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Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe ATV TR

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Buna dimineata:
Bem o cafea impreuna ?
Ce zice-ti ? va astept*********Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR - Pagina 5 Cafea787615
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Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR - Pagina 5

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Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR - Pagina 5 User200438pic2767121249
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Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR - Pagina 5 12839185565183283656678

Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR - Pagina 5 L2m5ylu39uujyt721aja

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Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR - Pagina 5 Kenan10kadndantv0200007Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR - Pagina 5 Kenan10kadndantv0200008
Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR - Pagina 5 Kenan10kadndantv0210003Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR - Pagina 5 Kenan10kadndantv0240003
Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR - Pagina 5 Kenan10kadndantv0410001Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR - Pagina 5 Kenan10kadndantv0210002

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Astazi nu se transmite Ezel la Show tv.
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Mesaj Scris de iulia1965 la data de Lun 21 Dec 2009, 10:31 pm a scris:Astazi nu se transmite Ezel la Show tv.
Nici Ezel,nici "Maskeli Balo "...Daca-mi aduc bine aminte,nici anul trecut,in perioada asta,Kanal D Tr nu a dat Binbir Gece si Asi...E vreo sarbatoare religioasa f. importanta??

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iulia1965 a scris: a scris:Astazi nu se transmite Ezel la Show tv.
Nici Ezel,nici "Maskeli Balo "...Daca-mi aduc bine aminte,nici anul trecut,in perioada asta,Kanal D Tr nu a dat Binbir Gece si Asi...E vreo sarbatoare religioasa f. importanta??

din câte ştiu eu nu este nici o sărbătoare, dar probabil intră şi ei în vacanţă , Kasaba văd că este miercuri . acum să vedem când vor reîncepe serialele în ianuarie .

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Daaa...Anul trecut au facut o pauza de vreo 3 saptamani...Mai aveam un pic si turbam!

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iulia1965 a scris:Daaa...Anul trecut au facut o pauza de vreo 3 saptamani...Mai aveam un pic si turbam!
anul acesta nu văd decât Kasaba , aşa că nu mă voi agita prea tare .

Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR - Pagina 5 1jlbtg5w11jmmya7e
Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR - Pagina 5 159513_d

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Ezel Episode 10 Part 1

Eysan: Can what did you see? Can what did you see?
Can: Mom I didn't see anything, I just came!
Eysan: Tell me the truth! Look at me and tell me the truth, what did you see Can?
Can: I am telling you the truth mom, I just came. Mom you’re hurting me!


Ali on the phone with Tefo

Ali: Tefo Address, how come you didn't find it? Couldn’t you find one address?
Tefo: Mr. Ali such man if they don't want to be found they will do anything they can to do so.
Ali: Dear Tefo, such man if they want to be found they will be found!
Tefo: I am saying let’s not hurry in this, he is a hard man.
Ali: Hard man? Don't read me story Tefo! You will find that old man and bring him to me! Find him!
Tefo: alright

He hangs up

Ali and Cengiz

Cengiz: You should have parked at the other street. (he’s being sarcastic).
Ali: I know this laugh, where?
Cengiz: to make another profiteer.


Bahar and Serdar

Serdar: Where?
Bahar: There isn’t anything, I came thinking that I want to say things but there isn’t.
Serdar: There isn’t? You don't have anything to say to your daddy?
Bahar: what daddy? Huh? I came to forgive your something but what should I forgive? Because I cant even remember you.
Serdar: You don't remember? What about when you dear sister left us and we went looked for her? You don't remember that too? To make you better (health) I did so many things for you. You don't remember those too? Didn't anyone tell you anything?
Bahar: what are you saying?
Serdar: come on daughter sit here. Come here. You promise me, promise me that you will come to your daddy everyday and I will tell you everything. What I did to make your health better. We did so much to make you better.
Bahar: No need, I will ask my sister.
Serdar: Ask, ask your dear sister. If she didn't tell you come to me. Come to your daddy.


The woman with Ezel

Ezel: Is here empty?.... this will be our last meeting (seen her. tonight for the evening you will book the table down there. Alright? You know what you have to do. Don't make any mistake.
Woman: One second, before I start this I have to tell you something. This man loves his wife.
Ezel: See how much he loves her.

Then the girl calls Cengiz

Woman: Hello Cengiz. What can I do? I miss you!


In the car

Sebnam: I know that look. Where are we going? Where?
Ezel: To check out our friends fidelity (devotion).


Ezel Episode 10 Part 2

Eysan and Her aunt

Eysan: I brought you orange sweets aunty.
Aunt: you should have called; I would have put some make-up on.
Eysan: You’re pretty in every ways. How is it here? Are they looking after you well?
Aunt: If they are tired of me, then they shouldn’t look after me.
Eysan: I wish I could visit you more often.
Aunt: What would you do here, between all those sick people? Go live your life for God’s sake. Take this look out of your face. Go live for me too. Take Can and go for a vacation.
Eysan: Aunt
Aunt: what happen? Is it Cengiz? Did he do something?
Eysan: Aunt I am scared.


Cengiz and Ali

Ali: Mart has closed that file, why didn't you tell me?
Cengiz: Shush, look around yourself. What do you see?
Ali: Nothing
Cengiz: Ahh that is why you need me! At a place where you cannot see anything I see everything!
Ali: Why do you need me partner?
Cengiz: I am open for ideas
Ali: At this place where you see everything, I see something that will stop it.
Cengiz: Wait le me guess, Ezel? What do you want from that man son? Look he turned out to a kid with no parents.
Ali: He doesn't have anyone, I already checked. He doesn't have anyone. God for bit is something happens to him tomorrow or some other time he doesn't have anyone. You will have hard time handing the hotel alone.
Cengiz: When did you start to be this way Ali?
Ali: Since Ezel been around.

Then Ezel comes

Ali: Be prepared he is here
Cengiz: Come on Ali, smile a little.

Eysan: Look at them, how happy they are that we are here!
Ezel: They are not happy because of me Sebnam. They are happy because they will be using me! but first they will feel sorry for each other.

Then they get down from the car

Cengiz: Welcome partner!
Ezel: Thank you, what’s up?
Cengiz: Good, it’s Ali’s first time seen here. He can’t speak. The place is amazing!
Ezel: You come with me; I will tell you what I have planned. Ah Kamil can you give whisky to Mr. Ali so that he will enjoy himself by this view.

Cengiz: When I look here, many plans come to my mind. Can you believe it?
Ezel: I believe it. Do you know what needs to be done before Cengiz? We will do a new thing!

Kamil: Enjoy it!


Eysan and her aunt

Aunt: Did Can see the tape?
Eysan: He said he didn't see it. No he didn't see it. But my place is a house where there is a tape which has his father’s murder man in. And there is Ali who takes him to his arms. What if Cengiz learns that Can is not his son? I know it, I already know it from his looks.
Aunt: Are you scared if he does something to Can?
Eysan: I don't know aunt. Now I am not sure what to be scared of, but if something happens to me who would I give Can to? Even Bahar too.
Aunt: Didn't you put it behind separating from your husband?
Eysan: This is not something to do with money only. If something happens and I end up going against Cengiz.
Aunt: Doesn't he love you? Would he do something bad to you?
Eysan: I am scared of that aunt. Not to me, he would do the ones that I love. Who would protect them then? If needed I will make them go far from me, but who will they go to? They don't have anyone to go to.
Aunt: There is
Eysan: Thank you aunty but...
Aunt: Not me, Can’s own blood! He has a grandma.
Eysan: What are you saying aunt? How will I tell this? How would I say it? That I killed your son but watch your grandson well?
Aunt: What if one day you end up with no choice and had to tell? Beside isn’t that what you’re scared of? Isn’t that the day you’re waiting for?
Eysan: Yes
Aunt: When that day comes, he has a place to go to. There is his home too, right Eysan? Then since your scared, prepare yourself and Can. Don’t say anything, first just introduce them before its too late Eysan.


Back to Ezel and the others

Cengiz: Shall we continue this in the evening?
Ezel: Are you going somewhere?
Cengiz: Eh just work cannot be, we can to enjoy too right? (to Ali) Come on, if you have drink too much let me drive.

They leave

Sebnam: What did you tell him? Look how happy he is.
Ezel: Happy right? Well a man who loves his wife and cheats on her can be this happy too.

Then he calls Eysan

Ezel: Hello Eysan? No I just called... No dear, no work. I missed so I called. What are you doing?
Eysan: Nothing, I visited one of my relative.
Ezel: Would you drink a coffee with me in the evening? We can talk a little.
Eysan: Look I told you, you called because of work.
Ezel: The work is just an excuse, so what do you say?
Eysan: It would be very good but first I have to take Can somewhere.
Ezel: Where?
Eysan: Well you know how Can is very curious with different things? So I was thinking if he could take a lesson with building making things. (like Ezel’s father).
Ezel: From whom?
Eysan: One of my friend’s father. From my aunt’s husband. He is very good at things like that. Ezel?
Ezel: Ah, that would be good for Can.
Eysan: I am going to them. Maybe when I return?
Ezel: Alright I will let you know. Eysan
Eysan: Yes?
Ezel: Do you want me to take you?


Cengiz and the woman

Cengiz: Were you looking for me?
Woman: aren’t we supposed to meet at 8?
Cengiz: Your missing me, can’t I miss you too?
Woman: Where did you learn that I would be here?
Cengiz: I am Cengiz Atay, I know everything. Isn’t that why your amazed with me?
Woman: Yes, that is why. They close cafes for me, but you closed down a gym place for me.
Cengiz: Eh, I am a well knowing man. No one has to know what we will do here.
Woman: Ahhh, what are we doing anyways?
Cengiz: Nothing, we just run. Shall we race?


Can and Serdar

Serdar: where did it go?..ahh its right here!

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Ezel Episode 10 Part 3

Can: Is my dad a bad man?
Serdar: Where did this come from now?
Can: Nothing
Serdar: You won’t tell me? You won’t tell your dear grandpa? Find don't tell me, look we will play a game with you. I will ask you questions and you just answer them with moving your head. This way shows you didn't tell me anything. Right?... Did your father do something to you? Did you hear something? Then you saw? What did you see? Did you see him talking to someone else? Did you see him doing something to someone?
Can: (is not sure)
Serdar: When did you see? Yesterday? More old? Very old? Alright did you see it on a picture?
Can: (moves his head)
Serdar: Then where? You saw it on a tape? You saw your dad doing something bad to someone in a tape?
Can: (moves his head like yes)
Serdar: Was Ali brother with them? They didn't tell you anything? Sure they don't tell you. They still think you’re a small child. But you are not a little kid right tiger?
Can: I am not
Serdar: Sure you are not. Beside what I will ask from you small kids wont be able to do so. Only someone like you would do so. Look you will bring that tape to me. And I will do what your parents didn't do. I will tell you what is going on in the tape. We agree right? Look they don't trust you, but I trust you. you trust me too right tiger?
Can: Yes
Serdar: very nice. You know how your parents fight and you get upset? Well if you don't bring me that tape those fights will never be over. Who knows maybe they will end up separating over this.
Can: (sees his mother) Mom
Serdar: Don’t your mother shouldn’t know this too.
Can: My mom is here.
Serdar: Who is that man with your mother?
Can: He is my friend, Ezel.

Then they look at Can

Eysan: Can, what are you doing here alone?
Can: I wasn’t alone, I was with a friend. What’s up Ezel brother?
Eysan: Come, I have a very nice surprise for you. We are going somewhere.
Can: Where?
Eysan: Somewhere that you will love very much.


Ezel and Namik

Ezel: Don't leave everything for them, now Ali has went after them. Call Tefo, even with their smallest move he should let me know. If uncle gets hurt a little I will question him.
Kamil: You?
Ezel: First I said family, now its two family; leaving one aside, I have to protect the other one.

Kamil calls Tefo, which he is with Ramiz


Ramiz and Tefo

Ramiz: Leave it, let it ring. Leave it.
Tefo: This Ali has confused his head with you uncle. Allow me, let me ask this Ezel what he wants us to do.
Ramiz: My nephew, do you know the dog story having two owners? (two different people taking the dog’s responsibility he means). Both them has went in front of the dog, one has said “ come to me” the other said “come to me” then the dog gets confused.
Tefo: Did the dog run?
Ramiz: No, he has got confused so he just thru one thing to them. What they did was shoot the dog.
Tefo: Didn't anyone ask the dog where he wants to go?
Ramiz: Not the dog’s owner but the dog will look at what the owner says nephew. Who ever makes a dog to a dog is devoted. And if you don't then they wont be devoted nephew. The time is coming nephew. Soon I will be calling you to myself. When I call you, will you come to me?
Tefo: What am I suppose to do uncle?
Ramiz: Stop asking questions. (he gives him the paper)
Tefo: What is this?
Ramiz: Go give this to Ali.


Ali with the men

Ali: Tell
Man1: For a long time no one has seen him
Ali: He would have a place at a park or something. Is there anything like that?
Man2: No brother, there is nothing left. 20 years ago when he end up in jail, they made everything else nothing.
Ali: Any relatives?
Man1: He has three sons. When he has went to jail, they have divided his wills.
Ali: Bring me his sons
Man1: They died. It’s weird but there is a doubt.
Ali: How doubt?
Man1: Different place but at the same day. No one speaks like his sons. But who else I ask about this uncle, everyone tells a different story. Uncle has helped people who are poor very much.
Man2: They have tried to hurt him before, he doesn't touch guns.
Man1: De does it in a different way, he cuts hand fingers like this.

Then Ali slaps the man

Ali: Like this? The man that you love I don't want his ***** I want himself man! Bring him to me man!

Then tefo gives him a paper

Ali: What is this?
Tefo: Ramiz’s address.

Then Ramiz speaks

Ramiz: “Fidelity, what a meaning full thing it is, fidelity. Is fidelity staying as secret? Quietness? While knowing bring down hell”

Ali: come on son

Ramiz: “Fidelity is like death. With preparedness it can’t be. Once you crossed the line, there is no returning. Whatever hopes they give you, they give you. Life goes by continuously. But is doing bad thing like this?


Ezel Episode 10 Part 4

Ok it starts again where Ramiz starts to talk

Then Ramiz speaks

Ramiz: “Fidelity, what a meaning full thing it is, fidelity. Is fidelity staying as secret? Quietness? While knowing bring down hell”

Ali: come on son

Ramiz: “Fidelity is like death. With preparedness it can’t be. (shows Cengiz and the woman) Once you crossed the line, there is no returning. (shows Bahar) Whatever hopes they give you, they give you. Life goes by continuously. (shows Serdar) But is doing bad thing this way? It’s always on top of human. (Can goes to Omer’s home). Promises gives, promises end up being forgotten. One day will come the person who betrayed will want fidelity”.

Omer’s mother opens the door

Ramiz continues talking

Ramiz: “ Fidelity cannot be given like charity. The ones who wants it, wants everything. A man who will stay like fidelity to the ones he loves, is the man!

Then Ali and the other mens sees Ramiz


At Omer’s home

Eysan: Here hasn’t changed at all.
Mother: It changed, it changed a lot. There is no Cengiz? You both are here.
Eysan: Cengiz’s work came up, and Ezel offered to drop us here.
Ezel: I said that’s a chance, since I always visit this aunty to see if everything is good. It is right aunty? Like we spoke last time? huh?
Eysan: You didn't get a chance to meet Can the other day. So I brought him to you. Can say hi to aunty. Come on son.
Mother: Don't be scared of me. You seem like a tough child.
Can: But you don't see.
Mother: Close your eyes close. What do you see now?
Can: Nothing
Mother: Come to me, but don't open your eyes. Come. Look now, touch. Now you see like I see too. See this is how I see. Good job, your a tough child. Ezel, now you know where the store is located, can you take son Can to the store? I have some talking to do with Eysan.
Ezel: Aunty is you want
Mother: Son take him.
Ezel: Come Can, come on.


Ezel and Can outside

Can: Ezel brother, why is this aunty that upset?
Ezel: Bad things happened to her.
Can: What happened? I am not a kid Ezel brother, you can tell me.
Ezel: Her son, she lost her son. Come Can, its this way.


Ali and Ramiz

Ramiz: That one is not good.
Ali: It’s ok, I didn't come here to pick oranges. Uncle I came to get answers.
Ramiz: In what subject?
Ali: Jail, Omer.
Ramiz: I can’t figure out
Ali: Don't make my brain upset uncle, come lets talk beautifully.
Ramiz: In my time, a man would do what they wanted on the street brother.
Ali: That is why, there is no one left in your times. We cleaned all of them.
Ramiz: There is me left brother, there is me.
Ali: No uncle, you have a mistake, you are gone too. Only your story is left. From now on when you are been called it will be just story.
Ramiz: Maybe you’re right brother, I am old. The memory is not good too. I would forget in a little that you were here too.

Then Ali gets mad

Ali: Look at me uncle! I am not the men who would forget you! Look inside my eyes Ramiz! Do you understand what kind of man I am?

Ramiz takes his knife out

Ramiz: I don't know brother. I don't know what comes out from a fruit without peeling it!
Ali: How?
Ramiz: (pulls him closer) I shall tell you about Omer. Once you were Omer’s friend right? Omer is the man who is saving your life today right here! (then he pushes him away)
Ali: Who would save your life Ramiz?

Man: Are you ok uncle?
Ali: Go inside man!
Man2: Uncle!

Everyone starts to come with something to beat the S**** out of this ALI JERK MAN!!


Ezel Episode 10 Part 5

Ali: Sure one day you will get out from this street, then what will happen?
Ramiz: That’s very nice story too, but if you know it soon you wont taste it, first you have try it. Thank you


Can with Omer’s father

Father: Like this you follow it ok?
Can: Ok
Father: Good job, good, a little more deeper. Good job. In two minutes he knows his work
Ezel: Eh, his boss is good.

Can: What is this Ezel brother?
Ezel: This is a horse image
Can: How nice it is
Ezel: You like horse too
Can: but it’s not done
Father: It was my son’s.
Can: Was your son as good as you are uncle?
Father: My son? He was better than me. This horse, this horse was his present to me. He would make it secretly, but I knew it. He was going to give it to me on my .
Can: But he didn't give it to you.
Father: When he would do something, or give me something, my son’s eyes would sparkle. He would not have said anything, I could just hear it. He would say “is that good enough for you dad? Are you proud of me now?”
Can: Are you proud? Are you proud of him?
Ezel: Can, you come continue.
Father: Are you going to listen to me? are you going to work hard? Then these are for you, when you come, you can work with these. But you will look after it like your eyes and hands. Promise?
Can: Promise, Ezel brother looks, these are mine.
Father: I gave those to Omer when he was around that age too. Like him, his eyes sparked. Destiny, he wanted to give it to his son too one day. Was it a mistake giving it to him? He was my son, my blood, my soul!
Ezel: No, you did the right thing. Wouldn’t Omer wanted the same thing?

Father: Good job son, good job.
Ezel: Uncle, teach me too about this work...


Ali and Tefo

Ali; Look at this man! He turned out to be this way.
Tefo: He is an old school man. (like from the past)
Ali: You will look after it without thinking this way Tefo. Stop! Gather up the men, and you be there. when I tell you to get him, you will get him!
Tefo: ramiz?
Ali: What is wrong with your head today? If you want I cant shake it so it will come back to it’s place. Of course Ramiz man! Get out now. (they get out) when I call you and if you don't come with Ramiz, we will be upset with each other.

Ali leaves, then Tefo gets a phone call.. its Kamil...behind him is kamil

Kamil: Are you mad? Why aren’t you talking?
Tefo: I am doing my work Kamil. You will make everything nothing, stay away.
Kamil: I brought news from Ezel, he is saying nothing should happen to Ramiz or else he will question you.
Tefo: I understand kamil!
Kamil: Ah, also there is another message, it’s from me. If one thing happens to Ezel then I will ask you questions too!


Eysan and Omer’s mother

Eysna: I said to myself to bring Can once in a while, to you and to uncle so that he would have a home. Aunty think whatever you want to think, but then back then here was my only home.
Mother: Now you have a home that is part of you, it’s big.
Eysan: Not this way, here, here is different.
Mother: He was going to be your home too Eysan. (she takes the ring out) When Omer died, they gave his belonging back to us. This was the family memory. I gave it to my Omer so he would give it to you. he wanted it very much, I also wanted you to come to this home as a bride. But maybe this ring to my Omer away from me, maybe if I hadn’t given that ring to Omer, my Omer would have been here now.
Eysan: aunty

She takes the ring and wears it

Mother: Now, if Omer was here, and asked for you again, what would you say?


Ezel Episode 10 Part 6

Eysan: Life is not that good aunty. Life is not that forgiven.
Mother: I am not too Eysan.

Ezel comes inside

Mother: Even if Omer hadn’t died now, and comes here asks for this ring from me. I would not give! Even if I die I wont give!
Eysan: Can?
Ezel: In the car
Eysan: Alight aunty, I understand, your right.
Mother: Ezel, did Can go close to Mumtaz?
Ezel: Very much. Mumtaz uncle loves him too very much.
Mother: he should come, he should come here once a week too if Mumtaz is free.
Eysan: Really?
Mother: Maybe this family will teach him some things Cengiz hasn’t taught.
Eysan: Thank you
Mother: You come too; you will be in front of our eyes. Don't forget Eysan even being blind they (she) will see things they couldn’t see before.


Eysan: See you later aunty

Ezel: See you later aunty. Mom!
Mother: Son what are you doing? Why are you still after this girl?
Ezel: I am not mother; she is after me.
Mother: You’re going, don't make me say words. You keep going to her house, here is your home!
Ezel: Mom she will hear
Mother: let her hear! We will hide it from them? For what? For her? she took you once from us, don't go for that vile!
Ezel: Mom, it’s not that easy
Mother: It is! Omer tell your brother, tell your father. They will get upset first but after they will be happy. Come home; come back to your home.
Ezel: I will mom, do you think it’s that easy for me? be patient a little please.
Mother: No, there is no more patient. No more tears left from the house, please come home Omer.
Ezel: Wait for me mom, don't cute your hopes from me, I will come.
Mother: What do you still want from that woman?
Ezel: For her to suffer!



Ali and Tefo

Ali: Did you set up Tefo?
Tefo: We did Mr. Ali.
Ali: How is the view?
Tefo: Fine, he is sitting and reading books.
Ali: Yo Tefo, wouldn’t you get upset if something happens to him?
Tefo: Why shall I?
Ali: You know how like an animal going down
Tefo: Would it to you?
Ali: No

Can, Ezel and Eysan

Can: After he gave a horse, his son had done it. He said that his hands were like mine.
Eysan: Can, we wont tell dad where we went today ok?
Can: Why?
Eysan: So that he wont get upset, you know how he works a lot and couldn’t come with us. That is why.

Ezel: Kamil, did you follow the man?
Kamil: Yes, and we couldn’t get hold of Ramiz.
Ezel: Tell Sebnam to get ready, I am coming
Kamil: Alright.

Cengiz: Where is Ezel?
Kamil: I spoke to him, he will come in a little.

Sebnam: I am sick of your head moves, how am I suppose to know what you mean with every move head you make? You want a jacket? Is it the coffee? Is Ezel coming? Tell me I am not like you!

They go out

Sebnam: Alright, I am not talking!
Kamil: Sebnam call!
Sebnam: Call? Ahh call. Kamil no one is saying anything but is Ezel still love Eysan?
Kamil: Sebnam you do your work
Sebnam: This is what I am talking about, I am doing my work but can Ezel? After everything wouldn’t he give up for her?
Kamil: That woman is a poison. You know how there are women, who looks deep inside your eyes, if you keep looking they will get you or else you will get poisoned by it.

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Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR - Pagina 5 Dscsfd.2009122214439
Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR - Pagina 5 Dsffe.2009122214517
Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR - Pagina 5 Efrwe.200912221473
Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR - Pagina 5 Jkkh.2009122214929
Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR - Pagina 5 Sedfsd.2009122215012

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Episode 10

It's time to move forward. Ezel has enough pauses in his game. In order to progress, he has to break the bond first between EYsan and Cengiz, then between Cengiz and Ali. He has seperate plans for both.

Having the doubts about Omer, Ali is determined to go after this. This time he is after Ramiz, and their roads crosses. When Ezel sees this sudden danger, things have already gone to a point of no return.

Episode 11

Eysan and Cengiz are after the video cassette. When they find Can, they are unaware of what's waiting for them. As to Ali, he is alone, he is insecure. Ali has come to such a point that all Ezel needs is just one move to fisnish him. He will do such a thing that Ali will not be even able to look at anyone's face. Shame will take over not only Ali, but also Ezel's family. What Mert did makes Meliha take the control. Ezel couldnt protect his family from this shame, but he managed to bring Eysan to the point he wants her to be. Eysan, who was cheated on, is about the pass the line.

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Ezel Episode 10 Part 7

Eysan: We are here, come on thank Ezel brother.
Can: Thank you Ezel brother, you take me again.
Eysan: Ah you don't want me?
Can: No we do, but there is more like male place. Right Ezel brother? How three of us did were doing...
Ezel: I will take you sure, but your like your mother, you learn everything sooner like your mother but not me.
Can: I will teach you Ezel brother, we will finish the thing together too.
Ezel: Alight. We agree.

Eysan: He has gotten used to you.
Ezel: And I am too, did I make you forgive me?
Eysan: Sure you did, how can you not? You’re always here with me. When I say always
Ezel: When you need it.
Eysan: Yes, when I need it. To be honest only your there.
Ezel: isn’t friendship for that?
Eysan: We will talk tomorrow.
Ezel: Eysan, my offer is still on
Eysan: What offer?
Ezel: Coffee


Evening time at the coffee place

Ezel: You like this?
Eysan: It’s already done. Without me saying it how do you know what I like?
Ezel: I pay attention for example I can see you don't have your ring on your finger.
Eysan: I have forgotten it
Ezel: There you wear an old ring, it was old one.
Eysan: It’s old but it’s a very beautiful ring. It’s a ring that has seen and been thru a lot of things.
Ezel: Really?
Eysan: One day Mart will give it to someone who deserves it.
Ezel: Eysan, you deserve it too. To be happy.
Eysan: Sometime I think you’re not real. You know how you touch everyone’s life, and one day we may look and you have left.
Ezel: We agreed on that subject, when you need me I wont go anywhere.
Eysan: Promise?
Ezel: manly promise.
Eysan: You’re a very danger man Ezel, when I look at you I get hopes.
Ezel: What is bad about the hopes?
Eysan: It raises you up, then fall down and one side will get break.
Ezel: Maybe this time you won’t fall down.
Eysan: You will see, you will see good things can happen too right?
Ezel: Sure
Eysan: Like everything will be beautiful, this hotel’s work will be amazing
Ezel: It will be for sure
Eysan: Maybe Can will be too with Omer... I mean with uncle’s.
Ezel: They like each other very much
Eysan: Nothing will happen to Bahar too right?
Ezel: It wont happen
Eysan: Maybe he/she has forgiven me
Ezel: Who?
Eysan: Maybe, he could see inside of me. He has seen inside of me when he died. Maybe he has forgiven. Can’t it be? Please, I hope he has forgiven me.
Ezel: Yes, maybe he has forgiven.

Then Cengiz comes in with the woman...Eysan sees them

Eysan: Cengiz?
Ezel: Ah cengiz!

Then Cengiz leaves with the girl

Eysan: Don't! Don't come! Don't come after me.

Then she walks out after Ezel goes after her

Eysan: I am fine! Can you go there is nothing wrong! Cengiz has such things I do too. It’s not important. For real I know that girl. Can you go Ezel?
Ezel: I can’t go, I promised. As long as you need me.
Eysan: Very much, I need you very much!
Ezel: Alright, alright I am here. I am here now.

Then Ramiz starts to talk

Ramiz: “If this work was by just doing it, I would have done it right away. I would have done it if it was just by one thing. This life is like an ocean....


Ezel Episode 10 Part 8

Ramiz: But they see the words here, its calculations are been seen it here. One of them comes and gets the lesson, yes, yes its like this. The lessons we give, they come and give us.

Man1: What is he saying speaking to himself? He is stupid; someone will get scared of him
Tefo: Yes, they will get scared of him.


At Mart’s home

Father: The son is very smart. He asked about everything in the store and I told him about it. Then I looked at it he was putting everything away. Good for him.
Mother: He is not used to this, he will get tired
Father: No, he won’t. At this age he is smart. In the future he may take his boss down too,
Mother: You’re his boss.
Father: Then he will to it to me. It will be this way, little boy walking around and me paying more attention to that he wont get hurt. Then a time comes that there is nothing left to teach him. A time will come where he will be showing what I maybe doing wrong. He may not say anything because of a pride, but I will understand him from his eyes. I may get mad a little, but that’s good way. It will be a time and I will think Mumtaz the son is grown and he is the boss now. He has grown and became a man. My son!

Mart: Enjoy your appetite


Then Mart goes to his room, gets the books out. The name of the book he is opening is “The Gambler”


Ezel at the place with kamil

Ezel: Did you get hold of uncle? Get hold of him!
Kamil: Is there something wrong?
Ezel: No, we are getting the revenge slowly, but we are doing things kamil that doesn't make me enjoy it.
Kamil: If you want let today be this much, get some rest.
Ezel: No, my work is not down yet. Don't worry I will enjoy this one.


Cengiz and Ali

Ali: What is this?
Cengiz: About the hotel
Ali: There is so much, what do I know about this work?
Cengiz: You don't understand much already Ali.
Ali: Look Cengo, I was saying to but a hall huh?
Cengiz: Oh partner! Welcome. Look I am working.
Ezel: What’s up?
Cengiz: Fine, come sit down.
Ali: I was telling Cengiz about a playing hall. You know for playing around
Ezel: (to Cengiz) Shall we talk a little?
Cengiz: Sure partner, I am listening.
Ezel: Alone, would that be a problem?
Cengiz: No dear, no problem. Ali would you excuse us for a little?

Then Ali leaves

Cengiz: Don't tell me you changed your mind, or else I will tell on you to Ali.
Ezel: Cengiz this gaming place is two different places
Cengiz: I have being playing this for a while, you don't worry.
Ezel: This hotel is not like the Kbris one Cengiz, here everyone will be watching us. They (Cops) will follow everything we do, everything will be recorded. Everything will be legal.
Cengiz: Sure, sure.
Ezel: I won’t just say words Cengiz. If we are doing this work together, I have to be sure about something.
Cengiz: I will listen.
Ezel: You will leave this world here, and you won’t take anything there.
Cengiz: Like what?
Ezel: Like gambling, like gun, anything that makes us look bad has to stay here.
Cengiz: Like Ali?


Ali at the video recording room

Man: Mr. Ali
Ali: Walk out!

Then he ends up listening to Cengiz and Ezel

Cengiz: Ali is temper but he is useful don't worry.
Ezel: I am sure he helps you but for me he is no help.
Ali: Ahh you F***
Cengiz: He is simple as well. He is a man you can trust him
Ezel: I don't trust him.
Ali: Sure you don't trust you F***
Ezel: Why are you that much on Ali’s side? Is there something I have to know? Like between you two?
Cengiz: No, but this work wont go by without him Ezel. Meaning he will be needed.
Ali: There you go!
Ezel: To be honest I though we both will do good works together.
Cengiz: Sure we will do.
Ezel: Only two of us Cengiz. You have opened it for Ali too.
Ali: Man I will..
Ezel: I and you will go higher, the places we will go there is no one like Ali.
Cengiz: You’re right but
Ezel: I understand you Cengiz but it’s hard to work between friends that is why I am saying so....


Ezel Episode 10 Part 9

Ali: Alright brother.....(he loses his temper) May God punish you! may God punish you!


Ezel and Ali in the bathroom

Ezel: May it go easy
Ali: I know what you’re trying to do.
Ezel: It’s not hard to figure out about a toilet
Ali: You still laugh; you will show me as bad one. I am not coming there.
Ezel: Good, because there is no one who called you.
Ali: You cant have it brother, I am not allowing you to do so.
Ezel: See this is where the problem is Ali, because you don't have anything that belongs to you.
Ali: You haven’t finished the calculation though brother. A man who doesn't have anything means he is a man who losses everything!
Ezel: You don't have anything, but you do have something to lose Ali. If I had a problem with you Ali, I would have taken the most trusted thing from you. You know now how they are scared of you and listen to you? If I had a problem with you Ali, I would have taken that negative side of you and made it into nothing! You have one thing to lose, no one being scared of F***, think about an Ali with nothing! A Ali who is nothing! If I had a problem with you Ali I would have told you all of this to your face one by one! Soon what will happen to you I would have told you. but unfortunately I don't have a problem with you. What can I do?

Ali: Who are you man?
Ezel: Can’t you see it? I am a man who has everything but nothing to lose!


Mart and his mother

Mother: You’re awake
Mart: I have some work in a little, I will work for a little.
Mother: Is it about the robbery one?
Mart: I left it mom. I closed the case.
Mother: How?
Mart: You didn't want it. It’s over, I gave up.
Mother: Did someone do something? You don't leave it that easily. Did they threaten you? Did they do something to you?
Mart: No one did anything mom, I left it. I couldn’t do it mom. I got tired mom, I can’t do it.
Mother: My child, my child alright. It’s better this way. We know the truth, sooner or later it will come out. You trust me.


Ezel, Ali and Cengiz

Ali: What did Ezel tell you?
Cengiz: Nothing. A brain that doesn't stop, he has offers.
Ali: What did you tell him?
Cengiz: I told him I will think about it.

Cengiz and Ezel

Cengiz: What’s up partner?
Ezel: Fine, look what I will do...

Ali: (remembers about what the man said about Ramiz, how he used to teach others about cards etc)

Ali goes and sits with them

Ali: Get up daughter, now its my turn. (on the phone) Hello, yeah it’s fine get it!


Tefo and the men with Ramiz

Tefo: You are coming with me uncle. (he whispers) Are you sure?
Ramiz: Let’s go.


Ali and Ezel

Ali: The kids called, we were looking for someone they have packaged him. The man doesn't speak. I am going to go.
Ezel: Do you want to be excused Ali? Alright, you can go
Ali: Alright I shall go enjoy myself a little. The man is old, he is from old time. His name is Ramiz. Ramiz Kara old, Do you know him?
Ezel: I don't know him.
Ali: Ah, poor him he doesn't have anyone. Like if some thing happens to him no one will do anything. How bad it is right? For years do thing and at the end he wont have anyone by his grave.
Ezel: What is his fault?
Ali: His fault? Hiding things from me. Have you ever seen anything like what I do?


Ezel Episode 10 Part 10

Ezel: Why are you telling me Ali? Huh? Aren’t you scared to leave words behind?
Ali: The thing you’re talking about is the partner of the one who will be at fault.
Ezel: Wait, I will come with you. Maybe I will save the old man from you.
Ali: I don't think so, but come maybe me and you will be a partner this way. Shush don't, don't tell anyone, let this be our secret only.


Ali to Tefo

Ali: You have catch the cat.


Then Cengiz goes to his room

Ramiz starts to speak

Ramiz: “ Fidelity is taking the soul of the one you love and letting it go.

Then shows Ramiz being tighten to the chair

Ramiz: But fidelity my nephew needs to be throwing away when needed.

Then Ali the Jerk speaks

Ali: We were going to being more, but there is no place. Ah let me introduce you two. This is uncle Ramiz this is Ezel, Ezel this is uncle Ramiz. Speak uncle, tell me about Omer.
Ramiz: What shall I tell you about Omer to you brother? Omer was someone just like other people. Omer was not important, Omer was innocent (soft), they used Omer. They played him around. They did everything to Omer after the threw him away. What was left of Omer for me to tell you about brother?
Ali: You tell me about Omer.
Ramiz: If Omer was here now brother he would not have stopped. He would have taken you in front of himself, he would have taken the bullet in my place. Omer’s weakness was his fidelity. He was a fidelity like a dog to the people he loved, because of that he died in jail like a dog top.
Ali: What did he tell you?
Ramiz: What ever he has said, will be going to in the grave with me brother.

Ali: Ezel, you know how you think you figured me out? You know if I have money in the bank, and figured me out and think you solved it. This is the problem with the men with money! They think they understand everything! You didn't figure me out and I didn't figure you out yet! Today we will solve that problem. Do you know what is like to be me? Let me show you! Order me! Order! It is not enough taking a soul! Give a order, say finish the job! When you order then you will understand what kind of F**** I am. Give the order Ezel.

Ezel: No,

Ali: You know it, but if you give order or not today here this man will die! but don't forget if you give the order you will understand and know who I am. But if you don't then I will understand who you are.

Ezel: shoot him!
Ali: What did you say?
Ezel: Shoot him!
Ali: Wow, what a not good hearted person you are. I was going to leave the old man go, since you gave the order...

Ramiz: Stop brother, before I go let me tell you the last story.
Ali: Are you crazy uncle?
Ramiz: The story is Hasab Sabah (I think) story. Do you know it? That’s better. Hasan Sabah is a man who lives in a high mountain (meaning a high powered man). The Sultan is Hasan’s enemy. One day a gypsum (worker) comes there. Yeah this way it can’t be, the story is very long. Beside there are ones who have heard of this story before. The best way I shall tell you the end of the story brother.

Ramiz moves his hand and Ali sees he is not tighten

Ali: What is going on?

Then Ramiz calls the mens who works for him, all the men goes by his side.

Ramiz: Do you understand now what is it like to be me brother? Shall I give the order? I should right brother? It is not enough.

Ezel: This part is not known uncle. Maybe it’s enough.

Ramiz: Good day, stay healthy.

They leave

Ali: What is going on man? What is going on!


Eysan and Cengiz

Eysan: Were you looking for this?


Ezel episode 10 Part 11 Last One

Cengiz: Give it to me for God’s sake! Eysan!

Eysan: what kind of man are you?
Cengiz: Eysan listen to me, I am thinking of us. I am putting us in save.
Eysan: You’re thinking of me right?
Cengiz: Sure I am and about Can too
Eysan: Don’t tell me Can! Don't tell me about Can!
Cengiz: Come on give it to me!
Eysan: Back off! Back off don't come closer!
Cengiz: Eysan are you crazy? I am!
Can: Mom
Eysan: Can go upstairs, go upstairs!
Can: Mom
Eysan: Don't touch my child!
Cengiz: He is my child too!
Eysan: You don't deserve anything! Nothing!


Ali: You drop Ezel at home then come here after. We will talk. Ezel
Ezel: There I did whatever needed to be done. Nothing has changed between us.


Ramiz and Ezel

Ramiz: Don't get angry nephew don't. If I had told you, you would not have allowed me right?
Ezel: You’re playing my game without me knowing it uncle
Ramiz: Because there are places you cannot play. I don't have it. For them to cut their thoughts about you working with me I had to pass this.
Ezel: Uncle, Uncle I am going to a road, when I go there is no one left beside me. I cannot lose you too uncle do you understand?
Ramiz: Don't be scared nephew, don't be. You won’t lose me, I promise you.

Ezel to Tefo

Ezel; Tefo, it is tough to make uncle back off from this work, but if we are working together I have to trust you. I will ask you once, can I trust you?
Tefo: You can trust brother, you can trust me.


Cengiz and Eysan

Cengiz: You, are you better than me?
Eysan: You’re a scary person, you’re a disgusting person. Do you think we can trust you? Huh? We are scared of you; we are scared of what you would do! I and Can!
Cengiz: What did I do to you Eysan huh? What did I do? Tell me!
Eysan: You killed! You Omer...

Then he holds her mouth

Cengiz: Can! Can! Where is the tape? Where is the tape! The tape!

Eysan: Can!

Ramiz speaks while Can running

Ramiz: Fidelity if either running to someone or running from someone. Fidelity is being blind from loving. The thing you always run from it, sooner or later it will come to you. Before you swear think about it once more, because what starts with fidelity, everything will end with betrayal.


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membru activ
membru activ

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Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR - Pagina 5 Ezel11Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR - Pagina 5 Ezel12Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR - Pagina 5 Ezel13Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR - Pagina 5 Ezel10Ezel - serial turcesc difuzat pe  ATV  TR - Pagina 5 Ezel9

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EZEL cu subtitrare în engleză

ep 1

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
part 6
part 7
part 8
part 9


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10

Ep 4

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9

Ep 5

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:
Part 7:
Part 8:
Part 9:

Ep 6

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:
Part 7:
Part 8:
Part 9:

Ep 7

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9

Ep 8

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:
Part 7:
Part 8:
Part 9:

Ep 9

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:
Part 7:
Part 8:
Part 9:
Part 10:

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Ezel Bolum 11 - Part 1

So now the have a name for each episode. This one is called “Utanc” which means “Shame”

Cengiz: Can! Don’t do it son! Don’t!

Can: I will throw it, it all happens because of this!

Cengiz: Stop, stop! If you throw it, I won't talk to you again! never!

Can: Like if you’re talking anyhow! You already stopped loving me!

Cengiz: that’s not true son. Come on, come here.

Can: mom!

Cengiz: say something Eysan...Can look your mom has also came, come on, we’re back home! Come one son!

Can: Don’t lie to me. I know you two will get separated, but if I throw this you won’t be apart again!

Cengiz: say something Eysan!

Eysan: Can, throw this! Throw it Can.

Then he throws it in the fire

Eysan: Cengiz were going.

Cengiz: Ok you go, I’ll be right back.

Eysan: Cengiz! We’re going!

Cengiz: Eysan, don’t go please! I said don’t go. I did this for both of you, did it for you, for your son. Eysan please, don’t go. Can, don’t go!

Can: Baba!

Cengiz: Son. My son.

(Wow Santa is looking from behind a tree )


Ali dreaming..

Ali: we we..

He wakes up then sees Omer’s ghost

Ali: How did u get here?

Omer: How are you Ali brother?

Ali: I am good. How are you?

Omer: Thank you, I am dead..I want to ask you something.

Ali: Ask of course!

Omer: Why did you kill me, Ali brother? I understood the others but you? you were my Ali brother. You always protected me from everything, didn't you?

Ali: I did.

Omer: You were my brother is there more? How you murdered me Ali when I didn’t do anything. Why did you kill me, why? Why? Why?…

Then Ali shoots

Ali: You are dead man! You are dead!

The door rings, he opens it

Ali: What’s up?

Tefo: I hurried up when heard the firing!

Ali: What are you doing here early morning?

Tefo: I was outside at night, yesterday when the men left I didn't know what else could happen, so I waited outside

Ali: Each morning *** pops up, always sounds in my head...Whom am going to trust?

Tefo: You can trust me Mr. Ali.

Ali: You? Tefo Look into my eyes, say it like a man.

Tefo: Trust me Mr. Ali, you can trust me

Ali: He was here, this man exists, there here, he wants something from me, related with Omer...My head is about to split! He told me Karpetan Ali (that’s a nickname Omer used to call Ali)

Ezel and Kamil listening

Ezel: I didn’t realize it!

Kamil: This man has set something between you and Omer.

Ezel: This man remembers Omer, then not me, Omer will finish Ali’s work.


Ezel Bolum 11 Part 2

Ezel and Bahar

Bahar: I raised them all one by one, I gave them names, I watched them growing beautifully, what do u say?

Ezel: you are giving them so much time!

Bahar: You got it! Look what happened! You know what I think? Tibet! Don’t you want to come with me?

Ezel: I heard it is so cold out there in this season!

Baharl: We will wear thick clothes. Look I made a list I want to do in my life. Will learn how to drive an airplane, then I will jump with the parachute.

Ezel: I hope you won’t jump while you drive!

Bahar: Don’t fool around! We’re making imaginations here! I will open a charity foundation then, for ill children, by this situation I will be saving lives!

Ezel: You won’t be having a child?

Bahar: Why not? Three! Su (Water), Ates (Fire) and Toprak (Land). They are my hope! There will be our farm, then animals, shall I count their names?

Ezel: I won’t be there?

Bahar: No you won’t! You went off, because you have that old love, it was with you.

Ezel: Was I happy?

Bahar: No way! You were regretting: “Where is Bahar, where are that girl?”You are searching for me! Because I am the one and the only, right?

Ezel: So why did I go then?

Bahar: Because something, because I get bored of you, because I wanted this, ok? I said I will be ok, don’t worry about me I said, ok? You listened to my words and went. But you missed me so much, you came here one day, you dreamed of me, here, like now, right?

Ezel: Yes.

Bahar: Right Ezel, it won’t happened but it is right. Come on, didn’t say a lie, say it to for once in your life.

Ezel: I won’t say lies and whatsoever, you will say go I won’t go!

Bahar: This is good then.

Ezel: Bored of this game, you said you are not playing. How about we said that we’ll tell the truth between each others?

Girl: Ok you begin!

Ezel: ufff!

Girl: When your pressed together you leaving?... Come on, say it!

Ezel leaves


Ezel and Kamil

Ezel: How shall I got to this girl now? and now I have to deal with her?

Kamil: You don’t want to?

Ezel: No I won’t! I am here today but tomorrow I might not be, Kamil, what shall I say to this girl?

Kamil: Say a lie! We say it for revenge.

Ezel: Don’t you understand kamil? This revenge exists! When the time comes I will end up breaking her heart! When I think I am helping her, everything will be worse!

Kamil: Ezel, the girl is dying! It cant be worse!

Ezel: Then I will hold hands tight, I will do what I have to do, I won’t give her more harm.

Kamil approaches to the car

Ezel: Is your gun around you?..Fine, we’ll take Ali down tonight without making one shot.
Kamil: What about the other side?

Ezel: The other side is set, Eysan will come to me step by step. I know her very well, someone needs to like her and love her.

Kamil: How far are you going to go?

Ezel: The real question is how far will she go?


Woman1: Ain’t those Omer’s mom and dad?

Woman2: Hushshsh..

Ome’rs mother: What are you saying? What did you say? Mumtez! What were they saying you heard? Mr. Mumtez?

Then Mumtez sees the newspaper

Seems like Mart has published the article which its name is “My brother is a murder”


Ali with the other mens before Cengiz comes in

Ali: Watch them

Cengiz: Don’t do this job here! Do what you have to do but I shouldn’t see it!

Ali: Close your eyes then! Think we are going for hunting

Cengiz: What is the poor animal’s fault?

Ali: He has came to my lands!

Cengiz: Is it about the gambling place again?

Ali: When we shoot, we will understand

Cengiz: Wait, I have good news for you, the news is out!

Ali: Is that good news?

Cengiz: Omer did the last thing for us!

Ali: It says there is a letter, did Omer write a letter?

Cengiz: This letter is our big guarantee, Ali! Omer’s admitting! He wrote it, we did hurt our friend.

Ali: Why did Omer do this?

Cengiz: because he was ashamed!

Ali: why would he? He didn’t do anything!

Cengiz: You did something not to be ashamed of. It is about what you did to others, you should be ashamed of..Think from you, a murderer won’t be ashamed, but who make man a murderer!

Ali: Cengiz you don't know a ****


Ramiz and Ezel

(Yaaaay Cemal aga!) Ramiz: you have learned this lesson

Ezel: which lesson uncle? Being apart from everyone I love?

Ramiz: In life those things happens, certainly you should do them, if you don’t, for sure I would do them alone! alone!

Ezel: Then you say, Uncle, this many things how would I keep doing them alone?

Ramiz: A man who is alone, won’t tell anyone right? No, he won’t. Alone, lives a moment, always starts again, won’t tell about his work, being alone is a big lie, a one alone won’t share, if he does, he is not alone anymore.

Ali comes with the mens and guns

Ramiz: Now they are coming, this time is the last lesson.

Ezel: I am listening.

Ramiz: No no nephew, my lessons has almost passed, so easily, the Master has given his duties, now I am listening to you. So say, what shall I do, Master? Say it Master, say it. What should I do?

Ezel: You should go, Uncle!

Ramiz: Why?

Ezel: It is becoming big, Ali again, he want give up, he will find you.

Ramiz: What if he found me?

Ezel: If he found you, will find me!


Ezel Bolum 11 Part 3

Ezel and Ramiz

Ramiz: Tell me nephew
Ezel: Not to put me in danger, you have to disappear uncle. Uncle inside of me says you won’t stop.
Ramiz: Nephew there are things in life that needs to be done for sure. But it needs to be done alone.
Ezel: Uncle, this is not my last time seen you. Do you understand me?

Then he leaves


Ali sees the box

Ali: Go out! Get out!

Tefo: They have left this
Ali: He has left it for me ****! A present.

He opens it and gets a note inside

Ali: “You cannot see me, but I will always see you. you went to a long road, but go where ever you want to go, at the end you will return. Uncle”

Then he goes back to the past

Its 1997 Istanbul

Man: Congratulation on this Mr. Ali. If you could sing here too
Ali: what?
Man: Its the file....
Ali: what is this like this man! Turn your back, sure I will sing it. here you go.
Man: Mr. Ali its the phone
Ali: come, come you wont ruin my mood today either. Take a picture of me! Hello it’s Captain Ali. Where are you connecting to? Where? Azzez what? The jail? Who is it? connect it! **** Get out man!

The two men leaves

Omer: Ali brother
Ali: Omer?
Omer: It’s me Ali brother, how are you? Ali brother why don't you say something? Aren’t you happy to hear my voice? Ali brother why don't you talk? Are you shame? I have things to tell you, shall I tell you or to others? Or your not a man to even look at my face? Huh Ali brother? Come on I am waiting.

Then he hangs up


Ali and Omer at the jail

Omer: My Ali brother, you’re the only one. When I call you come to me right away. You are my Ali brother. I learned how to fight by your side; I learned how to be a gentleman by your side. I learned sitting in front someone eyes in eyes, even if I am scared or shamed. I learned to tell the truth from you! Did you do it? Did you sell me?
Ali: Yes
Omer: Ali brother, you don't do that to me. Eysan did this?... Cengiz? This idea came out from him right? Eysan forced him right?
Ali: Yes, Cengiz did it.
Omer: You shot the security man?
Ali: Yes
Omer: How much money? For how much money would someone become a killer? For how much money would a brother be sold?
Ali: A lot, for a lot of money!

Then Omer grapes him with his short...

Omer: Why? Why Ali brother? I understood everyone but why you? Why?
Ali: Omer, listen to me. I came here to tell you this. If you talk, if you tell someone; your inside (jail) your mother is outside, your father is outside and your brother. whatever I do you will die, and you know what I can do.

He leaves then Omer gets mad, almost hits him but the cops gets home

Omer: You! You go wherever you want go...

Ezel Bolum 11 Part 4

Omer: Go! Go where ever you want to go! At the end you will return! You will return! No one will trust you, no one will believe you! One day no one will be left by your side! And that day, that day even if I die I will find you! Even if I die, I will hold you! Do you hear me? Ali brother!!!

Ali walks and asks himself and answers it

Ali: Where are you going Ali? I am running. Who are you running from brother? From Omer. I am running from Omer.

Then Back to present time 2009

Ali: Where are you running brother? I don't know. To a place more safe. There is no such place Ali. Didn't you hear the kid? I did. What did he say? Tell me I want to hear it too. He cursed me! Omer cursed me. haha haha Ali, he is coming. Omer is coming, he is coming for you. Cut it!

Tefo: Mr. Ali


Ezel and Eysan

Eysan: Don't wipe it, its better this way. I don't want to see outside. I wonder how many people are in my position right now. Thousands right? Right now 1 million women are learning that they are been cheated on. Right at this moment.

Ezel: There are 1 million males too

Eysan: When the male is being cheated on, he will look for revenge. Then when a woman is being cheated on, she will think she is not considered as good enough for him. She will understand that the game she was planning all along she has lost it.

Ezel: When a male is being cheated on, it is like victim (sacrifice), but when a woman does it, she makes him feel guilty.

Eysan: Why would she make him feel so?

Ezel: Eh because the other woman makes him feel anything he is. That woman behind this window

Eysan: Don't wipe it

Ezel: The man doesn't deserve her, or her love.

Eysan: They were laughing, they were laughing Ezel. It is not disappearing in front of my eyes. They were happy, alright I and Cengiz maybe were never happy but we were in good humour before. I don't feel that I have reached to revenge; it is more like I have done it to myself. I am upset yeah, I am very upset. What happen to me, where did I go? I was never like this human.

Ezel: How were you then?

Eysan: It is like I am dead and they are living. Am I angry? No I am not. My heart is broken. Why am I not her? Why I am not there?

Ezel: I understand

Eysan: I got ashamed, it is like I did something very bad, I got very ashamed. And I am still ashamed.

Then he wipes the window

Ezel: There is no them outside, there is amazing life outside. You didn't do anything to be ashamed of Eysan. You are not at fault, you deserve to be loved.

Eysan: Do I?

Then the phone rings

Ezel: Pardon, Hello?

Mother: Omer!

Ezel: I have some work now

Mother: Is that work more important than us? Is that work more important than your family?


Ali and Tefo

Ali: There is a curse on me, its not going away. Those voices in my head is not quieting
Tefo: I brought you two men, to check.

Ali: You are getting old Ali. Look those guys have put you down. You have been cursed, Omer will find you! He will shoot one on your head. Let him shoot, so that I will be saved and you are too. Huh? No, not yet, not yet.

Man1: Come Ali brother.
Tefo: Where?


Back to Omer’s home

Mother/Ezel and Mart

Mother: Sit!
Ezel: Mom
Mother; Don't speak, sit!

Then Mart comes home

Mart: Mom what happen? Why is he here?
Mother: He has came to check on me.
Mart: Why?
Mother: He has seen this! (newspaper) he has wondering if I would be upset, so he came.
Mart: Is it left for you to wonder for her?
Mother: No! It is left for my sons, but from those one is a murder and the other is only caring about his problem! That is why I am left for a stranger to check on me. Go upstairs and get the letter.
Mart: What letter?
Mother: It says it here! The letter Omer has written for you. I said go and get it!
Mart: I am not a kid mom, I won’t bring it! And if it’s possible can you
Ezel: Do what your mother said Mart.


Eysan and Bahar

Bahar: Are you upset/not in the mood?
Eysan: No
Bahar: Oh sister, don't be upset. What happen, tell me.
Eysan: I am tired that is why, for real there I nothing. Forget about it, you enjoy yourself.
Bahar: Shall I go out and play with my friends? I am older now, and I am better. tell me what problem you have.
Eysan: I don't have anything.
Bahar: Look again what you’re doing. Do you know what you’re doing? You think I don't understand, and that I don't have the right to know. You’re also saying walk around without knowing anything.
Eysan: I am not saying anything like that.
Bahar: You are saying it! You’re saying I shouldn’t get out of those nonsense things that I am playing!
Eysan: What games huh? Aren’t you happy? Are you aware of what I have been thru do make this life for you!
Bahar: No, I don't. I am not aware of anything! What did you go thru? You being this unhappy what did you do? For you to live like this what did you do sister? What is going on with you? it is worth it?


Back to Mart and the others

Mart: “ I hurt you the most Mart, my brother don't blame anyone”.

Ezel Bolum 11 Part 5

Mart: “ I left you all, I left you before I even came here (jail). Mart, I did it brother. Everything is true. I did a robbery, I killed a man, I am guilty.”

Then the mother gives it to Ezel to finish the reading

Ezel: “I should have said it long time ago, but I didn't had the gut to do so. I wanted you all to remember me as old Omer not this one. I did things that now I don't even know who I am. I want one last thing from you Mart, kill me please I beg you. kill me that day, the day before the robbery. After is all lie, after is all bad things. Remember me as the omer always, there is no me anymore brother. Kill me.

Mother: Is it done?

Mart: Done

Mother: Fine, now burn this letter. I said burn it! I said burn it.

He burns it

Mother: He is your brother. Even if he did it, you will be by his side. You will not be shame on him! You won’t turn your back on him! Look at me! Did I raise you like this? Did I teach you this? shame on you, you two are brother!

Mart: Mom, brother...

Mother: You two are brothers, death will not separate you! Fault will not making you two apart, you two are this tight! Who ever has written this; you have made me ashamed more than Omer has done it to you Mart. What a pity on you!

Mart: Mom

Mother: Go to your room, I don't want you by my side now. Go to your room

He leaves

Mother: Omer! Omer you made me shame!
Ezel: He will hear it mom!
Mother: I don't care, let anyone hear! 12 years! For 12 years we lived without you! we thought you are dead! Every day! Every day I went by this child’s room hearing him crying and calling “brother, brother”.
Ezel: I am trying to protect you mom
Mother: I don't want such protection!
Ezel: Mom you don't understand
Mother: What do I don't understand? Taking one hope from your brother? By not hugging your mother completely? I don't want such protection.
Ezel: I did this so nothing would happen to Mart mom.
Mother: something did happen to Mart, you broke his pride! You didn't do it by dying, but you did this! let such revenge not happen!
Ezel: Don't say that mom; you don't know what they did to me.
Mother: Not just you, they didn't to it just to you. They did it to us too. But this family didn't fall apart, this home deserves Omer. (he tries to hug her) not you! not you, my Omer! My Omer, the one who would never do the things you did in life. You are right, they have changed you son. They have changed you.
Ezel: Mom you don't do this at least.
Mother: Who is your mother huh? Because it is not me, your name is Ezel? I didn't/don't like you. You go and let my son come. Tell him, call him. I want him. I want my Omer, I want my own son.
Ezel: Mom, mom
Mother: You go, go. I will know when my Omer comes. He is the only one, he does the right thing! You go, and don't come back next time without him being with you. Don't come to this home every again do you understand? Don't come here.


Eysan and Bahar

Baher: I miss my sister. I miss talking to her and taking everything out, but do you know what I miss the most? Her laughs, it’s been such a long time not hearing her voice laughing. Alright I won’t push what is going on, but please check on you. Go look at the mirror; you’re a copy of my sister with no colour. You’re just walking so that the Old Eysan won’t notice. So that your eyes won’t sparkle like before, is that why you don't look into our eyes sister? Where are you sister? Where ever you have went, come back.


Ali and Tefo

Ali: What do you have?
Tefo shows him his gun

Ali: is there extra? Go to the gambling place.
Tefo: Where are you going?
Ali: Somewhere.

Then himself is talking to himself....

Ali: Tell the trust Ali, where are we going? To make the curse go away. AH there you go, who are we going to shoot?


Elif: I am coming, Welcome Mr. Ezel. Let me tell them
Ezel: I will go myself.

Ezel and Bahar

Bahar: Ezel?
Ezel: Bahar, don't stand up. You are tired I know it. You are tired of fighting, your hands hurt from holding on to life. I understand you want to left it, everyone is giving you hope. But you have been tired the most from hoping. I know this is your life....

Ezel Bolum 11 Part 6

Ezel: I learned Bahar, I know. And I am saying, get better for me.
Bahar: Ezel don't do this
Ezel: Bahar, you are tired. You don't have the strength anymore to do things for yourself, and then just do it for me. I cannot lose you and watch you. Even if you don't want to, or you’re tired do it for me Bahar.
Bahar: Ezel don't do this please
Ezel: Get well for me, try it for me.
Bahar: It is not something that easy
Ezel: Bahar, do you love me? Do you love me Bahar?
Bahar: I love you.
Ezel: Then do it for me, if you love me try it for me. Live for me

Then he leaves


Kamil and Ezel

Kamil: Did you tell her?
Ezel: We have another work Kamil. Tonight we have to take care of Ali too, but before that I have to see someone I need to see. I have to make that person far from me too, to protect him. Not it’s enough; we are going to the shelter, to see Eren.


Ezel and the man

Man: There is no Eren Mr. Ezel.
Ezel: He has run away again? I thought you would tell me if he did so?
Man: No, he hasn’t run. He has left by signing out, he will come back before the evening. A gentleman came to take him.
Ezel: Who?
Man: It’s written here, Ali K.


Ali and Eren

Ali: You shot, but you only shot the man’s leg. It’s late, would they get upset inside if you be late?
Eren: They have hydrophobia
Ali: Then let’s stay a little longer. The curse you are holding is helpful for one thing. It doesn't help when you carry it as sport equipment, no you will protect yourself, no you will do that. All of these are stories. When you shoot, you do it for one thing.
Eren: For what?
Ali: To kill a man. A gun is helpful to kill a man! When you are pointing it to the man, you will imagine that you want to explode the man’s head!
Eren: Who’s?
Ali: That is what you know. Where ever you want to shoot, think you are shooting the person. To who you never get tired of killing?
Eren: My dad’s killer!
Ali: Good then, Shoot ****

Eren: You then? Who do you see? Who do you want to kill and you never get tired of it?
Ali: Me too Eren, I am for the same thing!

Ali goes back to Past...2003 Istanbul

Ali: The one who know, they know it. When a curse is on you, it will never leave you.
Man: Mr. Ali the man is here, they want the rent money.
Ali: Give one of the cars to them
Man: They say if you don't pay
Ali: Give *** one car
Man: Also, your partner called, he didn't like the numbers.
Ali: Give him one car too
Man: I said so, he said no. He came here.

Ali goes inside there are two more mens in there

Man1: Ali, this way it can’t be brother, you don't answer your phone calls.
Ali: I do, I do. I just don't answer yours.
Man2: Mehmet brother says we should solve this work. you give that boat of yours so that we will give up on the partner thing.
Ali: The boat is not for sale.

He goes upstairs in his room

Ali: That day, curse went inside me, it went in my head and turned around there. Then after it settled in my ears. (he takes the gun out) What did I tell you? Didn’t I say you will go down? I did. What did I say? You will stay alone, didn't I? I did. Come on say it, say you gave up! No. (he places the gun on his head) Give up Ali? Say it; say it so that I can hear it. I won’t. Come on shoot the head. No. Come on for me do it.

Then the outside hears a gun shot, they leave

Ali comes out

Ali: Make a tea.


Back to present
2009 Istanbul

Ezel seesn Eren come back to Ali

Then he calls Cengiz

Ezel: Hello, Cengiz
Cengiz: Partner? We didn't see each other today.
Ezel: I hope you are not bored without me.
Cengiz: I found myself different games.
Ezel: Cengiz, what we talked about yesterday. About Ali, when I come today can you tell me your decision?
Cengiz: We shall talk Ezel, some how we will figure it out.
Ezel: there is no other way Cengiz. If you decide by the evening, I will know if I will continue this road with you or alone. See you there partner

He hangs up the phone

Ezel: Call Tefo, tell him to go to Ali
Kamil: What would he do?
Ezle: He will say something in his ears.



Kamil and Ezel with Sebnam

Sebnam: May I speak? What are we waiting for? Who will call? I was just checking. Eysan will call? Isn’t Ezel calling? He’s not calling because he will be charged a lot?
Ezel: The Eysan I know doesn't give up easily. The Eysan I know, now she is getting ready for her turn.
Sebnam: But the Eysan you knew, didn't she convince/betray you? Maybe you don't know her as much as you think you do.

Then the phone rings

Ezel: Eysan
Eysan: Ezel, may I request something from you?
Ezel: Sure you can do
Eysan: Can you do something for me?
Ezel: Sure, tell me what I will do it more easily.
Eysan: I know you and Cengiz are friends, for that reason if you don't want to do it I will understand. That woman, will she be at the gambling place? Can you learn that for me?
Ezel: You’re going there?
Eysan: You’re right, I am crossing the line. Forget about it
Ezel: No actually you’re not asking or much. I don't need to learn it, the woman will be at the gambling place tonight. You’re going?
Eysan: Not to make trouble, I want to see it. but I am not going alone, will you come with me?
Ezel: If you need me?
Eysan: For sure
Ezel: Then I will be there

He hangs up the phone
Ezel: Call her, tell her to come there and show anything!


Ezel Bolum 11 Part 7

Bahar and Eysan

Bahar: Sister, you have returned. You look very pretty, are you going somewhere?
Eysan: A place I haven’t been to for a long time. You?
Bahar: Someone wanted something from me, so I will go answer.


Ali again talking to himself...or himself talking to him

Ali: Open your eyes Ali. Didn't you hear uncle? He will come! First he will come for you. Shoot their head, kill them all. Only you stay alive. How is it?

Then a car comes in

Ali: Or there is something better, give up what do you say? It can’t be

Then the door rings

Ali: what happen? Is it the gambling place? Did something happen?
Tefo: Without being too sure, I don't want to make you wonder.
Ali: If you don't say it, would have put yourself in this? huh dear brother?
Tefo: there is a new movement
Ali: How?
Tefo: They got new man, I don't even know him.
Ali: Speak man!
Tefo: A phone call came from Mr. Cengiz. I think it was Ezel, I listened to their talking. He said “we will solve/take care of Ali tonight.
Ali: Anything else?
Tefo: Mr. Ali I don't want to make a sin, Mr. Cengiz said I will bring Ali without gun, the rest you can take care of it. Maybe I understood him wrong.
Ali: Return there and wait for my sings. Tefo, tonight there is something
Tefo: what else?
Ali: Tefo me and you are the solider of money. We are the man who live for others and goes for the death of others. You and I Tefo, we will hold ****. Huh? When will they solve us Tefo? When will they give up? Using us and throwing us by a side.
Tefo: Never! See you there Mr. Ali.

He leaves

Ali: My name is Ali. Karpetan Ali, I was a automobile fixer. Then became rich, because I killed a man. Because I sold a brother. Is there more to this?

While he continues talking, it shows Ezel and Eysan

Now its Eysan
Ali: whatever I have done, I did it while knowing it. I wanted more, everything! I got more than anything. I don't get scared of hell or anyone else. Whatever I have done, I did it to myself. Don't say one day I will regret it, doing one bad thing I did my signature. I thought I sold myself.

Then shows Ali

Ali: Mine is not reading the history.
The phone rings

Cengiz: Ali? How did everything go?
Ali: The man turned out to be better
Cengiz: No I don't believe it. Ali I have amazing news for you.
Ali: No, I don't believe it. what is it?
Cengiz: not on the phone, run. Come on Ali don't make me wait.
Ali: I will be there don't worry
Cengiz: Also Ali, Ezel is playing with my head over you. He thinks your like a mafia man. Let’s show him your better. come simple ok?
Ali: I am taking everything out
Cengiz: Also Ali, please don't come with your games. Leave it. let tonight be simple
Ali: well if something happens then you protect me
Cengiz; I promise.


Ezel and Bahar

Bahar: Ezel
Ezel: Bahar?
Bahar: I love you Ezel
Ezel: when ever you call I will be by your side Bahar. Even if you don't want me, I will be there. you will get better Bahar, promise.
Bahar: No, it won’t. I love you Ezel. I love you like a woman falls in love with a guy, I love you until my last breath.
Ezel: Bahar
Bahar: I love you while I am being cancer, I love you while I am tired Ezel. I love you, I love you. I beg you, if one day you love me too, just do so this way.

Then she walks ezel speaks to himself

Ezel: I cannot stop now, I cannot fall down now.


At the Casino

Ezel: Good luck gentlemen. Let me introduce you, this is Cengiz Atay
Man: Oh, so your popular Mr. Cengiz?
Cengiz: What ever you are hearing I swear it’s a lie. Is everyone enjoying themselves? Is everyone winning?
Man2: If this hotel works between you and Mr. Ezel. I am telling you, you will win!
Cengiz: Welcome again
Man1: Actually you are welcome to us.

Cengiz and Ezel speaks

Cengiz: how did you bring them here? They are well known people.
Ezel: I know
Cengiz: For this much of years I have a hotel, they never said “hi” to me.
Ezel: they will from now on Cengiz. I am waiting a decision about Ali from you. Cengiz from now on your place is with them!
Cengiz: ezel I don't know if you are aware of this but..

Ezel Bolum 11 Part 8

Woman: Guess who I am?
Cengiz: Wait, let me check. You, you are...(he sees Eysan come in) Eysan

Eysan: I hope I am not ruin your game.



Ali: I am coming, I am coming to ruin your games. I am coming alone. You only calculate (judge)

Cengiz: what a nice surprise, how did this come to your mind?
Eysan: I said it would be a change
Cengiz: I can see that, you look amazing
Ezel: Excuse me, Cengiz shall we speak?
Cengiz: Ah, first Eysan. When Eysan comes here, the world stops.
Ezel: Pardon.
Eysan: No, you two talk and I will walk around. Let’s see while I wasn’t here what did you do Cengiz.

Ezel: Ali, Cengiz
Cengiz: Ah, Yes Ali...


Then Ali speaks

Ali: You, You have everything. You have men. You have guns...

Eysan and the girl

Eysan: After is death
Woman: I didn't understand
Eysan: It’s the cocktail’s name. I said you should try it too.
Woman: Ah, Ohh it’s very cold. But good.
Eysan: You like it? For a while I don't drink anything else but this. is this your first time?
Woman: Yes, but since now I learned about this, I will always order it.
Eysan: For the first time when you’re not used to it, it spins human’s head. But after when you get used to it, it’s fine.
Woman: Really? Why are you drinking it then?
Eysan: If I don't drink it, it would be forgotten about it. Sometimes I say “ the picked the first glass, and of course I will be the last one too”.
Woman: So you make other happy
Eysan: You are a guest, I am the home owner.
Woman: (coughs) You may have your eyes on this too, here you can finish drinking this too.
Eysan: Look at me well! The entire bar is mine! I don't care what you drink. Please another one.

Then she leaves

Ali: I, I came alone. Because what I have, you don't have. because shame, is the only think cannot be heard. Shame is the enemy with no pain. Shame is the biggest curse.

He looks at Cengiz and Ezel

Ezel: So Cengiz, what did you decide at he end?
Cengiz: I told you partner, I know I couldn’t convince you but to let Ali go we will give him something.
Ezel: SO you will make Ali your partner here?
Cengiz: he will, let’s put the joke aside, he deserve it.
Ezel: For sure he will love it. Don’t ruin the surprise.
Cengiz: He will for sure, I called him, he will come. I said come with no gun. You know how you said it.
Ezel: Ah, also Cengiz. I said I should get some men for you too. Those
Cengiz: ah, them?
Ezel: Yes
Cengiz: Alright, let Ali come and check on them.
Ezel: Then partner, good to know.

They shake hands, then ali comes and I think he misunderstand them

As Cengiz opens his arms, Ali looses his control

Ali: You cheaters! All of you come! You did it too man! You too?
Cengiz: Turn on the lights!
Tefo: Ali brother there is no danger! I tried to call you! Look! Look!

Then it shows the cack

Cengiz: Are you crazy Ali? Are you crazy?
Ali: You played with me man! You sold me!
Cengiz: what game man? Here! The safer’s eye! I was going to make you a partner to here, that is why I called you! We were going to make a surprise for you!
Ali: Them?
Cengiz: They are here for you! there is no game here! Have you gone crazy?!
Ali: My mind is a little mixed up. Cengiz
Cengiz: Go brother, go now. Go to your home.
Ali: Alright, I shall go. I shall calm down a little. I should sleep a little. I will come tomorrow
Cengiz: Don't come tomorrow Ali.
Ali: Alright, alright, when shall I come? I should come in the weekend.
Cengiz: Don't come then either, don't ever come! Go Ali, go to your home now!
Ali: Cengiz
Cengiz: Enough Ali! Go! Go!

Ali to Tefo

Ali: Tefo, you are a good friend, a good friend


Ezel Bolum 11 Part 9

Ali: It was until here Eysan, I came here with this much.

Ezel: Do you want to sit?
Eysan: Ezel, take me away from here.


Then shows Ramiz goes to a house

Ramiz: Hello Salma (I think that’s how it’s spelled)


Cengiz: Did you gather up everything?
Girl: There is only one table left Mr. Cengiz.
Cengiz: Tell them, we are closing it soon
Girl: But he is not leaving, he says he is your relative.

Cengiz checks it and its Serdar

Serdar; What is up son-in-law?

Cengiz: What did I tell you?

Serdar: Ahhh, am I a child Cengiz? Listening to words? Don't worry, I was curious with your place. It’s nice, child get me a drink for the father-in-law. It’s on my son-in-law.

Cengiz: what do you want serdar?

Serdar: For winning, let it stay child. Let it, leave it. Right Cengiz?

Cengiz: One last time, if you come here one more time. I will send Ali after you.

Serdar: I heard, he has been separated from here starting today. Again I heard me and you are left here alone partner.

Cengiz lets everyone go

Cengiz: Go, all of you go. You are playing with the wrong man Serdar. You have picked the wrong person for yourself.

Serdar: Did you think you would leave me aside like this huh? Did you think you would break my nose? When I enter a world in my head, without getting everything I do not get out of there! I am a handsome Serdar. If there is a game somewhere, I will be the leader of the game! I will pick the big piece.

Cengiz: You have been left in old times Serdar. Those days have passed. I will finish you like this!

Serdar: Do it then, don't stop

He lets him go

Serdar: until the, every week you will count me 10 thousands, if you don't mind.

Cengiz: What do you have that you trust Serdar?

Serdar: You cengiz, your fear. You have this! (the brain) but you don't have this! This one Ali had it! When Ali is not around you only speak Cengiz. This is what I trust, come on son-in-law see you next week. Also kiss my grandson. See ya


Ezel and Eysan

Eysan: Do you know what I used to do when I would be upset?
Ezel: What?
Eysan: I had a secret place, inside my head. I would have gone there; there no one says anything to me. No one is upsetting me
Ezel: Who upset you?
Eysan: Man, all men
Ezel: Then, I should stay away from you huh?
Eysan: No, don't stay away from me. Come close, closer. I won’t do anything, or maybe I will
Ezel: come on, I should take you home.
Eysan: I won’t go home, I will go there. If you just see me there Ezel, I am very pretty there
Ezel: You are now too
Eysan: No I am not; I am there because I am happy. Whoever I love is there, and who ever I don't love are not there.
Ezel: Am I there?
Eysan: You are not there
Ezel: why?

She goes closer to him

Eysan: Because you are forbidden.


Ali alone

Ali: You putted this on my face too Ali. Yes, now tell me the truth. Ask. Why did you do it? Why did you sale Omer?

Then Omer speaks

Omer: Why Ali brother? Why did you do this?

Ali: Who are you?

Omer: Why did you allow it? Ali brother look at me

Shows Omer

Ali: Cut this!


Ezel Bolum 11 Part 10

Omer: What did it tell you? Didn't I say you will come back to the beginning?
Ali: You did!
Omer: Didn't I say you will be left alone?
Ali: You did
Omer: come on say it, say you gave up. Say you gave up! Say that I won!
Ali: You won, you won!

Then the door rings

Cengiz: We have a problem.
Ali: Omer wants to kill you too.
Cengiz: what?
Ali: anyways, forget about it. What is our problem?
Cengiz: Serdar, he came to the casino, he wants things. Why are you laughing?
Ali: Because *** You only come here ****
Cengiz: You understand it wrong, I didn't come here to get help, I came here to help you Ali. If Serdar does it, you are the most in danger. If you finish this work, you will return back to the casino as my partner. Come on Ali, who are you convincing? Don't you want to kill the man who started all of this? don't you want to kill the man who made you a killer?


Then Ali goes back in times again 2005 it’s September

Man: how are you sir?
Ali: Come, sit here. Did you tell anyone that you came here today?
Man: No, like you said so. Here is nice.
Ali: My pretty boat is gone, and here is left. This is justice!
Man: What are you trying to make here?
Ali: did you bring the papers?
Man: Here
Ali:” I will agree on everything you do in here” Ali k. Start
Man: (turns on the recorder) Did you do the robbery at the casino?
Ali: When you take this will Omer be free?
Man: Yes, if your words matches. Omer will be free.
Ali: Yes I did it, 1997 I went in there by the back door.
Man: Were you alone?
Ali: No, Cengiz Atay was there too. He was working there. He opened the door for me, I went in after him.
Man: Who killed the security man?
Ali: I, I killed him.
Man: How would we know that you are telling the truth and doing this to save your friend from jail?
Ali: 4 million etc. No one knows this number more than us. We divided the money, Serdar, Eysan, and Cengiz Atay and me. We did it, four of us. It was like the kid game. Serdar came with the idea, Eysan catch it, Cengiz boiled it and I cut it. after with joy appetite we four of us ate it, Omer.
Man: why?
Ali: do I have to tell you this too?

Then he gets a phone call

Ali: Cengiz?
Cengiz: It’s been long time Ali brother
Ali: no, no, I was taling about you just now.
Cengiz: Did you read today’s news?
Ali: After 6 years your calling me about a news paper Cengiz?
Cengiz: We are free Ali brother, after 6 years for the first time we are free. Ali? Ali?

He reads the newspaper and see’s the news about Omer being killed

Ali: Omer has died
Man: Is it good news?
Ali: No, I got dead news. (then he shoots the man) You are done now Ali. You are done.


Back to 2009

Eysan and Ezel

Eysan: Say something
Ezel: I cannot say it
Eysan: Say something. Say what is in your mind.
Ezel: I have a place I always go to, something that I want very much.
Eysan: Am I there?
Ezel: You are today.
Eysan: What are we doing? Come on say it, is it forbidden to even imagine? What are we doing?
Ezel: I cannot say it
Eysan: (she goes closer) This?
Ezel: Eysan, I am with Bahar. I cannot do this to her. Can you do it?

Eysan: I am sorry

She leaves

Ali: At the end shame, is stronger than love and death. Shame, standing at it’s place will burn everything down.

Then shows Ali breaking into Serdar’s home

Ali: One by one, it will hurt your soul. At the end shame, will make you pity.

Then Serdar shows him the video


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Buna ziua fetelor,
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