army!


Cengiz sees how Eysan hugs Omer and etc...


Present time...2009 in Kibris....Eysan looking for Can

Eysan; (calls Cengiz) Answer the phone cengiz! Answer!

They continue looking for him


Cengiz and Ezel still playing

Cengiz: (looks at his cards) I figured you out. Now I understand why you played.
Ezel: to win
Cengiz: sure, thats different. But for the real one your not playing because of that.
Ezel: then why am I playing?
Cengiz: you have putted your eyes on the wills of the person cross of you (which is Cengiz). You are playing and want to know what he has and how much he has. Is that a lie?
Ezel: do I look that bad?
Cengiz: this one’s name is not “bad”. It is being open. Someone like us wont play for money! They play to be the owner of what ever the other person has. That is why we are very good. (he gives in all the money) all in!


Eysan still looking for Can

Eysan: where are you my son?


Back to Ezel and Cengiz

Cengiz: (sees the phone ring but doesn't answer) there are four billion (or million he said I am not sure) on this table.

Ezel: (looks at the card) in, you win! (he is the one who wins but doesn't say it)

Cengiz: I told you, I said today is my lucky day! (they shake hands) Mr. Ezel it was my pleasure to play with you.

Ezel: wait we are just starting.

Ceniz: wow! Look at the man! Your cold, you will get out of here with nothing though

Ezel: it is not the first time...

Then he leaves

Sebnam: (walking with him) what did you do Ezel?
Ezel; what did I do?
Sebnam: you left everything in there!
Ezel: such thing happens
Sebnam: but you had a higher card
Ezel: the game I am playing is more than this one! (on the phone) tell me the place!


They are still looking for Can


Back in 1997...the night when they were talking

Eysan: (talking to herself) have you ever killed someone with your own hands? We did!

Cengiz: wow we are really doing this? this is not a game?
Ali: we talked about this 50 times! You (to Eysan) hold the kid to yourself all night long. It wont be hard for you.

Cengiz: (goes to Omer) what a weirdo man I am right?
Omer: you think always everything is a game
Cengiz: everything is already a game brother!
Omer: then you find other friends who will play with you
Cengiz: you will miss me though after
Eysan: Cengiz come on lets drop you off at home
Ali: friends you two go I will drop him off at work.
Eysan: are you sure?
Ali: yes

They leaves

Cengiz: (to Ali) I will be rich!
Ali: we will be a murder man! I will be! Omer’s murder! Our omer’s murder! Does Eysan know about this?
Cengiz: she only thinks its for money. She thinks after 3 or 4 years he will come out.
Ali: you know your work Cengiz! You are killing two birds with one stone. You will have the money and take the girl you love from your best friend!
Cengiz: if your not going to do it I will. Give it to me!
Ali: what can you do huh? You wont do it! I will finish it
Cengiz: this is my Ali brother!
Ali: this is not a game! This is for real!


Eysan and omer in her house


Ali and Cengiz

Ali: we have only two hours! Go on!

Cengiz goes to the man

Cengiz: Suleman! Suleman!
Man: wait who is this?
Cengiz; stop man it is me!

CONTINUES in part 8


Ezel Episode 2 Part 8

man: oh its you, what are you doing here at this time?
cengiz: I left my wallet in my locker. There is money in there...
man: you can get it tomorrow Cengiz. You know the rules
cengiz: I know, if you let me in I will tell you thinks about inside..
man: no way
cengiz: I will, well if you don't believe me tell Nerimin (his manager) she knows it
man; what is your work with this Ms. Manager huh? (closes the door) if there is no wallet I will show you!!

he goes inside..ali follows them

inside...Cengiz tells him gossip about inside he opens the door he sees Ali pointing the gun to him

man: what is this!?
ali: (shoots him)

cengiz: oh no!!!

Man: (holds Cengiz) please don't kill me1 I have kids! two!
Cengiz; finish it!
Ali: you will die, you will die so that we live! (then he kills him)


Back to Cengiz and ali...they through everything..


While omer sleeping...eysan crying by his bed side..

She leaves the ring

Eysan: (to omer while he is sleeping) I will NEVER forget you Omer!


Next morning the cops gets omer...


Eysan and her father

Eysan: dad, you lied to me.
Sardar: it needed to be this way. You would not have done it in other ways. I know my daughter
Eysan; I will tell everything now!
Sardar: look, she is not doing good at all! The doctors said expect anything! I brought her so that you will see her.

The man calls her inside...

She goes inside..tells everything but as a lie!...then he ends up in jail the man reads his jail time...

Eysan goes to a hospital....

Nurse: its been about five weeks. Do you want to look?
Eysan: no
Nurse: actually its important if you do so
Eysan: I don't want the baby, I want to get abortion. (she looks at the screen) does the baby has a heart beat?
Nurse: yes
Eysan: can I listen?

She listen to the heart beat...


Back to present time....2009 Can is riding the horse...then the horse goes mad...

Can: (to the horse) calm down! Calm down son! Clam down don't do it!....then he falls

Then ezel comes..

Ezel: dotn move...(makes the horse calm down, to Can) are you ok?
Can: I am fine
Ezel: are you hurt?
Can: no
Ezel: your fine
Can: did it run away? I wont see it anymore?
Ezel: I don't know, maybe you will
Can: my mom told me, she said he is crazy...
Ezel: I know..can you get up?
Can: yes

They walk back...

Ezel: are you ok?
Can: I am fine

He sees his parents

Can: dad!
Cengiz: Can!
Eysan: can!
Cengiz: where were you? until morning you made everyone run after you
Eysan: my son! Where were you!

Ezel: (to the man) look....we found Eysan’s weakness point!

Can: mom look this brother found me...

Shows Ezel



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Ezel Episode 3 Part 1

starts with ali riding the bicycle...he receives a phone call..

Ali: say it hurry

Man: I looked for the places you told me so, about the man. Ezel...

Ali: did you get anything?

Man: no, nothing. But there is something everything he is doing is new, meaning the internet information about him, his credit card information everything about him are new.

Ali: how new?

Man: 4 years! It is like he didn't exist before.

Ali: do you know what Ezel mean?..something that has no beginning, ezel means no beginning.

Man: I am going to continue investigating him, I will let you know about info....(then ali is behind him in the airport)

Ali: tomorrow, tomorrow the store is closed.

Man: sorry, was today a important day?

Ali: don't you see it? (he shows him the sing) Bahar has came to Kibris...

Then Bahar comes who is older now

Bahar: ohh Ali brother, what is up?

Ali: welcome Bahar

Bahar: I didn't make you wait long right?

Ali: no, come on

Man: let me take this

Bahar: hello


Then Ezel wakes up with tears in his eyes....

Ezel: why didn't you wake me up?
Man: because when you wake up, you are in a bad mood all day long. (his gives him an envelope) they thru this under your door.

Then he gets up and opens the door for Sebman

Sebnam: how do you do this? can you tell? Look tell me the truth you don't sit here all night long right? (ezel looks at the invitation card) all night you sleep but when I come here, you come huh?

Ezel: sebman

Sebman: good morning

Ezel: coffee

Sebman: (to the man) what is wrong with him? You woke him up right?

Man: no

Sebnam: ohh, sure he doesn't lose 2 million dollars every night

Ezel: we didn't lose anything, it was nothing. We are going to this night

Sebnam: (reads the note, it says that they are giving out a party for kids who doesn't have money and they have to wear masks, then the person who organized she says it which is Bahar) isn’t this Bahar...

Ezel: Eysan’s sister

Sebnam: before you didn't know she has a sister huh?

Ezel: I didn't know

Sebnam: I wonder why she hided

Ezel: we will learn, Sebnam

Sebnam: yes?

Ezel: coffee


Cengiz and Eysan

Cengiz: the money you make in 2 months I made it in one night.

Eysan: good for you. when will you solve the work?

Cengiz: lets return back to Istanbul then.

Eysan: I want to make right money from now on...

Cengiz: ok, but it is not a subject that could be solved in one day

Eysan: (while Cengiz still looking at her) don't you have any other games?

Cengiz: Eysan why don't you let me know what is crossing your head?

Eysan: if you have known what is in my head, you would not have been here, beside you would have end up finding a new game for yourself

Cengiz: your right.

Then he sees bahar coming

Cengiz: look who is coming....(he is about to call her)

Eysan: wait, let me look at her like this far from here...

Bahar: ohh sister..

Eysan: dear! Let me look at you, you have went even more prettier.

Bahar: if you see me once a year this is what you get

Eysan: I wont leave you alone anymore.

Bahar: how are you cengiz brother?

Cengiz: what huh....i still haven’t made this lady learn what to call me...this is the only bag you got? You don't have anything else?

Bahar: no, that is enough for me, I am not like everyone going for fashion.

Cengiz: I understand, today every words is for me right..

Bahar: is everything for the night party ready? There is no problem?

Eysan: everything is good, don't worry.

Bahar: I am so excited

Cengiz: come on lets go for lunch and see what bahar has to tell us, ali can you check the new alarm...they have came...


Ali waiting by the elevator then when it opens....ezel is there

Ezel: did your day start bad?

Ali: as always, how are you Mr. Ezel?

Ezel: since yesterday I am fine..i said let me go for a walk

Ali: yes, its good thing when human takes care of themselves

Ezel: you don't look bad either

Ali: ehh I am fitted... (sees Ezel’s hand cut) it is cut bad

Ezel: its been a long time, from a different life time.

Ali: I don't know, but for me if I see one face I will never forget it all my life.

Ezel: your career is good

Ali: it saves lives...i will figure you out, figure you out. I am sure I know you very well

Ezel: (goes closer) look closer then, see if you can figure out...

Then the elevator stops...

Ali: the phone has no signal here too.....are you ok?

Ezel: I don't like being stuck....


Omer is in jail, the cop opens the door...

Cop: get up, stand up get out! Get out! (takes him out) you were crying for sun (light) here! This is light!

Ezel(omer): (talks to himself) there is something I want to tell you Eysan! Do you want to know how Omer died?

Police: (talks to him) son, don't be stupid, they are big casino owners they can do anything to you. if you don't tell they will make you nothing and me. where did you hide the money? You tell me and I will tell me, so that both of us will get out of here...

CONTINUES in part 2


Ezel Episode 3 Part 2

man: tell me...
Omer; I didn't do anything
Man: your laying again....

Another police comes

Police: Is this Omer?
Cop: so what if he is?
Police: he has a visitor
Cop: tell he has a headache...wait, wait. Who is the visitor?

Then it shows his visitors are his mom and brother

Mother: is he fine? How does he look? Tell me!
Brother: he is fine mommy, fine...
Omer: mother..
Mother: omer! My dear are you ok?
Omer: I am fine mom.
Mother: look I brought those for you, they said they may not allow it but still you ask.
Omer: no need mother
Mother; look you will get cold. There is a few things in here and wear them.
Omer: mom...ok you give those to Mart..
Mother: my son, my son
Omer: how is my father? Is he fine? Me and Mart should talk man and man before you leave...

Then he talks to his brother alone

Omer: Mart, don't ever bring mother here again
Mart: but brother...
Omer: I said don't bring her, you don't come too
Mart: brother
Omer: look Mart I will tell you something, don't tell anyone else I am dead
Mart: brother why are you saying this?
Omer: look Mart, there is no me anymore, you will grow up and take care of them. There is no me anymore, do you understand? don't come here anymore.
Mart: brother you didn't do it, I know it
Omer: shush!
Mart: I wont let this go, I will find it out
Omer: Mart! There is no more ME!
Mart: but brother! Please don't go!

Then he leaves

Ezel: (talking) he started to die with forgetting his hopes. Omer’s punishment was not a normal one, it was a dark and no chances!


Omer’s parents

Wife: Mr. Mumtaz
Mumtaz: what are you doing here?
Wife: you didn't come for dinner again, so I said I should come
Mumtaz: no, tell Mart to bring something that is enough
Wife: we went and visited Omer he asked where his father is right away...Mr. Mumtaz!
Mumtaz: I heard!
Wife: you wont go see your son?
Mumtaz: I wont go!
Wife: he is your son! He is your Omer!
Mumtaz: go inside
Wife: but he did NOT do it!
Mumtaz: didn't you hear the judge? Our son is a theft! My son is a murder! Didn't you hear all of this?
Wife: I did! BUT HE DID NOT DO IT! if you cant see it then your more blind than me!


Eysan with her father and ali, and Cengiz

Eysan: come on lets start...

Ali: spent it as much as you want..

Serdar: first we have to do how we did the agreement, we wont spend all the money in 1 or 2 months

Cengiz: (looks at Ali and his bicycle) son what did we say? Didn't we say no spending?

Ali: when did I become your son huh?

Cengiz: shut up! I wont get into jail because of you Ali!

Ali: look at you! yesterday’s Cengiz is talking!

Sardar: ali! Cengiz is right we have to use out head! Calm down!

Ali: do you know what I did for this bag? I murdered a man! A man!

Sardar: calm down!

Ali: a man like you nothing! Cant tell me this! your F**** (walks to Cengiz) who ever is looking for me, I am right here! And don't forget to close the door behind when you go.

After ali leaves

Cengiz: (to Eysan and her father) so, what are we going to do? (as Eysan walks away with her father) what? Your going too?

Eysan: I don't know cengiz, we have to take Bahar to the hospital, maybe we will take her to Europe.

Cengiz: ok lets take her, Eysan you promised me! you promised you would stay with me that is why I did this work! I am telling you something...what does that mean now? everything was a game? Come on dear you did feel something for me! Eysan?

Eysan: did you forget Cengiz? Everything is a game!

Cengiz leaves


Eysan and her father

Sardar: your sick again?
Eysan: seems like I got cold
Sardar: your mother was like you too, I would understand she was pregnant (now he knows she is) she would like you hold her mouth and her stomach would have hurt.
Eysan: what are you saying dad?
Sardar: is it from Omer?
Eysan: your being nonsense! I am going to sleep
Sardar: ok when the child grow up and asks who his father is? what would you answer?
Eysan: dad leave me alone! I did what ever you wanted it! leave me alone!
Sardar: how can you talk to me like this huh? I am your father!
Eysna: I don't need your fatherhood! Get out of my life! Get out!
Sardar: come here girl, what ever I have done I have done it for you all!
Eysan: you liar!
Sardar: look I will even take care of that child too...

Continues in part 3


Ezel Episode 3 Part 3

Sardar: look we will take care of that child too, we will take your aunt as well. We are a family!
Eysan; we are not one!
Sardar: we will do what ever is needed for Bahar too! I will watch you all three! Don't cry dear! Don't cry!

Ezel: (talking) when you love someone very much, even if that person upsets you very much you would still want to cry by that person’s side. Even if he/she does a very scary thing to you, you still would want to calm down in that person’s arms. (morning comes, she Is sleeping) when you love one very much, even if that person lies to you 1 million times, still you want to believe in that person the most.

Eysan wakes up...

Aunt: he has gone, he has taken everything and left this only..(gives her a paper)
Eysan: (reads the note, it says that he is gone and that he will be taking care of the money then comes back to them)

Ezel: (talking to himself while showing omer in jail) omer hiding in many things!

Then the cop comes

Police: where are you going? Your going somewhere? Your in hurry? What is this your wearing?
Omer: nothing!
Police: (takes it from him) what is this!
Omer: give it back to me!
Police: who is this belong to huh? Your mother? Your lover?
Omer: give it to me!
Police: (pushes him) if you move I will thought it! aww poor you! you need this back? You tell me where the money is and I will give you this back!
Omer: how many times did I say! I did not do it!
Police: you stupid, ok lets say you convince me! what about the others? You tell me and I will tell them! Everyone will be happy!
Omer: I don't know!
Police: you know better (then he puts it in the bathroom)

Omer: stop! (...omer gets it back)

Ezel: (talking to himself) such things makes human Crazy! This suffer makes human kill inside! But those didn't kill omer! Omer’s love killed him other than his pain and everything else.


Eysan and Bahar

Eysan: dear...

Bahar: are we there?

Eysan: we didn't even more yet...(as she picks up the bags)

Cengiz: let me help you

Eysan: cengiz? What are you doing here?

Cengiz: well for you!

Eysan: (to Bahar) dear, you sit here for 2 minutes and I will come soon ok? Then after we will leave. (to Cengiz) what do you want still cengiz? Don't you understand I don't want to be with you.

Cengiz: no I understand that part, that is ok, but you don't understand me Eysan.

Eysan: the train is leaving, come on lets saying good and that is it.

Cengiz: if you leave I will tell the cops!

Eysan; what?

Cengiz: I will tell the cops

Eysan: are you crazy? You will end up in jail too.

Cengiz; I know

Eysan: you wont do this in a life time

Cengiz: (gets his phone) hello? Yes I wanna tell you something...

Eysan: are you crazy? What are you doing?

Cengiz: I wont lose you! when you leave I will tell everything!

Eysan: cengiz! This is by force! I don't love you

Cengiz: we know you love Omer. He doesn't deserve you, I do! I went to hell for you Eysan! What did he do? I would do anything to win you!

Eysan: even me

Cengiz: even you, when I saw you at first time I told myself that is it! this is my life’s meaning. Where ever she goes I will go, wherever! I burned my best friend, I dont even care Eysan! There is only you. people think love is a good thing, but love is devil’s game. I would even make the devil nothing for you Eysan!

Eysan: I don't....

Cengiz: don't say it again! Please! You will love! I swear you will love me! I will make you love me. just say come that is enough! Say come that is it!.

Eysan: come....


Omer in jail...

Man: what are you looking at man?
Omer: no...(he walks away)
Man2: why are you acting like this? huh? We say hi and no answer..
Omer; no I didn't hear you
Man1: did he swear?
Man2: (stabs him) today is your fate! Either you talk or...
Omer: (holds him) hit me! hit me I wont tell you anything I told you!

As the man is about to hit him, the old man holds him back....

Old man: you were looking for him?

Man2: what do you want?

Man1; what are you doing this is old Ramiz..

Ramiz: your not going to do it huh? You gave up?

Police: Mr. Ramiz! Are you looking for something? You don't get anything here! Here is under my order!

Continues in part 4


Ezel Episode 3 Part 4

police: here is under my control...(then Ramiz’s guys comes behind him) take him in!
Ramiz: the child will stay here!
Police: Mr. Ramiz, we are taking him inside, so that he will get better
Ramiz: I will make him better
Police: (goes to omer, takes the necklace) my job is not done with you...

Ramiz;(to omer) come here, give me your hand...

THEN ITS PRESENT TIME....2009...he is in the elevator with Ali reaching for his hand...

Ali: ok, your ok right? was exciting right?
Ezel: it was a little and a little of waist of time.
Ali: if you want we can go in again
Ezel: no...


Eysan and Bahar

Bahar: don't you get bored here?
Eysan: if I get bored I would run away with my sister. Somewhere no one would know, just you and me.
Bahar: you will get bored there too, for sure you will leave me there too.
Eysan: oh look at you..
Bahar: for sure, for sure...(then she coughs)
Eysna: bahar are you ok?
Bahar: I am fine, its the cocktail, I am not used to it.
Eysan: let me check you
Bahar: I am fine sister, don't worry.
Eysan: I know...will you stay with me in Istanbul?
Bahar: I don't know, there is a little too big for me. maybe I will rent a house or return to England.
Eysan: you just came, I thought you wouldn’t return. Or there is someone there for you huh?
Bahar: no, there isn’t
Eysna: why there isn’t?
Bahar: I don't know, no one took my heart
Eysna: I will find you one
Bahar: ok, maybe someone will come up in the party...


Cengiz waiting for his car...the man brings it for him

Man: here you go sir, your car is very beautiful Mr. Cengiz, very beautiful.
Cengiz: so you liked it? (he goes in the car, then shows him the thing in his hand) look know which hand this thing is in, then the car is yours.
Man: come on sir...
Cengiz: which one?

Elze’s man on the phone with Ezel

Man: Mr. Cengiz is leaving
Ezel: he is leaving now? (knock on the door) one second, (he opens it, its Sebnam)
Sebnam: do I look nice? Look what I got for you for the evening, shall I show you? (then he closes the door on her)

Ezel: (with the man on the phone) I am coming now, if needed talk to him for a little...

Back to Cengiz and the driver

Man: this hand, no, no this one
Cengiz: (opens it) if you do it 1000 times you wont find it....
Man: why?
Cengiz: (tells him to come closer with his finger, takes it out in his pocket) because you don't know how to look for it....

As he leaves the man stops him with the big car....

Ezel: sorry
Cengiz: oh, its for you?
Ezel: sorry, when someone tells him to wait front of the door he wont move..(then he talks about the car with Cengiz)
Cengiz: you know about cars too?
Ezel: not me, a friend used to know about it, I know a little from him...anyways I shouldnt make you wait
Cengiz: your going to the city?
Ezel: yes, to get some air
Cengiz: come here I will drop you off
Ezel: thank you, the car is waiting for me
Cengiz: come on! What is this like an old man sitting at back? In this weather? I wont drive fast I promise..

Then he goes with him...while they are driving

Cengiz: how long more will you stay in my hotel?
Ezel: I don't know, I don't plan
Cengiz: how does it happen then?
Ezel: mornings I wake up and I will know if its time for me to leave
Cengiz: ohh now nice, before I used to say this too. I would say if I had money I would not stay more than 2 days in one place.
Ezel; what happened after?
Cengiz: after? I fall in love
Ezel: look this changes everything
Cengiz: human becomes a total different person right? You end up looking at yours self and do things you always say you will never do!
Ezel: or the opposite, you look and know you did things you thought you wouldn’t do.
Cengiz: sure, there is this one too...
Ezel: what happen?
Cengiz: nothing, but your right there are things that have been done and you never thought I would do...

Ezel: ok if you go back, would you do the same thing again?
Cengiz: I would have done it!
Ezel: I am not as lucky as you are. I would have things to change if I end up going back to times.
Cengiz: we are still young, there are times to change things.
Ezel: yes your right, I am working on that already.


They go back in time....2001 Istanbul! In JAIL!...they are watching TV

Man: I brought him to you grandpa
Man2; he is watching tv
Ramiz: (watching the TV) look at this job its hello day, what day is today?
Man2: its September 11 grandpa
Ramiz: 09/11/2001 remember this day son! The world wont be the same after today or you. come sit...make new tea.....(they drink tea, shows his hand to Omer) do you know why our fates are writing in our hands? Because when needed you can hide it (he closes his hand) do you know why this is? because strength comes from hiding.

Continues in part 5


Ezel Episode 3 Part 5 one will know your real intention. Your fate is your secret. You will not share your fate with anyone. With no one! (gets a book and gives it to him) read this...,(he walks away)

Man: your a lucky man, grandpa doesn't go close to anyone like this. read this....


Ramiz and Omer

Ramiz: come, lets get some air....(outside walking) when I want, I come here alone. Its cold like tonight...up starts....

Omer: its like being free..

Ramiz: this is what I am trying to say, being here freedom is this much that is it.

Omer: why are we here?

Ramiz: we are getting air, we are having conversation, are you complaining?

Omer: no, there is no complaining. Since I have been inside here your the only person who is treating me right, but why? Why me?

Ramiz: you needed help, I gave my hand. I should not have not done it huh?

Omer: so it is a coincidence?

Ramiz: a person when they believe in fate they don't believe in coincidence. And if a man believes in coincidence, they wont hold their fate in their hand. Look at those books over there, take them and read. After return them to me.

Omer: what do you want from me?

Ramiz: to answer your question there is another question before this needs to be asked...actually WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME? (then he walks inside)

Ezel: (to himself) after that day, Ramiz uncle became my friend, and a teacher. Live was going by inside and outside. (shows his family) humans gets used to the ones they love who gets older and changes while being inside.


Mart: (writing for omer)brother I did good in school today, I write to you every day, when I grow up I will become a newspaper writer. I will write what the did to you. ....(shows he is older)


Ezel: (talking) human gets used to their lives as well going by...human gets even used to living someone else’s dreams as well. With time human get used to everything. They get used to it...but they wont forget it.

Shows the jail again....

Ramiz and Omer

Ramiz: when you get out of here, what are you going to do Omer?

Omer: I am here for a long time, there is no where to me to go uncle.

Ramiz: lets say you did child, what are you going to do?....(omer laughs) look omer we have conversations for many years

Omer: yes

Ramiz: you told me everything about yourself, they have done things to you. what are you going to do when you get out of here?

Omer: ignore it uncle, ignore those things...

Ramiz: (gets mad) when I ask you a question, answer me! what are you going to do when you go out?

Omer: I would want to know who did this uncle. Ali or Cengiz! Who made Eysan lie. Why she lied? Why? I don't want to die without knowing these uncle.

Ramiz: let’s say you did learn. THEN what are you going to do? What are you thinking to do?

He doesn't answer the questions...shows how he is working and preparing himself...

Omer and the man fighting

Omer: shall I hit?

Ramiz: who do you see in front of yourself? Who is your real intention?

Omer: Ali!

Ramiz: who do you see in front of yourself?

Omer: Cengiz! (he gets on the ground)

Ramiz: without knowing your real tension you cant do it. you will see! Without it, it cant be!


Eysan in her house...gets a phone call

Eysan: Bahar

Bahar: (she is in Londra) Sister, I wanted to hear your voice

Eysan: your voice is very good. I miss you a lot, maybe this month we will come.

Bahar: no dear, it hasn’t been two months yet since you returned.

Eysan: how is it there? you like it?

Bahar: I am fine here sister, here is very nice. The treatment is going well too. I called because of that already, there is anew treatment they are talking about..

Eysan: is it danger? Like surgery?

Bahar: I don't know, it is maybe, but sister think I will get out from this for good!

Eysan: how risky is it?

Bahar: 50/50

Eysan: Ey Bahar!

Bahar: I want it sister, I want to live just like everyone else. I don't want to live like this! I want to run, swim I wanna get tired, enough sister, I want to live like human being too. Or else..

Eysan: don't talk like this bahar, first lets do something, we will research it first. Ok?

Bahar: ok sister, don't get mad at me sister ok? I love you

Eysan; me too dear...


Mart talking...

Mart: I started working at the newspaper place. My father doesn't know, I told my mother. I think about you every day brother. The more I think about you the more I start to work faster. ....your brother who loves you very, very, very much..Mart.


Back in the jail..omer with the others...

Ramiz: what are you doing like this?
Omer: I am trying to memorize the cards.
Ramiz: look at the card once, after raise your head and look around yourself. The real cards are with them. Read the people around yourself, after reading your card is like a child game.

The police comes inside....

Ramiz: you sit...sit...

Police1: (looks at the kid with the glass) your coming with me, they are questioning you...and you all walk away...(the kid looks at Ramiz) don't look at Mr. Ramiz. What can he do? The order is from higher level...(he takes his glass out)

Continues in part 6


Ezel Episode 3 Part 6

police: your glass, where you go you don't need it....dont get mad at me friends. I am under orders.

Ramiz: it is different when you get order, and its different when your enjoying yourself.

Police: this is how it goes here...this rules will change here too..(to omer) don't think I forgot you, how can i? Wait and see! (then he leaves)

Omer: what are you going to do?

Ramiz; I will do what the man said. I will wait for my turn. Continue....

Omer: they take people one by one..the work is getting bigger uncle. (as they walk) things are not good.

Ramiz: this is nothing kid, soon here will not be good at all. You start taking care of yourself too, meaning I may not end up getting in hold of you too (meaning him taking care of Omer)

Omer: what difference would that make uncle? Anyways both of us will die here.

Ramiz: come sit down. (he sits on the bench) look Omer we have been knowing each other for a while, but there is one more thing. We talked to you a lot about that day, we went back to that day, but for real what did happen truly that day? Don't you ask that to yourself?

Omer: I ask this every day uncle, ever minute, every moment.

Ramiz: look nephew to do such perfect job; do you know how many people needed? Four! First person would gather up everyone, and sets things. Of course it is better is that one person is from inside (meaning working for them) so now for your situation, who would that one person be?

Omer: Cengiz.

Ramiz: second, the stealing will happen. Someone strong is needed for this. if needed that person will kill a man! If needed he will kill. Who would that be?

Omer: Ali.

Ramiz: your going nice nephew nice. Now in every thing like this, there is one who will end getting sacrificed. (Meaning she or he will be blamed for it) everyone will put everything on that person; they will blame him/her over it. who would that be?

Omer: Me.

Ramiz: it is your nephew, you. there is one more person left, the fourth one. That person would be the most smartest one who can even plan everything. That person would NOT show their real face to anyone. That person would tell everyone something different, that person would convince everyone. Right?

Omer: ok

Ramiz: they will look inside your eyes, and they trap you!

Omer: enough!

Ramiz: who is that person nephew? Who? The one person who is after all of this is only one! Who is that one?

Omer: don't do this uncle!

Ramiz: open your eyes nephew! Who is that person? Say the name!

Ezel: (talking) that day for many years for the first time he told himself the real the!

Omer: Eysan!

Ezel: (talking in between) that day omer, had a name and a payback person he needed....


Eysan and Cengiz

Eysan: are you going to come too?

Cengiz: you go and I will be here...

Eysan: (walking inside and talking to herself) my God, I know you are mad at me. I did many bad things, give my punishment. Do what ever needed to be done, but today my sister is getting surgery. I beg you, I beg you to protect her from bad. Let nothing happen to her, let her not get punished for my bad things. I know what I have done, doesn't have forgiveness. Don't forgive me, don't forgive me, but protect my sister. I beg you to protect her, she didn't do anything. The last thing I want from you is this. please protect her.....(she gets a phone call) yes? Bahar? Is she ok? Ok...thank you doctor......(hangs up) thank you God! (she is not dead finally after all those nonsense prayers from her...


Omer and Ramiz...they play the game...then he sees the book, its a stranger’s book writing he reads one piece which is about love, how it kills you and etc....

The police comes

Cop: Omer, you have a visitor

Omer: I have been here for many years, you know that I never accept visitors.

Cop: this is what I said too

Omer: then?

Cop: the person said if you tell my name he will come

Omer: who?

Cop: Eysan!


Omer and Eysan

Continues in Part 7


Ezel Episode 3 Part 7

omer and eysan

Eysan: I had to see you. I didn't come for forgiveness. I didn't do anything that can be forgiving. I did a very scary thing. Omer...

Omer: how is your husband? Cengiz?

Eysan: omer...

Omer: I read it in the newspaper. You have a child, what is his name? Can? (John)

Eysan: omer, I...

Omer: shush, don't! Don't think to say one more word. Never say one more lie. Do you know why? Because I will believe it, after all of this stuff, right now if you say one more thing, if you say that you love me, I know it for sure it is NOT true. But still I would believe you. for that reason, if you really love me for one moment, don't even say one more word....

Ramiz: (talking in between)...give your ears to this, who would do this (kill) with one look, or someone who would do it with talking....who is young killing his loves ones, who is old...someone who can kill with nothing in hand, or someone who has golden hands...a pity person would use knife, because the one who dies with knife will get cold quickly.....(omer walking) someone can love...someone who will sale..someone who will get sale..someone who can kill with tears coming down, or someone who doesn't even more one thing ...because everyone can kill the ones they loves, but everyone cannot kill it just because they say so....(Ok all of this are like a poem he says, the words doesn't make sense a lot when its translated into English, sorry everyone, if your confused)


Back to Present time,,,2009 Ezel walking...

Everyone gets ready for the party


Ezel and Sebnam

Sebnam: hello...

Ezel: did you look around?

Sebnam: of course I did, look here (shows ali) there is Ali, he looks very unhappy tonight whatever the reason is...and there is the hotel owner (shows Cengiz)...and there is the other one, who is just the boss, I don't see any guys going after her, because she doesn't give any chance to anyone, so that is why I don't know what is your luck for tonight. I still haven’t found Bahar, my work is still continuing. Is there something you need from me?

He gives her the glass of drink


Cengiz and Eysan

Cengiz: I am sorry my love, your right. I acted without thinking. did you forgive me?

Eysan: we will see..

Cengiz: I love you...(then he leaves)


Eysan and Ezel

Eysan: I didn't get a chance to thank you

Ezel: no need

Eysan: Can loves you a lot, he talks about you.

Ezel: I love him too

Eysan: did you come alone?

Ezel: I came with my helper, you met her already

Eysan: I thought you would come with 2 or 3 models in your arms.

Ezel: I have made you understand me wrong then

Eysan: no, you didn't. I usually know the mens who comes here. But your different

Ezel: it is from the mask then

Eysan: from the mask, but not because of this mask....are you married? Even though there is no ring on your finger.

Ezel: no I am not,...i was going to get married...years before now...

Eysan: what happened then?

Ezel: she left me

Eysan: what did you do to the girl, since she left you?

Ezel: I did something I never did again

Eysan: what is that?

Ezel: I trusted (believed)...excuse me...


Back to past...2005 Istanbul..

Ezel: (talking) after everything happened, a fight started, that day omer run for himself....

Police: all of you go out...(to omer) what did I tell you? didn't I tell you my work is not done with you?

Continues in part 8


Ezel Episode 3 Part 8

man: they are saying the we should take Ramiz grandpa outside from the back door. The administrator said so.

Ramiz: where is Omer?

Man: the police, has went after him. He has said it is his day....

Then ramiz goes...

Man: uncle there is no times..


Omer trying to get away from them....he gets beat up..

Police: what happen? Your not saying anything. Let’s see if this (shows him the knife) will open it.

Omer: (spits on him)

Police: ( huts him with the knife)

Everyone is running for their lives...Ramiz screaming for Omer..


Police: what were you thinking huh? I will cut you like no one will know who you are...that blind of your mother, she wont even know you either...after what I will do to you....(omer shows his hand) wait he is trying to tell something.

Omer: I did it

Police: what did you do?

Omer: I took the money from there. I hided the money too, don't kill me. I will tell you the place, you will be rich. Don't kill me.

Police: ok, tell

Omer: only to you, not to them

Police: oh you Omer! After all of this years...your not two go out.

Omer gets him down...and they fight.....etc

Police: why are you not telling?

Omer: you have something that is belong to me!!

Then Ramiz comes

Ramiz: Omer! Omer! I didn't make it!


Eysan, Bahar and Cengiz

Eysna: good morning

Cengiz and Bahar: good morning

Eysan: I see everyone is awake, last night I went to bed late. (kisses bahar) how nice it is to wake up and see you.

Cengiz: good morning dear (my life)

Eysan: good morning

Bahar: this week school starts

Cengiz: forget about school, if you want start working in our hotel

Eysan: wait don't hurry in this, the hotel is not set yet.

Cengiz: (shows her the paper) but this paper doesn't say that..

Eysan: that’s it? we bought it?...

Cengiz: first tell me you love me

Eysna: give it to me

Cengiz: tell me if you love me

Eysan: I love...

Bahar: (reads the newspaper) do you know, there was a fight again in the jail, many people has died.

Cengiz: oh you, you already brought those poor cats and now you may even get the jail kids too..

Bahar: your a weirdo

Cengiz: they love me more though those cats...

Eysan: (reads the newspaper and see’s omer’s name being one of them who is dead)...NO! No! No!

Bahar: sister?

Cengiz: Eysan? What is it?

Eysan: both of you go!

Cengiz: Eysan...


Ramiz goes to see Omer..he is alive..

Ramiz: hello nephew how are you?...ok stop don't talk, don't talk...i hided this for you..(shows him the ring) calm down...hold your strength to yourself, you will need it heard it right nephew, your time is done inside. The outside one will start...there are 17 people who died. Your one of them, your face was in a position where no one could recognize you. we said this is omer, to one of them who is don't know anything, they are bad, first they kill and second they forgive...your name is Ismail, meaning until you get out of here this is your name. They have beating the kid inside a lot, we did some make-up as well, so with this your ismail now. I organized everything, I even booked the hospital this week you will be going there. your free nephew.

Ramiz: (talking while Omer leaving the hospital) you asked me for the return nephew, this is my last lesson with you. this is what is writing when you return. Who are you?...

Ezel: (talks while they are doing the surgery) Ramiz had prepared everything, after a few days getting out of there, omer found himself to the place he gave the address.

Doctor: hello, is our patient fine?
Nurse; he is fine
Doctor: he will be fine, we will take care of him, we already do but our big ones (Razmi) came in between as well. Now look at yourself, don't worry your voice will change too. You will end up not recognizing yourself too when you wake up.

Ezel: (talking) after you did this to omer, after 6 years he died in jail Eysan. Neither being alone or the knife killed him. Omer killed himself for not being loved. Omer died so that he will get revenge.

Doc: now I will put this in your nose, I will count down to 1 from 10...10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...(his eyes are closed)

Elze: (talking) what do you say Eysan? Is it true? Is love really stronger than dead?

Then shows 1 year after...he is still in the hospital


Ezel Episode 3 Part 9 Last One

nurse: now its the day for you to see your face, congratulations....lets see how handsome you have been..

they open it

nurse: now you can open your eyes, there are purple colors around your face but still..

he looks at himself and gets upset...

nurse: come here, can you tell your name? What is your name?

Ezel: (omer) my name

nurse: are you ok?

Doc: are you ok?

Ezel: (omer) my name...

He gets out of hospital...

Ezel: (talking) once there was a man named Omer, Cengiz and Ali were his closes friends. He loved a girl names Eysan. But they did not treat omer right. They took everything from his hand. His family, his hopes, his life, (then he finds himself in cemetery, he sees his family...then he goes to his grave) omer died loving you Eysan. His last breath had your name, but there is NO omer anymore. From now on its ME. (Ezel) My name is Ezel....

Back to Present time...its 2009 in Kibris

Then bahar comes

Bahar: don't shoot I don't have gun
Ezel: don't worry I don't use gun
Bahar: then I don't have to be scared at you
Ezel: that depends.
Bahar: so what are you going to do? You will kidnap me?
Ezel: first I have to see who I am kidnapping
Bahar: ok, then we will count until 3, you take your mask out and I will do mine
Ezel: no, I don't want you to see who I am
Bahar: you are into this game...(then they take it out) actually I didn't come here in coincidence, I came while knowing
Ezel: why?

Bahar: I checked it, you are the one who made the biggest donation

Ezel: really

Bahar: how weird it is right? The inside looses many money every night and they don't give a little for donation.

Ezel: what can they do? Human are not as good as you think they maybe.

Bahar: then you?

Ezel: I am not good either, but I do know very well who its like to be good.

Bahar: so, are we going to stand here? Shall we dance?


Ezel and bahar dances...

She coughs

Ezel: are you ok?
Bahar: do you see what you did? My head is spinning.
Ezel: if you want lets sit...she faint...omer gets her with Eysan



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Ezel Episode 4 Part 1

So Bahar faints...

Ali: (to Ezel) move...(to Eysan) Eysna! What is going on? What is wrong with her?
Eysan: Cengiz! Cengiz! Give your phone!
Ali: (to the guy) take everyone out! Do something!
Man: yes, everyone the party is over!
Ezel: (on the phone) thank you..

While they take her inside the ambulance

Eysan: (on the phone) ok Mr. Doctor! Yes I told you, it was over, again? Ok ok! (she hangs up)he said to bring her here
Cengiz: to Istanbul? Isn’t better to take her to hospital here? I am telling you for Bahar, who cares for me! (she goes inside) Ali, is it possible if we go now?

Ali: I called, they said the plan will be ready, but it will take us more than 5 or 6 hours to get there.

Cengiz: Eysan, listen to me lets take her to the hospital here its important!

Eysan: Cengiz don't you understand?! the situation maybe worse! They have to do tests not here!

Ali: but it will take more than 5 hours......

Then the helicopter comes...its Ezel who called...

Ezel: (to Sebnam and the man) I am going to Istanbul, I will call you two!
Sebnam: Ezel, becareful!

Then he leaves

Ezel: (to Ali) excuse me!

He goes inside..then they fly!

Sebnam: (to the man) tell me that I am being nonsense!
Man: don't be nonsense! Reason?
Sebnam: all sudden its weird! Its like I wont see Ezel another time!
Man: we will see
Sebnam: we will see, but not the same Ezel!


In the Helicopter

Eysan: (t Bahar) dear, we are returning
Bahar: where?
Eysan: home, dear, we are returning home.


Mart: (his brother) brother, I know this letter wont get to your hand. But you have to know something brother, you have to hear something. Me, Mart. I have a brother Omer!, he will always be my brother. I will be his brother always! Brother I know I won’t see you ever again. But I will never forget you!

Then they are packing his stuff....the mother falls

Mart: mom!
Mother: Don't come! Don't come! Don't come!...

His father comes in...

Father: Mart, shall we gather up all his stuff?

The mother gets up and gives him Omer’s stuff

Mother: here! Take it I said! I said take it! he is your son! Smell it! I said smell it! smell omer!
Mart: mom!
Mother: don't touch me! I said smell it! Understand it and see if he was a murder! Smell it! He is OMER! Here! Hug it! He is your son! Hug him at least now!

Then they start crying...

Mart takes the letters out

Mart: (while Ezel waiting him) where are you brother? Where are you? (ezel goes closer and he sees him) what is it! I said what is it? What do you want!?

Then he picks up one of the letters, then shows that he is carrying a gun!

Ezel Episode 4 Part 2


Eysan: Bahar! Bahar!
Nurse: you have to wait here
Eysan; cengiz!
Cengiz: dear, calm down
Doc: may she get well soon
Eysan: Mr. Doc,
Doc: I am going inside now, I will let you know once I come out. Excuse me (he goes inside)
Eysan: I knew this! for the last few days I had bad feelings! What do you think Cengiz? You think we will never pay back?
Cengiz: (takes her aside) your already making all of us pay back for that one thing...nothing will happen to anyone! But your not listening....(to ezel) I am outside a little, I will get some air and come back

Then cengiz leaves....Ezel and Eysan are left out alone...he goes and sits beside her

Eysan: no matter how much I thank you, its nothing! Seriously for the last few days you have done things for us.
Ezel: not a problem, its all coincidence
Eysan: we made you tire too, we made you away from your vacation. Cengiz was going, if you wanted he could have dropped you off where you wanted as well?
Ezel: no, he said he will take an air and come back
Eysan: is this what he said?.....
Ezel: she will get better
Eysan: how do you know?
Ezel: while looking at you I can see. While the people we love and stay with us, not let go off our hands, I think its possible for her to get better.
Eysan: seriously?
Ezel: yes
Eysan: than the people who you love are lucky ones.


Ramiz: this is life’s rules nephew! No matter how far you go, go you will end up returning to where you started at the end. no matter how much you change, change where you were happy, you will return back to there. no matter how much you try to quite inside of you, you will not end up doing it. where you will end up go, go nephew don't forget, everyone will return to where they were one day.

Then shows ramiz....he orders a sandwich

Ramiz: in 20 years this much things has changed...(which means he just came out of jail and he was inside there for 20 years)
Man: yes
Ramiz: where did our Istanbul went?
Man: where were you uncle? Were you inside? (meaning jail)
Ramiz; I was, here keep the change.

Then he goes inside the car....

Man: to where brother?
Ramiz; you just drive


Back to Ezel and Eysan...

The doc comes out

Eysan: (holds his hand) doctor!
Doctor: come with me
Eysan; oh my God
Doctor: don't worry, nothing is wrong. Come...

They go inside

Eysan: Bahar! My dear sister!
Bahar: I am fine
Eysan: really?
Bahar: because I lost water and I am tired that is why. Right doc?
Doc; she needs to take care of herself. Good thing you guys brought her soon
Bahar: meaning I am fine
Doc: excuse me (he leaves)
Bahar: sister? (looks at Ezel)
Eysan: Mr. Ezel came with us, actually he brought you here
Bahar; how?
Eysan: he found the helicopter, after he didn't leave. He waited with me
Bahar: so you saved my life?
Ezel: no dear, anyone would do the same thing...meaning you were already in good hands.
Bahar: I don't know, since you saved my life from now on you are responsible for it...
Eysan: Bahar!
Bahar; I am joking sister..(looks at ezel) I am not joking
Ezel: um

Then Cengiz with ali comes in

Cengiz: I have good news, there is nothing wrong with our girl! I spoke to the doctor.
Ali: you scared..i mean your family
Cengiz: leave us yaa..your the one who got more scared. For the last 2 hours he didn't even open his mouth. He just started talking.
Ali: yaa
Cengiz: he was about to buy flowers
Ali: Cengiz
Cengiz: I hold him back quickly...
Ali; are you ok bahar?
Bahar; I am fine
Cengiz: she is fine look at her eyes...(to eysan) what did I tell you? no one is paying back for anything. Everyone will be ok.
Bahar: I am fine Ali brother, look on top of my there is an angle guardian for me (meaning Ezel)
Ali: as far as I know angles are invisible, but where ever we look, we see you.
Cengiz; come on ali, you take care of the hospital work and I will drop off Mr. Ezel.
Ezel: (to bahar) take care and get well soon, the dance was left out without finishing it
Bahar: if I didn't had this, I could have danced with you now.
Eysan: Mr. Elze thank you for everything
Ezel: no problem...

They go out

Ali; (to Cengiz) this man is coming out of everywhere! I need to watch him..



Ezel Episode 4 Part 3

cengiz: your always like this! your like this to the world. You drop the girls ok?


Ezel and Cengiz in the car

Cengiz: the girls like you! a secret hero. No one must run away from you
Ezel: no, they do.
Cengiz: no way, its a story, you let them so. Sometimes I miss it, like you alone get into such things and do what I want to do.
Ezel: aren’t you already doing what you want?
Cengiz; for sure once in a while, sometimes I just lose it and Eysan gather it. I do it and she gathers it
Ezel: sometimes I like your life
Cengiz: how
Ezel: family, children, a place that I can call it home. Someone should be inside there and remind you who you are.
Cengiz: yes, I do have this...
Ezel: ya sometimes you can change it
Cengiz: I don't give up on Eysan.
Ezel: of course love is a beautiful thing
Cengiz: I don't know about that part, but I am in love for sure.
Ezel: different?
Cengiz: different, if she says die I don't know I will die, but if she says kill I will kill without even closing my eyes. (then he gets a phone call) hello, what is up man?! What happen? Say it, ok , ok wait I will come. (he hangs up)
Ezel: is there something important?
Cengiz: before I drop you off is it ok if we go somewhere?
Ezel: sure thats fine with me...

They drive...they go to the streets where the used to live

Ezel; where are we going?
Cengiz: here I have a brother (friend) we are going there. You know at the hotel how I said something like the past and stuff... see here, it was my place once....look here (shows the coffee place where Omer proposed to Eysan) I used to sit here and drink coffee....(Then Ezel remembers when he (omer) proposed to Eysan). You know here, ali used to work here, he was a big man once. We used to call him Ali brother..(then he remembers when he told Ali he wants to see Eysan tonight)....and here was the place me and my best friends used to chill. I fall in love with Eysan right here...(then he remembers the night when everything happened) ya you see, this is where Cengiz came out from...

They get to the house

Ezel: who’s house are we going?
Cengiz: we are already here
Ezel; (knows that its his home) I shouldnt come, I will wait in the car
Cengiz: come for two minutes, so what. They are very good people. Beside know some nice people. (gets out of the car) here is one of my close friend’s brother house. You know this family? I am considered growing up in their home.

They go inside

Cengiz: (to Mart) hey man
Mert: ali brother
Cengiz: ezel, this is Mart, my best friend. (they shake hand)
Father: welcome son...(ezel looks at him)
Cengiz; thank you uncle, let me kiss...come let me introduce you. Ezel this is M. Uncle
Father: hello child, welcome
Cengiz: he is like my father
Father: and you are considered as our son.
Ezel: (kisses hi hand)
Father: thank you child.

They go inside..

Cengiz: so, uncle how is aunty?
Father: thank you, she is a little sick, in her room
Ezel: what is wrong with her? (everyone looks at him)
Cengiz: she is a little upset at me...umm anyways its ok, as long as she is ok the rest is nothing.
Father: thank you
Cengiz; (to Mart) you tell me, what did you do?
Mart; no way Cengiz brother, I didn't do anything. My father thinks I am
Father: no way, you have done things. At the newspaper company where he works
Ezel: you work at the newspaper?
Mart: (ignores him) ya cengiz brother, you know how I told you about this guy at work?
Cengiz: that weirdo? (looks at his dad) sorry uncle
Mart; him yes, we did work and he took my stuff...etc (he tells him how he stole his idea)
Father: they fought
Cengiz; so
Mart: ya there people are suffering for their lives and this man is only after money...
Cengiz; you hit him?
Mart: I did, etc...
Father: he went to the cops, and we got paper the police wants to talk to him (Mart)
Mart: so what? I will go I am not scared of cops.
Father: you know this man, he never stops
Cengiz; I do, he was like this since his childhood.
Mart: (looks at the picture) while Omer brother was around, I never fought. Beside if something did happen, he would help me.

Ezel: excuse me I need to use the washroom...(as he walks then stops)

Continues in part 4


Ezel Episode 4 Part 4

Ezel: (looks at them) where is it located?
Father; upstairs, on the right...

Then he goes up...he ends up going to his room and everything is still the same as he left...looks around...

Mother: (thinks its Mart) Mart? (he leaves the room) Mart! (Then she goes out..picks up the scare and smell its) Omer!

Father: is Mr. Ezel your old friend Cengiz?
Ezel: not really, we just met.
Cengiz: but we love him very much. Just like the movie hero, he is ours.
Ezel: no
Cengiz: uncle we should go, I made Mr. Ezel come with me too
Ezel: not a problem, its very nice to meet you
Father; me too, come again...
Ezel: Mart, see you later
Mart; see you later
Cengiz: you don't worry about that thing uncle...(they go out, then ezel waits inside)
Ezel: (sees his mother come down) mother
Cengiz: Mr. Ezel, I see your very pleasant here, wallahi if I leave you here you will stay. Come


In the car, Ezel and Cengiz

Ramiz: (talking) change is very hard nephew! But sometimes being the same person is even harder. Sometimes life comes right one you...

Cengiz; your not used to it sure, but we grew up in such places. What about you?
Ezel: Mart seems like a good kid.
Cengiz: ah, he is number 10 stubborn
Ezel: he and his father loves you a lot.
Cengiz; sure, they are like my family
Ezel: but is there something with the mother?
Cengiz; ah, she is a little far from me. such things happens in family, we will take care of that as well.
Ezel: Mart said when I HAD a brother, did something happen to his brother?
Cengiz: omer, why did you ask?
Ezel: well I recognized it when he said his name he looked sad, did you know him?
Ceniz: sure dear, he was my best friend.
Ezel; what happen?
Cengiz: he did a very bad thing.
Ezel: like what?
Cengiz: he trusted wrong men! And they burned his soul. He end up in jail. And he died in there.
Ezel: did you love him? Omer?
Cengiz; very much, I loved him very much. Now I am here is because of him. (the car stops) I think its the tires...(he gets out of the car)

Ezel goes after him....

Ramiz: (talking) sometimes inside of you is in pain, you think you can change the pain! You say now, I can do anything NOW! (shows how he wants to kill him)
Cengiz: can you take this brother? I think that is it...
Ezel: (takes it from his hand)

Cengiz: (gets a phone call) we are on the way, its the tire. I swear! I am not lying! What being bad Eysan? I went to uncle, eh you still done know Cengiz, how good heart he is...hh yes he is here with me, what is it? Ezel its Eysan, she wants to tell you something. (he gives the phone to him)

Eysan: hello, Hello Mr. Ezel!
Ali: what is it?
Eysan: hello, Cengiz
Ezel: hello, sorry Cengiz is taking a break.
Eysan: sorry your doing everything for us
Ezel: I am not complaining
Eysan: no one does, that is why I called. At the weekend (Sunday) we are doing a BBQ just us, Bahar wanted me to invite you too
Ezel: your not inviting me?
Eysan: sure I am too
Ezel: then I will come, see you later..(he hangs up the phone, then Cengiz comes in the car)
Cengiz: how is it?
Ezel: wait, we are just driving...

They stop by the streets

Cengiz: you don't drive bad huh! But I am better, see you later partner
Ezel: see you later


Ezel Episode 4 Part 5

Ramiz: (talking while Ezel walking) sometimes life pushes you a lot nephew, you will forget who is front of you, hear the tough part from me nephew. It is not enough to lie to everyone now. (he gets home and goes front of the mirror) from now on, even if you stay alone you wont be Omer.
Ezel: (to himself) I am not Omer...I am not Omer...I... (he ends up reading the letter, its the same one his brother wrote, and he is just rereading it) ... (then Ramiz comes)
Ramiz: don't do that to yourself child...
Ezel: welcome Ramiz.
Ramiz: thank you Ezel
Ezel: I thought you had another 2 months.
Ramiz: they said you are inside for 20 years and let those 2 months be outside. (looks at the mirror) you still haven’t made-up with the mirrors huh?
Ezel: you were inside for 20 years Ramiz, and I am inside myself for ever (infinity)
Ramiz: come on lets go up and talk...


Evening time..Ezel and Ramiz talking

Ramiz: eh, you have studied your work very well. Slowly, you have prepared everything.
Ezel: how can someone prepare themselves in front of their mother? That stupid man has went in my house, he calls my father, “father”. How can someone bare this ya?
Ramiz: you have bared to many things nephew, and you will to this one too.
Ezel: no uncle, nothing is like that. Yew, I have been forgotten, betrayed (cheated) and got killed what else...but nothing was that much, the most tough one was returning home.
Ramiz: eh it is touch to calculate (see) what you want to achieve...
Ezel: he (cengiz) will pay for this uncle wait and see.
Ramiz: from where to where huh? Once it was their turn and now its get what you want you have to go for it, who is your target to get their attention?
Ezel: I wont be like them. They will pay back what they did. What they did I will do the same, but I wont be like them.
Ramiz: there is no different between nephew.
Ezel: there is a girl, Eysan sister.
Ramiz; why her?
Ezel: because she is a weak girl. She is sick everyone is after her.
Ramiz: what else?
Ezel: because Eysan is very attached to her.
Ramiz: more? There isn’t anything more?
Ezel: more? She trusted human very quickly, something she is like me meaning Omer.
Ramiz: she is like omer? Good. Anyways come lets look at the Istanbul for a little.... Istanbul its been 20 years! 20 years...


Morning... ezel wakes up

Ezel; why didn't you wake me up?
Man: for months this is your first time sleeping like a man.
Ezel: you and Sebnam go to the hospital check the profiles.
Man: shall I prepare uncle’s breakfast?
Ezel: he does his own breakfast


Ramiz and the man...Ramiz doing is own breakfast....

Ramiz: Mr. Kamil give me two tomatoes here, come on I will wait but the heat wont wait... (he gives it to him) were you a police before?

Kamil: once

Ramiz: give me two papers as well...child? family?

Kamil: once

Ramiz: you left everything and came to Ezel huh?

Kamil: the opposite happened uncle, everything left me. only Ezel end up on my life.

Ramiz: I protect Ezel would you take anyone in front of yourself?

Kamil: I will, if needed I will even go against ezel too

Ramiz: from here clean two garlic, you passes the course. And now you deserve the food here...

Kamil: uncle, how is he going to bare this? how will he bare seeing those people in front of himself everyday? (then shows Ezel going to their house)

Ramiz: what can he do then? Shoot them?

Kamil: I would have done that, I should not talk big but I would have done it. after I would have walked away

Ramiz: he tried this as well....(goes back to time at night 2005) 4 years before now, he was out of jail new. He had his surgery new, no one recognized (knew) him, he didn't even know himself as well, but there was one thing in his mind....

Then shows Cengiz and Eysan

Cengiz: I put Can to sleep, my son wants a horse from us
Eysan: sure, when I see I will tell

Continues in part 6


Ezel Episode 4 Part 6

Cengiz: but he is just like me, you should have seen me when I was younger, I was the same as him.

Eysan: because you two spend a lot of time together that is why.

Cengiz: no way, there is something called genetic...G E N E T I C. Look what I was saying, its time for another Cengiz. (meaning another child)

Eysan: uff Cengiz!

Cengiz: I swear, would it be bad, a brother/sister to me and Can.

Eysan: we talked about it.....

Cengiz: (touches her back)Eysan...we didn't talk about anything..

Eysan: Cengiz

Cengiz: if I didn't know, you did it so that you wouldn’t show it to Can.

Eysan: what are you saying?

Cengiz: it is this way thought. So that if he sees others, he would think we are family. If I didn't know, I would say this child doesn't want another one other than us. Like if I didn't know you, I would say your mind is somewhere else.

Eysan: (turns to him and kisses him) so what do you say now?...and now?

Cengiz: I would say I don't care....

Then shows Ezel seeing them

Ezel goes inside their their room

Ramiz: (talks) he has closed all of his calculations and everything. (meaning he was prepared to kill them) there was no return back anymore, the road was going to end, but sometimes death is not enough to forget about it....

Then ezel goes closer to Eysan

Eysan: omer (says in her sleep)

Ramiz: (talks again) sometimes love is very strong, that makes you do nothing but continue your road...


Eysan and Bahar

Eysan: Bahar

Bahar: what happen? Did he come? How do I look?

Eysan: Beautiful, I brought you your medications. Are you ok?

Bahar: I am fine thank you, Inshalla (I hope) your find too. Huh?

Eysan: Bahar you scared me

Bahar: yes, I wont faint in front of you next time...

Eysan: look, don't run around and get tired. Rest a little. for me.

Bahar: ok, I will move very slowly, like this

Eysan: Bahar, you know how much I love your right?

Bahar: I know sister

Eysna: then take care of yourself a little more extra. We shouldnt be that hurry, there is a big life ahead of us.

Bahar; (the door rings) he is here see?

She goes down


Ezel and Bahar

Ezel, seems like I came early?

Ali: (comes) your even late. We made a little, so let it not get cold. Come on

Bahar: I am going to come too ok, you enjoy yourself.

************* the backyard

Ali and cengiz argue how he is slow and cengiz says hurry up then ali says you come and do it and see if you can...

Cengiz: (goes to make it, then he burns his hand)

Ezel: leave it for me, if this is left for you two to make then we will be left with hungry

Cengiz: ya for the last two hours we are trying to make this...

Then Eysan comes...Ezel goes and sits beside her

Can: Ezel brother look what my dad bought for me, it is not done yet.
Eysan: come sit here
Can: Ezel brother are you also a gambler?
Eysan: can? What is this huh?
Can: dad always says so
Eysan: your father is not and Ezel brother too. Gambolling is a very bad thing.
Can: I know mother, am I a kid?
Eysan: I swear sometimes I don't understand it...

Ezel: (touches his hair and then Eysan looks at him) what happen?

Eysan: nothing, nothing sorry when you did this, I remembered something. In a moment I remembered someone

Ezel: someone that you didn't love?



Ezel Episode 4 Part 7

Eysan: no, not at all. Lets just say someone that I wanted to forget.
Ezel: did he look like me?
Eysan: no, he was different

Bahar: (comes) it will ring they say lets go inside

Eysan: ohh, you don't eat this (some kind of animal meat)

Bahar: I don't, but ali brother prepared.

Eysan: come on lets go inside

Cengiz: come on lets go inside, it will ring

Bahar: (sits) here is very nice, lets not go inside

Ezel: the weather is changing

Bahar: I have an idea....



Eysan: Can, go call Bahar sister and Ezel brother to come inside

Can goes and Ezel with Bahar leaves


Ezel and Bahar

Ezel: your family will wonder
Bahar; we will return soon promise, beside isn’t here nicer than there?...yes Mr. Ezel lets get to know you a little more...who are you? are you a devil or angle? Huh?
Ezel: how will you know it
Bahar: I will ask questions
Ezel: what if I don't answer then true fully?
Bahar: why would you hide it? or you do have something to hide?
Ezel: doesn't everyone has it?
Bahar: yes, they do. Yes I will start now. right now where do you want to be? Don't tell me here I wont buy it
Ezel: right now I wanted to be at my home the most
Bahar: no way am I that bored?
Ezel: I wanted to be with my wife and children
Bahar: oh I didn't know
Ezel: no need to know, I am not married or have any children. I am just imagining. You?
Bahar: me? where did I want to be? Here...yes now the second question...(then starts to ring) are you the individual who loves ring? Or the one who runs from it?
Ezel: (comes back with an umbrella) how am I doing so far?
Bahar: no bad


Eysan waiting for them with the others


Sebnam talking to the doc while Kamil takes Bahar’s file from him


Back to Bahar and Ezel

Ezel: shall we return now? they may wonder for you
Bahar: Yes, Mr. Ezel, I will ask my last question....(goes by the edge) can I trust you?
Ezel: in what subject (manner)?
Bahar: everything, Ezel you think to much, just say what is inside of you. (then she almost falls he catches her)
Ezel: can you trust everyone like this at first time?
Bahar: life is very short not to trust (believe)
Ezel: what will happen if you regret it after?
Bahar: life is short for that too. Ya you never do anything without thinking of the solution?....


Ezel episode 4 Part 8

shows again the scene between Ezel and Bahar

Eysan: (on the phone) she is not answering
Cengiz: don't worry, she is in good hand
Ali: how do you know? How do you know it? we don't know anything about this man.
Eysan: yes what do we know?
Ali: this is what I am saying there is nothing to hold on to it.
cengiz: we know we wont 2 million from him
Ali: you know the man from yesterday and now he is your best friend?
Cengiz: he is a friend what can I do? Are you jealous?
Ali: take something serious for once!
Cengiz: that is your work ali.

Then Bahar with ezel comes in

Bahar: hello
Eysan: Bahar?
Bahar: yes
Ali: what is this now?
Bahar: ali brother?
Ali: is this a work to do?
Bahar: ali brother?!
Cengiz: you excuse Ali, lately he is very protective of Bahar. Sorry
Ali: I should go
Eysan: if we didn't know Bahar, we would have believed in you. dear Bahar you go dry up.
Bahar; (to ezel) are you going to come kidnap me?
Ezel: I will work on it.
Bahar: nice, see you later then
Ezel: see you...(to Eysan) I didn't want to make you worry, but she was very happy.
Eysan: I want her to be happy too. Don't think the way she look, she gets break easily.
Ezel: I can guess
Eysan: it is easy to break her heart, that is why we watch her very closely
Ezel: I will take care of it then...thank you very much for everything. Sorry again
Cengiz: no dear, there is nothing to be sorry of. Shall I call tomorrow? We will chill..
Ezel: sure

Then Ramiz talk

Ramiz: (talking) do you heart it nephew? Do you hear the water’s sound? You used to say you cannot do it. you thought your strength wont be enough for it. you would scare if they would understand and not buy you. you would say it is impossible, but do you hear the water’s sound? The river (ocean) is tired, now it is left for us to walk on it.


Eysan and Bahar

Bahar; come in, sister please I know what you will say
Eysan: wait, listen maybe you don't know.
Bahar: I know it
Eysan: and I know you Bahar, look you will go deeper in this. after you will get hurt
Bahar: so
Eysan: everyone is not good as you are though.
Bahar: but everyone is not as bad as you think, beside when was the last time you felt this way huh? Do go, tell when?
Eysan: long ago.
Bahar: so? You did was it bad? Weren’t you happy sister? Weren’t you?
Eysan: good night dear, don't forget to take your medication


Ezel and Kamil

Kamil: welcome
Ezel: did you get it?
Kamil: (gives the file to him)
Ezel: is Ramiz upstairs?
Kamil: no, while we were not here he has left
Ezel: thank you
Kamil: ezel
Ezel: good evening Kamil


Inside his house

Ezel reads the paper

Ramiz: (talking) change is very hard, it is easy to look like someone else, but it is hard to act (be) someone else nephew.


Ramiz: welcome Ezel

They sit

Ezel: I couldn’t do it....i couldn’t do it uncle. I went to their home.
Ramiz: yes
Ezel: I pointed the gun to them, but I couldn’t press it.
Ramiz: umm ok then why did you come to me?
Ezel: why did I come?
Ramiz: yes
Ezel: where shall I go? Huh? You say it uncle where shall I go? Look at my face, look at my face uncle. Is there anyone other than you who knows this face? Huh? Where should I go uncle? Say it where?
Ramiz: you wanted to kill them?
Ezel: yes, yes
Ramiz: why? Look at my face. Why?
Ezel: I cant bare seen them like this.
Ramiz; ahh, how can you not bare them see? Like how? (he’s about to leave) sit! Sit, sit. Sit and answer me, how can you not bare them see?
Ezel: without me, Ramiz. I cannot bare seen her without me.
Ramiz: why?
Ezel: because.... because I love her still very much. I still love her very much


Ezel Episode 4 Part 9 Last One

Ramiz: (talking) your mistaken nephew, your not the one who loves her. Not Ezel, Omer loves her still. Omer is in anger, omer doesn't have anything. You have a mistake nephew, they did not kill Omer, only you can kill Omer. (shows how he sees his family while Ramiz talks) it is time to kill Omer Ezel. Because the thing Ezel wants to do, Omer cannot do it nephew. Because omer has good heart, kill Omer so that you will get your revenge. (back to the jail) if you say your ready, then you have to follow the rules. You will NOT touch a gun. Do whatever is needed but never end up inside (jail) again. You will not do something that will make you end up in jail again. You will be smart, to get what you want you will not use your weakness, you will use their weaknesses. Now tell me the truth nephew, do you want me to help you? huh?

Then he gives him a key....


Ezel goes to a house and finds the house and goes inside

Ramiz: now what do you want to do nephew?
Ezel: to get my revenge
Ramiz: how?
Ezel: they took everything from me, and I will take everything from them.
Ramiz: how?
Ezel: slowly, slowly...i will look for their most weakness point of them. I will get into them , I will win their trust. I will win their hearts. (shows how he finds the money inside the wall)

Ramiz: now tell me the truth nephew, are you ready to do these?


Back to present time..2009


Mart and his mother

Mart: mom I am leaving, do you need anything?
Mother: no, Mart
Mart: yes mom?
Mother: there was a guy with Cengiz yesterday right?
Mart: yes mom he was his friend
Mother: what was his name?
Mart: I don't know, I don't remember. Umm yaa it’s Ezel.


Bahar and her doctor

Doc: do you know what your doing its name? Its called committing suicide.
Bahar: I think its the opposite
Doc: for how long are you going to hide it from your sister?
Bahar: always, I wont live the same thing again. And I don't want her do live thru it as well.
Doc: we have to start the treatment soon again Miss. Bahar. You fought it once and you can do it again.
Bahar; how about if I don't? I don't want to live my life inside a hospital room.
Doc: if you don't want to live there is nothing I can do
Bahar: the opposite, I want to live. I want to be happy. You never know maybe good things will happen
Doc: there is not much time
Bahar; I know...
Doc: miss. Bahar
Bahar: shush, thank you for everything
Doc: what are you going to do now?
Bahar: what will I do? I will do thing I couldn’t do before. I will do thing I wont be able to do. For example I will fall in love.


Kamil and ezel in the car

Kamil: the girl is sick Ezel. The girl will die. who hurt you , you will hurt them etc that is fine but what about the ones who are not in fault? Your going to put them in this too?...ezel I don't know who is telling you what but once you get in this there is no return.

Het gets down the car then sees Bahar

Bahar; I thought you wont come
Ezel; I wasn’t but then I got scared how to get away from you
Bahar: so? What changed your mind?
Ezel: sometimes human do things with their decisions.

Then they start walking...shows ali is watching them

Ali: learn everything!
Man: sir we already..
Ali; Everything! Without finding something dirty don't come to me!


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Ezel Episode 5 Part 1

Ezel: (to himself while getting ready) everyone wonders who you are. (meaning himself). What do you think they see when they look at you? ... everyone, but everyone sees what they are looking in front of them. Cengiz still wants a friend to play with. A partner that he can blame. Eysan is waiting for someone to make her feel free. Ali is looking for someone to destroy. Bahar? Bahar is looking for love. Don't worry they will look at you, but they wont see you. (he means Omer in him). (then he goes front of the mirror) what about you?

Sebnam: good morning boss. When I knew your inside I didn't want to distract you, well Kamil brother said so.
Ezel: Sebnam
Sebnam: you want coffee?
Kamil: his jacket
Sebnam: ahh
Ezel: something more sporty and younger look.
Sebnam: this is what I was saying, such things looks better on you. where are we going?
Ezel: fishing...

Ali and the Man

Ali: what did you find?
Man: there isn’t a lot Mr. Ali.
Ali: there isn’t much? Or there is NOTHING? Don't back off son, just say it your fear wont do anything.
Man: there is NOTHING. I didn't find anything other than what we know. The men is who he looks like.
Ali: No, there is! under him there is something dirty! It cant be seen but I know it is here! Ok fine you didn't find anything about him but what about those two? (meaning Sebnam and Kamil)
Man: I didn't look for them, ok I will go check on them.
Ali: don't do it like this, wait for the turn. (takes Kamil’s photo) what did they say? If you want to get the work done right you have to do it yourself! (meaning him look for his background himself) (then he leaves) close the door behind when you leave!


Bahar and Ezel

Bahar: ok, I am asking
Ezel: aren’t asking done?
Bahar: but if questioning are done your done already.
Ezel: why?
Bahat: that is because then I will know who you are.
Ezel: you wont like someone once you know them after?
Bahar: no, what like dear?
Ezel: turn, let me see you. are you blushing?
Bahar: please lets not change the subject! Yes I am asking, if you be one of the two, which one would you pick? Fish? Or a fisher man? (meaning him which one he wants to be)
Ezel: I don't want either one
Bahar: you don't have other options, you have to pick one.
Ezel: this is what they always say
Bahar: I think you have a fish man type. And of course I am the fish! (she looks in the cup with fish) ohh no they are poor
Ezel: (with his feet hits the thing so the fishes are in water) sorry sir, I didn't mean it.
Man: you should watch it!
Ezel: I know, sorry.
Bahar: look they are front of me there is a real hero!
Ezel: maybe I am faking (joking) it
Bahar: sure, don't think I am a kid, I know people very well.
Ezel: ohh you
Bahar: you know how you think your cold, and hide everything? Actually your a very good human.
Ezel: what if I am not? What if your wrong?
Bahar: what if your wrong?
Ezel: (goes closer) then we have work to do.
Bahar: yes, I think we do have work. Again?
Ezel: what?
Bahar: my face
Ezel: I cant tell with this distance. (his phone rings) sorry. (answers it) ok? Where are you?
Kamil: she just came, she is looking at the stores. Are you coming?
Ezel: I am coming, I will be there in 15 minutes don't go anywhere.
Bahar: work again?
Ezel: kind of, but I have to hit that person...i am protecting..
Bahar; look how serious you are. Now you can be someone very different.
Ezel: you cant even guess....will you eat dinner with me?


Ali knocking on someone’s door while looking at Kamil’s photo.

Ali: hello I am Kamil’s friend in the station (meaning police station)
Woman: he is not here, we got divorce.
Ali: I know sister, we haven’t hear from him so my friends send me here to see how he is doing.
Woman: now you think of that? You all kicked him out like...(she doesn't say it)
Ali: what can we do sister
Woman: kamil is very good, he hasn’t touched any alcohol for three years and he has quitted gambolling, tell your friends he is very good!
Ali: thats good, how did this happen?
Woman: there is a man, he did it
Ali: oh ezel
Woman: yes, you know him? When you do see this man tell him may God bless him. This man did many good things like no one would do.
Ali: what did he do?
Woman: my husband died, no one would have touched him but he did.
Little boy: uncle are you my dad’s friend?
Ali: yes
Boy: can you tell him to come home
Woman: mehmet come on go inside. He misses his father
Ali: he doesn't see him?
Woman: he doesn't come, that Ezel man changed him. He is alive now. for such man someone can give their soul to him.
Ali: ya sure


Ezel Episode 5 Part 2

Kamil and Ezel
Kamil: she is in the second floor....

He goes up


Eysan in the store

Eysan: (to the woman) excuse me?
Woman: one minute
Eysan: excuse me! (then she sees Ezel) Ezel?
Ezel: what a nice surprise

Eysan: (talking on the phone) ok, we will win (hangs up)
Ezel: (gives her the ice cream)
Eysan: thank you but I don't think I should eat this now
Ezel: at least taste it, I bought it.
Eysan: ok, one spoon
Ezel: what are you winning? I hear it while you were on the phone.
Eysan: (she told him its about the hotel something she wants to get it)
Ezel: eh so maybe in the evening you will celebrate it with cengiz?
Eysan: I am not sure, I should go
Ezel: um well I am taking bahar out this evening I was looking for a gift for her. I don't know what she would like. Shall I buy book or?
Eysan: I don't know..anyways
Ezel: what about something like this? (he looks at the other side, doesn't show what it is)
Eysan: I don't know, maybe it should be something more elegance
Ezel; ok I should not hold you any longer
Eysna: see you in the evening...thank you
Ezel: ok

As she walks away she looks at him while he is looking at the cloth

Eysan: I think you need help. If you want we will look for it together?
Ezel: really? Ok then I will help you
Eysan: I said one spoon but I am eating more
Ezel: yes


Mart and his mother

Mother: what is up Mart?
Mart: I am coming back from the police station mother. Nothing happened, they closed it I just went to sing it. thanks to cengiz brother, he took care of it. you know how he came the other day?
Mother: yes with the man
Mart: yes, with the man. The man was a little weird. You know how I had pictures in my room, it was placed in different position
Mother: did he go to the room?
Mart: I don't know, I don't think he has, maybe I have done it but I forgot. I didn't like that man much that is why maybe
Mother: Mart, what kind of man is this Ezel?
Mart: tall, cold looking
Mother: Mart which picture your talking about?
Mart: you know when I was young me and my brother took it in the backyard


Eysan and Ezel

Ezel: what is going to happen with your work then?
Eysan: ignore it we haven’t won it yet
Ezel: you will
Eysan: I shall go now, see you later
Ezel: ok..hey Eysan! What do you think of this? (shows the pink dress)
Eysan: very pretty
Ezel: can I ask for something? You and Bahar’s size is close can you try this on for me?

While she is trying it on...the phone rings

Ezel: your phone is ringing

Eysan; its ok, not a problem

Ezel: isn’t hard? To work, and family and child?

Eysan: its better for me, time goes by faster

Ezel: not everyone is like you

Eysan: a lot of women plans other dreams. Such as having a house, a child, my husband come home from work, in his hand flowers....are you there?

Eysan: yes, my life wasn’t a plan actually.

Ezel: (gets up and goes closer to the curtain) does it happen without planning?

Eysan: it happened. Life shows you two roads front of you. then you pick one.

Ezel: I understand. did you ever think? If you had picked the other road what could have happened?

Eysan: YES, everyday.

Ezel: sometimes people wants to take back everything right?

Eysan: yes sure but its impossible.

Ezel: what if it was possible? If you had started everything from the beginning?

Eysan: (shes doesn't answer him and comes out of the room) how does it look?

Ezel: beautiful

Eysan: does it suit?

Ezel: very much, its very nice, do you think Bahar will like this?

Eysan: she will, she will like it very much


Ali and Cengiz

Cengiz: pick one card. Come on brother, pick one. Look if you don't pick I wont answer.
Ali: don't bring this Ezel in between us this much. I don't like him!
Cengiz: ok, I am listening what did you find?
Ali; we haven’t found anything yet
Cengiz: cut it then! Pick a card
Ali: (picks one) can such many coincidence happen? What ever we do he is front of us! Is he a superman? Plus what is his work with Bahar? We don't even know him.
Cengiz: hhh now its understandable
Ali; what understandable? What?
Cengiz: nothing
Ali: I will find something in this man you will see
Cengiz; ok brother. You do your thing and I will do mine (his phone rings) hello pistachio nut?
Eysan: what’s up dear?
Cengiz: your voice is good
Eysan: I spend a good day that is why.
Cengiz: what did you do?
Eysan: nothing I bought things for myself. I was thinking if we win this thing shall we go for dinner together in the evening?
Cengiz: where did this come from now?
Eysan: no where, I just wanted it.


Sebnam and ezel with Kamil

Sebnam: look at you, you bought things. Did you buy anything for us?
Ezel: all of it are yours. Except this one
Sebnam: really? Your in the mood boss.
Ezel: the plan is working that is why
Sebnam: is it because of that or?
Kamil: shush
Ezel: or else what?
Sebnam: nothing, meaning
Kamil: Sebnam!
Ezel: say it
Sebnam: what is the plan? I don't understand it? is it stealing Eysan? Or getting her back in your life?
Ezel: sebnam
Sebnam: yes boss
Ezel: let Kamil brother drop you off at home. I don't need your help today.


Ezel Episode 5 Part 3

man with ali....

man: they are here...sir Mr. Cengiz said...
Ali: don't start saying take care of my work first or else even Mr. Cengiz wont save you. do you understand?
Man: I understand.


Ezel goes home and hears Ramiz reading a book

Ramiz: ...the plans we make may not work tomorrow. What we make may end up fall apart...what can we do? The promise we give it to ourselves is the most quickest thing we forget. Since the world will end why not human be with their lover? (ezel says it with him) Will love make fate go away or fate make love go away? No one has solved this yet.

Ezel: yes

Ramiz: you have alcohol.

Ezel: before you come you should let me know uncle, for your own goodness, so that no one will see you with me.
Ramiz: are you talking about the one who is downstairs?
Ezel: ali?
Ramiz: yes, there is fine. He will NOT see me. nephew I couldn’t sleep last night. I kept turning right and left side.
Ezel: because the bed was comfortable your not used to it uncle.

Ramiz: this is what I thought at first but after I remembered dream. In the dream there was you nephew

Ezel: I don't even leave you alone in you dream too huh?

Ramiz: you were on top of a bridge. Down there was devil, evil and fire. Behind you angel. Both were calling for you.

Ezel: eh I am the man who can be called

Ramiz: they will, they will ask you nephew.

Ezel: what will they ask uncle?

Ramiz: what would they ask? One side angle and one side devil. What do you think they will ask you? huh?

Ezel: I ask that question to myself every day uncle. Do you know what its like to go to bed as OMER and wake up as Ezel every day? Every day uncle!

Ramiz: now this work is not a joke nephew. Can you get into this game again?

Ezel: I wont

Ramiz: ya they will ask you nephew, no more thinking either you go all the way or you will give up.

Ezel: uncle

Ramiz: yes?

Ezel: in your dream to who did I go?

Ramiz: the real reason is there nephew, you didn't go to either one

Ezel: wasn’t there any other way?

Ramiz: there is, throwing yourself in the fire!


Bahar, Can and eysan

Bahar: guess who?

Eysan: who? The two people that I love the most in the world!
Bahar: how was your day?
Eysan: good, yours?
Bahar: he will pick me up in the evening and were going out
Eysna: so now your going out with this man huh?
Bahar: I don't know, I shouldn’t?
Eysan: I didn't say that, lets know it so that we will act on its way.


Evening comes..ali still waiting

Ali: go there and get me a newspaper (he gets out of the car and see Ezel) I saw him

Ezel: is the reservation done? You will pick me up there (to kamil)
Man: mr. Ezel come with me, please (they look at ali)

In the car

Ali: I see you a little not in the mood today huh? Don't you wonder where we will go?
Ezel: let it be a surprise.

They get to the place which is gambling place

Cengiz: welcome partner
Ezel: thank you
Cenigz: I gave your number to Ali, I said to tell you Cengiz wont start the game without you. (meaning Ezel) did he say it?
Ezel: he picked me up himself
Cengiz: from now on no just going around the world. Form now on the game will come to your feet.
Ezel: great, is it yours?
Cengiz: no dear, its forbidden to play it here. Its a friend’s.
Ezel; to have such friend its a Great thing
Cengiz: that friend of mine has another 6 places like this in Istanbul. (that place is illegal gambolling)

Ali: (to Kamil) wait teacher, let him be without you for two minutes. He is a big man. Wait a little. drink
Kamil: I don't drink while doing my work
Ali: oh you don't drink while working? But I knew you as you drinking while you were a police. (he gets mad) oh also I forgot mehmet said Hi. He was wondering when his father would return, but the woman wasn’t like that. She seemed more calm why? (kamil looks at Ezel and with face he sais no) don't misunderstand it friend. Here take this and go get coke for yourself.

Kamil goes outside and then he remembers the Past Istanbul 2006 (three years before)

He is gambolling, he gives the money
Man; this is not enough
Kamil: (gives his walter) don't come closer man! Don't! (he takes everything out including the key)
Man: your playing?
Ezel; (shows his face) don't do it!
Man: what is going on to you man!? Sit where your sitting. (to kamil) are you for it?
Ezel: don't do it!
Man: what is this friend? Are you for it or not?
Kamil: I am for it man! I am for it!

They are playing

Ezel: pass
Man: (shows his card) (kamil laughs) what? What do you have in your hand?
Then he takes his walter
Kamil: let it go! Let it go! (takes the picture out of the wallet) now! have it all! Have it! take it all!

He ends up going home

Kamil: (knocking on the door) Mehmet!....

Man: enough ya! Stop screaming. We are trying to sleep

Kamil: don't talk! I am a cop! All of you go inside. GO!

His wife opens the door


Ezel Episode 5 Part 4

Kamil: Alie (her name) can I come in?
Woman: Kamil, go away from here.
Kamil: can I come in?
Woman: no! Its over kamil over! Don't come again!

Then he tries to kill himself

Ezel: (behind) don't do it!

Back to PRESENT TIME 2009

Ezel: Kamil
Kamil: he got on my nerves, he has went to my home.
Ezel: its turn will come too

They go back inside

Ezel: (watches the man lose) eh you don't win every day (meaning Cengiz)
Cengiz: who said it? if your the owner of the casino then you will win everyday. (looks at ali)
Ali: nothing is showing in the camera
Cengiz: did you see any sings
Ali: no hand sings but there is something, always small loses and big wins.
Cengiz: I see that part too. You take care of that man (turns to talk to ezel) what do you think partner?

Ezel watches the man play....

Ezel: congratulation. An I sit? (he sits) I said let me sit beside you so maybe your luck will get better. (the man keeps watching him) actually I don't understand anything about these cards, you keep looking at you but there is nothing that you (himself) knows. (he is done) how can someone wins money like this huh? (to the other guy) a new game please
Man: im done....
Ezel: can I guess? (he looks at him) there is something in this pocket of yours. (he touches it) you touch the cards with this, we don't see it but you know it....(so he goes on how the man is cheating) how am i?
Man: your, but if you don't tell the man you will win money.
Ezel: do you see the man behind you the leather jacket? They call him I will go and tell him (he says how he hurts man)
Man: no, half of the money is yours...ok more than half...
Ezel: I am going
Man: (then he leaves)

Cengiz; how did you do? What did he say?
Ezel: he has to go somewhere
Ali: then why did he leave the money?
Ezel: he wasn’t playing for the money it was for pleasure
Cengiz; seriously you wont tell?
Ezel: there is nothing cengiz. If there was then you have a very tough manager here (meaning Ali) right?
Ali: yes true
Cengiz: you, you! come lets stay inside a little
Ezel: (gives him the money)
Cengiz: what is this?
Ezel: have it maybe your luck will open. I am joking you don't have that in you.


Eysan and Bahar

Eysan: what kind of person is this Ezel?
Bahar: interesting. Do you know what I like the most about him?
Eysan: what?
Bahar: he looks upset, like injured. Like if he knocks on your door you can take him inside.
Eysan; what is his injure?
Bahar: see this is what I am curious of too. Beside if you look at him from outside, he looks like a rich, gambler and play boy man. Like he is not the type of man I would fall in love but I am exploding from wonder!
Eysan: I think wonder is stronger than love
Bahar: why?
Eysan: once when you fall in love, you may know what its like, but curiosity is not the same. If you wonder, that curious will take you away and go.
Bahar: did you ever got anxious (curious)of someone? For example cengiz brother?
Eysan: no, but once there were one’s who interested of me.
Bahar: so? Where did you take that person who was interested of you?
Eysan: (gets the phone call) ohh we won? Ok ok (she calls cengiz)

Cengiz: hello
Eysan: cengiz we won
Cengiz: what?
Eysan: we won the blue diamond (for her hotel I guess)
Cengiz: dear its very loud here, I cant hear. What?
Eysan: the blue diamond. You know for the hotel? Its been like months?
Cengiz: oh yes, congratulations! If you don't win who would?
Eysan: are we going somewhere to celebrate it?
Cengiz: dear I even did the registration for the place but there is work to do. Ok, ok I know yoru mad if you say go I will come right now
Eysan: no, we will go tomorrow then
Cengiz: ok, look I will give you a very nice surprise. (ezel is behind him listening) I love you. (hangs up) where you going? The night is just starting
Ezel: I know, that is why I am leaving.

With Kamil

Ezel: change the place for the evening
Kamil: is there a problem?
Ezel: he still doesn't know, but tonight Eysan will join us too.


Can and Eysan

Can: dad is here
Eysan: no dear, dad will come home late
Can: mom when dad comes can you wake me up? The plan is almost done. Dad will finish it
Eysan; ok, now go to bed


Bahar, Ezel and eysan

Bahar; I cannot believe it, I love this colour
Ezel: so you like it?
Bahar: yes
Eysan: hello
Ezel: hello, (to bahar) shall we go?
Bahar: did it hit 12?
Ezel: huh?
Bahar: your work
Ezel; ya that one, I did it soon but later I had to leave I had more important work to do.
Bahar: sister, good night. I may be late
Eysan: ok

As they walk

Ezel: ohh what happen with your work?
Eysan; we won
Ezel: I said so
Bahar: what? How come I am not aware of it?
Eysan: long story I will tell you when you come back
Ezel: I was going to tell you to come with us, but I think now Cengiz has prepared someone personal to celebrate
Eysan: yes, I think so, well I haven’t spoke to him yet. I called his phone is off. (Looks at bahar) but I think he has done something you know Cengiz. Go you two

She goes inside

Ezel: Bahar, I was with cengiz this evening
Bahar: and you were telling me in the meeting
Ezel: eysan called at that moment, they spoke. Meaning his phone was not off.
Bahar: you A*** Cengiz. Ohh my dear sister
Ezel: do you want her to come with us?
Bahar: are you sure?
Ezel: now your mind will be left here, so I am sure if you want her to come.
Bahar; I told you, you don't stop without saving someone.
Ezel: I am trying to get yours.

Continues in part 5


Ezel Episode 5 Part 5

Eysan: did you eat dinner front of the door?
Bahar: come on, your coming with us too
Eysan: no, you can go Cengiz
Bahar: we will call him so he can come too. Come on we will celebrate it together. Come on
Eysan: no Bahar, I cant
Bahar: yes come on
Ezel: we wont go from here without you.
Bahar: yes
Eysan: ok, then I will tell elif and change then come.
Bahar: don't be prettier than me. (so ezel) so where are we going?
Ezel: there is a fish place I go to
Bahar: like bread and fish?
Ezel: not really


They get to the place then Eysan remembers the day when she and Omer went there behind the door

Bahar: sister
Ezel: have you came here before?
Eysan: once

They go inside

Man: Mr. Ezel is everything how you wanted?
Ezel: yes thank you
Man: enjoy it
Ezel: thank you
Bahar: look at the weather. Who did you bring here before?
Ezel: no one
Bahar: do you see how males are sister?
Eysan: (she is looking at the balcony)
Bahar: hello sister? Your not listening to me but the view is this way your looking at the opposite direction.
Eysan: sorry I wasn’t paying attention
Ezel: she thinks I am hiding
Bahar: its true though. Male doesn't tell where and what they did before. As with us female we say everything
Ezel: as far as I understand I don't have anything hiding
Bahar: what now? you haven’t fall in love before?
Ezel: I did, once I did
Eysan: what happen?
Ezel: I was in love with her, but she wasn’t. You? did you fall in love with someone before Cengiz?
Eysan: no, I never fall in love. But I loved! I loved him very much
Bahar: what kind of person was he? What did you love about him?
Eysan: the way he looked at me I loved, the way he holds my hand I loved. Not big he has small dreams. I loved his dreams.
Ezel: what happened after? Did he do something wrong to you? did he upset you?
Eysan: no, he didn't do anything bad
Bahar: then why did you two separate?
Eysan: it was long time ago. Fate (destiny)
Ezel: I think fate (destiny) doesn't separate two loved ones. I think people separates people.
Eysan: it wasn’t easy for me too.
Ezel: I wonder what happened to him. After leaving
Bahar: come on you two it isn’t like killing a man. Did you two meet later?
Eysan: yes, years after I went to him.
Bahar: why?
Eysan: to forgive me
Ezel: did he forgive?
Eysan; he didn't forgive.
Ezel: he was a bad guy then, wouldn’t people forgive his loved ones?
Eysan: he wasn’t a bad man. He was the best person I have ever met in my life. Even that day he loved me as well. (she looks at her phone) its cengiz he has left me a text message. He is surprising me. I should go.
Ezel: I should take you out
Eysan: no need
Ezel: then lets finish the cheers. To real love
Bahar; nice
Ezel; not for the fate that changes our love, but love changes our fate.


Eysan and Ezel waiting outside

Ezel: we didn't celebrate it right at least don't get sick
Eysan: no dear, it was good
Ezel: is it the past? Well if you want to take everything out to a stranger (meaning him)
Eysan: your not a stranger anymore. But I should stay alone a little
Ezel: your not alone anyways, you will be with someone you love (meaning cengiz). Say hi to Cengiz

Then she leaves


Bahar and Ezel

Bahar: I will ask you a question, but answer me right
Ezel: ask
Bahar: you still haven’t forgotten that woman huh? Look you promised you will answer the truth
Ezel: she never gets away front of my face (meaning she is always in his head)
Bahar: maybe a magnificent woman will come cross of you and will make you forget her
Ezel: that magnificent already is around
Bahar: seriously? (she coughs)
Ezel: are you ok?
Bahar: do you want me to be ok?
Ezel: I do
Bahar: then lets stay like this for a little


Eysan cries...then shows his mom crying...cengiz gambolling and Ali still trying to figure out who Ezel is.


Ezel Episode 5 Part 6

Eysan wakes up and sees Cengiz

Cengiz: congratulations pistachio nut
Eysan: where is it? here was a plan where is it?
Cengiz: you don't like it? I did all myself. That is why I got late
Eysan: where is the plan?!
Cengiz: why are you angry yeah? Its there somewhere I placed it
Eysan: (finds it broken)
Cengiz: while I was doing the balloons I stepped on it by accident
Eysan: do you know for how long he was doing this?
Cengiz: we will do a new one. Get him a new one
Eysan: he wants to do it with his father! Don't you understand!
Cengiz: I will get it Eysan!
Eysan: what kind of father are you huh? Its is not buying it or doing it. what is missing is you! you!
Cengiz: you come here! For the last 12 years I am here! You think I am missing? I am here! Your the one who is missing! I am in love with you! how I was in love with you that day and I am still in love like this today too. I didn't go anywhere! I am here! You? where are you Eysan? What are you still waiting for? Huh? (he goes back sitting on the couch)
Eysan: I don't know Cengiz. I still don't know what I am waiting for.


Omer’s parents...she goes to her husband and tells him that he needs to stop working then he says no, I have to work do that we make money..etc. mother says I will tell you about omer then he says again this? she sais listen to me, they didn't show us his face..etc I didn't believe he killed...just because I didn't see. But I don't have to see for me to know. She said I know my own son. I know his smell...etc
Mother: my son...
Father: died! He died! Our son died! If you love your god that is enough. Its sinful, leave the son alone. Let him so that he rests in peace in his grave.
Mother; I wont leave it
Father: you don't have right to be like this...


Ezel, sebnam and kamil

Ezel: didn't I excuse Sebnam for today? What is she doing here?
Kamil: we wondered for you. come lets take you home
Ezel: you go home kamil. What are you doing here? Go stay with your wife and son
Kamil: not now
Ezel: not now then when?
Kamil: once this job is done, I will go back with head raised up. I will open the door and go inside. No one will take me out from there later on.
Ezel: good for you
Kamil: you, what are you going to do after this?
Ezel; after what?
Kamil: after cleaning your calculations (revenge)?
Ezel: what after kamil? There is no after for me don't you still understand? Me is not Me. I died years ago. That grave is not there for no reason. I am still in that grave. Go there once and Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR 244732 for me.


Kamil and sebnam

Sebnam: didn't he say anything about me?
Kamil: no, next time talk more carefully
Sebnam; am I never going to say anything? I don't understand when you go to him you two whisper and talk but when I do, all he says is sebnam Coffee.
Kamil: I am going
Sebnam: (as she walks and talk) ya when it comes to me Sebnam this and be quiet and this...

Then Ali approaches to her

Sebnam: Mr. Ali what are you doing?
Ali: don't be scared. We will just talk. Now your working for him, come for me
Sebnam: let me go (she leaves)
Ali; you will miss the best thing if you leave
Sebnam: say it
Ali: I will give you double for what he gives you, money, car, house, etc come to the park tomorrow and bring everything you know about him. Don't say anything right now.

Then he leaves.,....sebnam remembers the past...ISTANBUL 2006

Sebnam: Ismail (after seen the ring)
Ismail: I have spend all my money in my pocket to get you this. now (takes it from her and gives her drug) you take this, the men will come in a little. do what ever your going to be but try to put this in the men’s drink.
Sebnam: but Ismail
Ismail: but nothing will happen to the men, he will fall asleep only for about 30 minutes

Continues in part 7


Ezel Episode 5 Part 7

Ismail: after you will get this. (shows her the ring)

So now the men are all there

Ismail: Sebnam renew the drinks. Go head Mr. Ezel you were talking
Ezel: another 10 thousand

As they play he switched the drinks...

Ismail: (gets dizzy) how did you know this?
Ezel: this is my job
Sebnam: are you ok ismail? (to ezel) what will happen to me?
Ezel: you will stay here, or you will open your eyes and come with me.


Morning...present time 2009-10-27

Can: aunt what are you doing?
Bahar: good morning, did you sleep well?
Can: yes
Cengiz: I wished I could sleep well too
Can: dad where is my plain?
Cengiz: I have it
Can: where? Inside?
Cengiz: here
Can: best dad (he goes inside)
Cengiz: my head is bad. Where is Eysan?
Bahar: she left early morning and will come back soon
Cengiz: what is all this?
Bahar: because I may have a guest over that is why

Ezel and kamil

Ezel: there is no Sebnam?
Kamil: she is not around yet
Ezel: let me know I have to make-up with her

Ezel: (to himself) one side is devil and one is angle. Both can influence but sometimes and some days both can be behind a person. (shows ali waiting at the park, and his mom at his grave) in such days always bad people wins. And the good ones always are left with no remedy. They just wait for something.

Mother: (praying) My God, please help my God. There is something inside of me, either take this thing out of me or bring Omer back to me.

Then it shows the Eysan is there as well at the cemetery


Ali sitting then instead of Sebnam Ezel ends up sitting beside him

Ezel: you thought I wouldn’t hear?
Ali: you thought that you wouldn’t get a chance to hear it either?
Ezel: if you want to ask something, ask me.
Ali: I would have asked you if you answer me truthfully. It doesn't happen, but I know such person like you. you hide yourself.
Ezel: your right, you don't know me at all Ali.
Ali: my son, actually you DO NOT know me
Ezel: (takes his glass off/out) don't be too sure, maybe I know you better than you think.
Ali: then you know, I wont leave you alone. I will be after you like a dog. The money, car, house you have I don't buy it. I can smell, I know the shoes you wear. I know everything do you know why? Because friend/brother we know each other. (like he has seen people like that who are fake)
Ezel: then friend says it pain Ali. Your not enough for me, this side is the 1st level and the other is the shoe place. This was like this when you were a mechanic and now as a manager is the same. (meaning he is nothing!) (so ali gets surprised that he knows something about his past)
Ali: I understand, we will find this talking some other time. that day I will invite you and give you drinks. Then you remind me to continue today’s conversation where we are ending right now.
Ezel: (stands up)lets agree on it from now on. One day we will open one door and get in there together. What ever you want we will talk
Ali: promise?
Ezel: (his phone rings) Good morning Bahar, sure, sure I will come with pleasure. Ok dear see you later. (to ali) lets continue later. Bahar has invited me for breakfast, I would have said come but no.


Shows the cemetery...

Ezel: (continuing the talking as before)....but sometimes fate will pick your way without asking. Small coincidence will meet and talk, and they come cross of us

Mother: who is there?
Eysan: aunt
Mart: Eysan! Cengiz’s eysand. She is 10 meter away from us. She hasn’t changed, just like before.
Mother: what is she doing?
Mart: she is turning back mom! She is returning as how ever she came!
Eysan: Mart
Mart: she wont come here again mother, she wont do that to my brother. She wont send my brother to death and now come to his grave.

As Eysan goes back

Mother: stop, come on say my son is a theft, say my son is a murder. Would someone do this to someone they love? Would they do it?! would someone call on the person they love? And put them in jail? Would someone send the loves ones to murder?

Eysan: what shall I say now? what ever I say is empty. What every I said is lie. But aunt that day I died with Omer as well. I did what I thought was right but that day I killed myself as well. Don't forgive me, but I loved Omer.

Continues in part 8


Ezel episode 5 Part 8

Eysan: I loved Omer more than anything.
Mother: daughter,

Then they hug


Ezel talking while going to Bahar’s house

Ezel: some days everything is on its place, guilt and faults will be forgiven. You will tell yourself you did. At the end you went in front.


Eysan with Mart and his mother

Mother: do you know, the last time I holded my son’s hand when before he went to jail. If I has two of my eyes I would have given to hold for the last time his hands.

Eysan: aunt, I have a son, named Can. I really want you to see him.
Aunt: one day you will bring him
Eysan: how about you come now? for the breakfast its just us home. I really want you to touch my son, he is considered as your grandchild as well. (she still doesn't know he is Omer’s son)
Mart: no, my mom doesn't want that
Eysan: it will be just us, there is no one else. We have a guest but he is not a stranger. His name is Ezel.

Ezel: (talking in between) some days the stones we have places starts to fall apart one by one.


Ali with the man looking at the pictures

Ali; don't you see it?! there is something here! There is something in here!
Man: we have looked in this for a few times maybe...
Ali: don't finish that talk! I know such men very well! There is something in here! I will find it!
Man: (while he is looking at the paper) Mr. Ali can I look at something?

So he looks and they find out that for the last 4 years they have been buying things in one he goes to get info about it


At Eysan’s house

Can: look how nice it is now
Ezel: nice you painted?
Can: I putted it together but my dad finished it this morning
Ezel: good for you
Cengiz: can go play at the backyard me and Ezel brother will come in a little
Can: ok (he leaves)
Ezel; you made it? (meaning the plain)
Cengiz: I did or bought it, its the same thing

Eysan: good morning
Cengiz: good morning
Eysan: we have a guest
Cengiz: Mart? Aunt?

Ezel: (talking) some days you open your eyes as seen a nightmare. You on the bridge
Cengiz: how good it is you came.
Eysan: where is Can?
Cengiz: backyard playing. Sit here. Bahar go get some water
Mother: leave it.
Cengiz: ezel, this aunty is Mart’s mother
Ezel: hhh its nice to meet you.

As she hugs him

Mother: omer
Ezel: sit here dear aunty
Ezel: (to himself talking) they will ask you ezel, they will know you)
Mother: its you Omer? Right sn?
Ezel: (to himself) they will ask who you are, tell. Who are you Ezel?
Ezel: I am not your son aunt, you are confusing. I am Ezel.
Mother: son
Ezel: I hear, I am sorry for your lost. But I am not him

Cengiz: aunt
Mother: leave me! leave me! take me away from here!


Ali talking with the man

Ali: did you go?
Man: here doesn't seem like a store, its just a street with a small place
Ali: where?
Man: one second I am here


RAMIZ: (shows the man who works for Ali now is actually working for Ezel) I am sending a gift from inside to you. that man almost killed his soul for me. (GO BACK TO TIME 2006) meaning his soul is mine. meaning his soul is yours from now on. (shows how he gets out of jail) but take care of this child very well. Years what I saw in you has in this child as well. Sometimes you get people right away, sometimes you end up with someone who was into pieces and you gather them up and make them who ever they are. (meaning they suffered and they can work for them) now this child is this, from now on he is yours..

Back to present time 2009

Ali: talk!
Man: there is nothing Mr. Ali, here is only windows and walls. My mistake.

He goes inside

Man: hello uncle M. (Ezel’s father)
M: welcome son. I finished your work just now. sit here
Man: uncle my boss send you this, thank you very much.
M: thank you, I hope one day he will come and drink our tea as well
Man: inshalla (I hope) so he will come on day

PS: SO now it shows that this man is also working for Ezel and his father is actually getting money from him!


Ezel talking: today I found myself right on a bridge. Downstairs fires, front of my devil and behind me angles



Ezel Episode 5 Part 9 Last One

Ezel:...front of my devil. Both asked me the same question. Who are you? who’s side are you on? Love or revenge? In everything they one you to pick only one.


At Ezel’s house

Mart: mom open the door
Father; she is still not opening the door Mart? Tell her to open the door
Mart: mommy, mommy open the door let me just see you and I will get out. Please open it.

Then the mother finds the ring in her pocket

Ezel: but the third option is throwing in the fire...


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Ezel episode 6 part 1

Ezel and Kamil driving behind his mother

Kamil: Shall I stop?
Ezel: no, did I make a mistake?
Kamil: no, the lady suffered too much.
Ezel: I putted her in danger position.
Kamil: she doest know anything
Ezel: Cengiz is smart, they have understood. They killed man Kamil....
Kamil: Ezel did it wrong yes BUT Omer did it right.
Ezel: I have to warn her, if she says something they wont leave her alone... (he gets out of the car then in) wow look what Ezel is doing... what we went thru but doesn't have the strength to hug the mother. We have to act fast Kamil, do what ever needs to be done. I cannot put my mother in danger. If they are wondering what I am after, then I will tell them.


Shows Eysan in bed with her husband

Eysan: (speaking to herself) have you ever woken up in one morning and wanted the dreams you gave up once? I did.

Then the phone rings

Eysan: (calling for Bahar) Bahar did you wake up? Its your phone.. (she looks at it and its Ezel, then she answers it) hello?
Ezel: Bahar?
Eysan: it’s Eysan
Ezel: Eysan
Eysan: Bahar was sleeping, so when I saw its you (she means in like Mr. You)...
Ezel: please say you (without the Mr.)
Eysan: I will, you
Ezel: we agree, Eysan I am sorry for last night (then the door rings) I didn't let you know without telling
Eysan: actually I should be apologizing (she goes to open the door) I called her in the wrong time
Ezel: no, she must be close to you?
Eysan: still I should not have brought her, lately I make sudden decisions. (she opens the door, doesn't see anyone)
Ezel: sudden decisions are good, they come from the heart. What happen to the lady? Is she ok now?
Eysan: they took her home, she is better.
Ezel: you? are you ok then? (Eysan sees the envelope in front of her door) (she looks words) Eysan?
Eysan: I am fine, I will tell Bahar you called, see you later (she hangs up)
Cengiz: Eysan? Who is it? (he comes down) oh your here? Who was it?
Eysan: no one, its no one.

Eysan: (to herself) but I have forgotten, in every dream’s door a nightmare waits...



Eysan: come here dear, eat your sandwich
Bahar: ya sister what happen yesterday? I didn't understand anything
Eysan: about?
Bahar: that lady, who is she? As soon as she came everything got mixed up.
Eysan: our old neighbourhood’s friend’s mother.
Bahar: so? What was she doing here?
Cengiz: yes, what was she doing here?
Eysan: I saw her coincidently. Can, eat this properly
Cengiz: how beautiful, where?
Eysan: (she keeps changing the subject) Ezel called you in the morning
Bahar: oh I didn't hear
Cengiz: I didn't too.
Eysan: both of you were sleeping
Bahar: that lady fainted in Ezel’s arm yesterday and she said something in his ears.
Cengiz: I wonder what she said?
Eysan: how am I supposed to know cengiz? Beside what would she say? Anyways Can this bread will be finished. I am leaving, you all enjoy your appetite.
Cengiz: this break will be finished (to Can)


Inside the house

Eysan and Cengiz

Cengiz: Eysan what is going on?
Eysan: nothing, I just was wondering for aunty.
Cengiz: all sudden?
Eysan: it happened
Cengiz: what are you hiding from me? I will understand it
Eysan: isn’t enough what we have hidden from everyone already?
Cengiz: this is what I was talking about, I said lets not forget it. because what ever we have now will be blamed on the person we have hidden.
Eysan: yes, how bad it is right?
Cengiz: I don't think so. I think its the most beautiful thing in this world, because its the only thing that has holden us together. Where are you going?
Eysan: for the night out I am going to look at some dresses, you?
Cengiz: to my room, I have to prepare things too. Lets not hide anything from one another. Ok?
Eysan: alright.


Cengiz and Ali on the phone

Cengiz: hey Ali, a small job for you
Ali: good morning to you too.
Cengiz: listen to me, lately Eysan is very upset.
Ali: what shall I do?
Cengiz: have someone with her. Someone who is quite and trusted.
Ali: alright
Cengiz: when I say someone, it would be good even if Eysan is not aware of it.
Ali: Cenggo! Did she bring aunty there?
Cengiz: do what I tell you Ali.


Ezel and Ramiz

Ezel: thank you (to the man)
Ramiz: go get another coffee...after 20 years where this city did went? Its getting used to things right? Both of us are not giving up on things we are used to it. either you gave the ring or you said your Omer.
Ezel: she is my mother. How long more would she suffer?
Ramiz: this is what I am saying, you should have left it the way it was. What are you going to do now?
Ezel: Cengiz’s game will start.
Ramiz: its early, early. Cengiz is an opened eyes man, but he is not soft. He doesn't trust you this much to be your partner.
Ezel: no need for time, they did everything to me.

Continues in part 2

Ezel Episode 6 part 2

Ezel: they did what they did to me, but I wont let them touch my family
Ramiz: you waited for 12 years nephew, wait for 2 more months, or else everything will fall on you.
Ezel: no patient anymore. (he answers the phone) Yes Kamil?
Kamil: you turned right, he came
Ezel: he came?
Kamil: yes he did
Ezel: ok I am coming

Then it shows how Cengiz is front of Omer (Ezel’s) house

Ezel: (with Ramiz) Cengiz has went to my mother’s
Ramiz: he is looking for words from her mouth. What are you going to do now?
Ezel: I am going to them
Ramiz: your doing the wrong thing nephew. Your acting fast
Ezel: 12 years uncle, maybe its time
Ramiz: all sudden you going there, what are you going to say huh?


Cengiz and Omer’s father

Cengiz: how is aunty? I am got worried of her yesterday
Father; don't even ask cengiz, all day she cried.
Cengiz: what did she say? Did she say anything?
Father: no, she didn't open the door for us. After all sudden her voice was cut. She opened the door and came out. Since then she is like this (shows her how happy she is)
Mother: Mumtaz the dinner is ready sit.


Eysan alone by the beach

Eysan: sometimes you want to continue your life where you left off, but one hand holds you. you know who that person is but you cannot return back (she reads the note) you cant hold the hand, you cant look at the face. Because of that as you walk away that person takes you to the dark side. You cannot go ahead.

(THE NOTE SAYS “what you did to Omer everyone will know. Where you left me off lets meet” )


Back to his parent’s house
Mother: here son, you drink some too (the soup)
Cengiz: thank you dear aunty
Father: oh you haven’t made the for a long time.
Mother: its my son’s fav. Soup
Cengiz: Mart’s? ...aunt yesterday you scared us, what happened all sudden?
Mother: nothing, I don't know something happened, I guess because of the weather.
Cengiz: you never come to us, I was very glad to see you but what happen at the end? why did you get upset?
Mother: nothing
Cengiz: all sudden you looked like you saw a ghost, did someone say anything?
Mother: no, who would say what?
Cengiz: no, maybe Eysan or someone else.
Mother: no one said anything
Cengiz: ah, what did you tell Ezel? You know when you hold him, you said something in his ear.
Mother: I didn't say anything.
Cengiz: but I spoke with Ezel, you have said (he didn't finish his talk)
Mother: he did?
Father: cengiz son, lets not get her tired.
Cengiz: for sure he did, there is nothing between us hidden, he was very surprised to
Mother: no

(the door bill rings)

Cengiz: why did you say such thing to ezel?
Mother: I didn't say anything
Cengiz: what is that in your hand?
Mother: nothing

Ezel: hello uncle
Father: hello son
Ezel: thank you, I came without telling are you available?
Father: sure, sure come in
Ezel: hello
Cengiz: Ezel? What is up? What are you doing here?
Ezel: yesterday when aunty fainted I got worried, I said maybe if I did something wrong?
Father: no son, you didn't do anything
Ezel: still I wanted to know. (looks at Cengiz) I called you to come here together, but you didn't answer your phone. So I came alone
Father: you didn't had to
Ezel: no need.
Cengiz: serious no one is better than you Ezel.
Ezel: get well aunty; I don't know if you like this but here, shall we place it in here? (he whispers in her ears) Don't trust them mother

Eysan goes to the place....its a place for *******
Then she decides not to go inside..


Back to ezel’s house

Mother: do you like the food son?
Ezel: thank you aunty, its very good
Cengiz: is this Omer’s favour food?
Mother: yes, may his place be in heaven, my good son and only one.
Ezel: we made you tired, excuse me, Cengiz you?
Cengiz: aunty was telling me about yesterday
Ezel: oh that one
Cengiz: what did she say?
Ezel: she said where my son is
Cengiz: son?
Mother: my son Mart, when I couldn’t find him I got worry
Ezel: sure she would be, within all those people.
Cengiz: we are not stranger though
Ezel: thank you for the food, excuse us, if you want to come too Cengiz?

Then the glass breaks
Ezel: you wait I will take care of it
Mother: don't let it cut you
Father: leave it its sharp, we will do it
Ezel: no uncle we made you tired already
Cengiz: I want to drink one tea
Ezel: I will bring it and through this out

In the kitchen

Ezel: where are the glasses?
Cengiz: (shows him) I see you like here
Ezel: not bad, they are very warm people
Cengiz: ya leave it! in two days you will run from here too
Ezel: you think so? Why?
Cengiz: do you know what is like to be poor? You can smell the different. Look at the table do you see the water? What do they tell you?
Ezel: they don't talk to me Cengiz
Cengiz: it tells you, you’re in the second grade. You go to the barbershop, the food stores...etc you will be running from there
Ezel: if you tell a little more I will anyways
Cengiz: I am just telling you so, here is like mud, if you get into it once, you won’t be able to get out.
Father: are you two talking work?
Cengiz: no uncle, I was telling him about the street (area)
Father: oh, Cengiz is from here. He was born and grew up here
Ezel: this is what he was telling
Father: he was after everything
Ezel: no way
Father: ya Omer would used to say “why are you doing this?”

Ezel Episode 6 part 3

Ezel: really what happened?
Father: wallahi son the world came down on us, but look Omer’s last good thing did help us.
Ezel: how?
Father: he learned lessons from him...
Cengiz: you’re right uncle, Omer changed my life.
Father: now I am proud of him, he is like my own son God knows it.

So as they leave Ezel whispers in her ears says “ I will come”

Cengiz: the people who see us will think we are friends from childhood. We met only a few days a go but look at us.
Ezel: its fate
Cengiz: fate is blind people’s job, nothing escaped from us.
Ezel: so what do you say?
Cengiz: what do I say? I say good thing you found me.
Ezel: see you at the game place
Cengiz: come, come. Look you know everything about me. what I do, where I live, I thought about it today, I don't know anything about you.
Ezel: what do you want to learn?
Cengiz: everything partner! Everything. What you do, what you drink. For example where are you going today?
Ezel: I have work to do
Cengiz: come on, your hidden it from me too?

Then they leave


Ali with the man

Man: number 1 table is ready. (they go to the second one) number 2 table is ready. What is it Mr. Ali, today your very quite.
Ali: (looks at 3rd table) what is this man? Huh? This is not right! Number 3 table is READY! Here my voice is back to where it was, are you ready?
Man: (his phone rings and answers it) yes Mr. Cengiz? I understand sir. Yes sir.
Ali: what does he want?
Man; he wants me to drop off Eysan and Bahar somewhere. Right now
Ali: Bahar too?
Man: yes
Ali: give me your keys. Lets drive around the young lady around a little maybe the mood will come back.


Ali, Bahar and Eysan

Ali: ahh I haven’t been here for a while. Where is Cengiz?
Eysan: he just said come here, it’s a surprise.
Ali: lets see, we will understand now. wow looks at those boats..
Bahar; seems like you know about boats?
Ali: sure, I am a captain, I had a boat too. I used to get away for one week
Bahar: how nice
Ali: if you want we can set it up again.
Bahar: sure, dear sister be aware of it me and Brother Ali will head to the blue ocean
Ali: how about this one? (the boat he means)
Bahar: sure thats nice
Ali: if you want we will set it?
Bahar: sure

(as soon as they get closer to one of the boats, Ezel comes out)

Ezel: welcome!

Ali: (with Cengiz) boat trip?
Cengiz: no, lets say it’s work. You didn't find anything right?
Ali: no
Cengiz: do you know where he lives?
Ali: yes
Cengiz: go check it out and see how the design is like
Ali: you want me to look or redo the whole design?
Cengiz: looks Ali! You do it yourself!
Ali: you didn't care before what happen?
Cengiz: look! Call me later


Sebnam fixing around

Sebnam: ok now the books are fine. (reads the note) I am leaving the lab top open. That one is done too.


Ali and the man

Ali: your not getting out? (they get out) you keep checking the other side
Man: sir if you want
Ali: you wait here. If there is someone inside, I will call. You clean it after me.

The man tries to call Sebnam but no answer...


Cengiz: (with Eysan) are you still mad at me?
Eysan: your weird Cengiz, is everything about you?
Cengiz: I thought me and you will never hide anything from each other?
Eysan: no we will be honest? You and I?
Cengiz: yes, I don't hide anything from you.
Eysan: ok, yesterday morning I went to Omer’s grave.
Cengiz: you saw his mother there?
Eysan: yes
Cengiz: why? WHY?! Why are you still going after the past Eysan?
Eysan: because the past is keep coming back in front of me that is why! Isn’t coming back in front of you?
Cengiz: I am not letting, I don't look at that side!
Eysan: I cannot do that
Cengiz: why is that?
Eysan: because every time I look at you, it reminds me of what we did to Omer. That is why! (he is anbout to leave) Cengiz!
Cengiz: there is only me left, if I get far from you then what will happen? Are you going to be someone else? You will not be.

Then Ezel and Bahar comes

Cengiz: (about the wine) what did the Italian say about this? (he said it in Italian) we read things too Miss. Bahar
Bahar; it was written on the bottle.
Ezel: cheers to good life! To the life of our dreams!
Eysan: what is the dream life of yours?
Cengiz: we don't know the man’s real life, how can we know about his dream life?
Ezel: you ask, I will tell

Back to Ezel’s house
Ali gets inside the house

Sebnam sees the message it says “ Ali is coming inside the house, get out!”


Ezel Episode 6 Part 4

Ali starts to check the phone which is Sebnam...then he gets a phone call
Ali: what happen you got bored?
Man: no, the cops are here, we have to go


Back to Ezel and the others...

Ezel: meaning telling the truth, I haven’t worked like a man in my all life.
Cengiz; lets drink for that
Bahar: oh Cengiz brother
Eysan: what about your family? Is your mother and dad alive?
Ezel: no, I lost both of them in an accident
Bahar: I am sorry

Cengiz: (gets a phone call its Ali) what did you find?
Ali: I am by the lob top, I don't have much time. I don't understand about such things much
Cengiz: what is it? check pictures.
Ali: I am getting into his private folder
Cengiz: what is in there?
Ali: (checks it with all building showing) wow!

Eysan: what is your biggest dream?
Ezel: you want the truth?
Bahar: no, tell us the lie.
Cengiz: (on the phone with Ali) what is it Ali?
Ali: hotel plans!
Cengiz: (hangs up)

Ezel: my biggest dream is this. (shows the place) I want to make a hotel there; I am bored at the other place. I will set a dream and make the biggest hotel here. This is my dream.

(ezel gets a text message it says “ he came and left boss”)


Evening time

Ezel and Eysan

Eysan; so that’s your dream? It’s a very beautiful place. It will be Istanbul’s nicest hotel. Of course if it gets done in the right way.
Ezel: I will show you the picture; you tell me your thoughts. You don't tell anyone?
Eysan; what?
Ezel: whatever is in your head.
Eysan: there is nothing to tell
Ezel: there is always something to tell, of course when you find the right person.
Eysan: did you find it?
Ezel: I am more careful now. even if I find it, I wont believe. Come let’s make whatever is in your head go away.
Eysan: its too tough for today
Ezel: come, come. (she sits beside him then he shows her how to work the boat)
Eysan: no dear, I cant do it
Ezel: nothing will happen.


Bahar and Cengiz

Bahar: Cengiz brother, did my sister say anything about Ezel to you?
Cengiz: like what?
Bahar: it’s like she is not in the mood, is it because of Ezel?
Cengiz: she doesn't look unhappy now. (looks at them)

Ezel: look you control it with those things.
Eysan: ok, how fast is this going?
Ezel: you will ride it better than me later on
Eysan: no wy
Ezel: how do you feel now? Your better?
Eysan: yes

Bahar: (comes) you two enjoying yourself, you forgot me.
Ezel: Bahar look, I am riding the boat
Bahar: we notice, Cengiz brother fail downstairs I am here to tell you.
Ezel: Captain (to Eysan) I am leaving you here alone, I have to take care of this beautiful lady (meaning Bahar)
Eysan: don't leave me here alone, which way am I suppose to go now?
Ezel: you will find it, may it go easy.


Mart and his mother

Mart: its me mother, me. mom I have good news for you, I got in the program
Mother: wow! Congratulations son. When will it happen? (its a news release I think)
Mart: I am not sure; first I have to check things. Let me call this man, he helped me a lot.
Mother: wait, your going to call Cengiz?
Mart: yes mom, why?
Mother: don't call, stay away from that man
Mart: again mother? You never trusted him!
Mother: listen to me Mart! I am your mother, I just need one thing. Am I asking for too much?
Mart: ok, I won’t call.


Ezel and Cengiz

Cengiz: wait, I can handle it (meaning he is drunk and Ezel was about to help him) again I didn't do anything without you, congratulations Mr. Ezel
Ezel: in which subject?
Cengiz: in everything. Your boat is nice, your dream is very beautiful. Human is jealous. See you later
Ezel: see you later...(Eysan comes)
Eysan: thank you for today’s lesson
Ezel: no need. It was a good thing for me. Eysan do you have my phone?
Eysan: no, it would be good if I have it. in case if I worry for Bahar I will call you.
Ezel: even if you don't call, maybe we will sit and drink coffee and talk.

Then Bahar comes

Eysan: come on dear
Ezel: can’t you stay a little more?
Bahar: I don't know, why?
Ezel: eh I didn't take care of you much today
Bahar; yes, it was a little weak
Ezel: what if I ask for one more chance?
Bahar: sister, what do you say? Do you think he deserves another chance?
Eysan: I think everyone deserves another chance
Bahar: we will see


Shows Omer’s mother and mart looking at her


Ezel and Bahar

Bahar: you do deserve another chance.


Ezel Episode 6 Part 5

Eysan looks at the necklace her father gave her once

Then the door rings

Eysan: who is it?
Cengiz: I called her, we have work for about 30 minutes
Eysan; welcome
Ali: what’s up
Eysan; nothing

Ali: (with Cengiz) I went there. this is what I got
Cengiz: (looks at the pictures) wow! Wow! This is a lot.
Ali: what will happen son! We are rich too
Cengiz: no Ali, this is not what I am talking about. Look where this place is like. Here makes soo much money! Ali we are getting into this work with this man!
Ali: don't make man sick Cengiz! I am trying to cut this man and you say partner?
Cengiz: wait don't say that! This man doesn't know about work! He is strong (meaning with money) but doesn't know work! But we know! Is we get into this work and get the money
Ali: what are you saying? Wasn’t Omer enough and you want this man too? Look this man is not like him, he wont be done just with my gun.
Cengiz: you wait, we didn't talk about such things. First lets solve this man, and then we will see. (Ali is about to leave) ah Ali
Ali: what! What now!?
Cengiz: since your going out can you open the door, Bahar came home!

Ali opens the door

Bahar; oh Ali Brother, is everyone good?
Ali; yes, everyone is good. I am leaving
Bahar: good night.
Ezel: no kissing? (she kisses him) good night (she goes inside) Ah Ali, I was going to call you for the boat too, but your a dark man, you would have cached the fishes
Ali: no need, I had work to do
Ezel: did you get it done?
Ali: yes
Ezel: no problems happened?
Ali: even it’s (meaning his) soul didn't even hear it!


Cengiz and Eysan

Eysan: Cengiz, you know how today you were asking?
Cengiz: dear, am I burned a little? (meaning from the sun)
Eysan; today I received a letter.
Cengiz: Ezel’s boat is good too, shall we buy one too?
Eysan: you know it better. you and ali go for it. can you turn off the light?
Cengiz: were you going to tell me something? Eysan hotel’s place is very nice right?
Eysan; yes its nice
Cengiz: you always wanted a hotel like that
Eysan: because I wanted you to leave the gambling alone that is why
Cengiz: true, but tell the truth. Its like the man understood your dream right?
Eysan: true, come on lets sleep
Cengiz: Eysan, I love you. I will do anything for you, you know that right?
Eysan: I know Cengiz, I know.


Kamil and Ezel

Kamil: she has fall asleep by the balcony. Make your first step, the rest will come it self.
Ezel: it’s not going there; I am scared if I don't come back. If I hug my mother once, I wont come here once more. I am scared if I don't return here again.

Ezel’s phone ring its Cengiz

Sebnam: you wont answer?
Ezel: Cengiz
Cengiz; what are you doing this evening?
Ezel: I am working on my work
Cengiz: it is not a work to do alone, isn’t there someone to help you?
Ezel: you know me, I work alone.
Cengiz: yes, yes do you want to come play this evening?
Ezel: what game?
Cengiz: alone, me and you. (some kind of game he said I don't know what its called in English)
Ezel: see you in the evening.

They hang up

Sebnam: what happen?
Ezel: they bought it, they want the partner work. Well don't Sebnam.
Sebnam: he almost caught me
Ezel: did he?
Sebnam: no
Ezel: good, Kamil did uncle call?
Kamil: no
Ezel: come on, since they want Ezel, let us give them Ezel.


Eysan and Elif (the girl who works for her)

Eysan: elif, how come Can is not home yet?
Elif: sometimes the driver gets late Mrs. Eysan.

Ezel Episode 6 Part 6

Eysan outside

Eysan: Elif can you call the school? (then she receives a text message, it says) “how old is Can? Does he go to school? Etc”. Elif! Bring my bag! Come on Elif! Hurry!

Can: (comes home) mom!

Eysan: Can! Where were you son?
Can: after school we did football, my friend’s dad drop me off. Are you mad?
Eysan: I am not. Elif change Can’s cloth
Can: where you going mom?
Eysan: I will go somewhere, and come back.

Kamil: I will pick up the car and come

Ramiz comes with his driver

Ramiz: come in Ezel


Ezel and Ramiz

Ramiz: your throwing yourself in fire nephew, in fire. Your life is not just yours. All of our lives is attached to your shoulder.
Ezel: I made my decision uncle, if you want to be apart from this you know better.
Ramiz: enough, don't throw words to me. we are not playing words right? I have called you nephew, but you are my son! Son!
Ezel: thank you, but I can solve it myself.
Ramiz: you said you will do it yourself, but you wont. They got worried from you once. You acted well after, but more is needed. Since they think of you as a threat what you did after is not enough, what needs to be done is making their hands not work (meaning making them weak).
Ezel: how?
Ramiz: we want those men do work with your right? Then we have to make them colder from the works a little.
Ezel: how uncle?
Ramiz: you acted on early (soon) nephew. You acted very soon, you didn't want for the rocks to sit on its place. You placed yourself in the middle too much. Now strength and power is needs to be used to make them down.
Ezel: you said no gun to me uncle! From the beginning.
Ramiz: leave that part to me, let this one be my part.
Ezel: uncle?
Ramiz: alright nephew for today that is it! ah also you left your watch hand, but be careful at night time double check it ok?


Eysan goes back to the hotel, the man who works for ali and Ezel follows her


Ezel and Cengiz playing the game

Cengiz: yes I am going to ask. Where is the water coming from? Seriously, your spending money like water. (he means the money is like water) are those money yours?
Ezel: mine, yours, who ever I make money from is theirs.
Cengiz: meaning no one will come out underneath it?
Ezel: I am coming out. I am asking; one day to win your biggest game, will you place everything you woe on the table? (He gives in most of his money)
Cengiz: I will even place my soul.
Ezel: eh, there is no one here today to support you? (Like a good luck thing)
Cengiz: your right, isn’t there anyone for me today? (calls a girl and she comes in) will you be my good luck charm today?
Girl: let me try, maybe I will be a good luck one for you
Cengiz: ok, I am asking now. Who did you learn this game from? You learned it from someone. Who?
Ezel: from my father, my dad taught me.

Eysan goes inside her dad’s room

Eysan: hello dad
Father: (answers her with the name he used to call her) you came to see your daddy?
She goes inside


Back to Ezel and Cengiz

Cengiz: I am asking. Have you ever lost while knowing it?
Ezel: yes, have you ever wined while not deserved?
Cengiz: when you win, it means you deserve it partner. I’m asking, why did you come to Kabris?
Ezel: to play game, is it bad? We met there
Cengiz: we met there? or you already knew us before coming there?
Ezel: I did see your pictures. Did you know me before?
Cengiz: why did you come to aunty’s house yesterday?
Ezel: I was worried.
Cengiz: you worried, but not here, it was us.

Eysan and her father

Eysan: how can you do that dad? How can you threat me? with Omer? With my son Can.
Father: would you have came in other way? Tell me the truth, would you have came to me in other way? I said once more chance, to see my daughter for one last time. there was only you Eysan! Only you! what is left behind is all story!
Eysan: what did you do to yourself dad? What did you do to us. Look at us!
Father: after what happened, I headed to the road to make the world upside down, but the opposite happened daughter. the world made your dad upside down. The father you had who would do everything gave up!
Eysan: so that is it? because of that I was left out with no father? While I was young I would wait for you...for days no money, no life. Nothing. But when you used to come you would have been my hero.


Ezel Episode 6 Part 7

father: give me one chance Eysan. Once chance
Eysan: you killed my father, was it worth it huh? Tell me was it worth it? was it worth it for these?!
Father: Eysan, give me one more chance! Once that is it! like before you and your father!
Eysan: ENOUGH! Enough! For once tell the truth, for once don't make things up. Tell the truth, so that I can give you a chance
Father: my daughter, esyan you will give?
Eysan: I will, but look at my face, and tell me the truth. Did you change? Will you change? Tell the truth.
Father: sure I will Eysan, I will do anything to you....i cannot change. I cant change, this is me Eysan, this is your father. Now if you take me to you, I cannot change Eysan! Cannot! I am your father.
Eysan: (kisses him) thank you daddy (as she is about to leave, she gives him money and the necklace back)
Father: eysan?
Eysan: next time never call me! if it needed I will take you and myself down! Never come near me! this game is done!
Father: but you said...
Eysan; I lied, I am my father’s daughter.


Back to Cengiz and Ezel, he keeps checking his watch

Cengiz: I solved (figured) out you. last night I thought about it all night. But look I solved it after.
Ezel: tell me, let me hear it too
Cengiz: you didn't come to Kabris for playing games.
Ezel: why did I come?
Cengiz: you came to us. You came to learn things about us.
Ezel: why should I do such thing?
Cengiz: cuz if it was me I would have. if it was me I would have done it, without letting their soul even hear it.
Ezel: (looks at the man who leaves and ali looks as well) after? What would you have done after?
Cengiz: after, I would have connected the work for sure. Ezel B. What do he want for real from us Ali, do you know? Help. He will be making a hotel, the best and most beautiful place in Istanbul. But he cannot do it alone, because he doesn't know about hotel, he knows about people. Am I right?
Ezel: your right.
Cengiz: so what do you think?

Then the two gun men comes inside shooting!!


Eysan walking alone and talking

Eysan: (talking) sometimes to live you have to kill, sometimes to live the love inside you not killing you but you end up killing. (then she gets a phone call) hello?
Bahar: sister, I got worried, are you ok? Where are you?
Eysan: I am fine, I will come in a little. is Can ok?
Bahar; he is fine, I took him to bed. Come home soon we have to chat.
Eysan: ok dear, Bahar
Bahar: yes sister?
Eysan: I was going to say I love you
Bahar: me too.


Back to the gambling place

Cengiz: who did it? theft?
Ali; no, I will find it out though! Lets take you to a safe place tonight.
Cengiz: send a car home and make it wait there.

Cengiz: (to Ezel) this is what happens
Ezel: you must be used to it, in such job it happens.
Ali: come, I will take you to a safe place
Cengiz: no, I found a better one, no one will find us there. (to Ezel) come out talk was left out. Lets finish it there
Ali: (to Ezel) in your work such things doesn't happen I guess, did you get scared?
Ezel: kamil take Sebnam home, and (to cengiz) give me this (alcohol) don't finish it.

The man comes to talk to Ali

Man: Mr. Ali
Ali: you come now? talk hurry!
Man: Mr. Ali, I did what you told me, she went somewhere inside
Ali: say it hurry! Don't keep it inside your mouth! Come to the point!
Man: she met with this man (he shows his picture, then breaks the phone)
Ali: now you answer me, did you see this man’s picture? Hear? Or anything know about him?
Man: which picture?
Ali: watch after here. (as he is about to leave) where son? Give me the address first.


Cengiz and Ezel goes to the place they used to chill

Ezel; is it a safe place here?
Cengiz: you know here, here was the most safe place for me once. Then there was not much money in pocket...



Ezel Episode 6 part 8

cengiz: ...we used to play with this
ezel: with who?
Cengiz: I was right in the gambling place right? You investigated us.
Ezel: haven’t you investigated me?
Cengiz: no dear, what investigation? I am asking and your answering.


Eysan’s father and Ali

Her father: Eysan your back? (he opens the door)
Ali: I miss you very much dad!
Sardar: brother? You haven’t changes, your just like before. Wow! Did Eysan tell you I am here? (ali pushes him) don't do it! look don't do it! (ali is about to kill him I think) look around, I am already gone!
Ali: when I shoot then I will tell you
Sardar: look don't do it please!
Ali: you should have thought of this before, you made me a murder man!
Sardar: don't do it! I beg you don't do it! don't!
Ali: why I shouldn’t? So that you tell the cops about us? And get into that poor girl’s life again?
Sardar: are you talking about Eysan?
Ali: what Eysan! She can safe herself! I am talking about Bahar! Bahar!
Sardar: Bahar, then what are you going to tell Bahar? Your going to tell her that you shot her father? Don't do that to her at least Ali. I wont come back to your life, I swear ali.


Ezel and Cengiz

Ezel: you know each other form here right? You, ali and Eysan?
Cengiz: yes
Ezel: they have gave up, why do you still come here?
Cengiz: you shouldn’t ask this
Ezel: you said be yourself, so I am asking
Cengiz: do you know what I have to do to answer this question? I have to tell you about Omer.
Ezel: so tell.
Cengiz: Omer, was my best friend! Omer, AHHHH I WON! (Ezel takes the car out from his pocket) how did you see this man?
Ezel: maybe I know you better than you think.
Cengiz: no, you don't know. No one knows me.
Ezel: Omer, did he know you well?
Cengiz: Omer, thought he knows me the best. Look what I will tell you (he goes to sit beside him) omer, was someone else, he was too much for this life (world).
Ezel: yes, now if he was here you didn't want to?
Cengiz: it would have been BEAUTIFUL! (he screams) but there is no him. it couldn’t be.
Ezel: why?
Cengiz: you know how they say “ bad fate” no one could had stopped what happened.
Ezel: you couldn’t have too?
Cengiz: me? maybe I could have.
Ezel: how?
Cengiz: I would have said Omer! Omer go from here! Go leave everything! Leave your family, leave your fence, before everyone leave me! leave me! press the gas and go from here my brother, here is like a poison brother! Don't stop here for two minute, and leave. (he almost falls asleep) omer
Ezel: ah
Cengiz; did he go? Did he run?
Ezel; he did, he did run.
Cengiz: fine.

Then Eysan calls Ezel

Eysan: hello?
Ezel: yes?
Eysan: Ezel, its me Eysan, I hope I am not disturbing you.
Ezel: no, I am free what happened?
Eysan: nothing, I didn't know who to call. You know how you said we can drink coffee, if your free?
Ezel: ah, now I am not free
Eysan: sorry I disturbed you
Ezel: Eysan don't hang up, what happen? Your voice is coming bad.
Eysan: is it noticeable?
Ezel: I did
Eysan: ya
Ezel: are you out, there are noises
Eysan: I am out.
Ezel: tell
Eysan: ok I will, today I saw someone I never wanted to see.
Ezel: someone that you don't love?
Eysan: someone that I love, meaning it was like that in the past. This is the problem. Does it happen to you too?
Ezel: what? Dealing with the past?
Eysan: yes, its like no one sees me anymore, its like whatever I say now no one hears me. sometimes I feel like I am just a thought.
Ezel: yes, it happens to me too
Eysan: I want new things to happen. I want new things to happen in life
Ezel: like what?
Eysan: I don't know, I want someone. I want to laugh. Can you believe it, I have forgot to laugh, I don't have anyone to talk to.
Ezel: talk to me
Eysan: alright, I am very bored of being alone.
Ezel: look we can solve that right now
Eysan; how?
Ezel: now wherever you are sitting stand up, stand up. Then walking toward up...come on, on the street get in a taxi, do something that I cant do. you will go straight home, hug your son, hug him strong and never let him go. Alright?
Eysan: alright, Ezel?
Ezel: yes?
Eysan: thank you


Ezel episode 6 Part 9 Last One


Cengiz: what has happened. I wasn’t a nonsense last night right? I didn't say anything weird?
Ezel: no
Cengiz: this is the life, one day is dark and the next day we are on the street
Ezel: maybe this needs to be changed
Cengiz: last night I asked you...
Ezel: if you can help me? yes partner
Cengiz; haah then there is us too partner, we will do very nice things with you Ezel. But wait who do you do this for?
Ezel: who?
Cengiz: to the ones who has bad fate and who losses, eh if its not for them then how do we win? From now on nothing should be hidden between us. Don't look at us, sometimes me, Ali and Eysan argue but we are like this (he shows his hand how close they are). From now on your part of the family, right?
Ezel: right


Eysan talking: have you ever felt that one morning waking up and feeling your dreams are getting even longer? I felt it.

She goes down

Eysan: I work up late, did you prepare the breakfast yourself Cengiz? (then she sees Ali)
Ali: yes, I have made it. sit (he gives some to Can)

Eysan: Ali, last night Cengiz didn't come
Ali: he will in a little. come with me a little (they go out)
Eysan: what is going on?
Ali: if there was no me, what you all would have done?
Eysan: what are you saying Ali?
Ali: daughter, you can make everyone convince but not me. don't worry Cengiz doesn't know.
Eysan: what doesn't he know?
Ali: what you are doing after him
Eysan: ali, right now I am going inside, and you wake up, when Cengiz comes..
Ali: when cengiz come what? What are you after? Huh? Last night I went to visit your father, after you!
Eysan; what did you do?
Ali: is it only you? what are you two after now?
Eysan: there is nothing, after many years I saw him for the first time
Ali: ahhh
Eysan: ali I don't have a father, for me my dad is dead! If you want go tell Cengiz!
Ali: ahhh good then there is no problem
Eysan; what is that mean?
Ali: I solved that, from now on your dad wont be a problem.
Eysan: how did you solve it?
Ali: what difference would it make daughter? didn't you say he is dead for me?
Eysan: what did you do!?
Ali: just like before, if you had a little in you, you would have (meaning her and cengiz)
Eysan: Ali!

She runs inside


Ezel walking in the street

Eysan: (talking) one day, coming cross of something by death, a father you never (shows Eysan) had (like real father), who only you holded inside of you, one day (shows Ezel by his house) returning to the house you belong and never thought you would, the thing that killed you (shows Eysan seen her father) but still love! Hugging that person and knowing what you will give up still. (her talking is very confusing here when translated into English sorry everyone)

Mother; my son!
Ezel (omer): mom!

Eysan: (talking) with your talking, the dream will be alright...

Sardar: (opens his eyes) Eysan! So you returned huh? You returned to your daddy.

Mother: (omer’s) my son! You came at the end
Ezel: I did mom, I didn't do anything mom! I didn't do anything. (meaning the reason he was in jail)


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Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR 1673zg9
Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR 34fie6t

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Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR 9zvxmztfc21jkvpbh3
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Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR Kenan-5--Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR EZELAV-2

Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR EZELL-3

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Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR 201

Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR 4985

Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR 6522

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Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR 46d872bf329927821f27ea0
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Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR Lbd5kch3aai85f31xtqv--Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR Azfn2syrbils4grrgahz

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Denisa Ezel cu cine e in film??cu Cansu Dere sau cu Sedef Avci??

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florina1989 a scris:Denisa Ezel cu cine e in film??cu Cansu Dere sau cu Sedef Avci??

Ezel acum este cu Sedef Avcı ~ Bahar, dar prima lui iubită , cea care l-a trădat este Cansu Dere ~Eyşan, asta am înţeles eu de la turcoaice , eu nu am văzut decât câteva secvenţe din ep 6.

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DENISA a scris:
florina1989 a scris:Denisa Ezel cu cine e in film??cu Cansu Dere sau cu Sedef Avci??

Ezel acum este cu Sedef Avcı ~ Bahar, dar prima lui iubită , cea care l-a trădat este Cansu Dere ~Eyşan, asta am înţeles eu de la turcoaice , eu nu am văzut decât câteva secvenţe din ep 6.

aha sa ramana cu sedef avci ca e mai frumoasa decat cansu

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dea05 a scris:buna deni!merita urmarit filmul?
nu ştiu iubita , eu am urmărit foarte , foarte puţin, dar turcoaicele spun că este foarte bun , văd că în audienţe e pe primul loc .

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Ezel Episode 7 Part 1

Omer (Ezel) with his mother

Mother: your face,
Omer: (Ezel) mom, I am very tired mom
Mother: you came, your here
Omer: I miss you very much mom. I’m very tired, I thought I couldn’t do this. I thought I wouldn’t return home. I am very tired
Mother: my son, everything is over. Everything is passed.
Omer: (ezel, gets a phone message, its from Kamil) “get out of there” I have to go now. they shouldn’t see us like this
Mother: who? Cengiz? He did this?
Omer: I will tell you everything, I will come again mom.
Mother: I am not letting you, not letting go. You came once, I wont let go anymore.
Omer: mom so that they wont do anything to you (all of them)
Mother: let them kill! I am not letting you
Omer: mommy, you think I want to go? Huh?
Mother: don't go then, don't

Mart comes home

Mart: mom?!
Mother: son, come!
Mart: mom is there something?
Mother: Mr. Ezel has came because of last time. I was telling him about you, how good person you are and you losing your brother.
Mart: mom where did this come from all sudden?
Mother: I was telling how much you have missed your brother
Ezel: losing brother is hard.
Mart: how do you know? Did your brother die too?
Ezel: we fall far
Mart: then why didn't you go to him?
Ezel: I wish I could go, I would not have stopped for one minute. Like your brother
Mart; what do you know about my brother?
Mother: Mart?!
Ezel: I don't know anything, but to go to him I would have gave everything.
Mart: you don't know anything
Ezel: you think he would not have came
Mart: excuse me but who cares to you about my brother? Huh!
Mother: what is this talking Mart?
Mart: I will tell Cengiz brother about this
Ezel: wait a minute, don't you think your brother would have gave him soul to be with you?
Mart: one, My brother died! Two, my brother is the BEST brother in the world! But my brother wasn’t that tough, he was in jail but alive! He has 6 years to come back to me, he could have replied to my letters. He could have hugged once. And three, my brother left me, but its ok I still love him more than anyone, anyone. Now can you go please (he leaves)

Mother: omer,
Ezel: mom I love you very much, tell Mart too I love him more than my soul. Tell him.


Ezel and Kamil

Ezel: those men what is the worse thing they did to me Kamil? Tell me.
Kamil: they betrayed you (he used a stronger word, but I cant fine the right English words for it sorry everyone)
Ezel: yes, but what is the worse?
Kamil: they put you in jail, they killed you
Ezel: this is what I was thinking too, I said they did the worse and now its my turn. But they have hidded the worse to the end, they did it to me. that woman! that woman she did bad thing to me (he means Eysan). She put me down, and I wasn’t right to my family after.
Kamil: no Ezel
Ezel: no, Mart is right brother. While I was still alive, I left them. Look at this door very well Kamil, she will come thru this door inside! With her own feet, plus she will come and tell what she loves!
Kamil: to Cengiz?
Ezel: Cengiz is not enough! The worse is returning back! You know how she is hiding everything from Bahar, she will betray Bahar and come to this DOOR! (meaning she will go to him and tell him that she loves him while knowing her sister Bahar loves him)


Can and Cengiz

Can: dad!
Cengiz: (kisses him) let me look at you, your taller now? you got taller again?
Can: yes
Cengiz: your doing your homework?
Can: yes
Cengiz: come, what do you want for your ? Shall we buy the thing (I think camera) you saw?
Can: mom says its very expensive.
Cengiz: you leave your mother to me, there is no such thing as expensive. My son will have everything. (Eysan comes, to Eysan) you thought I forgot? I can forget everything, but not my son’s .
Eysan: Cengiz, can you come inside? I want to tell you something.
cengiz: you tell, and I will tell you something too
Eysan: say
Cengiz: no, mine is bigger, first you go.
Eysan: Cengiz, my father returned.


Ezel with the man
Ezel: (looks at the picture inside the book)
Man: do you know him brother?
Ezel: why is he after Eysan?
Man: there this is confusing, no one is trusting each other.
Ezel: you?
Man: close to me. do you have any order (need something) brother?
Ezel: (sees Bahar comes) go.

Ezel: (to Bahar) welcome

Eysan and Cengiz

Eysan: I wanted you to hear it from me not Ali. He is very bad, he has got very old. You made Ali follow me? are you crazy Cengiz? I cannot believe it! you made a man follow me? I thought we trust each other!
Cengiz: didn't you go to your father without telling me? what trust your talking about?
Eysan: so that he wont come back to our live again! He cannot come close to Can! NEVER! I wont allow it!
Cengiz: what does he want?
Eysan: promise me Cengiz! Promise! I wont live threw the same thing! If needed I will take Can and go!
Cengiz: is it because of your father you went to his grave? You went and brought his mother! I said you are tired of me and is remembering Omer. Then you would leave and go, but because of your dad you returning back to those days?
Eysan: yes
Cengiz: really?
Eysan: yes Cengiz, beside where will I go? You, Omer and my dad, where ever I go, you all will find me. don't do this, I am not that strong.
Cengiz: Eysan, I did something yesterday for you, just for you.
Eysan: what did you do again?
Cengiz: you know Ezel’s hotel work? I offered partner hood. I saw how much you loved it, it was always in your dream. We will make your dream come true Eysan!
Eysan: what did Ezel say?
Cengiz: we talked, but he said this work will do. let this work be, I will give up on the gambling places
Eysan; you wont
Cengiz: I will! I will, I will quite drinking too. I will change, yesterday something happened, I will change, do you want to go? We will go. 2 no three, I bought three plan tickets last night.
Can: (comes) where dad?
Cengiz: where it started to start son.


Continues in part 2

Ezel Episode 7 Part 2

in 1997 Cengiz goes to Omer’s house

Mart (opens the door): Cengiz brother?
Cengiz: Mart? My brother, my dear!

Cengiz and Omer’s father

Cengiz: aunty is not home?
Father: upstairs. She doesn't talk to anyone. We got upset not seeing you at the court Cengiz. You were Omer’s close friend
Cengiz: I am still uncle, did you visit him? does he say anything?
Father: his mother and Mart has went to him, he hasn’t said anything. He is not accepting anyone anyways
Cengiz: yes, I went there too, he didn't want to see me. uncle, I was going to come right away but didn't do you know why?
Father: why?
Cengiz: to protect Omer. I don't know how, may got take my eyes, my eyes are not seen right since that day. That day Omer and Ali came to me, after he sorry uncle I cannot tell you. (he holds him back) its your right to know too, he said that he wont live like us, he will buy many things for Eysan. He told us, we didn't believe him but he was serious. He said he was joking, we should have taken it serious. We said he wont do such thing, we said he is Omer.
Father: how can this happen? My son’s soul was CLEAN! What happen, what kind of devil went inside him.
Cengiz; this is life uncle, it makes the best man the worse! For that reason we didn't come to the court, to protect omer. After I couldn’t stay here, this street when I look at it I see Omer. But omer helped me, because of him I am not a bad boy anymore, I got into a job, I work very hard. I shall go now. I wont be like Omer to you, but know I will try.

As Cengiz comes out, Omer’s mother comes out...

Mother: Cengiz!
Cengiz: aunty?
Mother: Cengiz get out of here! Don't ever come back here! If you do, I will find you with my blind eyes and choke you!
Cengiz: what are you saying aunty?
Mother: her aunt said it today, that girl is with you, Eysan
Cengiz: aunty listen to me
Mother: what will you tell? You always were jealous of Omer! Your eyes were always on that girl! You think I didn't know betrayal????
Cengiz: I didn't do anything to anything, only your son did. That girl went threw alot! I don't want to talk here
Mother: talk!
Cengiz: what about the man Omer killed? I didn't do anything to you all, omer did!
Mother; don't say omer’s name!
Cengiz: omer lied to you all! That girl did the right thing, she hided her love inside and told the truth! You didn't want her to tell huh? You wanted her to lie?
Mother: quite!
Cengiz: aunty, you know that girl? She loved Omer more than all of us. You don't think she did? Just look at this in my way, I took someone to me while knowing she loves someone else. Do you think its easy to call a woman my wife while knowing she doesn't love you? what shall I have done? Left her alone? She has no one! Do you think omer wanted that? (the mother sits) since you see everything very well, you tell me aunty. What did omer want?

He leaves and goes to his car...Eysan is inside

Cengiz: I solved it Eysan, once a while we can even visit them. Laugh a little Eysan, do you know what I did today? There is nothing left here
Eysan: there is us, the bad things we did is left.
Cengiz: we will change, I will change and become the good cengiz you want, huh?
Eysan: I am pregnant Cengiz.
Cengiz: from me?
Eysan: from you
Cengiz: Eysan we will have a child? We will have one? This is great! What did I tell you Eysan? We will start everything new!


Back to Present time....

Ezel and Bahar

Bahar: (reads the book)
Ezel: (finished the sentence she is reading)
Bahar: what is that mean? You memorized everything?
Ezel: for a while, I didn't go out at all, I just read.
Bahar: I know what your doing
Ezel: what?
Bahar: your showing the Ezel that I want to see.
Ezel: don't make me such big person in your head Bahar, this is Ezel
Bahar: no, inside of my says there is more into this.

(both of them talked about books more, then Bahar writes something in the book)

Ezel: (reads it) “ today I got to know more, maybe he will break my heart”. I have to go, I have a little work to solve
Bahar: before you leave, you wont tell me the last thing?
Ezel: like what?
Bahar: you come too. (meaning Ezel telling her to go with him)

Ali and Cengiz on the phone

Cengiz; where are you ali?
Ali: do you really want to know?
Cengiz: no, no I don't want to know. (shows Ali hurting the man) did you learn who they are?
Ali: they have done this before too in other places.
Cengiz: maybe this is a sing
Ali: If I just know who is after this
Cengiz: no, a bigger sing
Ali: Ezel said something?
Cengiz: something like that, Ali you come here I want your opinion on something.
Ali: forget it Cengo! You don't take anyone’s opinion. You take their mind, their fate, but not their opinion.
Cengiz: no, that was the old Cengiz
Ali: different?
Cengiz: I am more modern now, meaning what are we going to do with Sardar? (Eysan’s father)
Ali: ahhh I left this for Eysan to tell you, so that nothing will happen between you two.
Cengiz: yes


Ezel Episode 7 Part 3

cengiz: man, at this time now..where was he? I should go and see him.
ali: if we go to him, we go to him all together. Shall I set it up?
Cengiz: sure, plus you come here, we have talking to do
Ali: sure, (hangs up) gather up! We are going!


Mart and his mother

Mother: my son, you wont talk to your mother? Your brother loved you more than anyone.
Mart: where is it?
Mother: what?
Mart: his love, show it. where is it? I don't see it.
Mother: you don't remember it Mart? Here you two used to sleep, in each other’s arms. You know how you used to get scared? He would take you to him
Mart; I didn't forget it mother, don't worry
Mother: my child, my dear child maybe there is something we don't know.
Mart; I have work mom


Ali and the man

Ali: (before talking to the man) where are you man? I am doing your work! (the man answers it)
Man: hello?
Ali: I was talking about you Tepho (I think thats his name) how are you? how is your mood?
Man: thank God everything is good
Ali: is there any order you want me to take?
Man: no, no such thing Mr. Ali. (he puts him on speaker)
Ali: you have left, I am doing your work! Didn't I tell you don't leave that man? (meaning following Ezel)
Man: I had family thing, sorry Mr. Ali I am coming soon
Ali: what is it? your family is us now son! (sees Bahar with the kids) anyways do what ever you have then come. Today is your lucky day, the air is good and the view (sees Bahar) is good (then he sees Ezel come out) gosh!

Ramiz and the Man

Ramiz: sorry nephew, sugary is forbidden for me. if you want in place of sugar I will tell you a sweet story huh? (ok so he tells him a story about the past, he ends up relating it to what is going on right now with Ezel, the story is very confusing)
Man: nice story
Ramiz: who do you think I am in this story?
Man: Hasan Saban (who in the story sends his men to someone else for questioning)
Ramiz: no, I am plaster of Paris (meaning the person who tells the other one, not the big man) what about you? who are you in the story?
Man: I am the background protector (in the story the man has two things protecting him in background)
Ramiz: (takes the gun out) ok once day when the plaster of Paris brings you words what will you do?
Man: sorry uncle, I am a simple man, I don't understand such book stories.
Ramiz: lets not confuse your mind more nephew. Alright, If Ezel tells you don't shoot but I tell you shoot, what will you do?
Man: say it this way uncle, of course when you say shoot I will shoot!
Ramiz: you don't get yourself confused with book nephew, you just listen to orders. now go, have a good day.

The man leaves...the Ramiz calls Ezel

Ramiz: Ezel where are you nephew?
Ezel: I am working uncle, what is it?
Ramiz: nothing, we didn't talk since last night. Did it help?
Ezel: thank you, it helped, but your taking all of this, be careful they wont hunt you
Ramiz: what is next?
Ezel: there is work
Ramiz: you need help?
Ezel: no, this is not like others, it will come it way. We will talk later. (he hangs up) children you all like your presents?
Kids: YES!!!!
Man: (comes) kids calm down!
Ezel: can you leave us alone for a little?
Man: ya sure I didn't want them give your headache
Ezel: no its ok

Kids: ezel brother is this young lady your wife?
Bahar: no, I am not kids
Little boy 1: Abla (sister) don't skip this, Ezel brother is very handsome.
Little boy 2: plus he is rick
Bahar: these things goes, I just go after good soul
Boy: take me then I have good soul
Boy3: take me sister, plus I make my own bed
Boy: your very young
Ezel: you wanna show that that your not? (he plays with him) now you showed them!

Then he sees an older boy...

Ezel: your cruise about the picture?
Boy: I don't want to talk
Ezel: they gave me the news, you have run away again?
Boy: even further
Ezel: where?
Boy: come on go!
Ezel: I wont go
Boy: you will go sure, come on go!

Man: (with Bahar) Mr. Ezel is very good, he always comes here.
Bahar: who is that kid?
Man: more than 12 years he has been with us. When kids come here you don't know what they go threw.
Bahar; but Ezel
Man: Mr. Ezel did everything since he came here, but its not helping. His story is different, his mother has left him while he was very young. His mother has a daughter too, she picked her and said she could not carry for him.
Bahar: his father?
Man: his father was murder in a theft breaking. He was young.

PS: OMG I THINK THIS KID IS THE ONE WHO’S FATHER DIED! When Cengiz and Ali killed! Remember how they said he has two kids, the daughter and I think the mother couldn’t take care of him...WOW!!!!!

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Ezel Episode 7 Part 5

Bahar: what you two are talking about?
Ezel: and that’s Eysan’s subject.
Bahar: ohh


Ali upset listening to sad song!!!

Man: Mr. Ali if you want I can check the file
Ali: you will, wait for a minute now.
Man: he is playing with my fate Orhan Baba (dad) (he is a popular singer in Trukey and they call him Orhan Dad) he has writing this song along time
Ali: how old are you?
Man: not that old, but I have listened to this song too Mr. Ali. We get hurt too.
Ali: is there anyone?
Man: not now,
Ali: I am asking now, there is no before
Man: ours (like the people they love) is not like yours Mr. Ali. (so they talked more about suffer)
Ali: go get a drink for yourself
Man: no way
Ali: I am ordering you to get it. we will drink

(THIS IS WHAT THE SONG SAYS JUST FOR FUN!! “ I don't have lover (like someone loving him) there is no one who asks for me!...ohh this loneliness and problems....” )


Cengiz with the girl

Girl: what are we celebrating for?
Cengiz: (pure the alcohol on the floor) to old Cengiz, and to the future one
Girl: but I loved old Cengiz.
Cengiz: you were about to bring luck to the old Cengiz
Girl: maybe I will bring it to the new Cengiz too huh?...your not playing today?
Cengiz: I am waiting for my friend
Girl: ahhh
Cengiz: (sees Ezel come in) here speaking of the man. Ezel! Partner! (to the girl) he is a handsome man right? Which one of us is more handsome? Me or him?
Girl: neither you two. The old Cengiz was the one.

Ezel playing the game

Ezel: so no drink, no game? Look don't turn out to be a boring man. After those girls will get bored of you too.
Cengiz: look, I will give you a secret but don't give it to anyone. I am very scared, its a scary secret.
Ezel: what is it?
Cengiz; I have never cheated on Eysan!
Ezel: never?
Cengiz: ya (meaning yes never)
Ezel: because you love her very much?
Cengiz: sure not both are different things.
Ezel: because if she learns you think she will cheat on you too?
Cengiz: no Ezel, if she says go, I wont go.
Ezel: then this is to everything’s first (meaning first love etc)
Cengiz: no, no to everything’s second (meaning being the second love etc)
Ezel: second?
Cengiz: to the second chance, to the second life, to the second child (then ezel almost chokes) careful kid. We both want it, we were looking for the right time. this time is the right one. Huh Ezel? To the people who comes into our live and changes.


Sebnam and the girl (who was the Cengiz)

Sebnam: (sees the perfume the girl using) clo right? (the perfume name) its very good. Once I used it too
Girl: why did you change it?
Sebnam: I had to either change my perfume or my boyfriend
Girl: tough decision
Sebnam: not at all dear, you look at it and change it.
Girl: its not going well, I am tired (ok here some talking is cut I don't know why, but they talk about Cengiz now)
Sebnam: why?
Girl: Cengiz was cool with flirting until yesterday but he doesn't go further. When I go closer, he finds an excuse and goes
Sebnam: you continue
Girl: I don't know, If I push he will run for sure
Sebnam: you don't push, make your right decision (meaning have it and get it) sooner or later he will be.
Girl: how do you know?
Sebnam: because he is a male sweetie.

Ezel walking alone and remembering what Cengiz said about him and Eysan wanting another child.

Then he calls

Ezel: I hope I am not calling in the wrong time. actually I was thinking of you. I was wondering what your doing now. why? Eh isn’t clear? I miss you!

Then shows he is talking to Bahar

Bahar: tell me the truth, you really missed me?
Ezel: yes
Bahar: what a nice day it was today right? I wished my last day in life was like this.
Ezel: your too young to think about your last few days in life. There is a big life for us first.
Bahar: oh for example our first fight?
Ezel: sure there is that one too.
Bahar: alright what came to your mind first? Look don't say anything bad or else I will hang up the phone
Ezel: alright, first saying your name out loud while your not with me, first separating your smell with other smells (meaning the difference)
Bahar: ok, lets hang up
Ezel: why? Did I say something bad? (like shameless bad)
Bahar: no, I want to sleep with your works in my head
Ezel: ok, good night
Bahar: good night


Ezel and Kamil

Ezel: tell Kamil, don't keep it inside. Your talking inside anyways
Kamil: when I talk, you don't listen, what can I do?
Ezel: don't make me tired Kamil, that is why I said go if you want at first place. Who plays will get effect, if you don't then don't stay
Kamil: these words are Cengi’s not yours.
Ezel: lets give him credit, he got what he wanted. He got the money, the girl and now we are here talking while they are having their 2nd child. What do I have?
Kamil: look Ezel, I am telling this once. Watch my age and what I have seen in my life. You have a heart
Ezel: Omer’s heart, they made it into pieces. They made it into nothing
Kamil; they took everything but not that one. Don't take it out (he means his heart) because of Eysan
Ezel: I wish I could take it out Kamil. I wish. Enough I don't want it anymore. How many times does a heart break? Enough I don't want it.

Ali to himself

Ali: (looks at the picture) what kind of man are you man? Even in the picture you at the end. (himself)

Then Cengiz comes

Cengiz; so? Where were you in the evening? You made yourself missed
Cengiz: you will cut it from my pay check


Ezel Episode 7 Part 6

ali: you can cut it in my pay check
cengiz: I brought you food, you like it. eh I made you mad, I said this man will get his stuff and go now.
Ali: you never know
Cengiz; it cant Ali brother, I tried. We have made a big mistake that even leaving the street where we lived wont make a difference. Ali this work is a big one, why are you looking at me like this? without you this cant happen.
Ali: give it to me (so they are cool now)


Ezel reading what Cengiz has said

Cengiz: oh Omer, say the truth we haven’t been right with you or your playing a game with us? (shows Mart calling for his brother) so you see the bad man is me and the good one is you? (shows Eysan) since your already ask yourself, is it really that easy? I don't think its like that best friend. I think you choice the easy way. You cheated. (shows Eysan) because killing is more than dying Omer. In good and bad story, in live there are people who goes and who stays or there is one that we cant do either one and we are stuck.

Mother: my son?

Cengiz, Ali and Eysan goes to see Sardar

Ali: what are you doing man? Did you just see your solider friend?
Cengiz: he has gone gold
Ali: you don't look at that, he will take all of us down.
Cengiz: (looks at ali and Eysan) you two make up now. what is this like children?

Sardar: welcome kids, did you eat breakfast? Come on for the old time’s sake


Ezel and his mother

Ezel: after I went after them, after that day. (he told her everything)
Mother: son, go to the cop. Lets go to the police now
Ezel: there is no proof mom, what will we say?
Mother: look they will find something
Ezel: mom look listen. I run from jail. If Omer lives then he is guilty now too.
Mother: what are we going to do now son? My Omer.
Ezel: don't do it mom, this is not the face you used to know.
Mother; you look from inside, that is enough for me.
Ezel: (lied on her knee) they made my like themselves mom.
Mother: no such thing, your Omer. You are not like them my child.


Cengiz and Eysan

Cengiz: Eysan
Eysan: did you solve everything you said?
Cengiz: we will do what you said. We will place him somewhere good, and make him comfortable. He will leave us then.
Eysan: thank you, shall we go now?
Cengiz: come on Ali
Sardar: Eysan wont come? She wont say goodbye to her father?
Cengiz: Sardar, you stay on the agreement so that we will too
Sardar: right, I deserve this. (ali leaves) ok with them but I didn't do anything to you other than good things Cengiz
Cengiz: what can I do? shall I thank you?
Sardar: take care of Eysan well, that is enough for me. you know I gave her with my own two hands to you.
Cengiz: what ever I have gotten from you, we have paid back
Sardar: this is the good side of the work. You haven’t done anything. Your just like me when I was young.
Cengiz: what can I say? May God doesn't make the future the same. Also if I see you around Eysan, I will show you
Sardar: at least you owe me a hand shake. (he gives him something for Can) this is my present to my grandchild. How is he? Is he like Eysan? OR......YOU?


THEY GO BACK TO TIME 2006 Can playing

Eysan: Bahar come on we are leaving
Bahar: Can doesn't have his jacket, where is it?
Eysan: in his room, can you get it?
Cengiz: what happen? You forgot your words?
Can: they hat is not good, I am not going
Cengiz: come here, don't they know who’s son you are? You let me know if they say something
Eysan; what are you teaching him Cengiz? Come on

Ali: did I make it on time?
Bahar: you came good
Ali: shall I come with the motorcycle?
Cengiz: it is not a place for you, we didn't book the sit. Its more like a mother and family member place. I will show you when I record it. (gets out of the car) Ali this man Kerim we have problems with him. he is not paying anything. You take care of him?
Ali: I will send someone
Cengiz: no, you go. Your better
Can: Dad!
Cengiz: I am coming, this son is very inpatient. Who is he like?
Ali: who?
Cengiz: me!
Ali: you know before when you and Omer used to play and stuff, well every time I see Can I remember him. he is like someone but not you! anyways I should go to the job I am good at and you to yours.

Ezel Episode 7 Part 7

Cengiz takes a little hair from Can because of what Ali said, he wanted to be sure.

Can: Dad
Cengiz: yes dear?
Can: I love you
Cengiz: I love you too, come on sleep


Ali and Cengiz talked about work

Cengiz: (gives him a paper after)
Ali: what is this?
Cengiz: this is related to watch you said the other day by my door house! Its DNA result
Ali: what DNA?
Cengiz: its DNA report, you will know who’s kid the child is. he look so that you wont talk like you did next time
Ali: are you stupid or what? I was just teasing around. Just because I said it, you go do a DNA test from your own child? Your weird! (then he leaves)

Cengiz: (looks at the results then he reads it, it says that the child is not his)...(this part is very confusing)

Then he burns the paper


Back to 2009 its Can’s

Can; mom, can I open the presents?
Eysan: wait, lets cut the cack first. Elif take our picture

After the picture

Cengiz: what can we do? shall we do it?
Ezel: (looks at Eysan) we should make time, and talk about the work. (to Cengiz) you will come along too some how
Cengiz: look, how he has figured me out.
Ezel: but to warn you, I am not good with hotel work. You have to teach me everything.
Eysan: alright, are you a fast learner?
Ezel: I am not bad, if I start to love my teacher
Eysna: I shall check the kid.

Cengiz: you should try too, kid. There is nothing like kid
Ezel: it changes people’s life right?
Cengiz: very much. People doesn't know what its like to owe a woman and have child from her.
Ezel: what do you mean?
Cengiz: she will have a kid from you, then at that moment you will say “THAT WOMAN IS MINE”. she is mine with everything, from now on she is mine until the end!
Ezel: I never looked at it this way
Cengiz: what can I say partner, you haven’t fallen in love like me. I have prepared myself like a child tonight.
Eysan: (comes) what you two are whispering about?
Ezel: I should go
Bahar: its early
Eysan; why?
Cengiz: let the man go, maybe he has work.
Ezel: Can, happy !

Ezel with Bahar outside
Bahar; your leaving early, wont your mind stay here?
Ezel: sure it will. If I ask you something, you wont misunderstand me right? You cant come with me?
Bahar; no, it would be...
Ezel: I wont be alone tonight
Bahar: yes, tonight your not here, what happen?
Ezel: nothing, its life
Bahar: no, no there is something.
Ezel: I don't share such things easy, your different though. I open to you more easily. Sorry I shall go
Bahar: Ezel, can you tell what happen?
Ezel: you know the kid you saw yesterday? He has run away again. He is about Can’s age, its hard. Anyways I shouldn’t make your mood upset. Good night.
Bahar: Ezel

Eysan: Cengiz, can you stop! Are you a kid?
Cengiz: speaking of kid

Bahar: sister, I am going out with Ezel
Eysan: ok dear, don't be late.
Bahar: sister, I wont come home tonight, I will stay with him
Eysan: where did this come from now? isn’t too early?
Bahar: I don't know, but I want to go
Eysna: I don't think you should go
Bahar: sister I can make my own decisions
Eysan: Bahar, don't go
Bahar: look, just for you I wrote down his address and phone number. I love you

Cengiz and Eysan

Eysan: today is not my .
Cengiz; today is more important day for me. I figured out what mistake I did last time
Eysan: what?
Cengiz: (shows her the ring)
Eysan: don't do that Cengiz
Cengiz: Eysan, will you make me the most happiest man in this world? Will you marry me?
Eysan: Cengiz
Cengiz: I know we just met, a bad marriage was before, you were married to a weird man. But from now on it wont be like that. Marry me. I will make you very happy, I will make you forget everything
Eysan: everything?
Cengiz: everything, there is nothing else after tonight. Tonight both of us are innocent
Eysan: we are innocent?
Cengiz: lets start as innocent, and after lets not be innocent. Ohhh I forgot the drink. I am getting it (he goes to get the drinks) (Eysan takes med) No I did take it, its inside! (he returns and sees her take the med) what bills are those?
Eysan: nothing, I don't want a child Cengiz. I don't want child. Is that a fault?
Cengiz: why?
Eysan: we have a child
Cengiz: Eysan, don't do that. Why?
Eysan: if you know it, you tell me. why?
Cengiz: because I want to hear it from you. tell, say that we are bad! Say we are bad!
Eysan: aren’t we?
Cengiz: tell you don't want to bring one to this world like us! Say it!
Eysan: yes, I don't want a baby!
Cengiz: what about Can?
Eysan: he is different, he is a gift. But another one wont come from us Cengiz.
Cengiz: why did you marry me then? Since you hate me so much
Eysan: I don't hate you
Cengiz: you don't love me
Eysan: Cengiz
Cengiz: shush

Ezel Episode 7 Part 8

Eysan: Cengiz! Where are you going?

As he goes out but returns

Eysan: Cengiz, where are you going?

Goes back to time 2006

Cengiz: (talks) hello, I am Cengiz Atay. I have done bad things in life, but when they tell me bad, it means they never loves me. who are you trying to convince? Loving someone doesn't mean loving other things less? Loving someone means throwing someone else in the fire. That is why Omer (shows him by Omer;s grave) you don't tell me story. Just because you are more innocent than me, you don't deserve Eysan more. Am I unfair? Huh? When you cant help you keep quite sure, your not little either. when I said I won her, you turn out to be the one laughing at the end. (meaning he is the father of Can, and now Cengiz knows it and knows that it was Omer who always had her not him). why did I come? (he starts to swear they cut the swear words) the girl betrayed you! she ate and finished you! she killed you! but still she choice you! the child is your child. Is this love now? why isn’t this girl going away from you Omer? Why isn’t she forgetting you son? Look, I want something from you best friend. Once is she looks at you and says take me back , don't take son! Your dead my son! What are you going to do with a pretty flower girl? Huh? I calculated everything. I have forgotten one cannot convince dead people! Now what is left? Leaving is left! See you later partner! I would say see you there, but something inside wants us to go to the same place.

Then He is driving and talking

Cengiz: no looking back, once you decide on it, you will leave everything and everyone behind. You will cut them and leave them. You will cut their hands, soul if needed.

Back to present time 2009

Eysan: I am asking you Cengiz, where are you going?
Cengiz: no where, I am not going anywhere
Bahar and Ezel

Bahar: your cheating I saw it
Ezel: what cheating?
Bahar: you took more than you should
Ezel: no way
Bahar: open it. (sees her name) how did you do that?
Ezel: with thinking strength.
Bahar: what else can you do with thinking strength?
Ezel: I can bring you right here
Bahar; no dear. Wow..ezel
Ezel: yes?
Bahar: you didn't turn out to be someone I thought
Ezel: is that bad?
Bahar: bad, because if this continues I will fall in love with you.
Ezel: eh is that bad?
Bahar: very much, I am scared. I am scared I will leave you on the road (meaning if she dies). I am scared if I hurt you.
Ezel: maybe I deserve it huh?
Bahar: no, you don't deserve it. your a very good person.......your my hero.... I will never forget you
(he remembers Eysan saying the same thing, like ‘I will never forget you” then he remembers everything what Kamil said, what his mother said “your not like them, your Omer”...etc)

Ezel: NO!
Bahar; Ezel?
Ezel: go from here Bahar! GO!
Bahar: what happen?
Ezel: I am telling you to go! Don't you hear it!
Bahar: Ezel, did I say something wrong?
Ezel: aren’t you hearing me? go from here!
Bahar: one minute what happen?
Ezel: Bahar! GO! I don't want you! stay far form me! don't you understand?! GO!
Bahar; what is going on?
Ezel: Bahar never come back here! NEVER!

He kicks her out



Cengiz with the girl....she gives him drink

Cengiz: (talks) don't think I don't know how this work will end Omer. I know it.


Bahar goes home crying....Eysan hears her

Cengiz: (talking) this gave started in grave, and it will end in grave

Eysan: Bahar! Bahar! Wait! What happen Bahar? I tell you to open the door!

She runs down...

Cengiz: (talking) me and you go into a big game best friend, its impossible to win for me.


Ezel Episode 7 Part 9 Last one

Cengiz: (talking) don't think I didn't try, but how can I go against someone who is dead already.
Girl: then see you later
Cengiz: see you later, if you want I cant drop you home?
Girl: sure

Cengiz: (talking) because dead people always stay as good ones. Or else you can be doing bad thing any moment.

Cengiz leaves with the girl

Eysan calling Ezel no answer

Cengiz: (talks) because I know it from my self Omer, someone in love doesn't fall down because of their love, its because of the temper (anger).

Girl: thank you for the ride
Cengiz: no problem

Cengiz: (talking) you will be very angry at Eysan, you come to a very anger point.
Girl: do you want to come upstairs?
Cengiz: (talking) where ever I go, at the end my anger comes down only in her arms.


Ezel trying to call then someone knocks on the door

Cengiz: (talking) because of that I know how this work is ended my brother. (Ezel opens the door and see Eysan) where ever I take her, at the end she will return to you!!!


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