ASK VE CEZA (Dragoste şi Pedeapsa)- TRADUCERE - Love & Punishment - Episode Translations

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cind vine traducerea pt ep 55????

Mesaj Scris de savas1979 la data de Vin 06 Mai 2011, 6:49 pm

ammalia a scris:Unde gasesc traducerea ep 53?

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membru incepator

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sub rom/eng

Mesaj Scris de n1ghtcr4wl3r la data de Sam 07 Mai 2011, 3:22 pm

Buna ziua, am observat ca sunt postate fragmente din traducerea ep in limba eng, dar nu gasesc unde sunt subtitrarile propriu-zise, eu am deja serialul in limba turca si m-ar interesa sa stiu unde anume se gasesc pe acest forum subtitrarile integrale in limba eng/rom.


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Re: ASK VE CEZA (Dragoste şi Pedeapsa)- TRADUCERE - Love & Punishment - Episode Translations

Mesaj Scris de DENISA la data de Dum 08 Mai 2011, 2:01 pm

Aşk ve Ceza 55.Bölüm

The police arrives and arrest Yavuz.

- Yasemin: "Savas"?

- Savas: "My love, I told you I was gonna call"

- Yasemin: "I´ve been worried to death, where are you"?

(They meet)

- Savas: "Everything is worth for this, everything"

- Yasemin: "Stupid, as if I never hug you. My love, I was almost losing it while waiting for your call. What happened, did you catch him"?

- Savas: "I did"

- The Baldar family has a "celebration" dinner. (for catching Yavuz)
- Savas gets Nazan dinner. They small talk. Nazan is ashamed of what happened to her, but Savas doesn´t blame her instead he shows his support. They get emotional.

- Savas: "Do you remember, I once felt and split my eyebrow and something floated down from here (showing with his hand), I thought I was sweating. You came running and said don´t touch it.

- Nazan: "Yes, feelings may belie, one only believes when they see it with their own eyes" (meaning, no matter how much people tell you what you´re doing is wrong, one has to try out themselves)

- Savas: "You took the stones I felt on and threw it far away. Now I have thrown the stones away that made you fall. Don´t be scared anymore, don´t be sad"
People in prison: "May God help you"

- The Baldar´s have a family dinner and they small talk.

- Sahnur orders the housekeeper to turn off the lights when she leaves the room.

- Pala tries to talk to Fidan. - Fidan: "I´ll take a look at Nazan"

- Yasemin gets worried when she sees Sahnur in the dark, but Sahnur jokes that she is still alive. They small talk.

- Yasemin: "Why do you sit in the dark"?

- Sahnur" I was listening to the house"

- Yasemin: "The house"?
- Sahnur: "Yes my mom use to do it as well. She was the one that told me this, sometimes you need to sit down and listen to what your house has to say. Listen to the sounds. The wind in the roof, the rain floating down the drains, the children breathing, the grown ups discussion, from the sounds you will know whether you have peace in your house"

- Yasemin: "What did you hear tonight"?

- Sahnur: "What I heard is for me, you have to listen yourself and decide for yourself"

Yasemin: "No I don´t think I can figure it out"

- Sahnur: "Sure you can, soon you too will be a Lady Aga. This is nothing compared to that. Oh well. When one gets older, it remembers it´s youth better. I for instans think of my mother a lot these days, I think she wanted god´s compassion. Well I´ll better go to bed. I kept you waiting"

- Yasemin: "Please"

- Sahnur: "Well if you don´t mind it, I always have a lot of stories. Goodnight"

- Yasemin: "Goodnight"

Hakan and Lara small talk.

Hakan calls Pelin to small talk and invites her to dinner tomorrow.

- Savas: "From now on let us never delay something"

- Yasemin: "What kind of agenda is on your mind"?

- Savas: "For instants you said we should go shopping for Ömer"

- Yasemin: "What else"?

- Savas: "Yesterday we where suppose to go to dinner, we should absolutely do that"

- Yasemin: "What else"?

- Savas: "I don´t know, was there anything else"?

- Yasemin: "Look, we will get into a fight"

Savas: "What did I do now"?

(After the laugh)

- Savas: "When you laugh, it´s as if I disappear in your face. I forget the world, only the two of us get left. I only think of that I love you"

- Yasemin: "My love"

- Pala and Haldun small talk, Fidan enters.
Fidan: "He looks up to you so much"

- Savas and Yasemin small talk. Savas tells Yasemin that they are invited to a surprise birthday party tonight.

- Sahnur checks on Nazan. Nazan tells her that she had some mixed dreams. She saw her father and husband. Then they talk about the deaths.

- Sahnur" You saw our death once. How were they, were they happy"?

- Nazan: "They miss us, as we miss them"

Sahnur gets emotional.

- Hakan, Pala and Savas talk business. 
Yasemin tells Ceyda that she just talked to the lawyer and objection wouldn´t result in anything, they have to pay the componsation.

- Fidan and Nazan small talk.

- Savas tells Hakan about his plans for Yasemin and adds that he has to let Pelin know as well. Hakan says Pelin will come by and that they´re gonna have dinner together. Savas then asks whether things are going better, but Hakan is confused. Just when he wants to talk about his situation with Cicek, Pelin arrives.
- Nazan and Fidan small talk. Fidan is confused what to do about Pala because of the children.

- (Pala has flashback) - Pala: "I can´t do this to Fidan"

Ceyda calls and Pala says they need to talk.

- Yasemin talks with someone about selling her share to a possibly business partner.

- cicek has arrived

- Savas tells his plans for Yasemin to Pelin as well.

- Yasemin calls Savas to ask whether he has time to meet, but when she learns that he is busy, she says there is no need to.
- Cicek is confused, she still believes Yavuz is innocent.

- Savas and Hüseyin Aga meet. Savas offers him to co-work with him to keep the peace alive. Hüseyin is resisting at first, because Savas says Yavuz was disturbing the peace. He tells Hüseyin Aga to think and put 2 and 2 together.

- Savas: "They gave me the name Savas(War), as you see I´m fighting to keep the peace. Just think, what is Yavuz fighting for"?

- Cicek promises to get Yavuz out of jail.

Pala and Ceyda meet. Ceyda tells him that she has money problems. Pala wants to help.

- Hakan and Pelin small talk.

- Savas tells Pala how his meeting with Hüseyin Aga went well. He then asks whether Pala is fine and he says yes.

- Cicek talks to her mother on the phone. Her mother tells her that Hüseyin Aga talked to Savas and accepted the soil offered from him (They rejected it when Resit Aga got killed and Savas was the suspect) Cicek doesn´t think it is the right decision and orders a meeting with Hüseyin Aga.

- Pala and Sahnur small talk. Sahnur then asks whether something is wrong between him and Fidan, but Pala denies it.

- Yavuz: "I was expecting you"

- Savas: "Good. You didn´t get disappointed. Get use to here, you belong here Yavuz"

- Yavuz: "I regret it very Savas"

- Savas: "You, regretting"

- Yavuz: "I regret it a lot for not shooting you, back when you were in front of me"

- Savas: "Oh that issue. I was facing you, if I wasn´t, you probably would have shot me"

- Yavuz: "I´ll manage to recover from my mistakes Savas"

- Savas: "This time you wont be able to"

- Hüseyin Aga tells Cicek that accepting the soil was a collective decision. Cicek tells him that they can´t ignore Resit Aga´s death and Yavuz being in jail. She asks what the hurry is, while there is a conspiracy against Yavuz. Hüseyin Aga says if Yavuz should be innocent he will be releast.Cicek gets mad at the word IF he is innocent.

Fidan: "Are you now gonna deny it, don´t Pala, at least don´t do that"

- Cicek wants informatin about the case. The lawyer tells her that the two killings happened with the same gun and the eye wittness showed where the body was hidden. Cicek thought the second killing (the truck driver) was only an allegation, she is in shock.

Hüseyin Aga advices that they all need to be calm and cooperate to find out the guilty one. Cicek says she wont let anyone harm her brother. Hüseyin Aga then tells her to make her investigation and don´t let any questions left in her head.

Cicek calls their lawyer.

- Ceyda calls Pala to thank him for the money. Fidan enters and Pala gets uneased.He then tells her that there is nothing going on and there is no need for her to act like this.

Savas learns that Yasemin wants to sell her share of the company to pay Yavuz´s compensation money. He says he can´t allow it, that she worked hard for her company. Yasemin says there is no other way. Savas promises to find a solution. (he isn´t able to pay right away as well, because of the big company they are building in Van)

He then tells her to get ready for the party tonight.

Fidan tells Sahnur that dinner is ready. Sahnur asks for Pala, she says he went out.

Sahnur calls Pala, he says he will be late.

- Yasemin: "Savas I wanna ask you something"

- Savas: "Should I wear this tie, how does it look"?

- Yasemin: "Let me see. Try this one"

- Savas: "Hold it up here"

- Yasemin: "(laughing) Let me go so I can do my work"

- Savas: "You go ahead and do you work, I´m only holding you so you wont fall"

Yasemin: "I was gonna ask you whether Hande´s (the so called birthday girl) birthday was today, I remember it as if it was in the winter"

- Savas: "You ask a lot of questions and you slowing us down. What´s the decison, is it this tie"?

- Yasemin: "I think so yes. See"

- Savas: "Ok"

- Yasemin: "I´ll just blow-dry my hair and I will be rady"

- Savas: "And I´ll check on my sister and we will leave"

- Yasemi: "Ok"

- Hakan has arrived to picks Pelin up.

- Savas: "Come on we can leave now" - Yasemin: "How do I look? Say something Savas" - Savas: "I can´t speak, you took my breath away" (They have arrived) - Savas: "Come. What´s wrong dear"? - Yasemin: "Nothing. It´s weird" - Savas: "What´s weird"? - Yasemin: "The quietness, the smell of the sea, the freshness. It felt like a fairy tale" - Savas: "That´s right and you are the fairy in this" (At the boad) - Yasemin: "Why isn´t there anybody"?

Savas: "Who says nobody is here"? - Yasemin: "Where is everybody then"? - Savas: "They´ll be here" - Yasemin: "Savas, what are you up to"? - Pelin: "Oh it´s so beautiful" - Savas: I told you they would come" - Hakan: "Hello" - Yasemin: "Hello. You guys, Savas"? - Savas: "You´re right, Hande´s birthday is first in the winter. This is our party, actually this is more like our wedding day" - Pelin: "This belongs to you" - Savas: "Captain we´re ready"

Captain: "Good evening. We´re ready as well"

And they get married. Champagne is poppin, they´re kissing, flowers are thrown in the sea. Oh it´s a celebration my people :)

Then they say the same lines back when they first met

- Savas: "Do you like boats"?

- Yasemin: "What"?

- Savas: "Boats, boats"

- Yasemin: "Are you hitting on me"?

- Savas: "Ok you talk straight forward, but one doesn´t ask like this"

Yasemin: "Are you hitting on me or not"?

- Savas: "You´re going to fast, I think you should slow it down"

- Yasemin: "I think we should go faster"

- Savas: "What"?

- Yasemin: "I think we should go faster"

- Hakan and Pelin bid farewell.

- Savas: What are you thinking"?

- Yasemin: "I don´t know. I don´t, I think. I can´t. I only feel as if I´m flying. My body is here, but it´s as if I´m looking at the boat from the air"

- Savas: "What do you see from up there"?

Savas: "I promised myself to give your necklace back like this, with a ring" - Yasemin: "When did you get up? I didn´t hear you" - Savas: "Early. Come lets get out, it´s very beautiful outside" Outside the boat. - Yasemin: "May this never end. I wish we could stop the time" - Pala has slept at the office. Pala and Hakan small talk. - Yasemin: "Savas"? - Savas: "Yes dear" - Yasemin: "Let´s have breakfast"

- Yasemin: "I see the sea, it´s like linen. It´s determined to not bother us. Then what we lived, what we been through, everything posable to keep us away from not be able to get married. We are lying here side by side, that´s all. What do you think of"?

- Savas: "I´m glad I didn´t let you go, that´s all I´m thinking"

Yasemin wakes up and sees her necklace and a ring.

- Savas: "Good morning"

- Yasemin: "Good morning"

Savas: "I´m hungry too. Let´s ask the captain what´s for breakfast"

- Yasemin: "Savas, you very handsome this morning"

- Sahnur, Leyla and Fidan small talk.

- Hakan and Pala talk about woman and love

- Yasemin: "So you´ve arranged everything down to the breakfast"

- Savas: "Good, so you are happy about the organization"?

- Yasemin: "Very much. What? I have an appetite Savas"

- Savas: "We need to catch some fish for lunch, otherwise we´ll starve"

Savas: "What´s wrong you don´t trust me? You don´t say words like my husband will surely catch some fish and wont let me starve"

- Yasemin: "Of course I trust you honey, it´s the fish I don´t trust"

- Savas: "You´ll see"

- Nazan wakes up with pains and sees the blood in the bed. The housekeeper rushes to Sahnur to tell. The ladies panic. Fidan and Nazan rushes to the hospital

- Yasemin: "I was dreaming to get back to that house, but now..."

- Savas: "We will, but think of it as a emergency solution"

- Yasemin: "So you insist"?

- Savas: "Yes I do"

- Cicek decides to visit her brother.

Yavuz: Welcome. Cicek what´s wrong, what happened? Is it my mother? She couldn´t handle me being in jail, she is devistated, right? Cicek. Cicek don´t hide it from me.

Cicek: It´s true she got sad, but she isn´t devistated yet. Not yet.

Yavuz: Cicek there is something wrong with you. Tell me, did something bad happen?

Cicek: What do you mean a bad thing. What do you expect should happen?

Cicek: But it didn´t happen. Why? Did you make a mistake this time? Whereas you would have planned and settled everything, to not have any evidence left behind.

Yavuz: What are you saying Cicek?

Cicek: I know that you are a murderer, brother. How difficult to call you brother. But yes you are a murderer. I know you killed a young boy

Yavuz: Are you listening to what you´re saying? Who manipulated you?

Yavuz: How should I know. Do we in advance expect everything we encounter? I don´t even know how I got in here, so how should I know what´s going on, on the outside.

Cicek: That´s what I´m curious about, how did you end up in here? You didn´t expect it, right? You thought you could elude from this one too.

Yavuz: What´s that suppose to mean?

Cicek: Please stop, it´s enough. It was always you that manipulayed me. You talked and I listened. I never hesitated you and whoever disagreed I always backed you up. I trusted you, but you are a murderer. A murderer that doesn´t hesitate to lie.

Yavuz: Cicek it´s enough.

Cicek: I won´t listen. I wish I trusted Savas from the beginning. It´s true what they said, right? You were behind my fathers death, you kidnapped me to change my mind on divorcing. You don´t have anything to say, I know. My brother is a murderer.

Yavuz: Cicek?

Cicek: From now on you don´t have a sister.


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Re: ASK VE CEZA (Dragoste şi Pedeapsa)- TRADUCERE - Love & Punishment - Episode Translations

Mesaj Scris de DENISA la data de Mier 11 Mai 2011, 6:27 pm

Rezumat episodul 57 Ask ve Ceza

Acum este acum momentul să-şi regleze conturile ?

Cina de împăcare a Moranilor şi Baldarilor s-a încheiat cu o veste proastă. Toată lumea este în doliu. Yavuz a evadat şi l-a ucis pe Eşref . Pentru Savaş, Esref a fost ca un frate iar Savaş este devastat de pierderea lui.
Cemal cel care l-a ajutat să scape pe Yavuz încearcă să-l convingă pe acesta să plece în străinătate, astfel încât acesta să-şi poată continua afacerea cu droguri , asta intenţionând să facă în primul rând. Cu toate acestea Yavuz este ameţit de victoria împotriva lui Savaş şi nu intenţionează să plece fără să-şi închee conturile cu Savaş.
Savaş merge în Van la înmormântare lui Eşref . Yasemin trebuie să stea acasă şi să aibă grijă de toată lumea. Yasemin acceptă dar ea este speriată că Savaş ar putea face ceva rău din durerea pierderii lui Eşref. Ea se roagă ca poliţia să-l găsească pe Yavuz înaintea lui Savaş.
Casa Baldar este acum un loc în care toată lumea este suparată. Şahnur simte că ea va muri înainte ca ea să vadă pacea şi este suparată.Toată lumea de asemenea, încearcă să o consoleze pe Nazan care încearcă să se sinucidă.
Şahnur de asemenea se gândeşte la Mustafa, care se află în închisoare.
Ea doreşte să-şi viziteze fiul înainte să moară. Cicek trebuie să aibă grijă de compania fratelui ei. Cu toate acestea ea nu vrea să predea conducerea companiei. Dar ea încearcă să fie responsabilă faţă de clanul ei şi faţă de compania. Ea continuă să se vadă cu Hakan. Ea pare a fi fericită până la un apel telefonic neaşteptat care o tulbură . Eforturile mari ale lui Savaş sunt fructuoase/ prolifice . Acum, el poate sta faţă în faţa cu Yavuz.


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motzy multumesc pentru traducerea e-mail din araba

Mesaj Scris de alimar la data de Dum 15 Mai 2011, 12:33 am

motzy ma bucur ca ai tradus in engleza asa se intelege ceva eu folosesc tot google la traducere pe unele mesaje le mai pricep pe altele deloc am mai pus 2 care pomenesc numele lui murat si burcin poate se vor deschide si vor fii poze noi alimar

membru senior
membru senior

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Re: ASK VE CEZA (Dragoste şi Pedeapsa)- TRADUCERE - Love & Punishment - Episode Translations

Mesaj Scris de ada_20 la data de Dum 15 Mai 2011, 8:03 pm

cand va aparea subtitrarea episodului 56?


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Re: ASK VE CEZA (Dragoste şi Pedeapsa)- TRADUCERE - Love & Punishment - Episode Translations

Mesaj Scris de Motzişor la data de Dum 15 Mai 2011, 8:15 pm

ada_20 a scris:cand va aparea subtitrarea episodului 56?
Fetelor, vă rog nu mai scrieţi aici!
Aici e doar o pagină pe care sunt introduse traduceri. Mergeţi la pagina de comentarii!



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Re: ASK VE CEZA (Dragoste şi Pedeapsa)- TRADUCERE - Love & Punishment - Episode Translations

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Aşk ve Ceza 58.Bölüm

- Cicek has arrived at Yavuz´s hiding place. Yavuz asks whether she is sure nobody followed her, where Cicek answers yes.

- Yasemin sends Savas a message saying: "Honey I called you but you didn´t hear my call I guess. I just missed your voice and only wanted to say that I´m glad you are in my life and promise me you always will"

- Yasemin is uneased, so she is leaving for home.

- Cicek: "Is this where you sleep"?

- Yavuz: "Did you get the money? Did anybody suspect anything"?

- Cicek: "I never saw you this anxious. Are you afraid"?

- Yavuz: "Cicek I don´t need your sympathy, give me that money, I have to go right away"

- Cicek: "Do you remember the first time you where gonna go to prison, you came and bid farewell with me, you told me we might never see eachother again. Then I´ve learned that you killed Nazan´s husband Muzaffer and turned your self in"

- Yavuz: "Are we gonna sit here and talk about our childhood"?

- Cicek: "You were afraid, I saw it in your face and hands you were shaking. It was a different fear then what I see today. Then you were a "victim" but now you are a killer"

- Yavuz: "Cicek it´s enough"

- Cicek: "How did you change so much. How did my brother who could never harm anyone, be such a killer"?

- Yavuz: "What are you doing"?

- Cicek: "Are you gonna kill me as well? It didn´t come as a surprise. Here take this it is yours. Before you took the gun in your hands, you always played with these. I brought them in case you still have some mercy left"

- Yavuz: "Move it away. Do you think we are playing"?

- Yasemin has arrived home. She asks Fidan whether Savas has comed by. - Fidan: "Yes he came by to get some papers"

- Cicek: "It´s over. You have reached the end"

- Yavuz: "Tell me you didn´t do it. Cicek tell me you didn´t call the police"

- cicek: "I wish I could have stopped you. I wish I could have relieved your anger. But we can´t travel back in time"

- Yavuz: "You called them didn´t you. I asked help from, but you called the police on me"

- Cicek: "You weren´t gonna stop. If you go now, you´ll do something tomorrow. Who knows how many people will die. I couln´t do it, I couldn´t have allowed that. You have to do your time. I had no other change. You can´t live by fleeing. Give an end to this"

- Yavuz: "God damn it. God damn it. God damn it. I´m not gonna ask you what to do, move away"

- Cicek: "Are you gonna kill me as well"?

- Yavuz: "Selahattin, look here"

- Selahattin: "Yes sir"

Yasemin checks the gun-box which is empty.

- Savas has arrived at Yavuz´s hiding place. He is calling the police.

- Leyla checks on Yasemin. Yasemin says she isn´t find and is afraid Savas will do something to Yavuz. Leyla gets uneased as well

Leyla gets uneased as well

- Savas yells for Yavuz to get out, but he doesn´t answer, instead Cicek screams for Savas. Savas is surprised to see her and asks where Yavuz is. Cicek answers that he fled.

- Fidan is worried that Haldun still hasn´t comed home from school yet. Sahnur tries to calm her down.

- The household hears Fidan scream. Sahnur has called Pala to ask about Haldun and that´s how the household has learned that Haldun is missing from school.

Everybody is trying to calm Fidan down, whereas Nazan says: "Lets hope it´s not Yavuz". Sahnur gets mad at her.

- Pala and his men are looking for Haldun.

- Fidan calls some teachers.

- Savas calls Yasemin.

- Yasemin: "Where are yo Savas, I waas very worried"

- Savas: "You´re right honey I´m sorry. How are you"?

- Yasemin: "no I´m not fine at all"

- Savas: "Why what happened"?

- Yasemin: "Haldun is missing. Pala went to pick him up from school, but he wasn´t there, nobody knows where he is. Do you think Yavuz could have done something"?

- Savas: "It´s not Yavuz. You´ll just be calm, I´ll be right there"

- The household still waits on Haldun. Yasemin tries to calm fidan down and then gets up to take a look on Savas.

- Savas talks to Pala on the phone. Yasemin enters.

- Yasemin: "Are there any news"?

- Savas: "Not yet, but we´ll find him don´t worry"

After sitting down

- Savas: "Yasemin"?

- Yasemin: "I know that the gun isn´t in the box. I also know what you are thinking. I´m not mistaken right"?

- Savas: "You are mistaken"

- Yasemin "Why isn´t the gun in the box then"?

- Savas: "It was only for protection"

- Yasemin: "Come on"

- Savas: "Honey I know exactly what I´m doing. I have you in my life and my children. We have a dream together right"?

- Yasemin: "That´s why I was so worried"

- Savas: "And that´s why I don´t have an option to be a murderer. Ok"

- Cicek tells Hüseyin Aga that Yavuz has fled once again. She then tells him that he will ask for help, because he has no money, so they should be prepared and tell everyone to not help him.

- Pala arrives home

- Savas tries to calm fidan down as well. Pala enters.

- Fidan: "He ran away because of his anger towards you"

- Pala: "Fidan lets not talk about that right now"

- Fidan: "Why not. Up until yesterday this kid looked up to you, but now he is running away from school. Do you like what you have done"?

- Sahnur&Yasemin: "Fidan calm down"

- Fidan: "No Yasemin I´m tired of this. If something happens to my son I will kill you Pala"

- Savas: "Fidan calm down"

- Pala: "It´s enough Fidan, don´t push me"

- Fidan: "I don´t care anymore, I had enough. Don´t push me Fidan. Be patient Fidan. Let Pala do whatever he wants, you just keep quiet Fidan"

- Savas: "What´s that suppose to mean"?

- Fidan: "It means I did a mistake by not talking. I should have exploded when I saw Ceyda with that necklace"

- Yasemin: "Ceyda"?

- Sahnur: "What necklace"?

- Fidan: "Tell ´em about the necklace. Tell ´em how you shamelessly have been with Ceyda. Haldun is a young boy, didn´t you think he would understand these things? What are you looking at me for, you tell ´em. You would better know what you have done. TELL ´EM"

- Haldun gets in a cab.

- Savas asks Pala how he is doing, but Pala is worried about Haldun. Savas says he probably wanted to be some time alone. Pala tells Savas what a mistake he has done.

- Fidan tells Sahnur about the necklace. Sahnur supports Fidan.

- Yasemin blames herself for trusting Ceyda, whereas she says Savas never trusted her. She then calls Ceyda and cusses her out and says that she will pay for this.

- Haldun arrives at Ceyda´s place. He yells at her, whereas Ceyda tries to get him inside for not being embarrassed to the neighbours

- Ceyda calls Pala but he doesn´t answer. Pala then tells Savas that she is blackmailing him.

Pala then gets a message from Ceyda telling him that Haldun is at her place.

- Pala tells the household that Haldun is found and leaves. Savas tells Fidan that Haldun was at ceyda´s place. Fidan is sick and tired of hearing her name everywhere. Savas then says that Fidan is absolutely right, but that Pala is regretful. Fidan says he should have thought of that before and asks whether regreting at last has any importance. - Savas: "I don´t know, you tell me"

- Pala arrives at Ceyda´s place.

- Pala: "I have ripped the pictures you have send me Ceyda and you will do the same. Everybody knows about us, those pictures are useless. If you´re smart you´ll stay away from me and my family. If not I wont be the one getting hurt"

- Yasemin check on Sahnur. Sahnur wants to talk.

- Haldun apoligizes for "running away". He says he only went there to tell Ceyda that nobody can hurt his mother. Fidan says she is happy when he is. They promise eachother to get well.

- Sahnur says she wishes that Yasemin would call her "mother" like she is calling her "my daughter", before finishing her sentence Yasemin calls Sahnur for mother which pleases Sahnur very much

- Hakan has arrived at Cicek´s place.

- Hakan: "I think I made everybody uneasy"

- Cicek: "Well you don´t look someone who comes around here a lot. Welcome, take a seat. Would you please be comfortable. You may not look as someone who around here, but it shows that you aren´t an enemy"

- Hakan: "Ok then. I wonder..."

- Cicek: "Yes"

- Hakan: "What if I tell you that I have comed here with feelings that are more then just being friends"

- Cicek: "I have hurt you a lot Hakan, but it´s still very nice for you to say these things"

- Hakan: "You got more hurt. Imagine you came here to support your brother"

- "Cicek: "You´re right, but now my brother is a fugitive and I am obligated as a Hanim Aga"

- Hakan: "You are right, it´s a weird situation"

- Cicek: "What´s wrong"?

- Hakan: "I really wanna kiss this Hanim Aga"

- Cicek: "You really don´t look as someone who comes around here"

- Hakan: "Don´t worry I wont misbehave, I just told you what I felt"

- Cicek: "Coffee"?

- Leyla check on Sahnur. Sahnur says she is devistated by the news on Pala & Fidan and adds that her disease has been going on for too long. - Sahnur: "This means I still have some trial and tribulations to go through". Leyla tries to calm her down by saying that they still have many years ahead and one never knows what´s gonna happen. Sahnur says she hasn´t had peace in a very long time.

- After Leyla leaving Sahnur reads the letter: "Hasip my love. I wish I could have said that everything was a mistake, but I can´t. It wasn´t a mistake for me, not one minute of it. One can´t make its heart listen. I have fallen in love with you. I´m leaving Van in a couple of days. You are married and I will be abroad. If we continue like this we will only increase a mistake. I can´t do this towards you, your family and myself.

Even though I want to leave the rest of my life beside, I can´t. But if you can come to me, if you can stop this hidden and forbidden love, everything will change. Can you do it Hasip? Can you come to me? Tomorrow after work I will be walking at the usual road, would you show up and say that you will come with me? If you do, we might be happy the rest of our lives, just like in the picture. Seher" - Sahnur: "You might have gone Hasip Aga"

- Savas: "My fathers bead couldn´t bear all this burden"

- Yasemin: "It broke before all this happened, at the time I was crazy worried about you"

- Savas: "Honey, could we please not talk about that"

- Yasemin: "come here. I called Ceyda and cuss her out. I wont end this here of course"

- Savas: "She made everything fall apart. Anyways don´t you worry and don´t do things that will upset you"

- Yasemin: "I don´t know, it depends on you. if I could only hold you near me, like this all the time"

The note Savas wrote Yasemin: "I missed breakfast, shall we meet at lunch? I love you. Savas"

Yasemin calls Savas

- Savas: "Good morning dear"

- Yasemin: "Good morning. You left early"

- Savas: "I have some things to do. Have you seen my note"?

- Yasemin: "I did. I wish we could have been together at breakfast and lunch as well, but..."

- Savas: "Today it went down this way, but let us do that tomorrow. What do you say"?

- Yasemin: "Ok, its a deal. Where do we meet today"?

- Savas: "I´ll pick you up"

- Yasemin: "Ok, be careful alright"?

- Savas: "Ok, I´ll talk to you later"

- Fidan is worried that Sahnur still isn´t up, since she never sleeps this long.

- Yasemin, ömer and Leyla enters.

- Pala apoligizes to Haldun and says everything is over and that he will from now on don´t hurt anyone.

- Savas is spying on Cemal.
- Hakan and Cicek have breakfast and expresses his love.

- Fidan is uneased, she excuses herself from the breakfast table and check on Sahnur

- Hakan and Cicek small talk.

- Fidan tells Nazan that she will check on Sahnur. Nazan is surprised as well. Fidan enters in Sahnur´s room and realises that Sahnur is unconscious. She starts screaming.

Savas: "Come on Cemal, take me to Yavuz"

Yasemin calls

- Savas: "Yes dear"?

- Yasemin: "Savas where are you"?

- Savas: "Yasemin what happened"?

- Yasemin: "Savas please hurry home, its you mom"

- Savas: "What happened to my mom"?

- The ambulance has arrived. Everybody is very concerned.

- Yasemin is mad at her mother for not telling about Sahnur disease, but Pala says that they now know and will take it from here.

- Sahnur: "Don´t look at me like that"

- Savas: "How am I looking mother"?

- Sahnur: "Don´t look at me with sadness. This is why I didn´t tell you, I don´t want to see your face like this"

- Savas: "But we have lost time. Do you think I will surrender you to this disease? We leaving very soon"

- Sahnur: "Where to"?

- Savas: "Whereever they have the best treatment. We will win this disease, we will go as far we can"

- Sahnur: "Savas"
- Savas: "I wont listen to you mom and I wont have any objection. If I need to I will carry you on my bag"

- Sahnur: "My son, my darling. You heard the doctor say 4-5 months left"

- Savas: "So, I wanna make that 4-5 years. I wanna spent several years with you"

- Sahnur: "I want that too, I wanna spend time with you guys and not somewhere abroad. I wanna be in peace at my own home with my loved ones"

- Savas: "Ok, mom we´ll talk about it"
- Nazan: "Mommy, how are you"?

- Sahnur: "My daughter is here as well, come over here. I´m much better now, my beautiful daughter"

- Nazan: "What were you talking about"?

- Sahnur: "What can you talk with Savas? He was giving me advices"

- Nazan: "I´m sure he told the right things, you´re gonna listen right mom"?

- Sahnur: "Thank you God for giving me good children"

- Yavuz thanks Cemal for helping out, even though he was mad at him. Cemal says that´s all in the past, from now on they shall concentrate on the business.

- Yasemin: "Your mom is determined right"?

- Savas: "She says she wants to be home. I don´t wanna listen to her, but I´m afraid to push her and make her upset"

- Yasemin: "If your mom is gonna be happy this way..."

- Savas: "It´s weird to think my mom is happier this way, the day will come... This house can´t exist without her. How is life gonna be without her in this house, or without me and her fighting and then make up again"

- Yasemin: "Life will always be like this honey. They are gonna past it on on us and we to our children"

- Yavuz has flashbacks

- Hakan calls Cicek

- Hakan calls Cicek, they start small talking then Hakan: "Cicek I can´t be witout you. I know its not the right time. You don´t have to say anything. I´m in no hurry. I only wanted to say good morning"

- Yasemin small talks with ömer while Savas is holding him. Kiraz enters and says breakfast will be ready soon. Nazan enters. Yasemin leaves to check on Sahnur.

- Sahnur is on the phone getting an adress. Yasemin enters and asks how she is and whether she is coming down for breakfast. Sahnur wants to talk.

- Sahnur: "Yasemin is Savas gone"

- Yasemin: "No he is down stairs"

- Sahnur: "Come an sit. Is he alright"?

- Yasemin: "I don´t know mom, I don´t know at all"

- Leyla enters and takes ömer with her to feed him breakfast.
Nazan starts crying for her mother, Savas tries to calm her down.

- Nazan: "How am I gonna get through this. I´m not ready at all"

- Savas: "How can one get prepared for such a thing. There is only one thing we can do sister. My mom wanted peace, lets work for that. If we´re gonna be prepared for anything, then let it be for this. Lets look into her eyes and make her every second happy"

- Yasemin says she doesn´t know how to handle the situation with Savas. Sahnur says Savas has big burdens to carry, she says she gets sad sometimes that it is unfair, but then she gets reliefed knowing that Yasemin is supporting him. Yasemin says there is nothing she wont do for him, she is just afraid she wont know what to do sometimes. Sahnur advises her to listen to her heart.

- Sahnur arrives at the adress given to her on the phone. It says Seher on the bell. She then says to the lady: "Didn´t you recognize me, it´s me Sahnur Baldar

- Yasemin: "What are you doing"?

- Savas: "I´m checking my mails, I´m leaving now. Where did my mom go so early"?

- Yasemin: "She said she was gonna visit someone, a relative I think"

- Savas: "That´s it"?

- Yasemin: "Yes"

- Savas: "Is mother-in-law and bride keeping secrets from me"?

Yasemin: "No dear, I really don´t know. I wanna ask you something. The gun is in the box, right"?

- Savas: "Yes"

- Yasemin: "I don´t want this only for me. It´s for ömer and masal as well"

- Savas. "I know honey"

- Yasemin: "We want our Savas Aga beside us"

- Savas: "Savas Aga"

- Yasemin: "What´s wrong"
- Savas: "I thought of my brother. If he didn´t die, there wouldn´t have been a Savas Aga. Then maybe I would have talked to him like this. Brother be careful. After I´ve learned about my mothers disease, I´m thinking of all the dead ones. I´ve missed my brother a lot"

- Yavuz is leaving to handle a little business

- Seher asks how she has found her. Sahnur says if someone wants do to something, everything is possible.
Seher then asks what brought her here.

- Sahnur: "I wondered about you"

- Seher: "After 40 years"

- Sahnur: "I think I had to"

- Seher: "Excuse me"

- sahnur: "Can I have a glas of water"

- Hakan calls Savas he wants to talk. They agree to meet at home.

- Seher and Sahnur small talk. Sahnur then asks what her husband is doing, which Seher answers: "I never got married, after I left van".

Sahnur explains what she did back then was to protect her family and that´s why she asked her to leave Van. Seher asks whether she is regretful. Sahnur replies that she doesn´t regret for protecting her family and that she loved Hasip Aga as well. She is remorsing because of something else.

- Savas: "Hakan are you gonna talk"?

- Hakan: "Savas I need to tell you something. It´s important"

- Savas: "I got that

- Hakan: "I can´t hide it from you this time. I did a mistake once and a felt awful"

- Savas: "Hakan that issue is over, its closed. I´m not offended anymore"

- Hakan: "Thanks, but...the issue that caused that issue isn´t closed yet"

- Savas: "Would you speak tyrkish"

- Hakan: "I mean I couldn´t forget it, I´ve tried. I told myself to let it go, but...I couldn´t. I can´t get it out of my head. That´s all"

- Savas: "Are you serious? Have you fallen in love with Cicek"?

- Hakan: "Yes"

- Savas: "Have you told Cicek"?

- Hakan: "No, not yet. But we are seeing eachother and every time I see her, I wanna spend more time with her. Actually I don´t wanna leave her at all"

- Savas: "I can tell"

- Hakan: "You´re right. This time I wanted to tell you right away"

- Savas: "You just that I have called it peace with the Moran´s"

- Yavuz has arrived at Lara´s school. He offers to drive her home

- Sahnur: "I have this big remorse ms.Seher"

- Seher: "Don´t be. I left Van and came here. Over the years I have learned to accept my life, I´m grateful for that. I have no animosity towards you anymore, you can be in peace"

- Sahnur: "Thank you, that was good to hear"

- Seher: "And on the other issue, there was nothing you could have done"

- Sahnur: "Don´t say that.

- Seher: "There really wasn´t, just think about it...Can we please close this subject now"

- Sahnur: "Of course"
"Mom are you home"

Seher: "I´m in here son. We have company"


Sahnur: "Hello"

Seher: "Hasip, this is Sahnur an old relative"

Hasip: "Really, how nice. Welcome"

Sahnur: "Hello Hasip"

The end!


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Re: ASK VE CEZA (Dragoste şi Pedeapsa)- TRADUCERE - Love & Punishment - Episode Translations

Mesaj Scris de DENISA la data de Vin 27 Mai 2011, 4:53 pm

Rezumat episodul 59 Ask ve Ceza

Marele secret este dezvăluit.
Toată lumea este suparată cu boala lui şahnur . Şahnur vrea să finalizeze tot ce are neterminat înainte de a muri. Ea o vizitează pe Seher şi îl vede pe Hasip .

Yasemin nu mai doreşte să lucreze cu Ceyda cu toate acestea, Ceyda nu are planuri de a părăsi compania. Savaş decide să rezolve această problemă el însuşi, dar Yasemin spune că acest lucru este o problemă a ei şi ea însăşi va găsi o soluţie
Savaş este pe urmele lui Yavuz şi el îi promite lui Yasemin că se va asigura că Yavuz intră pe mâna legii. Yavuz continuă cu planurile sale răutăcioase / răuvoitoare . Hakan şi Cicek sunt fericiţi împreună şi nu sunt conştienţi de pericolul ce o aşteaptă pe Lara. Lara este acum cu Yavuz şi Yavuz trimite poza lor de pe telefonul mobil lui Cicek. Cicek este foarte speriată.
Şahnur se confruntă acum cu realitatea care a fost ţinută ascunsă de ani de zile. Ea decide să spună adevărul familiei ei. Toată lumea este şocată de această veste.
Savaş nu se poate linişti şi decide să meargă şi să-l vadă pe fratele său, totuşi, o surpriză neplăcută îl aşteaptă atunci când se duce la întâlnirea cu Hasib.


Mesaje : 44173
Data de inscriere : 14/09/2009
Localizare : România

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Re: ASK VE CEZA (Dragoste şi Pedeapsa)- TRADUCERE - Love & Punishment - Episode Translations

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